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  • IntelliJ IDEA 14.1.2 Release Notes
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Build tools


WEB-15547 (Usability Problem)

gulp button won't save its position on bottom left tool button

WEB-16109 (Cosmetics)

Icon by Gulp settings is for Grunt, not Gulp

WEB-15864 (Bug)

Gulp and Grunt in the same project: popUp is opened only for one of the build tools

WEB-16000 (Bug)

Gulp integration creates invalid run/debug tasks

WEB-15722 (Bug)

Need to specify grunt-cli package on every startup

WEB-16035 (Bug)

Impossible to open build tool popup (alt+f11 )if no one gulp\grunt file is chosen.

WEB-15672 (Bug)

Grunt environment in IDEA 14.1 differs from command line and IDEA 14.0

WEB-16033 (Bug)

Change text for 'Add Gulp\Grunt file with...'



IDEA-127000 (Bug)

ApplicationServers tool window: correctly show the connection status

Code Analysis. Dependencies


IDEA-137063 (Bug)

Dependency Viewer. "Show Illegals Only" doesn't seem to work.

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-135512 (Feature)

Run offline inspections with custom scope(file)

IDEA-133895 (Usability Problem)

Quick fixes from Annotator in non-batch mode & "Disable inspection" action

IDEA-137989 (Cosmetics)

Typo in 'Call to System.runFinalizersOnExit()'

IDEA-137887 (Exception)

CME at com.intellij.codeInspection.ui.InspectionResultsView.getToolParentNode

Code Navigation


IDEA-137734 (Bug)

Misleading "Decompiling class" message



WEB-15668 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: complex interpolations

WEB-16050 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: 'unexpected token' error when using 'do' statement with chained call

WEB-15565 (Bug)

throwing false coffeescript errors

WEB-8125 (Bug)

CoffeeScript/JS Inspection: unresolved variable, unused local variable are reported wrong

WEB-11126 (Bug)

variable incorrectly marked as unused

WEB-14716 (Exception)

CoffeeScript: Assertion error is thrown on attempt to Preview Compiled CoffeeScript File for the trace file



IDEA-124055 (Bug)

Coldfusion Plugin not indenting <cfelse>

IDEA-115972 (Bug)

Code Formatting for CFML Script

Compiling Project


IDEA-136966 (Bug)

JPS runner SOE

IDEA-137515 (Bug)

Can not build with 141.104.1 - Abnormal build process termination

IDEA-137568 (Bug)

Signature change may not trigger re-compilation of dependencies

Cucumber JVM


IDEA-134890 (Bug)

cucumber-java plugin does not support hooks when creating run configurations through "Run 'XYZ'"



WEB-10234 (Feature)

Check for Dart SDK update

WEB-15818 (Usability Problem)

The name "Dart Problems" isn't accurate

WEB-15772 (Bug)

Dart: Red code: wrong cascade parsing

WEB-15704 (Bug)

Hitting enter inside a dartdoc comment (///) create a newline without prepending ///

WEB-11543 (Bug)

The same prefix can be used for more than one Dart import statement

WEB-15962 (Bug)

Assets with space in filename could not be loaded

WEB-16184 (Bug)

function without return type parameter should display it returns dynamic, not void

WEB-16040 (Bug)

Hover information is always a stacktrace

WEB-15350 (Bug)

completion popup show pirvate variables

WEB-14556 (Bug)

Code completion of enum is missing value

WEB-15817 (Bug)

Dart's live problems view doesn't refresh until I switch back to WebStorm



DBE-140 (Usability Problem)

Table Editor: add "Value Editor" popup for BLOB data



WEB-16142 (Bug)

Getting "Argument for @NotNull parameter 'name' of org/jetbrains/debugger/VariableImpl. must not be null" error while exploring a javascript variable of type Float32Array

WEB-14539 (Bug)

Node.js debugging step buttons (over, into, etc) don't work

WEB-16172 (Bug)

