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  • IntelliJ IDEA 15 142.4083.2 Release Notes
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IDEA-142054 (Feature)

Make Alt+Enter accept selection in bulb menu.

WEB-17670 (Cosmetics)

Indent in the prompt for the CSS tag

IDEA-143990 (Bug)

Project leak in FindManager

IDEA-142516 (Bug)

QuickDocs are missing generic parameters

IDEA-143719 (Bug)

ResourceBundles: property rename doesn't work in xml-based properties

IDEA-143718 (Bug)

ResourceBunldes: on new property file adding the editor is not updated

IDEA-143802 (Bug)

Attempt to run InferNullity hangs forever if annotations.jar is not in the path

IDEA-143334 (Bug)

When creating a JUnit run Configuration for only a method, the method doesn't seem to be saved.

WEB-17639 (Bug)

Frequent UI hangs - suspect AngularJS plugin

IDEA-143804 (Exception)

IAE at gnu.trove.TObjectHash.throwObjectContractViolation



IDEA-143649 (Bug)

Gradle Android project import fails to resolve dependencies

Build tools


WEB-13726 (Bug)

Error reading

WEB-17763 (Bug)

Grunt Run Configuration does not respect (path) variables

WEB-17736 (Bug)

Run Gulp Task popup does not preserve current Selection once task list is reloaded.

Code Analysis. Duplicates


IDEA-143730 (Bug)

Wrong duplicate

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-143916 (Cosmetics)

Preferences | Inspections: fix action name

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-143678 (Bug)

Bug: Braces-placement for "In class declaration" doesn't indent anonymous classes correctly, like normal classes



DBE-1422 (Bug)

Edit data in query results



DBE-1466 (Bug)

0xDBE 142.3925.2-EAP on Mac OSX Yosemite fails to sync postgres 9.4

DBE-1453 (Bug)

Failed to parse property PostgreSchema.introspection-timestamp



DBE-1483 (Bug)

deleting rows from a simple select raises ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException



IDEA-143860 (Bug)

Navigate to symbol doesn't filter database specific data



IDEA-143741 (Bug)

GroovyPositionManager#locationsOfLine too eager

IDEA-126257 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: Debugger doesn't show variables outside lambda

IDEA-128124 (Bug)

Debugger: Run to Cursor on empty line ignores following breakpoint

IDEA-143890 (Bug)

Debugger: after failed Run to Cursor the terminated process is shown as "running"

WEB-17632 (Exception)

Dart: Debugger: on starting Debug session in the Dartium browser exception is thrown



IDEA-143772 (Bug)

IDEA shows deleted files in command line diff between two folders



IDEA-143808 (Bug)

Update plugin requirements in its description

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-143727 (Usability Problem)

Scratches: ChangeLanguage action should be more visible

IDEA-141881 (Bug)

Editor highlights not paired brackets in decompiled class

IDEA-102479 (Bug)

"Complete Current Statment" reformats the whole method

IDEA-141852 (Bug)

Quick documentation doesn't support @value tag without hash preceding variable reference

File System


IDEA-143989 (Exception)

Attempt to move broken symlink leads to exception

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-15266 (Usability Problem)

Show Usages popup doesn't accept Editor->Down and Editor->Up keybindings, only supports DOWN_ARROW and UP_ARROW

IDEA-143783 (Bug)

Find: text in Find field moves caret to the end of a search string

IDE Configuration


IDEA-141077 (Feature)

Allow easy live template sharing between different IDEA instances

IDE.User Interface


DBE-1472 (Usability Problem)

use the term "remove" instead of "drop" where actions do not actually DROP anything.



WEB-14160 (Bug)

Jade: support rest arguments in mixins

WEB-17268 (Bug)

Jade plugin incorrectly parses multiline js

WEB-17693 (Bug)

Pasting Jade code breaks indentation

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-143839 (Feature)

No smart completion in method return type

IDEA-143807 (Feature)

Incorrect smart completion inside a cast

IDEA-143786 (Bug)

Switch over enum completion - do not prefer just typed variants

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-143432 (Feature)

Cannot find runtime classes on jdk 1.9.0_b74

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-143435 (Bug)

Extract Parameter is not finished yet

IDEA-143504 (Bug)

'Extract parameters to replace duplicates' suggests no change

IDEA-143778 (Bug) file is deleted on container package rename



IDEA-143630 (Bug)

"Replace with 'foreach'" quick fix doesn't do anything

IDEA-143911 (Bug)

quick fix produces uncompilable code (StringBuffer can be replaced with String)

IDEA-143986 (Bug)

Java | Probable bugs | Unused assignment false positive

IDEA-143882 (Bug)

Class unused declaration false positive if class member statically imported and accessed without class prefix



IDEA-143638 (Bug)

Application servers tool window is shown in toolbar even if there's no application servers



WEB-3324 (Feature)

Infer JavaScript function parameters info based on calculated function-type expression

WEB-6758 (Bug)

JSDoc: Go To Class (Ctrl+N) doesn't find classes declared using @name tag

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-17728 (Feature)

JSCS: implement suppression for a single line

WEB-17718 (Bug)

JSCS: improve some rules type validation

WEB-17716 (Bug)

JSCS: .jscsrc file errors highlighting is inconsistent

WEB-17710 (Bug)

JSCS: remove code tag from the description for two jsDoc rules

WEB-17727 (Bug)

JSCS: support new rules/values for version 2.1.x

WEB-15238 (Bug)

Syntax check for config.jscs.json reports "esprima" key as unknown



IDEA-102693 (Bug)

Can't update maven repository



WEB-1931 (Bug)

Code completion is incorrect for Node Error object

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-143666 (Bug)

Linux install instructions are obsolete and broken

Project View


IDEA-143690 (Bug)

Project view of non-Java IDEs is not refreshed when directory moved



IDEA-143613 (Bug)

Extract method with fold parameters may not work properly with arrays



IDEA-142480 (Feature)

Support for @Bean method arguments in Spring java configuration



WEB-15933 (Bug)

stylus nth-of-

WEB-14464 (Bug)

Stylus: extending placeholder selectors



IDEA-143758 (Exception)

Terminal Tool Window is empty; NoClassDefFoundError: com/pty4j/PtyProcess at org.jetbrains.plugins.terminal.TerminalView.initTerminal



WEB-17723 (Feature)

TypeScript 1.6: Intersection types

WEB-14459 (Bug)

TypeScript: Wrong type validation for for object properties.

WEB-16081 (Bug)

Typescript: Type information lost when using a "dictionary" type

WEB-14145 (Bug)

Error on parsing destructured variable having type

WEB-17699 (Bug)

Typescript Destructuring: Numerous errors when using Tuple Type Objects

WEB-16415 (Bug)

Failed to infer types for lambda expressions arguments

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-143564 (Bug)

JUnit test results do not show the type of exception in stack traces

IDEA-143892 (Bug)

Cannot choose test methods from nested class

User Interface


IDEA-143597 (Usability Problem)

New behavior of creating Scratch Files is distracting

IDEA-143968 (Bug)

New Library from maven doesn't work anymore

IDEA-143720 (Bug)

popups not respecting keybindings of UP / DOWN.

Version Control


IDEA-125257 (Usability Problem)

Do not jump to the end of log by pressing 'Up' at the first line

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