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  • IntelliJ IDEA 14.1.6 Release Notes
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IDEA-128540 (Bug)

Plugin installation error on stastup

IDEA-146514 (Bug)

Sbt dependencies resolved, but everything is highlighted in red



IDEA-140157 (Feature)

Allow a way to force the compiler selection

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-96179 (Bug)

Replace with a camel case string and Preserve Case on converts the string to lower case



IDEA-138486 (Bug)

Infinite import loop after pasting code if 'Add unambiguous imports on the fly' is enabled



IDEA-140273 (Bug)

"Cannot @Grab without Ivy" error in 14.1

IDEA-142818 (Bug)

Groovyc compile error (Gradle plugin project)

IDE Configuration


IDEA-146688 (Bug)

Can't downgrade to 14.1: unsupported color scheme version 142

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-143432 (Feature)

Cannot find runtime classes on jdk 1.9.0_b74



IDEA-145942 (Bug)

Wrong check of long numbers



IDEA-143788 (Bug)

WebSphere: 'update classes and resources' works with a racing condition



IDEA-102693 (Bug)

Can't update maven repository

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-140558 (Bug)

"Check for update" only proposes to upgrade using patch when invoked several times



IDEA-145014 (Bug)

Tapestry project library download fails - codehaus repository is no longer accessible

User Interface


IDEA-146537 (Bug)

Frequent crash or hang on right-click of project explorer menus

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-147283 (Bug)

Revision graph action of the p4 plugin fails with: "Failed client connect, server using SSL" error



IDEA-147517 (Bug)

Cannot execute query from Console window

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