Javascript debugging - breakpoints dont match display when using <script> template blocks (and not <template>)

IDEA-137692 (Bug)

Keyboard key for expanding variable inspection missing

WEB-15880 (Bug)

Cant start debugging with chrome canary Error: "Dartium Browser not specified"

IDEA-109467 (Bug)

Too big tooltip for Close Icon (Debug Window)

WEB-15738 (Exception)

Debugger: Dart: IAE on clicking Update button

WEB-15739 (Exception)

Debugger: SIOOBE is thrown on each stop on breakpoint

WEB-15737 (Exception)

InterruptedException when debug Meteor project



IDEA-138578 (Bug)

Debugger spuriously jumps to decompiled method signature



IDEA-137659 (Bug)

Cannot assign shortcut to "Show Diff" on OSX

IDEA-138143 (Bug)

assertEquals difference view: support showing line ending differences

IDEA-138916 (Bug)

Incorrect order in local history changes preivew

IDEA-138732 (Bug)

Viewing Diff sometimes shows wrong picture when filenames are identically

IDEA-138322 (Exception)

IllegalStateException LineStatusTrackerDrawing.getDiffColor must not return null

IDEA-138017 (Exception)

java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException in oneside viewer



IDEA-138053 (Bug)

Docker: Unable to save Docker run configuration for a module outside of project root

IDEA-137904 (Bug)

Docker: Need to refresh explicitly to see container configuration file



IDEA-132323 (Bug)

External documentation url feature doesn't work for me

Eclipse Integration


IDEA-137955 (Usability Problem)

Eclipse integration: module paths: validation does not match the actual behavior

IDEA-137993 (Cosmetics)

Eclipse integration: EclipseModuleManager data is not removed from .iml on switching to Eclipse format

IDEA-137966 (Bug)

Eclipse export: generated paths are not module-local

IDEA-137969 (Bug)

Eclipse integration: external remove of classpathentry is not synchronized

IDEA-137891 (Bug)

Eclipse integration: IOException on setting Dependencies Storage Format = Eclipse

IDEA-137958 (Bug)

Eclipse integration: dependency scope is lost on project reopen

IDEA-138206 (Bug)

Eclipse integration: dependency scope is lost for just added directory

IDEA-137929 (Exception)

NPE at$MyStorageData.access$002

IDEA-137968 (Exception)

Eclipse export: IOOBE at EclipseClasspathWriter.addOrderEntry() on .iml with EclipseModuleManager settings

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-137473 (Usability Problem)

Using 'End' Key to indent adds too many tabs on partially tabbed line

IDEA-137341 (Cosmetics)

Code editor Simplified Chinese font display seems to have problems

IDEA-137804 (Cosmetics)

go to line (CTRL+G) not working during find

IDEA-138138 (Bug)

Typo in Keymap_Emacs.xml

IDEA-137725 (Bug)

Move by word (option-arrow key) is not working in find dialog

IDEA-137724 (Bug)

distraction free mode does not tell you subdirectory of file viewed in header

IDEA-137726 (Bug)

File replace is not updating file name in title bar

IDEA-138306 (Bug)

Moving code through collapsed code breaks it

IDEA-138290 (Bug)

Caret visual position is invalid after folding expand/collapse for multiple carets

IDEA-138124 (Bug)

New release (141.177) breaks right margin display in editor

IDEA-137257 (Bug)

Enter action after block comment

IDEA-137103 (Exception)

AssertionError when edit code in .phtml file

File Watchers


WEB-15650 (Feature)

Change default Traceur file watcher template

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-114090 (Usability Problem)

End key let cursor jump to the end of last word in inputboxes



IDEA-127058 (Feature)

Need A Way To Specify Additional ADT Options For AIR 14



IDEA-138164 (Usability Problem)

Gradle: display aggregated tasks on the gradle view

IDEA-138357 (Usability Problem)

External system: Execute Gradle Task button on SBT projects

IDEA-138629 (Bug)

