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  • IntelliJ IDEA 15 142.3371.3 Release Notes
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IDEA-142210 (Feature)

File structure popup is not shown in dumb mode

WEB-13988 (Feature)

Surround Live Templates doesn't work in JSX files

IDEA-142453 (Usability Problem)

Suggested method is illegal when extending a raw type.

IDEA-101880 (Usability Problem)

Speed search should find 'Getter and setter' by 'gas'

IDEA-142678 (Usability Problem)

Showing implementations does not differentiate between multiple anonymous classes

IDEA-126561 (Usability Problem)

Quick documentation (ctrl+q) popup keyboard navigation

IDEA-142751 (Performance Problem)

Use replace rather than replaceAll to avoid pattern matcher and regex use

IDEA-142739 (Bug)

GeneralIdBasedToSMTRunnerEventsConvertor doesn't accept duration attribute for failed tests

IDEA-142506 (Bug)

Java - Invalid getter/setter generated for boolean started with "is"

IDEA-142744 (Bug)

[Upsource] Discussion in review IDEA-CR-3742

WEB-16615 (Bug)

ES6 modules (a lot of bugs)

IDEA-142602 (Bug)

Guava 18.0 toString Objects.toStringHelper deprecated

IDEA-142783 (Bug)

"*LRUMap" goto class pattern can not find SLRUMap but should

IDEA-137195 (Bug)

Not annotated constant fields should be treated as Nullable or NotNull when static code analysis is able to prove Nullable/NotNull

IDEA-142398 (Bug)

Analyze Stack trace does not indicate the correct blocking thread where some threads are in java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method)

IDEA-141453 (Bug)

goto class might accept more abbreaviations

IDEA-141336 (Exception)

Closing intentions dialog: NPE at IntentionSettingsConfigurable.getPreferredFocusedComponent()

DBE-1410 (Bug)

SQL Sybase dialect doesn't understand insert calls if column names have prefix



WEB-17275 (Usability Problem)

Alt+Enter autocompletion works differently in PHPStorm 9

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-93628 (Bug)

"Tag Library Descriptor Inspection" reports invalid errors for 1.1 taglibs

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-134377 (Bug)

Javadoc reformat breaks long urls

Code Navigation


IDEA-142607 (Bug)

'Navigate | File' doesn't find expected files when an incomplete pattern has extension

IDEA-142490 (Bug)

Interface method references: Ctrl+B and Ctrl+Alt+B both jump to the interface

IDEA-142696 (Exception)

Create Test: INRE on pressing Ok right after Fix in the dialog



IDEA-142651 (Bug)

Removal of indenting when reformatting CFML comments



DBE-1402 (Bug)

Numeric Overflow error when synchronizing Oracle sequences

DBE-1369 (Exception)

Numeric Overflow exception when synchronizing with Oracle DB



DBE-1400 (Bug)

Modify Column doesn't work for default value in MySQL



WEB-16466 (Feature)

Implementing package spec proposal



IDEA-141276 (Usability Problem)

Highlights on scrollbar in diff view too small

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-133894 (Bug)

Symbol Names starting with capital letters must be including in the search term or the symbol will not be found and listed

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-63968 (Cosmetics)

surprising color in JavaDoc

IDEA-96179 (Bug)

Replace with a camel case string and Preserve Case on converts the string to lower case

File System


IDEA-142305 (Bug)

Changes to files are not saved on frame deactivation

File Watchers


WEB-17222 (Bug)

File watcher is shown with a new name only after re-open Settings

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-142124 (Usability Problem)

Inline search bar usability regressions

IDEA-131854 (Bug)

Whole Word search matches partial occurrences



IDEA-140550 (Feature)

gradle: selective import support



IDEA-138537 (Bug)

Non-forked mode doesn't work with Grails 2.5



IDEA-141350 (Bug)

Editor locks up somewhat randomly, requiring a force quit



WEB-17215 (Bug)

incorrect emmet, quotes and other in JavaScript html var text

IDE Configuration


IDEA-137479 (Security Problem)

Update dialog. Use secure connection should be enabled by default

IDEA-141026 (Bug)

Global libraries are no longer exported via File | Export Settings



IDEA-142720 (Exception)


Java. Code Completion


IDEA-142746 (Bug)

Completion should prefer local variable, not equals()

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-142456 (Bug)

"Push members down" action does not add @Override annotation

IDEA-142672 (Exception)

IOE breaks 'Extract Method' refactoring



IDEA-142107 (Bug)

Java8 type inference failure

IDEA-142547 (Bug)

an error message



WEB-13892 (Feature)

Writing html tags in jsx blocks does not autocomplete the closing tag like when editing html

WEB-16928 (Feature)

Please provide a way to get auto-completion and validation for private functions via jsdoc

WEB-15824 (Bug)

Syntax highlight for async / await for JSX Harmony language

WEB-17251 (Bug)

Blinking resolve in php file with JS as template language

WEB-15343 (Bug)

JSX: Formatting in React adds extra line

WEB-17243 (Bug)

JSDoc: returned generic does not fit inheritance

WEB-16904 (Bug)

JSDoc: @inheritDoc on a method does not inherit parameter and return value types

WEB-16905 (Bug)

Iterable syntax for jsDoc?

