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  • IntelliJ IDEA 15 142.4245.2 Release Notes
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IDEA-143939 (Usability Problem)

Mouse wheel fails to stop console from sticking to the bottom

IDEA-142762 (Usability Problem)

Documentation view does not preserve documentation for renammed method parameters

IDEA-144219 (Bug)

Editors don't refresh after setting "Ajust for red-green color deficiency" option

WEB-17665 (Bug)

Postfix Completion does not respect JavaScript coding style without semicolon to terminate statements.

IDEA-142262 (Bug)

Smooth scrolling is not disabled over rdp

IDEA-136234 (Bug)

loose focus(caret) when `unsplit` windows in Distraction free mode

IDEA-144220 (Bug)

Navigate > File doesn't handle line numbers on absolute paths

IDEA-137153 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.components.ServiceBean.loadServicesFromBeans

IDEA-144207 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.configurationStore.StoreAwareProjectManager$restartApplicationOrReloadProjectTask$ on Reload Project



IDEA-127625 (Usability Problem)

Ambiguous label in the Generate Signed APK Wizard

IDEA-130778 (Usability Problem)

Do not show 'Memory Monitor' tool window for non-android projects

IDEA-135672 (Cosmetics)

Uninformative and clumsy label text

IDEA-128203 (Cosmetics)

Inconsistent capitalization of available options in the preview tool window

IDEA-127781 (Cosmetics)

An asterisk in the Android page of the New Project wizard

IDEA-143782 (Cosmetics)

Android: "ADB connection error" message mentions Android Studio instead of IntelliJ IDEA

IDEA-131023 (Bug)

Android AAR assets not included in compiled APK (android maven plugin)

IDEA-130315 (Bug)

Android + Gradle: new default project is created with multiple compilation errors

IDEA-131368 (Bug)

Ambiguous method call on Object.wait() on Runnable class in Android project

IDEA-132893 (Bug)

Intellij does not work with android-maven-plugin 4.0.0-rc.3

IDEA-128152 (Bug)

Add Help button to the New Resource Directory dialog

IDEA-128153 (Bug)

Add Help button to the New Resource File dialog

IDEA-127393 (Bug)

Add help button to the Choose Device dialog

IDEA-129775 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't add jar inside of lib folder inside of AAR

IDEA-136597 (Bug)

Android-Gradle: new project is created with no Project SDK specified

IDEA-131112 (Bug)

Android: some Android-specific actions are available in non-android projects; NPEs on invoking some of these actions

IDEA-136115 (Exception)

Android: AE at

IDEA-133090 (Exception)

Android: NPE at$SystemImageDescription.getAbiType



IDEA-133053 (Exception)

Android Designer: IAE at

Code Analysis. Duplicates


IDEA-144133 (Usability Problem)

Duplicated inspection: shorten path in error message

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-143698 (Bug)

CDI Inspection not correct: "Managed Bean must be a concrete class"

IDEA-43652 (Bug)

'unnecessary boxing' - sometimes boxing is compulsory

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-70389 (Usability Problem)

Alt + Ctrl + I should adjust line indent on all lines, where selection exists

Code Navigation


IDEA-134961 (Performance Problem)

Recent files popup takes 5 seconds to appear

IDEA-144074 (Bug)

Recent files popup opens wrong file after filtering

Compiling Project


IDEA-129176 (Bug)

"Exclude from Compile" only takes effect after restart



DBE-1398 (Bug)

MySQL Synchronization Error



IDEA-144036 (Performance Problem)

Images viewed using debugger's evaluate window are not cleared from memory

IDEA-144037 (Task)

Debuger: Api request: Create custom commands for Step Over and etc in DebuggerSession

WEB-17844 (Bug)

NodeJS debugger does not stop on breakpoint

IDEA-143852 (Bug)

Debugger does not stop at breakpoints at junit tests

WEB-17608 (Bug)

Server-side debug in Meteor. Debugger does not stop on breakpoints .

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-143920 (Bug)

Sort symbols in completion list in "natural" order

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-126952 (Usability Problem)

Scratches should have an extension

IDEA-142623 (Bug)

IntelliJ hangs when searching in console

IDEA-142512 (Bug)

Indent a new line if the text after a caret position contains only whitespaces

IDEA-142975 (Bug)

Smart home action doesn't work on a folded method

IDEA-143410 (Bug)

Drag-n-drop in split editor does not move cursor

File System


IDEA-144031 (Exception)

Startup exception

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-143726 (Feature)

Find in Path Preview tab doesn't differentiate between files with the same name in different directories

IDEA-143481 (Usability Problem)

Confusion: What's the difference between Find in Path 'Whole Project' vs 'custom: Project Files' scopes?