Gradle: preserve existing Java Fork Options#jvmArgs for running gradle debug configuration



IDEA-125247 (Bug)

Upgrading a Grails app fails with Grails 2.4.0.RC2

IDEA-112987 (Bug)

breakpoints don't get hit with Grails 2.3.x app due to forked execution settings



IDEA-138136 (Bug)

Hide Groovyc heap size setting as it makes no sense when using in-process Groovyc

IDEA-136812 (Bug)

Good Groovy code red: invokeMethod not implemented

IDEA-137521 (Bug)

Groovy GDK extensions no longer recognized

IDEA-138118 (Bug)

Cannot compile groovy with 14.1

IDEA-138027 (Bug)

Groovy: Rename method shows weird refactoring option

IDEA-138275 (Bug)

Cannot run any unit test in Grails anymore with recently released 14.1



WEB-14031 (Feature)

Allow HTML warning supressing comments to be followed by newline

WEB-15749 (Bug)

Custom language injection - cursor jumps around upon hitting enter

IDE Configuration


IDEA-136619 (Feature)

Cannot assign shortcut to "File -> Open Recent"

IDEA-138299 (Bug)

Unsaved changes in code style section Wrapping and Braces cause exception when switch to other project



IDEA-138166 (Bug)

jsp:attribute validation errors for JSP tags with body-content="empty"

IDEA-137949 (Exception)

NPE from JSP prevents file from being opened

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-137719 (Bug)

Complete current statement doesn't insert a method body for static methods in interfaces, creates broken code

IDEA-136777 (Bug)

Generate getters and setters does not respect field name prefix

IDEA-137350 (Bug)

Wrong autocompletion for Java 8 constructor reference

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-138511 (Performance Problem)

Intellij hangs when editing a small file with a few nested RxJava Observabe

IDEA-137918 (Cosmetics)

Allow interface methods to be declared private in editor

IDEA-138407 (Bug)

Type inference bug with overloaded static method and diamond syntax

IDEA-138961 (Bug)

Java 8 lambda - incorrectly reported 'cyclic inference' error

IDEA-126457 (Bug)

Incorrectly defined error code

IDEA-137921 (Bug)

Fals positive error highlighting on Java8 code

IDEA-137694 (Bug)

Method reference is wrongfully highlighted as error

IDEA-137604 (Bug)

incorrect "may produce NullPointerException" warning

IDEA-138839 (Bug)

Method reference to Double::isNaN results in type error

IDEA-137564 (Bug)

Unhandled exception E error is show in lambda for working code

IDEA-137848 (Bug)

Callable with infinite loop declared as lambda doesn't compile

IDEA-138501 (Bug)

Good code red: Modifier 'strictfp' not allowed here

IDEA-138596 (Bug)

String.format can not resolve method using lambda syntax

IDEA-77600 (Bug)

SOE during highlighting

IDEA-121166 (Bug)

Wrong inspections when using hadoop Context class in intellij13

IDEA-137533 (Bug)

"Attempting to assign weaker access ('protected'); was 'public'", but still compilable

IDEA-138079 (Bug)

Replace with <> intention should perform line indentation

IDEA-138880 (Exception)

StackOverflowError at com.intellij.psi.util.TypeConversionUtil.typesAgree(

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-134500 (Feature)

Surround with try/catch for one-line functional expressions

IDEA-137577 (Bug)

Replace ternary with if-else fails in Java 8

IDEA-137390 (Bug)

Replace with lambda not available for

IDEA-138748 (Bug)

Accepting intention action to add return value from generic subclass changes generic parameters

IDEA-137647 (Configuration Problem)

Wrong generate getter for Boolean objects fields.