WEB-17232 (Bug)

Jasmine suite is generated with double quotes

WEB-17202 (Bug)

Add JSX support for navigation to CSS classes

WEB-17197 (Bug)

Incorrect "Module is not referenced by require()" warning for Array

WEB-15241 (Bug)

JSX: Ampersand is highlighted as incorrect symbol inside xml tag

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-16784 (Bug)

JSCS check for final newline does not work

WEB-17241 (Bug)

Function is not resolved ('connect' library)

WEB-17309 (Bug)

Update error markers positions to support new eslint



IDEA-141317 (Bug)

Build Artifact is broken for Maven project with message 'Error:Cannot build Artifact 'xxxxxx' because it is included into a circular dependency



WEB-17276 (Bug)

Node.js Run Configuration: ui freezed for several seconds after adding new Node.js path in interpreter field

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-142646 (Bug)

Config and system folder saved in 'C:\Users\xxx\._PRODUCT_PATHS_SELECTOR_'

IDEA-133615 (Bug)

Automatic update breaks

IDEA-140640 (Bug)

Patches for Windows should include JDK

IDEA-142725 (Bug)

Idea IC version 142.3230.1 cannot import settings

Project Configuration


IDEA-142104 (Performance Problem)

Determine JDK version without waiting for external process on EDT

Project View


IDEA-128290 (Usability Problem)

Allow cancelling directory creation if specified name contains dot

IDEA-142307 (Bug)

It's not possible to copy file from one project to another if the file instead of folder is selected



IDEA-142630 (Bug)

Refactor / Move: "Open moved classes/files in editor" opens only one file

IDEA-142640 (Bug)

Refactoring dialogs: member selection panel: Space resets multiple selection to single

IDEA-142483 (Bug)

Refactor / Move in the very last position in file is rejected

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-140912 (Usability Problem)

Run/Debug Configurations / Pressing Enter while naming the folder exits Dialog

IDEA-139062 (Exception)

Spontanious ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in AWT Queue when run application from IDEA



IDEA-142389 (Feature)

SQL inspection: collection type resolving

IDEA-140310 (Bug)

PostgreSQL - Unable to resolve table type

IDEA-137569 (Bug)

Select into record variable - Unable to resolve symbol



DBE-1405 (Bug)

MSSQL Support TYPE Directive in FOR XML Queries



IDEA-142858 (Feature)

Spring Boot: [Binding] fallback to use javadoc if no documentation in metadata

IDEA-142568 (Feature)

Spring Boot: support new "deprecation" metadata

IDEA-133780 (Feature) [Binding] resolve to enum declaration for config values

IDEA-142865 (Feature)

Spring Boot: [Binding] show doc for POJO property

IDEA-142481 (Feature)

Spring Boot: highlight additional-spring-configuration-metadata.json errors



WEB-16754 (Bug)

TypeScript: "Add import statement" quick fix generates wrong path on Windows

WEB-15709 (Bug)

TypeScript Interface with call signature does not allow 'call' invocation

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-142354 (Bug)

Support running tests from project and module with submodules in a single group

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-142581 (Bug)

TestNG Plugin: rerun failed tests works incorrectly if test is parameterized with DataProvider

Unit Tests


WEB-17270 (Bug)

Mocha RC: Suite/Test name fields' component should not be possible to drag away from the field itself

User Interface


IDEA-105211 (Usability Problem)

Colors & Fonts | Font tab: Add tooltip when change default Editor Font size

IDEA-142141 (Cosmetics)

Variable in file template descriptions have different colors

IDEA-142839 (Bug)

ActionCallback.REJECTED.doWhenProcessed results in memory leaks

IDEA-142584 (Bug)

Invalidate Caches: Message reads strange, Window layout could be better

IDEA-140555 (Bug)

Mark as buttons do not fit

IDEA-131794 (Bug)

Tree selection changes on double-click expansion

IDEA-141211 (Bug)

"Customize IDE" dialog shouldn't be affected by slow/missing internet connection

IDEA-142791 (Bug)

Overriding default font should change JSpinner default font

Version Control


IDEA-142344 (Usability Problem)

The "Create Patch" function does not understand the "~" path

IDEA-142613 (Usability Problem)

"Show Affected Paths" from annotations doesn't work in dumb mode

IDEA-142715 (Bug)

It's impossible to move multiple files by mouse between changelists or even select several files via Ctrl/Cmd+Click

Version Control. Git


IDEA-50794 (Usability Problem)

Git: clone does not work for repository url like ~/myrepo

IDEA-142615 (Bug)

Configure link in Git "Push Commits" dialog does not jump to Force Push configuration

IDEA-142611 (Bug)

Git checkout as new local branch doesn't allow any name if user is already on this branch in one of repositories

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-122537 (Bug)

Mercurial branches popup not available when no file is open



WEB-16644 (Bug)

Spy-js — Configurations - EAP

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