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  • IntelliJ IDEA 15 142.3926.4 Release Notes
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WEB-17459 (Feature)

Support for JSCS 2.0

IDEA-143528 (Performance Problem)

Improve Groovy plugin compatibility test performance

IDEA-142162 (Performance Problem)

we can haz the mostly-lock-free getFileName() please?

IDEA-143496 (Bug)

Creating file with "Create Directory" dialog fails

WEB-17607 (Bug)

TSLint warnings one line off

IDEA-143220 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA freezes when highlighting text or just clicking cursor around

IDEA-143535 (Bug)

Open on Github link not formatted correctly for selecting multiple lines

IDEA-143482 (Exception)

Exception when setting your own idea.config.path

IDEA-143495 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.ide.actions.SearchEverywhereAction$MyListRenderer.getListCellRendererComponent(



IDEA-63544 (Feature)

Android Resource Validation quick-fix

IDEA-143512 (Bug)

Android: "Define attribute" quick fix inserts required xml attributes without "android:" namespace

IDEA-143649 (Bug)

Gradle Android project import fails to resolve dependencies

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-142934 (Feature)

Add line too long inspection

IDEA-143436 (Bug)

Cannot import inspections profile from IDEA 14

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-143046 (Performance Problem)

Slow postponed formatting in large files



IDEA-143693 (Usability Problem)

Stack trace folding hides important information

IDEA-143318 (Usability Problem)

Execute IDE Scripting Console Script on Startup

IDEA-121936 (Bug)

Adjusting font size in consoles sets global Console font style



DBE-1434 (Bug)

TNS Names autocomplete missing if name contains period

DBE-432 (Exception)

Connection to Data Source failed (via SSH)



DBE-984 (Feature)

Add “distinct” or “unique” option for SQL-Parameters

DBE-968 (Feature)

Add Ability To Specify Parameters

DBE-1444 (Bug)




DBE-1438 (Bug)

Synchronize button is inactive

DBE-1449 (Bug)

Database caches schema names when using PostgreSQL but it doesn't delete them when they are not present even on calling synchronize

DBE-1446 (Bug)

Database Tool Window doesn't filter Schemas of PostgreSQL Datasource



WEB-17605 (Bug)

make sure the caret is in the right position after code completion



IDEA-63441 (Bug)

EXPLAIN in SQL console: parameters issues

IDEA-125172 (Bug)

Cannot execute statement 'EXPLAIN PLAN FOR <statement with parameters>'

IDEA-143019 (Bug)

Datasources and Drivers dialog resizing left frame if click Apply



IDEA-143443 (Bug)

Diff window toolbar contains two same button to show in old diff when see diff from shelf

IDEA-143333 (Bug)

Diff viewer: Collapse unchanged fragments causes strange behavior

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-141408 (Bug)

Action "Duplicate Lines" duplicates too much

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-143419 (Cosmetics)

Find in Path: Pop-up "Occurences in IDEA project files are skipped. Include them" is not clear

IDEA-143269 (Bug)

Find in Path dialog - cannot navigate to previous search values with the keyboard



IDEA-143325 (Bug)

IDEA code analyze ignore comments



IDEA-143545 (Bug)

Execute Gradle Task action can be used outside of gradle toolwindow



WEB-15677 (Bug)

Form input without an associated label HTML Inspection does not match HTML specification

IDE Configuration


IDEA-143420 (Bug)

Settings / Colors and Fonts: changing "Use inherited attributes" to No is not saved

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-142561 (Bug)

convert "try-with-resources" (1.7) to try (1.6) is not correct



WEB-14524 (Feature)

ES7: Add support to exponentiation operator

WEB-17650 (Cosmetics)

ES6: Weird syntax-highlighting in computed property name + template string

WEB-17541 (Bug)

Suppress await* error

WEB-17557 (Bug)

ES6 template strings with expressions causes syntax highlighting issues.

