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  • IntelliJ IDEA 15 142.4675.3 Release Notes
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IDEA-86162 (Feature)

Flex UML Dependencies: for fields of Vector type, show a dependency to Vector

IDEA-79934 (Feature)

Run Configurations: Ability to specify another Run configuration as a 'before run' task.

IDEA-89847 (Usability Problem)

Compiler options: provide better locale list editor

IDEA-76364 (Usability Problem)

Flex, Air Mobile run configuration: can't choose existing .apk file

IDEA-140057 (Usability Problem)

Pin/unpin buttons of the "Quick Documentation/Definition" popup are too different and thus very confusing

IDEA-144628 (Performance Problem)

Long time waiting after invoke file context menu

WEB-14058 (Performance Problem)

Store only limited initializer texts in stubs of JSVariable (e.g. store only literal constant expressions in initializers)

IDEA-70559 (Performance Problem)

Add "-Dsun.java2d.pmoffscreen=false" line to idea.vmoptions file of linux/unix build of IDEA by default

IDEA-144627 (Cosmetics)

Provide proper capitalization

IDEA-79237 (Task)

Update JGoodies L&F to the latest version

IDEA-72229 (Task)

Map help button of the ActionScript page of the settings dialog

IDEA-81613 (Task)

Add tip of the day

IDEA-82703 (Bug)

Import FlashBuilder Library project does not import include assets correctly.

IDEA-74625 (Bug)

Insecure temporay file handling in bin/ on linux

IDEA-85898 (Bug)

PHP plugin is not compatible with IDEA, NCDFE for FileBasedIndex$InputFilter (trunk)

IDEA-74433 (Bug)

IDE changes the file permissions on Windows and Samba

IDEA-72872 (Bug)

idea.max.intellisense.filesize option operates on Java files also

IDEA-144233 (Bug)

Drag'n'Drop to move files within Project Tree View?

IDEA-103306 (Bug)

Grouped files from File Watcher plugin are not visible

IDEA-81301 (Bug)

Flex: when merging compiler config files, remove duplicate options

IDEA-93713 (Bug)

Good code red

IDEA-103839 (Bug)

Import Flash Builder project: detect test source folders

IDEA-133065 (Bug)

Code commenting preference not saved (ActionScript)

WEB-17955 (Bug)

JStestDriver: inspections are missing

IDEA-80483 (Bug)


IDEA-144617 (Bug)

Wrong menu item capitalization

IDEA-84555 (Bug)

CoffeeScript classes are shown with AS icon

IDEA-82426 (Bug)

Highlight error

WEB-17839 (Bug)

Internal web server reports 404 when serving files from project with slashes in name

IDEA-67005 (Bug)

[Flex] Green Code Red when using 4-channel colors

IDEA-143414 (Bug)

Project SDK choose not saved

IDEA-144733 (Bug)

Compound Run configuration UI issue

IDEA-82009 (Bug)

{0} appears in the intention name

WEB-16174 (Bug)

Reformat File: Incorrect alignment of multiline JavaScript function arguments

IDEA-84195 (Bug)

single line of code has multiple methods on it IDEA displays the interface icon multiple times causing display to be funky

IDEA-144670 (Bug)

IDEA hangs after I tried restart debugging test

IDEA-144581 (Bug)

"Dumb mode not permitted in modal environment" adding a JS (HTML, XSLT) file to the project in AppCode

IDEA-83028 (Bug)

"Show in Nautilus" action must open folder with just created patch instead of opening created patch in text editor

IDEA-87050 (Bug)

For some reason IDEA is indexing class files from Flex plugin

IDEA-102357 (Bug)

Import from Flash Builder: 'Files to package' for iOS, Android or Desktop apps are not imported

IDEA-85611 (Bug)

Run configurations: impossible to delete the default Make 'before launch' goal

IDEA-76066 (Bug)

Idea, Flex module settings: pressing Help button results in 'Help topic 'reference.settings.modules.flex' not found"



IDEA-113446 (Bug)

Android maven project import broken again in 132.106

IDEA-91585 (Bug)

Idea shows errors in Android SDK sources

IDEA-57990 (Bug)

IntelliJ can't resolve package private symbols when syntax highlighting android java files

Build tools


WEB-14873 (Feature)

Gulp: synchronize VFS on gulp watch triggering



WEB-4711 (Bug)

Flex CSS: color chooser is shown for every number literal in the file

WEB-4826 (Bug)

Flex: some usages of CSS selectors are missed

WEB-17186 (Bug)

Needs to display error when having trailing comma in css rule

WEB-17287 (Bug)

Mismatched property value with calc()

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-53318 (Feature)

Support for xml properties

IDEA-92533 (Usability Problem)

"Apply fix" task cannot be canceled

IDEA-120486 (Cosmetics)

Long literal ending in `l` instead of 'L' shall inspection shall be active in default profile

IDEA-144524 (Bug)

Filtering inspections by language removes batch inspections

IDEA-144554 (Bug)

Long lines inspection not working correctly

Code Coverage


IDEA-144630 (Bug)

Code coverage popups are broken

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-19061 (Feature)

Integrate the Rearranger-plugin into core-IDEA

IDEA-94317 (Feature)

Rearranger: Provide ability to specify name-based rules

IDEA-103092 (Feature)

Xml arranger: Support xml namespace rule

IDEA-107372 (Usability Problem)

Right margin settings isn't saved on CTRL-Enter pressing

IDEA-102405 (Task)

Arrangement: Refactor the API in accordance with design problems discovered during non-java arrangement implementations

IDEA-106089 (Bug)

Java rearranger: Correct the processing

IDEA-144637 (Bug)

Reformat code with rearranging can corrupt files

Code Navigation


IDEA-134961 (Performance Problem)

Recent files popup takes 5 seconds to appear



WEB-15669 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: splat inside function definition

WEB-16413 (Bug)

coffeescript inspection does not support Destructuring Assignment syntax

WEB-15643 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: empty yield statement

WEB-12369 (Bug)

CoffeeScript class inside of function reporting incorrect results

Compiling Project


IDEA-99822 (Bug)

Make: Reload java source in different encoding does not trigger incremental make

IDEA-122731 (Bug)

Internal exception when building Flex project

IDEA-96218 (Bug)

External build: 'Rebuild Artifact' action shouldn't rebuild all modules included into artifact

IDEA-94905 (Bug)

External Build messes up artifact build



DBE-1534 (Cosmetics)

Typo in Data sources and drivers dialog

DBE-1535 (Bug)

Better URL connection string validation



DBE-1532 (Bug)

MYSQLTemporary table in combination with SELECT generates ERROR IN SYNTAX



DBE-1530 (Bug)

MySQL: Primary key with multiple columns gets introspected incorrectly



WEB-18037 (Bug)

Dart reference resolution broken in WebStorm 11 EAP / IntelliJ IDEA 15 EAP + Dart SDK 1.12.0

WEB-18006 (Bug)

Do not use --no-package-symlinks by default

WEB-17258 (Bug)

Dart SDK is not configured after updating Dart



DBE-1263 (Feature)

CSV Data view: option to use row as a header and do not display as a part of data



IDEA-124217 (Feature)

Data Sources and Drivers: could Test Connection be available from SSH/SSL tab?

IDEA-95613 (Feature)

Custom separator and enclosing symbols support for CSV editor

IDEA-144588 (Cosmetics)

Left align table headers in the Database Results View

IDEA-124260 (Bug)

Data Sources and Drivers: can't apply changes to schemas that are shown and used to resolve

IDEA-119481 (Bug)

Built-in CSV viewer consider field quotes past first character

IDEA-144603 (Bug)

DbmArgument.setDataType must not be null



IDEA-144727 (Feature)

Allow to quickly hide/show object types

WEB-2093 (Feature)

adding user web browsers

WEB-7511 (Usability Problem)

"Evaluate Expression" window does not build correct path to currently selected object node

IDEA-144431 (Bug)

debug information unavailable on own code in EAP 15

WEB-6663 (Bug)

Don't require URL to open in JS debug run configuration, or validate the config to enforce non-empty path

WEB-8440 (Bug)

Debugger: Variables view: incorrect folding of variables

IDEA-144666 (Bug)

Surround with runtime type doesn't work for array types

WEB-6069 (Bug)

CoffeeScript Debugger doesn't show value of the variables



IDEA-144687 (Usability Problem)

Diff "Include into commit" checkbox should have an accelerator key



IDEA-144481 (Bug)

Wrong default machine API url and certs folder

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-66333 (Feature)

Quick documentation lookup on mouse hover

IDEA-70194 (Feature)

Javadoc: Provide support for completing javadoc parameters description

IDEA-93452 (Feature)

Implement "section" support in rearrange menu.