IDEA-143783 (Bug)

Find: text in Find field moves caret to the end of a search string

IDEA-144023 (Bug)

Find usages: Correct processing for elements from additional index roots



IDEA-137433 (Bug)

Importing a Gradle module causes IDEA to destroy the entire project



IDEA-125224 (Feature)

Support @Builder AST transformation with Groovy 2.3

IDEA-140427 (Bug)

IntelliJ complaints about not implemented interface methods when using a groovy trait from a library



WEB-17798 (Performance Problem)

Don't parse html5.rnc in every test that needs it

WEB-17822 (Bug)

Simultaneous tag editing fails at PHP string when use completion

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-144146 (Bug)

Auto completion for 'else' inserts braces.

IDEA-144236 (Bug)

try-with-resources causes auto-complete to fail

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-144145 (Bug)

Error parsing anonymous types

IDEA-144159 (Bug)

Good code red. Generic method return type

IDEA-143310 (Bug)

Green code instead of ambiguity error

IDEA-144117 (Bug)

Goog code red. Compare enum classes

IDEA-135847 (Bug)

Lambda parameters without formal types should not accept any annotations

IDEA-143141 (Bug)

Non-compilable code is not highlighted by IDEA

IDEA-143417 (Bug)

Missing error highlighting for implicit use of inaccessible class

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-140894 (Feature)

Add refactor option to change return type from T to Optional<T> when T is a concrete type

IDEA-143340 (Bug)

Inline lambda variable may produce uncompilable code

IDEA-138642 (Bug)

Extract field creates invalid code

IDEA-143251 (Bug)

Extract delegate as enum errors

IDEA-143314 (Bug)

Extract Parameter produces bad code; renames an unrelated local variable

IDEA-144043 (Bug)

"Pull Members Up" refactoring breaks code

IDEA-144277 (Exception)

'Extract Method' refactoring fails with exception while processing duplicates if the code contains anonymous class



IDEA-144142 (Feature)

An inspection to report super.tearDown calls not invoked in "finally"

IDEA-143677 (Cosmetics)

Inspection input field too small

IDEA-136413 (Bug)

"Overly strong type cast" warning should take into account checked exceptions

IDEA-143937 (Bug)

Bogus warning by 'Constant conditions & exceptions' inspection within lambda expressions, due to JSR 305 @TypeQualifierDefault annotation

IDEA-143922 (Bug)

Redundant cast inspection false positive when casting a lambda to another interface

IDEA-143853 (Bug)

For 'confusing floating point literal', allow literals that are in scientific notation even if they don't contain a decimal point

IDEA-143991 (Bug)

False positive "Java | Inheritance issues | Parameter type prevents overriding" for static methods



IDEA-139262 (Feature)

Support for SceneBuilder 8.0.0



WEB-17611 (Bug)

Make @fires info in Quick Doc clickable

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-13790 (Bug)

auto indentation wrong under certain patterns

WEB-14421 (Bug)

Chained method indentation with new operator incorrect

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-15136 (Feature)

Feature request: in Meteor projects, external packages should be imported as libraries by default

WEB-16629 (Feature)

Make errors in Meteor console clickable

WEB-15026 (Bug)

Meteor: creating the default Meteor.js app names files "hello.*" regardless of the app name

WEB-17868 (Bug)

Angular2 - Meteor - Moving TS / JS files does not refactor script references inside System.import()

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-17813 (Bug)

JSCS: wrong suppression results inside injections

WEB-17814 (Bug)

JSCS: escape tabulation sign for the "validateIndentation" rule value type completion

WEB-17880 (Bug)

"allExcept" in "requireSpacesInAnonymousFunctionExpression" should be supported

WEB-17812 (Bug)

JSCS: inspections are shown multiple times

WEB-17865 (Exception)

StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range



WEB-17783 (Bug)

Node.js module is not installed

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-138637 (Cosmetics)

idea.log logs JVM options from boths .vmoptions file (custom and bundled)

IDEA-144125 (Task)

Plugin descriptors: unify to use <idea-plugin> root tag

IDEA-136975 (Bug)

Change the order of .vmoptions file processing from default to more specific

IDEA-141559 (Bug)

IDEA crashes natively on startup when idea.vmoptions has line for debugging and port is already in use

IDEA-144319 (Bug)

