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  • IntelliJ IDEA 15 142.3553.1 Release Notes
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IDEA-142167 (Feature)

Arquillian: "rerun failed tests" action should create/run arquilllian run configuration

IDEA-79937 (Usability Problem)

Usability Issue with Long Context Menus Overflowing Screen Boundaries

WEB-17391 (Performance Problem)

Indexing never stops in add in the project 'pinyin' package

WEB-17380 (Performance Problem)

Problem with javascript language level pusher

IDEA-142772 (Cosmetics)

Updates dialog shows version of EAP with redundant .0

WEB-13005 (Bug)

WS9 Directories is missing from ctrl+shift+a

WEB-17394 (Bug)

deadlock in JSLanguageInjector

IDEA-143075 (Bug)

Autocompletion not working when an inner compiled enum is named "v1"

WEB-17161 (Bug)

JSCS ignores .jscsrc settings and requires (falsely) esprima-fb

IDEA-142844 (Bug)

Arquillian: for the @Deployment-annotated method of WebArchive type the "method should return ShrinkWrap archive" error is shown

IDEA-141709 (Bug)

Popup in the wrong place if tabs are present in the edited line

WEB-14866 (Bug)

Meteor server restart deletes console log

IDEA-142958 (Bug)

Bad custom plugin repositories breaks functionality

IDEA-142788 (Exception)

NPE: TestsPresentationUtil

IDEA-142246 (Exception)

SerializerNotFoundException at com.intellij.psi.stubs.StubSerializationHelper.deserialize

Code Coverage


IDEA-143080 (Bug)

Coverage overlay not shown when project depends on the project root

Code Navigation


IDEA-142895 (Bug)

Enums from libs are not shown as subclasses of java.lang.Enum in Type Hierarchy



WEB-17096 (Bug)

Coffeescript destructing assigment: false positive unused parameter reporting



IDEA-143053 (Bug)

cfml using comment keystroke on empty line comments out following line

IDEA-83090 (Bug)

Combination of script and tag functions in a CFC only has tag functions in outline



DBE-1400 (Bug)

Modify Column doesn't work for default value in MySQL



WEB-17242 (Usability Problem)

sort Dart completions by relevancy



DBE-1403 (Bug)

Improve Oracle XMLTYPE handling.



IDEA-143037 (Usability Problem)

Project View in Packages mode context menu issue

IDEA-137606 (Bug)

Database Permission denied on Lollipop devices



IDEA-139797 (Feature)

Default Theme doesn't allow to apply font size to evaluate expression console's input

IDEA-142629 (Bug)

Evaluation of expression in the debugger resets scroll position in frames

IDEA-142798 (Bug)

Debugger does not activate correct session on breakpoint

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-142795 (Performance Problem)

Completion list with many elements is slow to scroll

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-143105 (Bug)

Font size change in settings does not affect current file

File System


IDEA-143056 (Performance Problem)

JarFileSystem jar->local conversion methods should be faster

IDEA-142305 (Bug)

Changes to files are not saved on frame deactivation

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-137001 (Bug)

when you push `F3` last time it should scroll the editor to the latest found value

IDEA-142848 (Bug)

Enter in quick search bar doesn't navigate to next occurrence anymore



IDEA-142777 (Feature)

Support built-in distribution plugin

IDEA-142855 (Usability Problem)

Gradle Project Data To Import: provide some immediate informative feedback on attempt to exclude a module/data with dependency on it

IDEA-142862 (Usability Problem)

Gradle Tool Window: it is not obvious that "Open Project Structure" button opens '''Gradle Project Data To Import'' dialog

IDEA-142866 (Usability Problem)

Gradle: misleading message is shown on "Ignore Gradle Project" action



IDEA-142891 (Bug)

Ignore SLF4J output from Groovy compiler

IDE Configuration


IDEA-137372 (Feature)

Live templates speed search matching can honor group name in addition to the template prefix

IDEA-142774 (Bug)

Platform and Plugin Updates error: Update over HTTPS is not supported on Java 6

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-142884 (Bug)

Missing error: invalid type for element of annotation type

IDEA-140266 (Bug)

Provide support for improved try-with-resources statement

IDEA-142695 (Exception)

Code analysis failure - IncorrectOperationException - anonymous class & lambdas

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-142811 (Bug)

Invalid syntax when generating constructor with varargs parameter

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-142987 (Cosmetics)

Refactoring conflicts: visibility: "1 usage" is reported for every member

IDEA-142703 (Bug)

Strange behavior when refactoring class containing usage of superclass static method