IDEA-144638 (Usability Problem)

the code coverage gutter indicator overlaps with gutter icon and is impossible to click

IDEA-69153 (Performance Problem)

Editor: Improve performance of caret movement via arrow keys

IDEA-68156 (Bug)

Exception when typing in binary file

File Watchers


WEB-13172 (Bug)

File Watchers: if watcher is configured to modify original file, it disappears from the project tree after running the watcher



IDEA-56002 (Feature)

ability to disable "generate flex configuration" on maven project reimport

IDEA-102028 (Feature)

Read Adobe Native Extensions dependencies from Maven/FlexMojos POM

IDEA-26047 (Feature)

flex: provide "Goto..Test" (Ctrl+Shift+T)

IDEA-72151 (Feature)

Flex UI Designer: <fx:Component> is not supported; ReferenceError: Error #1056 at MxmlReader.readObject()

IDEA-84188 (Feature)

Smart size, bgColor and other macros handling in HTML wrapper

IDEA-74191 (Feature)

Support debug on iOS devices

IDEA-25774 (Feature)

flex: create class from usage (new expression) should create matching constructor function

IDEA-87131 (Feature)

Go to test should suggest to create test source root if none exist

IDEA-99910 (Feature)

Metadata "Frame" don't allow to use "extraClass" property

IDEA-56387 (Feature)

Settings: Separating ActionScript settings from JavaScript settings

IDEA-105581 (Feature)

Mac OS X, Flash run configuration, Launch with: Flash Player: please add option whether to open a new instance of FP or a new window of a running instance.

IDEA-97513 (Feature)

Allow to select AIR SDK with ASC 2.0 included (but without Flex SDK) for pure ActionScript build configurations

IDEA-72558 (Feature)

Provide quickfix to declare missing conditional compilation definition

IDEA-86107 (Feature)

Flex UML Dependencies: show property name as link label on diagram

IDEA-86106 (Feature)

Flex UML Dependencies: show dependencies for ClassReference to project components in CSS

IDEA-91927 (Feature)

ASC 2.0 (Actionscript Compiler 2.0)

IDEA-69761 (Feature)

MXML structure view: show components structure

IDEA-75620 (Feature)

Support For apk-captive-runtime or ADT compiler options

IDEA-71312 (Feature)

Editor. Flex. Do not warn about unused method marked with DI framework callable metatag.

IDEA-69780 (Feature)

suggest more suitable sdk in create module wizard

IDEA-70911 (Feature)

Import .fxp ( flash builer project file ) feature

IDEA-66866 (Feature)

Flex debugger: Filter Variables view by type

IDEA-74990 (Feature)

fud: generic mxml support

IDEA-86630 (Feature)

Need support for custom command line to iOS packaging step.

IDEA-86144 (Feature)

Flex UML diagram: provide navigation from link to the corresponding field

IDEA-69646 (Feature)

Need ability to manage APK packaging options in AIR Mobile run configuration

IDEA-72604 (Feature)

Flex UI Designer: TypeError: Error #1007 at MxmlReader.readObject() on using <fx:Vector>

IDEA-71055 (Feature)

fud: support for mobile theme

IDEA-68601 (Feature)

'Mark object' feature for ActionScript/Flex debugger

IDEA-110482 (Feature)

fud: FXG components support

IDEA-87975 (Feature)

Debugger: jump to declaring type from Variables view (Shift+F4)

IDEA-86456 (Feature)

Support flexmojos 5.0-beta

IDEA-72123 (Feature)

fud: Model support

IDEA-73147 (Feature)

Import from FlashBuilder: respect the theme chosen for the project

IDEA-55804 (Feature)

Generate test class stub when going to unexisting test (Ctrl+Shift+T)

IDEA-87214 (Feature)

Need 'Create View' quick fix for unresolved first parameter of navigator.pushView(NewView)

IDEA-66658 (Feature)

Flex: Move Refactoring dialog: on the fly package name validation could be provided

IDEA-63367 (Feature)

"Mark file as" right-click menu to add SWC as a library to current Flex build configuration

IDEA-79700 (Feature)

Captive runtime support for desktop apps

IDEA-56231 (Feature)

flex: allow navigation/browsing of .swc/.swf files in project view

IDEA-69036 (Feature)

Quick fix to create View for Mobile AIR application

IDEA-57200 (Feature)

Need ability to attach raw (uncompiled) AS3 library to Flex module

IDEA-71970 (Feature)

Flex UI Designer: Styles and Properties panels could be resizable

IDEA-105992 (Feature)

Flash Remote Debug run configuration: connect to the app already installed on the device (debug over USB)

IDEA-52737 (Feature)

Allow to filter out [SWF] and [UnloadSWF] messages in Flex Debugger Console

IDEA-93981 (Feature)

List devices when debugging with more than one connected mobile device

IDEA-60118 (Feature)

When creating ActionScript Class via quick fix prompt for template variables if selected custom file template needs it

IDEA-72828 (Feature)

fud: support mxml-based project component

IDEA-54965 (Feature)

Suggest variable name following type name when completing MXML 'id' attribute

IDEA-68169 (Feature)

Unexisting attribute in MXML - add suggestions.

IDEA-85983 (Feature)

Flex UML Dependencies: show dependencies for attributes of class type like 'itemRenderer', 'skinClass', etc.

IDEA-59353 (Feature)

flex: provide "final" icon overlay for const fields/locals

IDEA-94955 (Feature)

Flex: when creating a new class for MXML attribute value, allow choosing MXML templates along with AS ones

IDEA-69667 (Feature)

Mark directory as .swc (libraries) folder

IDEA-72072 (Feature)

Flex UI Designer: ReferenceError: Error #1065 at StyleValueResolverImpl.resolve() if there is a skin class (project) specified in <fx:Styles> tag

IDEA-127058 (Feature)

Need A Way To Specify Additional ADT Options For AIR 14

IDEA-90336 (Feature)

Support for Adobe AIR 3.4 feature to directly install iOS apps on iDevice

IDEA-75796 (Feature)

Undeclared namespace suggestion could be smarter

IDEA-69939 (Feature)

flex debugger: vector, array and flex collections representation

IDEA-80937 (Feature)

Action: convert build configuration nature

IDEA-25860 (Feature)

flex: provide "generate...test method" in flexunit test class

IDEA-54867 (Feature)

[flex] improve mxmlc ant task result presentation: detect errors and links to related files

IDEA-81585 (Feature)

AIR Native Extensions Support

IDEA-71299 (Feature)

fud: support for mx Application

IDEA-92931 (Feature)

Support running FlexUnit tests on AIR Mobile Emulator if corresponding build configuration has Target platform: Mobile

IDEA-83987 (Feature)

Regression: IDEA 11.1 Flex run configuration does no longer allow to select HTML wrapper

IDEA-63781 (Feature)

Flexmojos: support <packaging>air</packaging>

IDEA-81920 (Feature)

import from FlashBuilder: map folders where resource bundles are stored to src paths

IDEA-66205 (Feature)

"Show dependencies" for Flex UML diagrams

IDEA-68573 (Feature)

ActionScript class creation dialog: add fields for super class and implemented interfaces

IDEA-78295 (Feature)

vector debug view title: vector type is missed

IDEA-70539 (Feature)

PLease make UML Diagrams for Actionscript more Complete

IDEA-85978 (Feature)

Flex UML dependencies: show self-dependencies

IDEA-85589 (Feature)

Air 3.3: iOS Simulator Support (Mac)

IDEA-89406 (Feature)

Starling event system support

IDEA-63128 (Usability Problem)

Flex Debugger: fold inherited members

IDEA-65695 (Usability Problem)

"Place SWF file in a local-trusted sandbox" must be default true

IDEA-86215 (Usability Problem)

Flex UI Designer: Designer tabs are too wide and partially hidden behind Style/Properties editors

IDEA-86749 (Usability Problem)

fud: navigation from adl under windows — should be the same as on debug breakpoint

IDEA-84265 (Usability Problem)

Flex, create HTML wrapper: don't allow creating wrapper template in folder that clashes with module content/src root

IDEA-81546 (Usability Problem)

'New...' button near SDK combo at Dependencies tab should open file chooser to select SDK home

IDEA-63328 (Usability Problem)

CSS + Flex support

IDEA-82734 (Usability Problem)

Flex Air packaging: preserve BC selection on next opening of 'Package AIR Application' dialog

IDEA-66264 (Usability Problem)

Can't Add The AIR SDK?

