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  • IntelliJ IDEA 15 142.4465.2 Release Notes
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IDEA-143843 (Feature)

Adding implicit "-link" option to "Generate Javadoc"

IDEA-144383 (Feature)

Searching should work while performed 'Find in Path' on excluded directory

IDEA-62743 (Feature)

Render issue links in Java comments

IDEA-141776 (Usability Problem)

Groovy (or any non-Java?) main class has no Run/Debug controls on the editor's gutter

IDEA-144224 (Usability Problem)

Yellow 'Find in file' highlighting is not readable when the same line is on the breakpoint.

IDEA-144539 (Usability Problem)

Reduce the amount of log spam by FrequentEventDetector

IDEA-144301 (Bug)

IntelliJ hangs on refreshing sbt project

IDEA-120212 (Bug)

undo doesn't restore bookmarks

WEB-17698 (Bug)

Language injection and tagged template string

IDEA-143790 (Bug)

Quick Documentation does not work in files

IDEA-144278 (Exception)

IAE at

IDEA-144381 (Exception)

IndexNotReadyException when adding persistence deployment descriptor

Build tools


WEB-17917 (Feature)

Gulp plugin does not sort the gulp tasks in alphabetical order

WEB-17900 (Bug)

Grunt console is not setting env variable PWD



WEB-17937 (Bug)

color: rebeccapurple not recognized

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-133514 (Bug)

Malformed format string inspection doesn't seem to understand Java 8's java.time classes

IDEA-83792 (Bug)

String.format throws exception, however IDEA doesn't check it statically

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-143834 (Bug)

Allign variables in columns is not working within try/if/for blocks

IDEA-55518 (Bug)

Alignment doesn't work as expected in array literal

IDEA-144232 (Bug)

Searching for java file with long String literals causes freeze

Code Navigation


IDEA-144485 (Cosmetics)

Action to jump to super class has name 'Go To Super Method'

IDEA-142346 (Bug)

Duplicate "Implements" gutter



WEB-17931 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: false positive "Unused variable" reporting in catch block



DBE-1520 (Bug)

PostGIS geometry data type not recognized anymore

DBE-428 (Bug)

Relation "pg_collation" does not exist with Postgres < 9.1



IDEA-144577 (Bug)

Debugger breakpoint condition does unboxing unnecessarily causing a breakpoint condition error

IDEA-107248 (Bug)

Enabling/disabling breakpoint from breakpoint popup does not change the label of the corresponding option

IDEA-144350 (Bug)

Smart step into proposes weird options

IDEA-116272 (Bug)

Allow to change debug ports for local app-servers



IDEA-144511 (Bug)

Diff window shows unknown file type error for new Java file on the shelf

IDEA-144343 (Bug)

Ctrl-tab brings up the switcher in the diff window

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-143938 (Usability Problem)

Emacs mode: `C-m` does `C-l`, and `C-l` is unbound

IDEA-144374 (Bug)

Code analysis suspended

IDEA-143771 (Bug)

Expand recursively won't work if the current code block is already expanded

IDEA-141879 (Bug)

Indent guide lines are 1px longer

File System


IDEA-144285 (Performance Problem)

IDE performs slowly when project path contains "~" on Windows



IDEA-144419 (Bug)

[Flex] Find usages does not find base/interface usages



IDEA-144506 (Bug)

Indy-Groovy not recognized as Groovy SDK



IDEA-144503 (Exception)

'SlimTag:head contains invalid declaration' while complete slim tags

IDE Configuration


IDEA-143508 (Feature)

Keymap abbreviations don't work in the Find Action popup

IDEA-70306 (Bug)

Changes made in Out of Memory dialog are not saved

IDEA-142984 (Bug)

Settings / Colors and Fonts: changing "Use inherited attributes" without editing attributes is not saved

IDE.User Interface


DBE-1519 (Cosmetics)

Wrong icon for SQL Server in Database tool.