IDEA-124624 (Bug)

Duplicate inspection false positive

IDEA-142959 (Bug)

"method identical to super" false positive



IDEA-142460 (Bug)

url-pattern in web.xml should allow empty value for Servlet 3.0+



WEB-17374 (Bug)

Structure view doesn't show methods of Backbone classes attached to 'window'

WEB-17294 (Bug)

"Octal literals are not allowed" in ECMAScript 6 mode

WEB-17280 (Bug)

function argument inspection is wrong about this (and JSDoc does not help)

WEB-17364 (Exception)

IllegalArgumentException when add .es6 extension to ECMAScript6 file type

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-10703 (Bug)

JavaScript - Extract variable fails silently



WEB-17328 (Cosmetics)

Node version display is broken on small combo with large path

WEB-17320 (Bug)

Inspections: "Insert require()" quick fix: quotes type is cached until Restart

WEB-17337 (Bug)

Inspections: "Insert require()" quick fix should be available with only Node.js Globals library enabled

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-142646 (Bug)

Config and system folder saved in 'C:\Users\xxx\._PRODUCT_PATHS_SELECTOR_'

IDEA-142725 (Bug)

Idea IC version 142.3230.1 cannot import settings



WEB-17155 (Bug)

Profiling: CPU: Flame Chart: no scrolling to the table/chart element if it's placed out of the view while selected in the chart/table

Project Configuration


IDEA-143007 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.project.DumbServiceImpl.a(

Project View


IDEA-128290 (Usability Problem)

Allow cancelling directory creation if specified name contains dot

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-126452 (Cosmetics)

Confusing wording of run configuration options

IDEA-143013 (Exception)

Compound RC: StackOverflowError on enabling Compound RC inside another Compound RC

Settings Repository


IDEA-131688 (Feature)

Settings repository plugin: more descriptive commit message



IDEA-141804 (Feature)

Spring Boot: support SB 1.3 "hints" metadata

IDEA-133780 (Feature) [Binding] resolve to enum declaration for config values

IDEA-142712 (Usability Problem)

Spring Boot: value with "class-reference" and "target" should be smarter

IDEA-137823 (Exception)

Spring: IndexNotReadyException at com.intellij.util.indexing.FileBasedIndexImpl.ensureUpToDate



WEB-17310 (Feature)

Add breadcrumbs for Stylus



WEB-17357 (Feature)

Offer to implement optional interface properties

WEB-15031 (Bug)

Typescript: incorrect 'Initializer type X is not assignable to Y' error

WEB-17354 (Bug)

TypeScript child class constructor generation is broken

WEB-17356 (Bug)

Offer to implement optional interface member in derived TypeScript classes

WEB-13978 (Bug)

TypeScript module merging is broken

WEB-17330 (Bug)

import-as is seen as exported

WEB-17035 (Bug)

TypeScript: "extends" not autocompleted when describing generic constraints

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-133617 (Bug)

dynamic.classpath: java.lang.IllegalAccessError when running unit tests that mock package local interfaces

IDEA-142371 (Bug)

Add some means of filtering for test classes

IDEA-142960 (Bug)

Test "passes" after System.out.print()

IDEA-130440 (Bug)

Test resources not found when using dynamic.classpath and ClassLoader.getSystemResource

IDEA-142863 (Bug)

IDEA test runner does not recognize types difference in assertEquals() / assertArrayEquals()

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-142946 (Bug)

testng 5.7 fails on start from IDEA

User Interface


IDEA-143011 (Feature)

Bookmarks dialog: Misleading bookmark controls.

IDEA-81363 (Usability Problem)

Submenu hides (too fast) when leaving entry in main menu

IDEA-142889 (Performance Problem)

Tool windows should be initialized in background

IDEA-141904 (Cosmetics)

Consider renaming tabs in Files and Code Templates dialog

IDEA-139829 (Bug)

Move tabs by mouse drag&drop to reorder

IDEA-142968 (Bug)

Auto-completion list on black background since latest EAP build

IDEA-142999 (Bug)

Settings window size is verys small by default

IDEA-143135 (Bug)

HiDPI on Linux: ComboBox UI bug

IDEA-138603 (Bug)

"From File Template" is not always available

IDEA-142898 (Bug)

Strike-through effect should change color the same way as the font

Version Control


IDEA-142450 (Usability Problem)

Automatically register the VCS root if checked out from the IDE

IDEA-142893 (Bug)

Cannot unshelve changes if they contains a new file which already exists

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-142813 (Bug)

IDEA does not show all changed files for old revisions after p4 copy operation

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