IDEA-100491 (Usability Problem)

Allow to setup dependency of Flash build configuration (BC) with Application output type on another BC with Application output type

IDEA-87892 (Usability Problem)

Theme URL: respect ${FLEX_SDK} macro

IDEA-59180 (Usability Problem)

AIR application descriptor problem when importing from Flash Builder

IDEA-87891 (Usability Problem)

When using 'MX only framework linkage' update theme link accordingly

IDEA-82101 (Usability Problem)

Flex, desktop packaging: if no pck file name is set in build configuration, use some default name for packaging

IDEA-82889 (Usability Problem)

Check that 'Make before launch' is enabled and that 'Skip compilation' is disabled when launching FlexUnit run configuration

IDEA-80209 (Usability Problem)

maven reimport causes pointless iml changes

IDEA-89588 (Usability Problem)

Flex: Refactor/Rename for module class should update RLM main class name in Runtime-Loaded Modules dialog in BC

IDEA-103928 (Usability Problem)

Unable to compile a SWF file and embed it to the main app

IDEA-79649 (Usability Problem)

Allow hiding static fields from Variables view in Flex debugger

IDEA-82593 (Usability Problem)

Flex project structure, Choose Flex Build Configurations dialog: disable OK button if no BC is selected

IDEA-53665 (Usability Problem)

generate event handler: invoke inplace rename for handler name

IDEA-113327 (Usability Problem)

Adobe AIR app descriptor namespace validation

IDEA-89491 (Usability Problem)

Flash mobile app run configuration: when running on emulator, 'Generated' option in 'App descriptor (emulator)' combo is confusing

IDEA-55944 (Usability Problem)

Add commonly used Flex metadata from frameworks to default installation

IDEA-84342 (Usability Problem)

Flex Run configuration: warn user if empty string is set as 'url or local file to launch'

IDEA-70359 (Usability Problem)

Item renderers with id's show up in the Structure View

IDEA-59172 (Usability Problem)

Allow to change generated event handler parameter name

IDEA-82900 (Usability Problem)

Run configuration: if chosen main class is not valid, show run configuration as invalid (with red cross)

IDEA-65971 (Usability Problem)

flex: annoying completion variants "avmplus.*"

IDEA-75838 (Usability Problem)

Package Mobile Air Applications in Background

IDEA-61855 (Performance Problem)

While analysing FlexUnit output, accessing filesystem may be inacceptably slow

IDEA-84685 (Performance Problem)

Flex debugger is slow because of some delay in the FDB process output parsing

IDEA-88199 (Performance Problem)

When editing mxml files, sometimes IntelliJ locks up

IDEA-65829 (Performance Problem)

Flex MXML code completion is slow if namespace is not declared

IDEA-98096 (Performance Problem)

Support Flex built-in compiler shell in 'external build' mode

IDEA-89498 (Performance Problem)

FlexUnit debug: frames/variables views update is slow if test class contains several tests and [Before] methods

IDEA-81502 (Cosmetics)

Improve 'no configuration/no module' combo presentation

IDEA-81534 (Cosmetics)

Flex project structure: layout of Dependencies tab of BC looks bad if no SDK selected and errors are expanded

IDEA-98155 (Cosmetics)

ActionScript event handler generation: strip leading '_', add missing ';'

IDEA-83003 (Cosmetics)

Css files to compile: row height is too small

IDEA-109614 (Cosmetics)

flex compiler settings: word spacing

IDEA-64470 (Cosmetics)

don't show FlexCompiler shell icon in the Dock (Mac OS X)

IDEA-72075 (Cosmetics)

Show proper readonly icon for the SDK sources that we protect from modification

IDEA-86542 (Cosmetics)

Wrong error class is not test class or suite

IDEA-75357 (Cosmetics)

Inconsistent separators in Flex Compiler configurable

IDEA-79894 (Cosmetics)

sub int vector type is not displayed correctly

IDEA-109201 (Cosmetics)

Conflicting mnemonic characters under Run/Debug Configurations

IDEA-109200 (Cosmetics)

Locale setup improvements

IDEA-72758 (Task)

Flex UI Designer: TypeError: Error #1009 at EmbedSwfManager.get() on <mx:FormItem required="true">

IDEA-84452 (Task)

fud: don't autohide preview toolwindow for non-applicable file

IDEA-84522 (Task)

Improve flex-config reference contribution

IDEA-80202 (Task)

flexmojos 4 configurator is not working with maven 3.0.4

IDEA-112107 (Task)

flexmojos flex compiler configuration doesn't work due to "The switch in the core from Sonatype Aether to Eclipse Aether." since maven 3.1.

IDEA-81808 (Task)

quickfix: flashbuilder project — fix asset filepath, add /

IDEA-80949 (Task)

reimport flexmojos project: preserve "Skip compilation" flag

IDEA-89063 (Task)

Need easier way to configure runtime-loaded modules (<mx:Module/>) and to optimize them

IDEA-71054 (Task)

air mobile sdk: please, add mobile.swc from themes/Mobile to SDK classpath

IDEA-72162 (Task)

fx:Component: support attribute className (only in the same file scope)

IDEA-73600 (Task)

Flex UI Designer: IllegalArgumentException when using PropertyReference in style sheet

IDEA-71028 (Task)

Support "Fast" packaging mode for iOS mobile AIR applications

IDEA-73040 (Task)

Flex UI Designer: ArgumentError at MxmlReader.initObject() on combination of "includeIn" property with state-specific properties

IDEA-72166 (Task)

fud: itemRenderer as project mxml component

IDEA-72175 (Task)

fud: itemRenderer as inline component

IDEA-72886 (Task)

fud: support inline array for tags

IDEA-71888 (Task)

fud: element tree bar — skip elements according to selection logic

IDEA-65761 (Task)

Navigation from Flex CSS property to annotation should take into account the namespace

IDEA-82537 (Task)

Support Test dependency type

IDEA-71963 (Task)

Flex UI Designer: Design View is not updated on editing styles in <fx:Styles>

IDEA-69657 (Task)

flex debugger: inherited members — skip Object

IDEA-81655 (Task)

Flex Preview: update the preview on saving changes in code

IDEA-72506 (Task)

Flex UI Designer: Error at InjectedASReader.readObjectReference()

IDEA-99130 (Bug)

IDEA shows incorrect file during Flash/Flex debugging (Flex SDK 4.9)

IDEA-77772 (Bug)

FlexUnit: ClassCastException at FlexUnitRuntimeConfigurationProducer.findExistingByElement() on creating new FU configuration from test class

IDEA-117369 (Bug)

Impossible to use -useLegacyAOT option for the ADT tool from the AIR SDK 4.0 beta

IDEA-75046 (Bug)

Idea: NullPointerException on switching Flex compiler settings to 'mxmlc' on MacOS

IDEA-63120 (Bug)

can't navigate to state: property declared as tag — behavior must be the same as for attribute

IDEA-95432 (Bug)

Trying the Debug Configurations straight to Ipod touch

IDEA-57185 (Bug)

Support flexmojos4 way of locale settings

IDEA-87718 (Bug)

Flash Run configuration: pass arguments in right order

IDEA-72600 (Bug)

MXML tag <fx:DesignLayer/> is red

IDEA-74472 (Bug)

Flex: good code red: <s:SortField> not accepted within <s:fields>

IDEA-89329 (Bug)

ActionScript: string literal is renamed when option to search in comments and strings is disabled

IDEA-25307 (Bug)

Flex Html wrapper does not work with Maven

IDEA-109745 (Bug)

Flex compile config created from maven has errors.

IDEA-121110 (Bug)

Fails to package AIR mobile app using AIR SDK 13

IDEA-70584 (Bug)

Error using "Make Project" on flexmojos project

IDEA-144419 (Bug)

[Flex] Find usages does not find base/interface usages

IDEA-62509 (Bug)

incorrect completion "Error: State '*' was referenced without being declared."

IDEA-88150 (Bug)

FlexUnit: can't attach test reporter (Error #1014) on running flexunit tests for SDK 4.1 module

IDEA-100759 (Bug)

Flex compiler -size-report option is not working properly.

IDEA-110748 (Bug)

Failed to package AIR application

IDEA-88563 (Bug)

Incorrectly generates html wrapper

IDEA-72154 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: support for external CSS could be added

IDEA-99359 (Bug)

'Prefer ActionScript Compiler 2.0' options and project-level compiler options are not respected in external compiler mode if the project is stored in *.ipr file format

IDEA-82157 (Bug)

Flex, air packaging: if the single file is chosen for packaging, set its path relative to src root, not to directory it resides in

IDEA-86023 (Bug)

Project defaults parameter changed in build configuration table but does not applyed

IDEA-73102 (Bug)

Flex: MXML: values of DataChooser's "todayStyleName" and "weekDayStyleName" properties are not recognized as style names

IDEA-67887 (Bug)

Flex. Namespace in MXML doesn't change after moving class to another package

IDEA-96898 (Bug)

Flex - Intellisense - Defining states - Intellisense suggests to add "IntellijIdeaRulezzz" string to stateGroup name

IDEA-73099 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: <mx:ButtonBar> is not displayed

IDEA-81373 (Bug)

Flex project structure: shared library becomes invalid after moving it to global libraries

IDEA-103233 (Bug)

${buildNumber} token is not expanded when Flexmojos compiler config files are generated

IDEA-71183 (Bug)

Add EventHandler for the CustomEvent problem in mxml.