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-144379 (Feature)

Autocomplete after @author in Javadoc should place the user's name

IDEA-144461 (Usability Problem)

AutoCompletion doesn't insert whitespace after annotation

IDEA-144489 (Bug)

"Complete current statement" creates broken code - missing closing paren on method invocation

IDEA-144532 (Bug)

"extends" keyword is not hinted correctly

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-144472 (Bug)

Live Error Highlighting and Identifier usage highlighting break in specific file

IDEA-144518 (Bug)

Multiple inheritance error not marked

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-143925 (Feature)

Intention to convert a.equals(b) to Objects.equals(a, b)

IDEA-30246 (Bug)

Merge else-if kills comments

IDEA-142617 (Bug)

Replace with 'try' with resources produces bad code

IDEA-142912 (Bug)

Intention: replace switch with if failed with bit operator (operator precedence)

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-144359 (Usability Problem)

"Extract parameter object" parameter list does not resize

IDEA-144265 (Bug)

"Convert to Instance Method" breaks assignments to instance variable when there is a method parameter with the same name

IDEA-144369 (Bug)

"Extract delegate" converts field++ to foo.field = foo.field + 1

IDEA-144514 (Exception)

IOE at com.intellij.refactoring.util.RefactoringUtil.qNameToCreateInSourceRoot



IDEA-144307 (Feature)

Split "Java | Class structure | Abstract class may be interface" into two inspections or add an option to prevent conversion to interfaces with default methods

IDEA-143355 (Bug)

String.format() with java.sql.Timestamp

IDEA-144519 (Bug)

SuspiciousGetterSetter inspection should be less strict when returning static final field

IDEA-144372 (Bug)

"Convert to lambda" does not add cast in case of overloading

IDEA-139825 (Bug)

"Can be replaced with method reference" produces non-equivalent code.

IDEA-144520 (Bug)

Extend default question words in BooleanMethodNameMustStartWithQuestion inspection

IDEA-144428 (Bug)

Unreachable statement is not reported for

JavaEE. Deployment and Run


IDEA-139127 (Bug)

Deployment Run Configuration: correctly treat Alternative JRE selecting for deployment

JavaEE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-136371 (Bug)

Application url is not recognized and updated for Virgo server



IDEA-137202 (Bug)

Deploy to GlassFish with compatibility property

IDEA-136751 (Bug)

Glassfish: field is not greyed out



IDEA-136008 (Exception)

IllegalArgumentException when adding JBoss External Schema



IDEA-134958 (Feature)

dmServer/Virgo - can't set up deployment order



IDEA-140801 (Feature)

WebSphere: provide possible choices for Cell/Node/Server fields in the remote run configuration

IDEA-141326 (Bug)

WebSphere Liberty Profile: detect local http port from <httpEndpoint host="*"...> in server.xml

IDEA-126156 (Bug)

IDEA can not connect to remote WebSphere

IDEA-143788 (Bug)

WebSphere: 'update classes and resources' works with a racing condition



WEB-17965 (Feature)

JSDoc: cannot refer to @exports if the `module:` prefix is omitted

WEB-17799 (Feature)

JSDoc: @fires, @listens cannot refer to @event namepath

WEB-15432 (Usability Problem)

“className” is a valid JSX attribute, is marked as invalid

WEB-17840 (Bug)

Properties attached to local variable returned by immediately invoked function are not resolved

WEB-17420 (Bug)

Non-english variable is not recognized in 9.0

WEB-17970 (Bug)

Completion does not suggest fields with some 'national characters'

WEB-16873 (Bug)

Invalid "return outside function definition" error in embedded ecmascript 6

WEB-17978 (Bug)

Escaped \ at the end of a template string throws error.

WEB-17496 (Bug)

`export {default} from './foo';` cannot resolve symbol 'default'

WEB-17870 (Bug)

Inconsistent token classification for object shorthand properties

WEB-17930 (Bug)

JsDoc: type mismatch errors on matching parameters of @enum type

WEB-17807 (Bug)

CommonJS: no properties completion/parameter info for exported function

WEB-16959 (Bug)

Unresolved function of method in JavaScript

WEB-17827 (Bug)

Override arrow is not shown

WEB-17925 (Bug)

TypeScript intentions are available for jsx

WEB-17010 (Bug)

Undefined type in JSDoc due to ignoring preceding type definition

WEB-17961 (Exception)

Throwable when call 'Split current tag' intention

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-17851 (Bug)

Align assignments has unexpected results

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-17810 (Bug)

.jscsrc configuration is overwritten by WebStorm

WEB-17805 (Bug)

Missing "Expression statement is not assignment or call" warning

WEB-17879 (Bug)

Method marked as recursive

WEB-17948 (Bug)

JavaScript Inspections - Suppressions not working - OverlyComplexFunctionJS, FunctionWithMoreThanThreeNegationsJS, OverlyNestedFunctionJS