When starting Idea from terminal error "Cannot find VM options file" appears but Idea starts successfully

IDEA-143614 (Bug)

Could not run IDEA with debug parameters in idea.vmoptions on OSX

IDEA-144173 (Bug)

IDEA launched via on Mac OS fails to start with "Cannot find VM options file" error, though bin/mac/idea.vmoptions file exists in ZIP distribution

IDEA-139969 (Bug)

Show error message if idea.exe.vmoptions not found

Password Safe


IDEA-103062 (Usability Problem)

Passwords: forget all saved passwords right away after reset for master password

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-143835 (Feature)

Resolve/Find usages for action/group in <reference ref="id">

IDEA-144069 (Feature)

DevKit: <action> "use-shortcut-of" support

IDEA-144059 (Feature)

DevKit: <add-to-group> support

Project Configuration


IDEA-144229 (Bug)

HTML tags in project compiler output path chooser



IDEA-135762 (Feature)

SQL editor thinks temp table fields don't exist, if the table is created with select ... insert, without field declarations

IDEA-142010 (Usability Problem)

SQL: File Structure: nameless indexes are presented with textless nodes (and CHECK has no icon)



DBE-383 (Bug)

MSSQL when use command is used I would ike to see the completion limited to the specific DB (or at least partially limit the scope)



DBE-1469 (Bug)

Fail to uncomment a block of code



DBE-1097 (Usability Problem)

Database console: "Change dialect" quick fix is suggested with default project dialect, and anyway does not help

DBE-1468 (Bug)

Incorrect comment highlighting as "statement-to-be-executed"

Settings Repository


IDEA-144166 (Bug)

cannot set upstream SSH git URL in Settings repository

IDEA-144052 (Bug)

When "Settings repository" is enabled changes in 'Path Variables' aren't saved to default path.macros.xml file causing errors in build process



IDEA-144034 (Feature)

Spring Boot: sort deprecated configuration keys last in completion popup

IDEA-144292 (Usability Problem)

Spring Initializr: open application class in editor after Maven import

IDEA-144085 (Bug)

SpringBeanNameConventionInspection: fix rules according to Spring docs

IDEA-144162 (Bug)

Spring Boot: no information about available hints are shown in case of missing property description

IDEA-144167 (Bug)

Spring Boot: additional-spring-configuration-metadata.json editing: errors are shown for valid hint with 'handle-as' provider

IDEA-144168 (Bug)

Spring Boot: hints: support handle-as providers of enum type

IDEA-144054 (Bug)

Spring Boot: prefer strict to fuzzy matching for config key declaration

IDEA-144153 (Bug)

Spring Boot: can't define new property in additional-spring-configuration-metadata.json if this file contains 'hints' only

IDEA-144203 (Bug)

Spring Boot: highlight Map config key without configured key

IDEA-144170 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.util.TextRange.assertProperRange



WEB-17852 (Bug)

TypeScript: Good code is red: Module scope confusion

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-144032 (Bug)

@Parameterized class tests inside of @RunWith(Suite.class) run twice

IDEA-144213 (Bug)

Can't give generated JUnit setUp() and tearDown() methods custom body

IDEA-144141 (Bug)

Too many events from testing

IDEA-144255 (Bug)

Run command missing from tests context menu

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-144044 (Bug)

TestNG: "-excludegroups" test runner parameter is ignored

IDEA-144149 (Bug)

TestNG parametrized tests are broken in Intellij IDEA 15 EAP

User Interface


IDEA-133568 (Feature)

Distraction Free mode: XML breadcrumbs could be aligned with text in editor

Version Control


IDEA-142519 (Bug)

Can't rollback a line change if stripping trailing spaces is enabled

Version Control. Git


IDEA-143006 (Bug)

Git: Passwords are not saved if there is no login in the URL

IDEA-144204 (Bug)

Cannot show file revision: path xxx doesn't exist in revision

IDEA-143143 (Bug)

VCS Push hangs

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-137097 (Performance Problem)

Perforce - After files submit intellij refresh repository

IDEA-144008 (Bug)

Perforce: confusing behavior on 'use p4config' option checking if P4CONFIG is not set

IDEA-144006 (Bug)

Perforce: can't integrate project from branch working copy using main->branch mapping

IDEA-144216 (Bug)

Perforce: Integrate Project: incorrect changelist set is shown for branch mapping

IDEA-81454 (Bug)

Perforce: Integrate project: with Reverse option checked the changelist selection works incorrectly

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-66690 (Feature)

Subversion annotate ignores whitespace by default

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