IDEA-72935 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: content of <mx:ControlBar> is not displayed

IDEA-81505 (Bug)

Flex: if module includes BCs with different SDKs chosen, 'External libraries' are shown incorrecly in Project View

IDEA-84454 (Bug)

fud: external style is not respected

IDEA-74628 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer plugin does not start in IDEA 11 EAP

IDEA-105517 (Bug)

Android OS Not Properly Emulated

IDEA-71748 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer icon is not grayed out during first opening of Design View

IDEA-47476 (Bug)

Protect sdk files as readonly

IDEA-81187 (Bug)

Idea doesn't use ADL settings in Flexmojos SDK

IDEA-83490 (Bug)

Flex project configuration: configuration errors should go away after deleting the affected module

IDEA-81182 (Bug)

Flex: if module has 2 BCs that depend on different SDKs, SDK name is shown incorrectly in 'Navigate to file' chooser

IDEA-81180 (Bug)

Flex project structure: dependencies list not updated on renaming BC

IDEA-68524 (Bug)

Generate event handle intention: disable when second parameter is resolved reference or function expression

IDEA-81476 (Bug)

[Maven/Flexmojos Support] When importing a flexmojos maven project no custom compiler configuration file is created in PROJECT_HOME/.idea/flexmojos

IDEA-114866 (Bug)

Flex: resource and test-resource roots are not processed

IDEA-107939 (Bug)

Idea highlights meta tag [Inline]

IDEA-96489 (Bug)

Content is not allowed in prolog

IDEA-76955 (Bug)

IDEA default air-app.xml descriptor is invalid if main class name has an underscore symbol in it

IDEA-89391 (Bug)

auto generated idea-*-flexunit.xml contains compiler.fonts.managers twice

IDEA-85542 (Bug)

Flash UI Designer, Preview: avoid exceptions when editing style properties

IDEA-85540 (Bug)

Flash UI Designer, Preview: setting visible="false" for root tag doesn't affect the preview

IDEA-81592 (Bug)

Flex: non-embedded assets not copied on first make

IDEA-81595 (Bug)

FlexUnit: on copying resources to output folder, don't copy all test classes (.as files) there

IDEA-112709 (Bug)

Highlighting error when using json in a Flex string mxml declaration

IDEA-70155 (Bug)

Flex: tests in FlexMojos modules compiled with link-report do not include all symbols

IDEA-86219 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: TypeError #1009 on <mx:BubbleSeries>

IDEA-66646 (Bug)

flex binding errors and

IDEA-72025 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer should handle invalid code, but not throw exceptions and show unclear messages

IDEA-87183 (Bug)

Function override should not be shown in usages

IDEA-104608 (Bug)

Flash UI Designer Preview Not Working

IDEA-100384 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA doesn't recognize Apache Flex SDK Snapshots

IDEA-98607 (Bug)

FlexUnit 0.9 not supported anymore

IDEA-89436 (Bug)

Flex compiler configuration file (.idea/flexmojos/.xml) contains invalid XML for metadata when processing Flexmojos configuration report (target/-configs.xml)

IDEA-86109 (Bug)

Flex UML diagram: if a project includes 2 modules with same-named classes, 'Show diagram' for one class opens diagram for another

IDEA-83423 (Bug)

No flex compiler source-path element generated for src/main/resources (due to unsupported flexmojos-threadlocaltoolkit-wrapper)

IDEA-104232 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer Incompatible With Build 129.111

IDEA-86266 (Bug)

Flex UML Dependencies: don't show import statements in embedded AS as dependencies

IDEA-79716 (Bug)

Default CSS file not included when building a SWF with 'Built-in compiler shell'

IDEA-57546 (Bug)

Impossible to set breakpoint in MXML files that contains item renderer

IDEA-87925 (Bug)

When using Flex SDK 4.1A framework libraries which should be linked as RSL are merged insted resulting in huge swf fie being created.

IDEA-86666 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer Preview: avoid exceptions when editing properties that have numeric values

IDEA-86369 (Bug)

Flex UML diagrams: when splitting diagram editor, the second pane appears empty

IDEA-22387 (Bug)

When debug error occurs in library open library source file

IDEA-81785 (Bug)

Adding a link-report in POM adds a faulty load-externs entry into the flex configuration XML

IDEA-81831 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: ArgumentError: must be not null at MxmlReader/readObjectReference() on inline renderer

IDEA-135028 (Bug)

MXML Design Preview Plugin 1.4.138 doesn't work with IntelliJ IDEA

IDEA-82060 (Bug)

Flex: 'open in design view' editor icon disappears on switching active BC if editor is scrolled up

IDEA-72332 (Bug)

Flex: good code is red: @Clear() style value is unresolved

IDEA-76348 (Bug)

Flex, Package Mobile Air Application: show 'Android application created' despite warnings that occur while packaging

IDEA-95701 (Bug)

Flex, Implement Interface intention: chosen parent class not reflected in code

IDEA-83698 (Bug)

Maven reimport cause loosing all build configurations for flex module

IDEA-73276 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: IIOException at GIFImageReader.readMetadata() on embedding GIF pictures

IDEA-78859 (Bug)

Creates Run Configuration even when unselected

IDEA-76227 (Bug)

good code red: implements keyword in root tags of mxml inline components

IDEA-66860 (Bug)

Flex 4 MXML: Support 'twoWay' attribute of Binding tag

IDEA-81735 (Bug)

Target player version not injected in HTML wrapper in Flexmojos project

IDEA-69263 (Bug)

Completion autopopup prevents from writing numeric function arguments

IDEA-68398 (Bug)

hung up and cannot cancel "Looking for Usages" on "Move inner class"

IDEA-81644 (Bug)

Flex Project Structure, SDKs: 'Find usages' should show SDK usages

IDEA-94128 (Bug)

Breakpoints in ActionScript files do not work when debugging app using ANE

IDEA-77659 (Bug)

Deadlock when starting Flex UI Designer

IDEA-86218 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: Error #1034 when switching between mxml components

IDEA-89489 (Bug)

IDEA-94083 (Bug)

Arrangement of ActionScript code with metatags misplaces metatags and breaks code

IDEA-86310 (Bug)

Missing support for AIR mobile app packaging options

IDEA-71381 (Bug)

Built-in compiler shell cannot properly compile application with multi locale — all resource content equals en_US

IDEA-72345 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: global styles should affect only current application

IDEA-131755 (Bug)

Incorrect Code Inspection of Flex Code

IDEA-78561 (Bug)

MXML - Good code red - "Element is not allowed here" warning for public properties when using custom namespace + manifest

IDEA-85860 (Bug)

IU-117.359 introduces -profile parameter when running adl which is not supported in Flex 3

IDEA-87264 (Bug)

Navigate -> Test says Test class doesn't exit, but trying to create Test class generates error because it already exists.

IDEA-80762 (Bug)

Create Flex module wizard: disable respective checkboxes if Flex SDK is not defined

IDEA-113307 (Bug)

'source' attribute of MXML tags <fx:String/>, <fx:Boolean/>, <fx:Number/> and <fx:int/> is highlighted as error.

IDEA-87997 (Bug)

Package Air Application... Option Disabled

IDEA-87147 (Bug)

'Include' linkage type should make dependency on 3rd party library transitive

IDEA-70831 (Bug)

Create project from existing sources should create Flex modules for AS/MXML sources

IDEA-66444 (Bug)

Debugger: cannot evaluate full value of XML variable

IDEA-73060 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer doesn't honor state-specific child tags

IDEA-72691 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: incorrect selection for horizontal scroller in mx containers

IDEA-72514 (Bug)

Css ClassReference — cannot resolve if top-level package

IDEA-100263 (Bug)

Flex [DefaultProperty("...")] is not handled properly by the highlighter

IDEA-85696 (Bug)

Flex, Air native extensions: <extensionID> not generated on custom Air descriptor template creation for copied BC

IDEA-87720 (Bug)

When compiling flex app, the generated config xml contains invalid build number for framework RSL library

IDEA-86224 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: TypeError #1009 at mx.core::UIComponent/get screen() for <mx:BarChart>

IDEA-59333 (Bug)

TODO comments in <script> blocks of mxml files not showing in TODO tool window

IDEA-94349 (Bug)

Flex external build: path variables in additional compiler options not resolved

IDEA-72159 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: global selector is not supported; TypeError: Error #1009 at NonSharedStyleDeclarationProxy...getProperty()

IDEA-72150 (Bug)

Flex: good code is red: shapes elements inside <fx:Component> mxml tag are marked as not allowed

IDEA-97283 (Bug)

Only one URL variable is passed to browser when launching/debugging Flash app

IDEA-116764 (Bug)

Run/Debug configuration assuming wrong version of Air SDK

IDEA-72603 (Bug)

Flex: good code is red: <fx:Vector> inside <s:selectedIndices>

IDEA-72607 (Bug)

Flex: Code Completion for required "type" attribute of <fx:Vector> is missing

IDEA-81293 (Bug)

Flex: Make shouldn't re-compile the module on changing test class

IDEA-82026 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: Error: Cannot add [object DocumentFactory] to [object DocumentFactory],[object DocumentFactory]

IDEA-74823 (Bug)

Update run configuration reference on module and build configuration rename

IDEA-73842 (Bug)

Resolving flexmojos causes runtime exception in log

IDEA-120685 (Bug)

Classes defined in ECMAScript.js2 cannot be overridden by library

IDEA-104266 (Bug)

Good code is red: Adobe AIR Application Descriptor File: depthAndStencil

IDEA-87031 (Bug)

Flex: completion/smart completion shouldn't suggest classes not available for current build configuration

IDEA-114904 (Bug)

IDEA frozen when opening folder containing a lot of large SWFs

IDEA-84039 (Bug)

Recursive file copy in case HTML wrapper template directory is the same as the module directory.