WEB-17935 (Bug)

Inspection 'Expression statement which is not assignment or call' should be turned off for await

WEB-17953 (Bug)

JSReferenceExpression when call 'Rename reference' inspection



IDEA-97324 (Bug)

Maven support cannot handle skinny wars for EAR deployments



WEB-17575 (Usability Problem)

Node.js and NPM: upgrade is disabled for package with specific version

WEB-17512 (Bug)

require() call is missing

WEB-17947 (Bug)

Installing npm package fails

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-144319 (Bug)

When starting Idea from terminal error "Cannot find VM options file" appears but Idea starts successfully

IDEA-110823 (Bug)

xdg-desktop-menu: file '/tmp/jetbrains-pycharm.desktop' does not exist when trying to create desktop shortcut

Project View


IDEA-144316 (Bug)

Copy Reference should work for excluded subfolders same way as it works for regular project subdirs

IDEA-144300 (Bug)

Copy Reference for source folder/content root copies empty string



IDEA-135762 (Feature)

SQL editor thinks temp table fields don't exist, if the table is created with select ... insert, without field declarations

IDEA-113671 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: false positive 'Types compatibility' inspection in case of inheritance

IDEA-107260 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: not cross and not natural joins without USING and ON are green



DBE-1495 (Feature)

No smart completion for join clause



DBE-1240 (Performance Problem)

SQL editor slow/unresponsive with very large SQL statements



DBE-893 (Feature)

`INSERT INTO footable SELECT ... `: warn about field count mismatch

DBE-1222 (Bug)

sql: "column should be in group by clause": false positive

DBE-1195 (Bug)

SQL: Types compatibility: false positive if column is used both in table definition and ALTER statement

Settings Repository


IDEA-134781 (Bug)

Possibility to stop setting sync

IDEA-143759 (Bug)

Repository contains unmerged paths. Merge not work for me.

IDEA-141883 (Bug)

.gitignore in the repository that tracks the settings is not respected

IDEA-142812 (Exception)

IAE at org.jetbrains.settingsRepository.SettingsRepositoryPackage$upstreamEditor$16e2ee27$createMergeActions$$inlined$Array$lambda$1.actionPerformed(upstreamEditor.kt:85)



IDEA-144493 (Bug)

Spring Boot: support hints of spring-profile-name provider type in the Run Configuration

IDEA-144393 (Bug)

Spring Boot: support for configured hints in the Spring Boot Run Configuration

IDEA-144400 (Bug)

Spring Boot: support custom properties of Map type with values of Enum type

IDEA-142231 (Bug)

Spring model graph: no autodetected filesets shown when invoked on module level

IDEA-142232 (Bug)

Spring model graph: use fileset's icon

IDEA-144388 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.psi.ElementManipulators.getNotNullManipulator

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-143393 (Feature)

Support of new Freemarker directives and built-ins



WEB-17929 (Feature)

TypeScript 1.6: local types

WEB-17954 (Feature)

TypeScript 1.6: Generic type aliases

WEB-17985 (Bug)

ES6 modules import doesn't work with Typescript 1.6 nightly

WEB-15899 (Bug)

TypeScript functional types in a "d.ts" file vs. parameter hinting

User Interface


IDEA-91047 (Usability Problem)

Undo doesn't work in plain text fields

IDEA-143456 (Bug)

Run icon should be restart icon for running application server configuration

IDEA-144172 (Bug)

Move breadcrumbs settings to some platform class

Version Control. Log


IDEA-134049 (Usability Problem)

VCS Log : filter by root : don't close the popup upon selecting/deselecting a root, i.e. allow to select/deselect several at once

IDEA-135359 (Bug)

Log: arrow should always follow its expanded edge

IDEA-139962 (Bug)

VCS Log: "Filter by root" actions should be DumbAware

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-140596 (Bug)

Permanent "checking incoming and outgoing changes" background task

IDEA-137686 (Bug)

Mercurial blame is not colored

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-56214 (Bug)

Perforce: Integrate project with conflicts doesn't clear read-only status for files

IDEA-144341 (Bug)

Perforce: TestConnection button pressing in Perforce settings should not report error if valid explicit settings are entered and p4config is not used

IDEA-144331 (Exception)

NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.perforce.perforce.connections.P4ConfigHelper.findDirWithP4ConfigFile

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