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  • IntelliJ IDEA 15 142.3050.1 Release Notes
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IDEA-126587 (Usability Problem)

Database tool window: DROP is called "Delete"

WEB-16977 (Usability Problem)

Can't type curly braces in XML files on Mac with Italian keyboard layout

IDEA-142110 (Usability Problem)

Unit test history: results for same named projects are stored in the same directory

IDEA-142111 (Usability Problem)

Unit test history: present the results with configuration name, not file name

IDEA-142116 (Usability Problem)

Unit test history: suite name is not saved

IDEA-142115 (Usability Problem)

Unit test history: Dump Threads and Exit actions are not available

IDEA-142269 (Cosmetics)

Unit test history: empty class nodes are not hidden

IDEA-138936 (Bug)

File templates are not imported via File/Import Settings

IDEA-141327 (Bug)

Bookmarks are not sorted by line

IDEA-142112 (Bug)

Unit test history: "Test ignored" message is duplicated

IDEA-142270 (Bug)

Unit test history: Rerun Failed from imported results does not save configuration

IDEA-141973 (Bug)

Java else if: missing select word step

IDEA-142260 (Bug)

Focus issue with switching between spaces on mac

IDEA-142239 (Bug)

Unable to start IDE: "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: kotlin/jvm/internal/Reflection"

IDEA-142041 (Exception)

NPE at org.editorconfig.core.EditorConfig.getProperties



IDEA-140785 (Performance Problem)

Replace check getFacets().size() > 0 with hasFacet() which stops on first match

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-142017 (Usability Problem)

Removing multiple inspection results at once does not work

IDEA-142002 (Bug)

Invalid CastConflictsWithInstanceof warning

Code Coverage


IDEA-142057 (Bug)

No per class coverage information in coverage result table



IDEA-142133 (Bug)

CFML: Autocompletion for closing tag does not respect letters case

Cucumber JVM


IDEA-141615 (Bug)

Cucumber test results not displaying correctly.



DBE-1135 (Bug)

Initial selection in Schemas & Tables is ignored



WEB-17073 (Bug)

Dart remote debugging always connects to localhost



DBE-1306 (Bug)

Go to Related data or Reference data does not filter the table with uuid postgres datatype

DBE-1349 (Bug)

PageUp and PageDown Keyboard Keys Don't Work in Results Grid (Data View)



IDEA-141992 (Usability Problem)

Data Sources: editing parameters does not affect the predefined name

IDEA-125522 (Bug)

Common table expressions break SQLite data source



IDEA-79921 (Feature)

Suspend one thread while debugging

IDEA-142099 (Bug)

ComiplingEvaluator does not use dependencies



IDEA-142086 (Bug)

Command line diff tool does not reflect the changes if call it the second time and if it is invoked for the same IDEA installation but different executable version



IDEA-141416 (Bug)

Docker: unable to build list of containers due null as a container name



IDEA-130011 (Bug)

Quick javadoc displays * characters inside multiline @links

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-82778 (Usability Problem)

"Close all but pinned" action has no effect when there are no pinned tabs

IDEA-141310 (Bug)

Method params hint sometimes is shown over the text

IDEA-90072 (Bug)

Faux italics used for some fonts with true italics available

IDEA-142091 (Bug)

"Swap selection boundaries" command activates sticky selection mode

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-142046 (Feature)

Filter intention settings by language

IDEA-141782 (Bug)

Add Exception to Method intention does not honor Class count to use import with '*' setting

File System


IDEA-142174 (Performance Problem)

Replace list with set to resolve linear scan on list remove

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-22996 (Feature)

Find/Replace: add a button to hide excluded search results

IDEA-142127 (Usability Problem)

When search preview is enabled, allow to change currently selected preview entry without leaving the search edit field

IDEA-141330 (Bug)

Find Usages cannot find valid usage from abstract class

IDEA-142050 (Bug)

Search and Replace All not working

IDEA-142128 (Bug)

When Preview tab is open, Find button navigates to the first found fragment

IDE Configuration


IDEA-141077 (Feature)

Allow easy live template sharing between different IDEA instances

IDEA-59537 (Bug)

Avoid unintended tool windows collapsing

IDEA-138381 (Bug)

Restart for Plugin Updates is prompted even though no changes were introduced

IDEA-142159 (Bug)

Settings | Keymap: adding and removing keyboard and mouse shortcuts is not saved



IDEA-142179 (Performance Problem)

Reduce object creation and churn on indexing

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-140728 (Feature)

Suggest to automatically fill parameter of Stream#collect() method calls with standard Collectors instances