IDEA-82325 (Bug)

Flex project structure, Add Files/Directories: swc files in archives are recognized, but not added to external dependencies

IDEA-96646 (Bug)

HTML wrapper template (index.template.html) with non-latin symbols is handled incorrectly when compiling project

IDEA-71732 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: closing the first opened tab closes the next tab

IDEA-125849 (Bug)

Temporary Flex config file in platform default charset, but should always use UTF-8 instead

IDEA-87457 (Bug)

Incorrect "Unknown metadata attribute used" for Parsley PublishSubscribe metadata

IDEA-80985 (Bug)

Navigate To Declaration is not working correctly

IDEA-85883 (Bug)

Temporary self-signed certificate must be always the same

IDEA-85553 (Bug)

Flash UI Designer: TypeError #1009 on changing accessibilityEnabled for ColumnChart opened in preview

IDEA-110894 (Bug)

Good code red in MXML: 'id' subtag that resolves to 'id' field of the corresponding class

IDEA-104993 (Bug)

AIR desktop app: output app descriptor is not updated when launching Run configuration with overridden main class/output file name

IDEA-92213 (Bug)

Breakpoints in MXMLs with inline item renderers do not work in Flexmojos projects with SDK 4.6.b.23201

IDEA-82354 (Bug)

flex config generation hangs indefinitely

IDEA-81991 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: Error #1009 at LoaderUtil$/normalizeURL() on loading resource bundles

IDEA-105343 (Bug)

IDEA does not suggest to create empty test method stubs for setters

IDEA-105024 (Bug)

"Loading External SWFs" feature of AIR SDK 3.7: 'externalStrippedSwfs' folder is created in [IntelliJ IDEA installation]/bin. Should be created in the output folder.

IDEA-80812 (Bug)

Flex: 'Create setter' for const variable results in incompilable code

IDEA-68071 (Bug)

Good code red: IDEA fails to determine custom namespace when overriding a class method from a library

IDEA-68075 (Bug)

Flex debugger does not show variables from closure scope

IDEA-79002 (Bug)

Stepping over a line in spark.components.List causes Flex debugger to jump to mx.controls.List

IDEA-85087 (Bug)

Splash screen is not shown when compiling with built-in compiler

IDEA-72195 (Bug)

Support conditional compiling variables set as Additional compiler options using space separator (e.d. -define CONFIG::DEBUG true)

IDEA-88019 (Bug)

Using @Resource reference inside color attribute of a mxml component causes "Unknown color" validation error.

IDEA-88248 (Bug)

FlexUnit: can't run tesst for sdk4.0 desktop module

IDEA-83298 (Bug)

Flex: on copying build configuration don't change existing run configuration with this BC assigned

IDEA-75140 (Bug)

flexmojos 11eap compile fails with "unknown configuration variable 'compiler-configuration'"

IDEA-70422 (Bug)

Unable to select Flash Player Debugger on Mac

IDEA-87288 (Bug)

Wrong "Method can be static" validation for getters/setters

IDEA-94466 (Bug)

Flex external make: changes made to resource pattern don't affect copying assets

IDEA-66624 (Bug)

Flex: Move Refactoring: if a class being moved has references to custom class only in instantiation expressions, import statmenet won't be added after move

IDEA-96128 (Bug)

Flex Runtime-loaded Module output type is lost when reimporting Maven project

IDEA-71302 (Bug)

Import statement is not updated when renaming directory

IDEA-86399 (Bug)

Flexunit tests work in Maven but launch fails with 'VerifyError: Error #1014: Class ILayoutDirectionElement could not be found' in Intellij

IDEA-81821 (Bug)

"Use HTML wrapper" unchecks every time the build configuration is generated using Flexmojos

IDEA-110462 (Bug)

IntelliJ fails to generate Flexmojos SDK for Apache Flex 4.9

IDEA-85663 (Bug)

Cannot select halo.swc in Flash App compiler config

IDEA-123744 (Bug)

Target Player not specified when creating new Flash project

IDEA-89643 (Bug)

In Flex debugger russian text replaced by question marks

IDEA-112138 (Bug)

AIR descripttor: good code red: 'xml:lang' attribute

IDEA-82882 (Bug)

Import from FlexMojos: some dependencies are not resolved, but IDEA says nothing about it

IDEA-78485 (Bug)

Flexmojos project that has a non swf or swc artifact dependency cannot be imported into IntelliJ

IDEA-71787 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: selection of components in <mx:Panel> is shifted up

IDEA-104952 (Bug)

idea generates invalid flex config — rsl list missed

IDEA-85338 (Bug)

Flex Compiler: 'Clear output directory on rebuild' doesn't work for non-default out directories if no resources are configured to copy

IDEA-53952 (Bug)

Decompiled SWF files must be read-only.

IDEA-99948 (Bug)

Actionscript Flash - Strange behaviour of local-trusted sandbox

IDEA-73108 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: <mx:ComboBox> data is incorrectly displayed

IDEA-131721 (Bug)

Breakpoints in raw ActionScript libraries do not work

IDEA-80944 (Bug)

Flexmojos build configuration: can't create HTML wrapper template

IDEA-84076 (Bug)

Flex: if the main class is overriden in run configuration, navigation to project structure errors is broken

IDEA-81550 (Bug)

Missing flex compiler settings in Java dependencies in Flex projects should be ignored by IntelliJ

IDEA-85638 (Bug)

Run/Debug Configurations > Flash App > Program parameters won't work correctly

IDEA-82656 (Bug)

Compile issues after opening a maven based actionscript project

IDEA-82655 (Bug)

Flex, Idea project converter: when converting flex facets, 'Test' dependency linkage is preserved for first facet only

IDEA-79711 (Bug)

flexmojos: cannot add extra source path to project due to "include-sources" collected only from flexmojos plugin configuration

IDEA-72373 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: selection is not reset on switching between states

IDEA-79421 (Bug)

MXML good code red (parsley components, attributes)

IDEA-86230 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: TypeError #1009 at mx.controls::FWFLoader/addedToStageHandler()

IDEA-85709 (Bug)

Flex UI designer: exception on invalid file

IDEA-94351 (Bug)

Flex external build: compilation fails if output folder doesn't exist and 'use HTML wrapper' is on

IDEA-87638 (Bug)

Incorrect 'Unknown CSS property embedAsCFF' warning for embedAsCFF style

IDEA-72004 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer is empty if there is an element in a skin included in several states

IDEA-72009 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer ignores "excludeFrom" property

IDEA-130251 (Bug)

Debugger Not Displaying Hyperlinks Into Code

IDEA-72677 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: error tooltips for mx validators are shown with wrong offset

IDEA-56827 (Bug)

Flex: reformat code eats blank line after package statement

IDEA-74817 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: <s:ModuleLoader> causes TypeError #1009 at ModuleLoader/loadModule()

IDEA-73496 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: label not displayed for skinned button

IDEA-88469 (Bug)

Flex Run Dialog doesn't support $PROJECT_DIR$ anymore

IDEA-71973 (Bug)

move inner class: unneeded parent class qualifier is inserted

IDEA-83086 (Bug)

Flex: when compiler configs are merged and output folder in custom config differs from the one in BC resultant swf & html placed in different folders

IDEA-82868 (Bug)

Error when creating AIR package on Java 7

IDEA-96170 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA always adds -profile extendedDesktop option to adl command line, but should respect <supportedProfiles> option in custom AIR descriptor instead

IDEA-71481 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: labels of last opened tabs don't disappear after tab closing

IDEA-83535 (Bug)

NullPointerException during compilation of FlexUnit tests if -link-report options is set

IDEA-66272 (Bug)

Idea opens duplicate source files in remote Flash debugging session and ignores breakpoints set in the project file

IDEA-66277 (Bug)

flex: cannot compile properly for FP11 beta

IDEA-67993 (Bug)

Flexmojos 4 swf poms do not compile in idea

IDEA-139549 (Bug)

IntelliJ highlights errors wrongly and breaks editor functionality

IDEA-82918 (Bug)

Update Main class in build configuration after Rename action.