IDEA-138593 (Bug)

"Can be replaced with method reference" bad replacement

IDEA-138023 (Bug)

"Incompatible Types" intention suggests invalid solution for varargs

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-138033 (Bug)

ExtractParameterObject refactoring: changing "parameters to extract" default names produces invalid code in case of new class generating

IDEA-138745 (Bug)

Replace method duplicate failed for constructor

IDEA-136958 (Bug)

Extract variable does not work for list of enums that implement a particular type

IDEA-138024 (Bug)

Undo for ExtractParameterObject refactoring should be performed in a single step

IDEA-138895 (Bug)

'Extract Function Parameter' produces incorrect code when invoked from anonymous class



IDEA-138927 (Bug)

False positive "Redundant type cast" when filtering a stream of arrays by Boolean item

IDEA-137323 (Bug)

Contract annotation behavior changed in 14.1 EAP

IDEA-138622 (Bug)

General | Redundant suppression inspection false positive

IDEA-134925 (Bug)

JUnit Tests with HierarchicalContextRunner wrongly shown as unused

IDEA-137996 (Bug)

Redundant local variable and name shadowing

IDEA-138724 (Bug)

Redundant cast inspection false positive

JavaEE. Deployment and Run


IDEA-136539 (Bug)

After artifact deployment there's an error saying that idea can't open url for application



IDEA-137930 (Bug)

selected directory is not a valid jboss home 6.3.2



IDEA-138946 (Bug)

Color of tags inside of Facelet comments are not gray



IDEA-137291 (Bug)

Latest EAP fails to run Jetty configuration (RuntimeException: '/tmp/context1config/jetty-contexts.xml' already exists in VFS)

IDEA-137156 (Bug)

Intellij 14 does not work with Jetty 9

IDEA-137206 (Bug)

Jetty 9.2.9 does not start in Idea



IDEA-138296 (Bug)

Servers view: applications aren't being polled if there was connection error before

IDEA-138295 (Bug)

Servers view: Unable to connect from servers view if there was connection error before



IDEA-135322 (Feature)

FXML "link" from source to fxml file lost if identified field is not public

IDEA-137655 (Bug)

Adding @font-face to JavaFX CSS gives "unknown CSS property" for all other properties

IDEA-136393 (Bug)

FXML "processor" does not account for custom extending classes (problem with @NamedArg?)

IDEA-137565 (Bug)

Changing JavaFX Field Type to SimpleStringProperty, Generating Mutators uses Object



WEB-11760 (Feature)

JSDoc validate properties when possible

WEB-15557 (Feature)

ES6: Provide support of the export\import with rename

WEB-16125 (Usability Problem)

Navigate symbol freezes application

WEB-16057 (Cosmetics)

Typo in project settings

WEB-16059 (Cosmetics)

JavaScript setting needs to say ES2015

WEB-15539 (Bug)

Object literal inside a template literal parsed incorrectly

WEB-15744 (Bug)

Impossible to call completion for imported variables and functions

WEB-15742 (Bug)

"Element need to be exported" extra warning when make import

WEB-15625 (Bug)

Missing completion and inspection for imported variables exported as default

WEB-11699 (Bug)

EcmaScript6 redcode: no return out of constructor

WEB-15691 (Bug)

JavaScript: Go to source finds too many matches

WEB-15967 (Bug)

jsdoc no longer recognizes @class 14.1

WEB-15843 (Bug)

ES6: NPE on completion invocation inside import statement

WEB-15846 (Bug)

ES6: Completion does not suggest imported data (export with rename plus batch import)

WEB-15847 (Bug)

ES6: No completion in 'export' statement

WEB-12838 (Bug)

ES6: Webstorm does not understand class expressions

WEB-15918 (Bug)

IDEA 14.1 Hangs on "indexing"

WEB-15938 (Bug)

Invalid code analysis

WEB-15202 (Bug)

ES6 generator symbol methods should not be flagged as a syntax error

IDEA-139450 (Bug)

Nashorn: java class fields are reported as not used though they are referenced from js

WEB-14793 (Bug)

Incorrect arrow function parsing in JavaScript

WEB-15996 (Bug)