IDEA-140731 (Feature)

Second invocation of Smart Type completion should suggest to convert array to Stream

IDEA-106141 (Bug)

Following Annotation is removed on autocomplete

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-142302 (Bug)

Good code red

IDEA-140772 (Bug)

IDE does not inform about compilation error when

IDEA-142142 (Bug)

Type inference bug with Optional<Set<T>>

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-142291 (Bug)

'Pull members up' to cyclically dependent class causes StackOverflowError

IDEA-142163 (Bug)

Extract method failure in Java8 lambda



IDEA-136891 (Bug)

'Overridable method called during object construction' should have an option to ignore the calling of package local methods

IDEA-142052 (Bug)

"'try finally' replaceable with 'try' with resources" inspection creates non compiling code

IDEA-142317 (Bug)

"Use of the variable which is known to be constant" false positive



IDEA-109513 (Bug)

IDE does not handle jvm_args in file



WEB-13271 (Feature)

JSDoc: support module namepath

WEB-17001 (Feature)

Remove .js from code completion in import\export statement

WEB-674 (Bug)

jsdoc commonjs modules (nodejs) does not recognize modules

WEB-17008 (Bug)

Unresolved method or function for annotated parameter

WEB-17135 (Bug)

Accessors with computed literal object properties

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-142306 (Bug)

Unix installation with bundled java fails to start

IDEA-142202 (Bug)

IDEA with bundled jdk doesn't start on Ubuntu

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-142297 (Bug)

Intellij 15 EAP: cannot load Atlassian Plugin

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-94341 (Feature)

Launch Multiple "Run/Debug Configurations" At Once

IDEA-14883 (Feature)

Run Configuration: Should have option to 'Run in background'

IDEA-135222 (Bug)

'Stop' icon isn't active when 'Run' tab is unfocused



WEB-10622 (Bug)

Reformatting SASS/SCSS with commented line also comments active code



IDEA-45307 (Bug)

MySQL: TABLESPACE statements are red



DBE-1244 (Bug)

Recent MySQL functions missing

DBE-1357 (Bug)

MSSQL: ROWS clause within OVER() clause shows up as error, causes other issues.

DBE-1340 (Bug)

Autoomplete Doesn't Work After New Update (142.2675)

DBE-1356 (Bug)

MSSQL: Autocomplete does not work within an update statement with a JOIN (or other alias)



DBE-669 (Bug)

Cannot resolve symbol sp_executesql (SQL Server)



IDEA-139836 (Feature)

spring.factories configuration file support

IDEA-141540 (Usability Problem)

Spring Facet: do not propose irrevelant @Configuration classes



WEB-17098 (Bug)

Incorrect TypeScript code validation

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-142226 (Bug)

Cannot run Android Gradle Unit Tests in IDEA 15 EAP

IDEA-142192 (Bug)

JUnit Diff View no longer working in 15 EAP

IDEA-142153 (Bug)

Parameterized JUnit tests are not executed if the test name happens to be equal

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-111464 (Bug)

TestNG: Test with several invocations not counted in number of tests

IDEA-142074 (Bug)

TestNG failed, but the bar is green

IDEA-140020 (Bug)

SM runner: TestNG: setUp / tearDown method output changes positions on switching between result nodes

User Interface


IDEA-53898 (Usability Problem)

Make bookmarks preview window (Shift+F11) resizable and remember its size

IDEA-137539 (Usability Problem)

Minimized editor tab is not bring up to front (remains minimized) when navigate to this file/class

IDEA-142055 (Bug)

[regression] bookmarks order is lost

IDEA-142216 (Bug)

Mac OS: "Platform and Plugins Updates" dialog (sheet message) doesn't have focus when shown from "Find Action" popup

IDEA-142090 (Bug)

Settings | Quick Lists: keyboard navigation is not possible, because on selecting a quick list focus goes to "Name" field

IDEA-140989 (Bug)

Cannot select item from completion popup using mouse

IDEA-138300 (Bug)

Settings dialog doesn't detect changes unless changing focus

IDEA-142084 (Bug)

Funky character in breakpoint tooltip-dialog in secondary frame

IDEA-142230 (Bug)

Editor->Colors&Fonts: hard to notice highlight blinking in preview text with Darcula theme

Version Control


IDEA-141801 (Usability Problem)

Undo applying patch should not be suggested

IDEA-44866 (Bug)

Shelve Changes: Cancel should work

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-142044 (Bug)

Perforce: Broken symlinks appear as modified without checkout files

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