IDEA-68666 (Bug)

flex: project view of binary swf classes (sometimes) strips first character from package name

IDEA-81328 (Bug)

Flex: existing build configurations get corrupted after pressing OK in Project Structure dialog

IDEA-77671 (Bug)

Flex support. Absent resource source path in genertated config of swc module

IDEA-58453 (Bug)

flexmojos:generate-config-swc produces incorrect config-report.xml (generated source paths)

IDEA-82586 (Bug)

Project Configuration: removing library from BC dependencies removes it from module

IDEA-84095 (Bug)

Flash/Flex: MovieClip "scaleMode" metadata marked as "Unknown metadata attribute"

IDEA-89860 (Bug)

Screen DPI not passed to ADL for AIR emulation mode

IDEA-88154 (Bug)

FlexUnit: can't compile tests for SDK 3.6 module

IDEA-72403 (Bug)

Airmobile development, debugger cannot connect to android device (port 7936 error).

IDEA-117646 (Bug)

Flex attribute "direction" report false positif when set as string

IDEA-80407 (Bug)

Debugging Flex 3.x projects does not work on Mac using Flash Player 11.1

IDEA-82292 (Bug)

Project Structure: AssertionError at HeaderHidingTabbedModuleEditor.getEditor() on choosing 'Open library settings'

IDEA-79014 (Bug)

Intellij 11 / flex-mojos 4.1-beta cannot start compiler: The SDK is not specified for module as3-commons-sample. Specify the SDK at Project Structure dialog.

IDEA-103882 (Bug)

Flash debugger doesnt break on Haxe breakpoints when launched from IDEA

IDEA-95386 (Bug)

Set correct swf-version for an AIR desktop and mobile build configs of Flash project

IDEA-85982 (Bug)

Flex UML Dependencies: dependencies on custom mxml components not found

IDEA-82500 (Bug)

Good code red: implicit implementation by public bindable property is ignored

IDEA-76673 (Bug)

ClassNotFound while flexmojos config generation

IDEA-89418 (Bug)

Crash, suspected memory corruption after opening SWFs with system default application

IDEA-94383 (Bug)

Flex external build sometimes fails: Failed to create file /path/to.swf

IDEA-56865 (Bug)

Impossible to delete SWF file in IDEA Project View

IDEA-115394 (Bug)

Cardea AIR Descriptor Needs Updating To Support iOS 7 Icons

IDEA-83289 (Bug)

Flex project structure: red Flex SDK name at Dependency tab of build configurations should become green when SDK with corresponding name is added,

IDEA-118345 (Bug)

Incorrect error for Flex library that doesn't contain code

IDEA-96140 (Bug)

'Runtime style sheets' field is missing for Desktop-targeted Flash build configuration

IDEA-72629 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: TypeError: Error #1034 at mx.internal.viewSkinForPhase() on skinning mx components using skin properties

IDEA-99628 (Bug)

Compilation error on Flex mobile library that extends mobile skins

IDEA-131603 (Bug)

<image180x180> tag in AIR descriptor is red

IDEA-86384 (Bug)

Flex UML diagram: package sometimes doesn't appear on diagram after collapsing a node

IDEA-81816 (Bug)

No way to create AIR/AIR mobile package in IDEA 11.1 EAP

IDEA-81818 (Bug)

cannot import flash builder project properly — unresolved linked library

IDEA-83759 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: includeInLayout="false" for SWFLoader causes neverending libraries loading

IDEA-75282 (Bug)

Imported maven module has wrong reference to custom compiler configuration file

IDEA-71886 (Bug)

-link-report option is ignored by Built-in compiler shell

IDEA-87648 (Bug)

'Checking AIR version' progress hangs indefinitely when trying to launch Android app first time after OS reboot

IDEA-117469 (Bug)

Intellij IDEA 13 complains about number of parameters to Vector constructor

IDEA-81883 (Bug)

File.extension property not recognized

IDEA-81710 (Bug)

'Included' linkage type must make dependency transitive.

IDEA-115639 (Bug)

'MXML Design View' plugin Needs Updating

IDEA-118732 (Bug)

MXML id attribute is highlighted as error

IDEA-92249 (Bug)

stepping in the flex/flash debugger sometimes leads to wrong sources

IDEA-72366 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: some properties are shown in both Styles and Properties panels, and navigation to them doesn't work

IDEA-73222 (Bug)

flexmojos sdk is not created if pointed to the same flex version but with different home path

IDEA-116023 (Bug)

Good code is red. Element is not allowed here

IDEA-107760 (Bug)

Packaging AIR Application Fails Due To Failure To Retrieve Timestamp

IDEA-81612 (Bug)

Flex compiler: 'clear output directory on rebuild' doesn't work for non-default output folders

IDEA-82099 (Bug)

Flex, Package Air application: packaging fails for desktop unsigned package because of invalid file name

IDEA-90197 (Bug)

Import Flash Builder project: remove -source-path=locale/{locale} from additional compiler options

IDEA-115919 (Bug)

Regression on "Make" for Flex multi module and library project

IDEA-114511 (Bug)

Wrong "Invalid state reference"

IDEA-73003 (Bug)

Flex: code completion doesn't suggest custom component if its name starts with lower case

IDEA-108081 (Bug)

Cannot run flexunit tests in Intellij IDEA 13 EAP

IDEA-124413 (Bug)

Cannot use iOS simulator without provisioning profile & keystore

IDEA-105046 (Bug)

Android package (*.apk) created with AIR SDK 3.7 always includes captive runtime, so IntelliJ IDEA shouldn't suggest to install AIR Runtime on the device.

IDEA-100527 (Bug)

Flex Metadata: unknown attribute

IDEA-60857 (Bug)

incorrect errors for valid air 2.5 descriptor

IDEA-74117 (Bug)

Flex UI designer: survive or report error correctly when swc is corrupt

IDEA-98988 (Bug)

SWC dependency with 'test' scope overrides dependency with 'compile' scope.

IDEA-79800 (Bug)

flexmojos: environment variables are not evaluated properly

IDEA-103855 (Bug)

`Use semicolon to terminate statements` has no effect with Intention Actions.

IDEA-73093 (Bug)

ActionScript classes that do not have default constructor can't be used as mxml tags

IDEA-71067 (Bug)

Flex: compilation with fcsh and Flex SDK 4.5 results in error if path to user home is space separated

IDEA-95767 (Bug)

External build: Flash build configuration is not recompiled when dependency SWC file is changed

IDEA-70527 (Bug)

Update Copyright does not work for ActionScript (.as;.mxml) files

IDEA-69017 (Bug)

Importing Flash Builder projects several times leads to duplicated dependencies

IDEA-86292 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer: Error #2030: End of file was encountered at flash.utils::ByteArray/readBytes()

IDEA-80988 (Bug)

Flex ui designer: please make solid background for toolwindows

IDEA-94962 (Bug)

Flex UML diagram: use the same wizards as used in Project View for creating new AS/MXML classes

IDEA-88470 (Bug)

Clicking frames in Flex debugger leads to wrong sources

IDEA-69970 (Bug)

Air application descriptor: good code is red

IDEA-86371 (Bug)

Flex UML diagram: expand/collapse packages doesn't work correctly for a class diagram was created for

IDEA-22394 (Bug)

Duplication of object's properties in debug mode

IDEA-75310 (Bug)

Debugging Flash Player 11: no variable introspection

IDEA-86188 (Bug)

Debugging Flash floods FlashPlayerTrust

IDEA-73764 (Bug)

Make 'foo' extend 'bar' quickfix: don't attempt to change class from library

IDEA-81728 (Bug)

Flex: Idea hangs on mxml editing

IDEA-82582 (Bug)

Run Configuration: validate entered main class name

IDEA-82581 (Bug)

Build/Run configurations: desktop application is not recognized as a valid main class

IDEA-115814 (Bug)

Good code red in AS3#Vector

IDEA-66875 (Bug)

Idea generates incorrect flex compiler reports

IDEA-118767 (Bug)

Unable to run Adobe AIR application on Android device

IDEA-116377 (Bug)

Idea doesn't work correct with Vector class.