"@this {type}" is not honored for all functions in WebStorm 10

WEB-16166 (Bug)

"Suppress for file" of the string literal breaks HTML inspection - does not work, and inspection error should not even appear

WEB-1523 (Bug)

JSDoc: don't use HTML syntax highlighting for JSDoc comments in javascript

WEB-16127 (Bug)

Cannot find declaration when using namespace

WEB-13911 (Bug)

Bug: JSDocs/NgDocs is declared once, but WebStorm thinks there are two implementations

WEB-13914 (Bug)

JSDocs/NgDocs Can't add property to method

WEB-15831 (Bug)

ExtJS unresolved

WEB-16011 (Bug)

Inferred type is not detected when (this.externalFunction = localFunction)

WEB-15906 (Bug)

Presence of big .js cause OutOfMemory

WEB-15903 (Bug)

Closing curly brace is duplicated in ES6 template strings

WEB-15606 (Bug)

unresolved variable or type await inside methods

WEB-15469 (Bug)

Sequence expression is not correctly parsed under ES6 language version setting

WEB-15918 (Bug)

IDEA 14.1 Hangs on "indexing"

WEB-15523 (Bug)

JSDoc: nested properties documented with @property tag not available in completion

WEB-15455 (Bug)

"private member not accessible" reported for members of type wrapped in anonymous closure if they are annotated with @memberOf

WEB-15578 (Bug)

Emmet should be available only on the top-level of JS harmony file

WEB-15858 (Bug)

ES6: Provide support of the multiple export and import

WEB-16110 (Bug)

Unclear meaning of decorators in JavaScript files

WEB-15882 (Bug)

Unable to save plugin settings

WEB-11845 (Bug)

function param: incorrect "select word"

WEB-14049 (Bug)

JSDoc reference to this is wrong when @name is used

WEB-12340 (Bug)

`as` is forbidden to be a variable

WEB-15927 (Bug)

Out of Memory error in WebStorm 10

WEB-16072 (Exception)

Exception when convert comments to C-style

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-15656 (Bug)

ES6: Formatting: do not put class keyword on the next line

WEB-14395 (Bug)

On splitting string literal by pressing Enter, wrapped line is not indented

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-15486 (Bug)

Tag 'a' is expanded wrong in JSX files

WEB-15951 (Bug)

Completion for Spacebars namespace doesn't work

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-1381 (Bug)

JQuery selector inspection should be suppressed when selector contains outer language elements

WEB-16162 (Bug)

jshint 2.7.0

WEB-16031 (Bug)

unresolved variable warning

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-15503 (Bug)

Refactor>Rename does not work for ES6-style methods.

WEB-15426 (Bug)

ES6 file scope

WEB-15287 (Bug)

Can not rename es6 import.

WEB-15091 (Exception)

AssertionError when try to change signature of the function

JavaScript. Templates


WEB-15965 (Usability Problem)

Templates: Settings: map help ID



WEB-14573 (Bug)

Incorrect linting and messed up indentation in LESS stylesheets

WEB-15651 (Bug)

Support optional imports for .less files

WEB-14862 (Bug)

error when expand properties "-webkit-border-radius"



IDEA-137783 (Bug)

IDEA cannot run maven goals with Maven 3.3.1

IDEA-138564 (Bug)

Maven: removed configuration/target element in maven-compiler-plugin does not update target bytecode version in Settings

IDEA-138368 (Bug)

Maven projects tool window does not have label

IDEA-138419 (Bug)

Maven: target bytecode version for a module seems to be always 1.5

IDEA-138576 (Bug)

Maven: maven-compiler-plugin: "6" version is not accepted as "1.6"

IDEA-128528 (Bug)

Options from maven processor plugin are not imported.