WEB-17279 (Bug)

No warning or Intellisense about info from JSDoc

WEB-17566 (Bug)

Symbols from non-relevant node modules are shown in completion and resolved

WEB-11782 (Bug)

Display JSDoc param default value

WEB-17615 (Bug)

endless indexing loop

WEB-17047 (Bug)

split into multiple declarations should respect the keyword (JS)

WEB-17602 (Bug)

Error with ES6 syntax highlighting

WEB-6391 (Bug)

JS, TS, Extract parameters: incorrect JsDoc is generated when extracting string constant

WEB-17611 (Bug)

Make @fires info in Quick Doc clickable

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-17467 (Bug)

TSLint Tool Doesn't Remember Package

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-17654 (Feature)

Insert ES6 'import' instead of 'require'

WEB-3648 (Bug)

JS, Introduce Variable: false 'Selection contains reference to arrow function parameter' warning when selecting expression in arrow function body

WEB-17565 (Exception)

Refactoring: Extract variable: switching between var kind with enabled multiple occurrences lead to Throwable exception



WEB-17559 (Bug)

LESS/CSS rule value



WEB-17575 (Usability Problem)

Node.js and NPM: upgrade is disabled for package with specific version

WEB-17413 (Bug)

Node.js: "Missing module dependency" inspection doesn't add packages into devDepedencies of package.json in the bulk mode

WEB-17567 (Bug)

Remote node package advertisement outside of `require`

WEB-17592 (Bug)

Missing module dependency: should respect a package.json location when installing a module

WEB-17597 (Bug)

Enabling V8 profiling in automatically created run/debug configuration affects default Node.js configuration

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-143013 (Exception)

Compound RC: StackOverflowError on enabling Compound RC inside another Compound RC



IDEA-143529 (Cosmetics)

don't show "explain plan" entries in context menu for Java editor

IDEA-140605 (Bug)

SQL Sybase dialect doesn't understand calls to prepared statements with return variable

IDEA-138463 (Bug)

Oracle sql dialect does not recognize RESULT_CACHE in CREATE PROCEDURE/FUNCTION statement



DBE-1271 (Bug)

MySQL "ALTER TABLE .. LOCK=NONE" is highlighted as error



DBE-1256 (Bug)

MySQL GET DIAGNOSTICS statement in HANDLER doesnt get recognized

DBE-585 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: good code is red

DBE-1439 (Bug)

T-SQL. Editor do not highlight wrong code

DBE-1185 (Bug)

SQL Injection parameters in FROM clause are not recognized

DBE-1445 (Bug)

Error in stored procedure invokation



IDEA-100796 (Bug)

Properties file editor incorrect highlights keys as 'unused' when referenced in TML file as ${message:property-key}

IDEA-100346 (Bug)

Incorrect red squiggly error line below "-" (dash) characters in TML tag attributes



IDEA-143300 (Bug)

Windows 10 - terminal is not functional

IDEA-143758 (Exception)

Terminal Tool Window is empty; NoClassDefFoundError: com/pty4j/PtyProcess at org.jetbrains.plugins.terminal.TerminalView.initTerminal



WEB-16799 (Bug)

Typescript 1.5 type errors reporting incomplete.

WEB-17421 (Bug)

Confusing error "Corresponding file is not included in tsconfig.json"

WEB-17475 (Bug)

TypeScript interface implementation loses union types

WEB-15895 (Bug)

Functional types should be enclosed in parentheses when used as option in union types

WEB-17604 (Bug)

TypeScript member visibility change intention action is active for constructor

WEB-2036 (Bug)

TypeScript: report errors on making rest parameter optional

WEB-17432 (Bug)

TypeScript: incorrect namespace/module name resolution - good code in red

Unit Tests


WEB-17674 (Bug)

Mocha package not automatically detected

User Interface


IDEA-91047 (Usability Problem)

Undo doesn't work in plain text fields

IDEA-143500 (Performance Problem)

Many threads updating their progress fraction at the same time shouldn't lock each other

IDEA-143470 (Cosmetics)

Open File dialog: unnecessary dot in the end of the phrase

IDEA-143735 (Bug)

FileChooser.chooseFiles doesn't call callback anymore then dialog is shown from another dialog

Version Control


IDEA-143447 (Bug)

Unshelve changes with unassociated file leads to some problems

IDEA-129253 (Bug)

IDEA hangs up on opening the checked out project

IDEA-142715 (Bug)

It's impossible to move multiple files by mouse between changelists or even select several files via Ctrl/Cmd+Click

Version Control. Git


IDEA-143143 (Bug)

VCS Push hangs

IDEA-143363 (Exception)

Errors parsing remote.pushdefault value in .git/config

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-45172 (Bug)

Perforce: Integrate works incorrectly for target intergration from source files

IDEA-142603 (Bug)

Perforce - can't integrate by changelist



IDEA-143531 (Bug)

ResourceBundles: on new property file adding to bundle consider the VersionControl | Confirmation | WhenFilesAreCreated option

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