IDEA-75267 (Bug)

wrong characters in debug console

IDEA-83612 (Bug)

MXML files in src/test/main can no longer be run

IDEA-69732 (Bug)

Create method from usage creates method in current file when invoked for a readonly class

IDEA-66672 (Bug)

Perforce read-only with Flex/Flash Compiling

IDEA-94245 (Bug)

AIR packaging warnings are treated as errors

IDEA-90997 (Bug)

External javac compiler failing with java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.sanselan.ImageReadException

IDEA-96445 (Bug)

Flash UI Designer doesn't work with Apache Flex SDK 4.8

IDEA-89354 (Bug)

Build Configuration in default run configuration 'FlexUnit' ignored

IDEA-76662 (Bug)

IDEA does not take into account the selected maven profiles, in flex-config generation

IDEA-77798 (Bug)

Cannot generate a valid flex config using mvn idea-flexmojos-maven-plugin version 1.4.1

IDEA-104159 (Bug)

Flash Player opens behind IDEA window on Mac

IDEA-94390 (Bug)

Flex external build: resource files are not copied after output folder change

IDEA-70060 (Exception)

Exception occurs while importing Flash Builder project

IDEA-71568 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: FileNotFoundException at SocketInputHandlerImpl$ on opening Design View

IDEA-73013 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed at MxmlReader.initObject() on using <s:constraintColumns> and <s:constraintRows>

IDEA-73196 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: Error: 1002: Illegal cue point.: Time must be number at CuePointManager.addCuePoint() on using <mx:cuePoints>

IDEA-72499 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: TypeError: Error #1009 at MxmlReader.readObject() on using <mx:Image/>

IDEA-72058 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: Error #3013: File or directory is in use at Server.postCheckSyncMessaging() on opening Design View

IDEA-74078 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: Throwable at SocketInputHandlerImpl.setProperty() on changing property value from within Designer if target mxml file is not active in editor

IDEA-72878 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: Throwable at DesignerApplicationUtil.checkRuntime() on opening after deleting caches

IDEA-134797 (Exception)

ClassCastException at com.intellij.lang.javascript.psi.impl.JSFileBaseImpl.initCachedData

IDEA-72194 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: Styles and Propertied panels are empty on opening; AssertionError at CssWriter.writePropertyValue

IDEA-71741 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: <mx:DataGrid> with more than one <mx:DataGridColumn/> is not supported; TypeError at FtyleProtoChain$/getClassStyleDeclarations()

IDEA-82177 (Exception)

Flex Project Structure: IllegalArgumentException on pressing OK in Add Dependency dialog if nothing was selected

IDEA-72290 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: ArgumentError at CssRulesetPrinter.printEntry() on selecting an element with embedded icon

IDEA-76238 (Exception)

fud: support flexmojos project

IDEA-70959 (Exception)

Flex: TypeError at SystemManager.addRawChildAt() on opening UI Designer for Air Mobile application

IDEA-72672 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: IllegalStateException at InfoList.getInfo() on opening

IDEA-81334 (Exception)

Flex Project Structure: avoid exceptions in case of circular dependencies

IDEA-72068 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: TypeError: Error #1009 at TextLineLinkedList.removeLast() on changing selection in Design View

IDEA-73035 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: Error at DataGroup.createRendererForItem() on using ActionScript item renderer

IDEA-72701 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: TypeError: Error #1009 at StyleManager$.getStyleManager() on charts

IDEA-72814 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: ReferenceError: Error #1069 at NavBar._setTargetViewStack() on using static Array as dataProvider value of mx NavBars

IDEA-71983 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: SIOOBE at BaseWriter.writeColor() if there is property "color" with value "0"

IDEA-89957 (Exception)

Flex module not compiled with maven

IDEA-73090 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: Error #2091 at MxmlReader.initObject() on using <s:WebService>, <mx:WebService>, <s:RemoteObject>, <mx:RemoteObject>

IDEA-71968 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: TypeError: Error #1009 at ElementTreeBarManager.update() on opening skins

IDEA-71935 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: CSS styles values with pt/px/pc at the end are not supported; TypeError: Error #1009 at CssRulesetPrinter.createTextBlock()

IDEA-71781 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: TypeError: Error #1009 at ElementToolContainer.getPosition() on adding a component to a selected container

IDEA-73198 (Exception)

Flex UI Designer: TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed at MxmlReader.initObject() on using <s:DynamicStreamingVideoItem>

IDEA-77790 (Exception)

Flexmojos Project produces NPEs when generating flex config files

IDEA-95401 (Exception)

Flex, UML diagram: IllegalArgumentException on choosing New/MXML Component from diagram right-click menu

GUI Designer


IDEA-144550 (Bug)

Garbled text in UI designer



IDEA-75725 (Feature)

Gradle: Allow to import gradle project from 'Open project' dialog



IDEA-137145 (Bug)

Formatting is broken if there is comments inside Spock Data Table

IDEA-116243 (Bug)

Class with same name as package prevents imports in Groovy



WEB-9695 (Performance Problem)

CPU overhead in projects with many HTML files

WEB-17998 (Bug)

Last <option> in <optgroup> without end tag shows error

IDE Configuration


IDEA-48900 (Usability Problem)

Temporary run configuration: on exceeding the limit erase the oldest used one, not the oldest created

IDEA-104903 (Cosmetics)

Mac: name "Settings" window "Preferences" as labeled in menu

IDEA-69877 (Bug)

File Templates are broken in version 10.5 (false positive file already exists message)



WEB-17111 (Bug)

Jade: NoSuchElementException on opening Jade file, null editor is passed

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-142974 (Bug)

Javadoc code completion inserts fully-qualified class name for @throws

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-143432 (Feature)

Cannot find runtime classes on jdk 1.9.0_b74

IDEA-144596 (Bug)

Editor becomes confused by lambdas within lambdas

IDEA-132253 (Bug)

IDEA shows valid Java 8 code with method references in red

IDEA-133920 (Bug)

Intellij shows compilation error but code compiles

IDEA-144840 (Bug)

Code heavily using generics (stream/optional) highlighted in red but compiles correctly

IDEA-136401 (Bug)

Good code is red

IDEA-144547 (Bug)

Intellisense malfunctioning in java 8 case

IDEA-132690 (Bug)

Invalid "Cannot infer functional interface type" error with generic types

IDEA-140035 (Bug)

Good code is marked as red: Java 8 Collectors.toMap

IDEA-140600 (Bug)

Missing error: formal varargs element type A.B is not accessible from class C

IDEA-133385 (Bug)

Type Inference Problem in Java 8 Lambdas and Streams

IDEA-107713 (Bug)

False 'type parameter is not within its bounds'

IDEA-142733 (Bug)

Good code is red - Cannot resolve method

IDEA-142145 (Bug)

Issue with generis in JDK8

IDEA-144386 (Bug)

Good code is red

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-58049 (Feature)

Provide add type parameter quick-fix intention

IDEA-144775 (Cosmetics)

Generated hashCode(): redundant null check for arrays

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-74168 (Bug)

Copy Class dialog: 'move to another source folder' option seems to be redundant

IDEA-74169 (Bug)

Copy-Paste class in Packages view: target root chooser is shown twice

IDEA-144086 (Bug)

Renaming a Java class used as a JUnit category does not rename the equivalent run/debug configuration category

IDEA-140250 (Bug)

Rename class refactoring handles usages in xml incorrectly if inner class is renamed

IDEA-142867 (Bug)

Refactor / Rename only current method keeps @Override annotation



IDEA-144665 (Bug)

Incorrect 'tearDown() is not called from finally block' inspection

IDEA-144571 (Bug)

False positive inspection "Abstract class may be interface" on non-static inner class



IDEA-74969 (Performance Problem)

IDEA freezes during GXT development (console filtering is slow)



IDEA-63362 (Bug)

Tomcat run configuration: click on stacktrace element opens class from random (unreferenced) module



IDEA-107530 (Feature)

CSS dialect: provide intention that allows to specify the file dialect



WEB-10214 (Feature)

Support referencing a type in JSDoc comments

WEB-3185 (Feature)

JS: Option to align object properties

WEB-17781 (Bug)

JSDoc: class extending and polymorphism

WEB-3575 (Bug)

"Reformat code..." for ActionScript removes whitespace from block /* ... */ comments

WEB-11699 (Bug)

EcmaScript6 redcode: no return out of constructor

WEB-18050 (Bug)

Complete current statement does not work with ES6 modules

WEB-15841 (Bug)

Should be possible to assign *.es extension to 'JavaScript Files' file type

WEB-17988 (Bug)

JSDoc: Documentation Not Found when using "export default" with es6 modules

WEB-8116 (Bug)

JSDoc @type - autocomplete & go to declaration method

WEB-10282 (Bug)

Quick documentation: External doc is not available for javascript function with several implementations inside HTML

WEB-16262 (Bug)

Incorrect suggestions

WEB-16905 (Bug)

Iterable syntax for jsDoc?

WEB-18042 (Bug)

JSDoc broken @param type with namepath

WEB-10035 (Bug)

Module function is not resolved

WEB-16128 (Bug)

JSX declaration of vars is not recognized on separate files

WEB-6865 (Bug)

JS icons of perl files

WEB-10273 (Bug)

Quick Documentation: impossible to navigate via links

WEB-8667 (Bug)

JSDoc: @returns excess types

WEB-16935 (Bug)

Inferred type in documentation and in inspection warnings is not consistent

WEB-9424 (Bug)

NPE when opening a specific JS file (jquery.wikiEditor.toc.js)

WEB-11789 (Bug)

Bug in JSDoc @constructor support

WEB-938 (Bug)

Run/Debug Configuration is not updated after move refactor

WEB-833 (Bug)

JavaScript: Refactoring code occurrences of variable inside function also refactors string occurrances in same function

WEB-17959 (Bug)

Make static quick-fix doesn't work for ES6 anonymous classes

WEB-17226 (Bug)

ternary style in jsx with reactjs

WEB-14607 (Bug)

Wront type detecting in inline-documented function param

WEB-17415 (Bug)

Text is not commented inside JSX embedded code block

WEB-3643 (Bug)

JS: IllegalArgumentException on attempt to refactor/move JS local variable if root is not marked as src root

WEB-12644 (Bug)

Javascript: wrong variable type after destructuring assignment

WEB-17747 (Bug)

CommonJS: module functions not resolved when defining modules as immediately invoked function expressions

WEB-10016 (Bug)

JSDoc: Missing argument warning even though everything is allright

WEB-9020 (Bug)

Good code red - AngularJS

WEB-18029 (Bug)

Support ES6

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-11062 (Bug)

Wrong indentation mixed in-line and multiline chains in WS-134.1081

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-17437 (Bug)

Syntax Highlighting in JSX code blocks sometimes doesn't work

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-10111 (Bug)

Inspections: remove ActionScript specific section

WEB-14275 (Bug)

Incorrect completion for shorthanded vars (ES6)

WEB-11077 (Bug)

Javascript function metrics don't work for function expressions

WEB-18010 (Bug)

Detect and respect order of JSDoc elements when manipulating it



IDEA-53501 (Feature)

Maven 3 support

IDEA-57398 (Usability Problem)

Maven "resource" directory behaves like it contains java classes



WEB-11546 (Bug)

Import of JavaScript and Node projects

WEB-17966 (Bug)

console.dir - Invalid number of arguments, expected 1

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-65623 (Bug)

IDEA should start all pre and post tasks of included artifacts

Project Configuration


IDEA-27486 (Feature)

Make file templates per-project

IDEA-88958 (Feature)

Allow to mark directories as Excluded inside external libraries

IDEA-83167 (Usability Problem)

Please review modules types names and descriptions

IDEA-86947 (Usability Problem)

Run configuration list should support drag and drop to reorder the run configurations

IDEA-85546 (Task)

Introduce constants for the persistent components macros

IDEA-120591 (Task)

Simplify new Flash module creation in 13.1

IDEA-115056 (Bug)

NewProjectWizard: for Flash module, no specific settings are available

IDEA-120518 (Bug)

Cannot create new Ruby on Rails application

IDEA-94952 (Bug)

Web artifact is built incorrectly after module rename

IDEA-75407 (Bug)

JDK 1.7 not recognized as valid JSDK on Mac

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-94341 (Feature)

Launch Multiple "Run/Debug Configurations" At Once

IDEA-144576 (Bug)

Default compound run config changes when a regular compound run config is edited



IDEA-144497 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: GRANT ... ON TABLE syntax doesn't resolve columns

IDEA-144685 (Bug)

MySQL. IDEA false positive error - nvarchar type

IDEA-75898 (Bug)

SQL: Derby: INNER, LEFT, RIGHT JOIN without ON and USING clauses are green



IDEA-138425 (Usability Problem)

Spring Initializr Wizard does not import Maven/Gradle project automatically after creation

IDEA-142990 (Performance Problem)

Spring MVC<->EL resolve: performance

IDEA-144605 (Bug)

Spring Boot: enum class value javadoc not shown in completion popup when source not in project

IDEA-77586 (Bug)

Parsing of custom Spring beans does not respect the xsd behind the custom namespace (intention)

IDEA-143579 (Bug)

Spring Boot: navigate from config key usage to additional-spring-configuration-metadata.json, not to spring-configuration-metadata.json



IDEA-138539 (Bug)

Thymeleaf: Good code is red / message property cannot be resolved

IDEA-143910 (Bug)

Bogus handling of Thymeleaf URL parameters with a dash

IDEA-137913 (Bug)

Thymeleaf: false positive error in @{...}

IDEA-143870 (Bug)

Thymeleaf :: selector parsing issue

IDEA-144828 (Bug)

Thymeleaf support issue - #authentication object not supported by editor

IDEA-143200 (Bug)

Cannot resolve property key, but key exists

IDEA-144045 (Bug)

Thymeleaf parsing error of th:src url

IDEA-137011 (Bug)

Thymeleaf href link gives errors

IDEA-143399 (Bug)

Can not resolve property key from message files



WEB-11751 (Feature)

TypeScript: provide 'create field' intention

WEB-2315 (Feature)

TypeScript; Navigate to Symbol doesn't include TypeScript classes/interfaces

WEB-7010 (Feature)

When you write a mismatched parameter in Typescript, the IDE could underline it in red

WEB-18043 (Feature)

TypeScript 1.6: tsconfig.json 'exclude' property

WEB-18034 (Feature)

TypeScript: support binary literals

WEB-17457 (Feature)

Suggest external modules exported symbols in TypeScript

WEB-9265 (Bug)

Bad code is green: overload declaration not followed by overload implementation

WEB-12655 (Bug)

Typescript code completion fails when method use overloaded string constants

WEB-9919 (Bug)

import statement not resolved correctly

WEB-7293 (Bug)

TypeScript, completion: no completion if the explicit method return type is missing

WEB-6335 (Bug)

TypeScript class is not found when I filter to TS file types

WEB-8428 (Bug)

Typescript: 'this' marked as incorrect in a static context

WEB-7994 (Bug)

typescript: new Date(): Interface can not be instantiated

WEB-15057 (Bug)

Typescript: External Module export/import and `Unresolved variable` Error

WEB-8933 (Bug)

Typescript: should be possible to disable "Unresolved Variable" inspection

WEB-18035 (Bug)

Typescript rest parameters do not work with Array<args> syntax

WEB-7117 (Bug)

Inherited fields are not visible form declaredClasses in "d.ts" files

WEB-12426 (Bug)

Typescript formatter doesn't respect disabled "Line comment at first comment"

WEB-8685 (Bug)

Typescript colorization of default Object functions

WEB-7937 (Bug)

Typescript AMD modules not working in IDE. "unresolved variable" errors.

WEB-7802 (Bug)

Typescript does not understand Interfaces with New Keyword (Class Definitions)

WEB-13035 (Bug)

"Code Completion" doesn't show options for class imported via "export import"

WEB-11180 (Bug)

Typescript file watcher existence disables syntax highlighting

WEB-9112 (Bug)

Typescript: any only works one level

WEB-2299 (Bug)

TypeScript: report errors when creating interface instance using new operator

WEB-12823 (Bug)

TypeScript: function type mismatch

WEB-7920 (Bug)

"Method expression is not a Function type" when instanciating ambient interface declaration with custom constructor return type

WEB-10012 (Bug)

Using "super" within an "arrow function" scope is displayed as an error



IDEA-64454 (Bug)

UML + Flex: if some package contains no .as classes, only mxml components, then only java uml diagram is available for it

IDEA-53948 (Bug)

AS3 UML Diagram expand package doesn't work properly

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-144568 (Usability Problem)

EAP Number of failed tests is too light

IDEA-144766 (Usability Problem)

"Create Test" dialog: preselect testing library which is available for initial choice

IDEA-36423 (Bug)

Undo move or rename package or class does not update run configuration

IDEA-144401 (Bug)

IDE hang when selecting many tests

IDEA-144608 (Bug)

IDEA tries to launch abstract base test class when it's annotated with Parameterized

Unit Tests


WEB-17996 (Feature)

Suggest in Run/Debug configuration

User Interface


IDEA-115042 (Feature)

Support audio notifications under Mac OS X (command "say")

IDEA-116046 (Usability Problem)

Hide irrelevant run configuration types from 'Add New Configuration' popup

IDEA-86464 (Usability Problem)

Flex build configuration: no hint in UI that dependency linkage type is editable

IDEA-121670 (Usability Problem)

Editor->Colors&Fonts: attribute list display/management

IDEA-83174 (Cosmetics)

Please merge checkbox icons

IDEA-86980 (Cosmetics)

idea 117.499: build configuration widget in status bar: background differs

IDEA-144699 (Bug)

"Annotate" action from action popup does not redraw toggle when processed

IDEA-142839 (Bug)

ActionCallback.REJECTED.doWhenProcessed results in memory leaks

Version Control


IDEA-142976 (Usability Problem)

"Performing code analysis" progress is uninformative

IDEA-139870 (Bug)

Issue with context menu for annotation panel for files without an associated type

IDEA-24012 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't offer to open a freshly checked out directory-based project

Version Control. Git


IDEA-132779 (Usability Problem)

Open on GitHub with Revision

IDEA-142908 (Usability Problem)

"Cherry Pick..." action naming and behaviour

IDEA-142566 (Bug)

Git checkout doesn't work with special directory names

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-53994 (Feature)

Add support for p4 shelve/unshelve

IDEA-130515 (Usability Problem)

Use IDE-wide password storage facilities for Perforce integration

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-141977 (Bug)

Subversion: cannot add external with Subversion 1.9 if no externals existed

IDEA-141935 (Bug)

Subversion: svn1.9: Ignore command doesn't work if folder doesn't contain svn:ignore property yet

IDEA-141979 (Bug)

Subversion: svn1.9: MergeFrom fails if root folder doesn't contain svn:mergeinfo property yet



IDEA-60895 (Feature)

No completion for enumerated and boolean values of xml tags

IDEA-64561 (Feature)

Provide navigation for XSD enum values

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