IDEA-137622 (Bug)

Maven: honor maven-compiler-plugin default source and target settings

IDEA-138571 (Bug)

Maven+AspectJ: if for the same module both maven-compiler-plugin and aspectj-maven-plugin set the target bytecode version, use aspectj one

IDEA-138570 (Exception)

IAE at org.jetbrains.idea.maven.server.MavenServerUtil.findMavenBasedir

IDEA-137747 (Exception)

Cannot import project with Maven 3.3.1



WEB-16145 (Bug)

Node.js: local module references from require statement are unresolved

WEB-15970 (Bug)

WebStorm 10: running a project with node.js version 0.10.x is no longer one click (due to V8 profiling)

WEB-15971 (Bug)

Webstorm doesn't cleanly kill node process when debugging

WEB-15861 (Bug)

The order of environment variables unexpectedly changed in exists Nodeunit run configurations

WEB-15851 (Bug)

Scrollbar at bottom when adding first run configuration



IDEA-138648 (Feature)

Bndtools: no possibility to run integration tests from idea

IDEA-136643 (Bug)

Removing dependencies from a .bnd file doesn't have any effect

IDEA-113943 (Bug)

Osgi + Maven: modules ignore export packages from maven

IDEA-138129 (Bug)

Please map topic id "Import from Bnd_Bndtools Page 1" to the Bnd/Bndtools Import Wizard UI

IDEA-139009 (Bug)

Bndtools: Run/Create<configuration> actions create BndOSGI/RunLauncher always for .bndrun file that can be run as TestLauncher also

IDEA-138639 (Exception)

Throwable at org.jetbrains.osgi.bnd.imp.BndProjectImporter.checkErrors

IDEA-138089 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.ide.startup.impl.StartupManagerImpl.registerPostStartupActivity

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-138793 (Feature)

Create association for .groovy files

IDEA-126338 (Cosmetics)

Retina images for installation DMG background

IDEA-138199 (Task)

Build sources artifact with IDEA Community sources and flat structure (without modules)

IDEA-139164 (Bug)

moving from jdk 8 to jdk7 causes iDEA startup fail

IDEA-138573 (Bug)

14.1 no longer respects -Xmx in my $IDEA_VM_OPTIONS file

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-138236 (Bug)

Multiresolve behaves differently in 14.1

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-137369 (Bug)

findElementAt behavior has changed in IDEA 14

Product Documentation


IDEA-137478 (Usability Problem)

Provide possibility to invoke Help from Generate Getter/Setter dialog

WEB-15963 (Usability Problem)

Emmet: Settings: map help IDs

WEB-16129 (Cosmetics)

Please replace tip of day file with the attached one.

WEB-15766 (Cosmetics)

VCS Commit: change product name in the message shown on attempt to commit with 'code analysis' enabled while indexing

IDEA-137888 (Task)

Please map the Inline Super Class UI page to the help topic id.

IDEA-137826 (Bug)

The Help button in the Templates dialog for Generate Getters/Setters/Equals()andHashCode() does nothing



WEB-15747 (Bug)

Profiling: CPU: no horizontal scrolling for Calls

WEB-15483 (Bug)

Profiling: RC: Heap: validate v8-prolier package field

WEB-15636 (Bug)

Profiling settings are constantly added to my run configurations

WEB-15865 (Exception)

Profiling: Heap: NPE on closing "Take Heap Snapshot" dialog for stopped process

Project Configuration


IDEA-138189 (Bug)

The new module gets the project sdk despite the settings

IDEA-137586 (Bug)

Unable to specify documentation URL for Platform SDKs

IDEA-137352 (Bug)

Gradle: New Module Wizard: the first page of the wizard is empty

REST Client


WEB-11070 (Bug)

Rest client does not respect the noProxyHosts



IDEA-137672 (Bug)

Cannot select and then drag multiple files of different types



WEB-16088 (Bug)

Sass parser incorrect error message

WEB-15799 (Bug)

No titles after ampersand (&) in file structure (Ctrl + F12)



IDEA-137391 (Bug)

Spring Boot: support java.util.Locale keys value code insight

IDEA-139143 (Bug)

Spring Boot: support "mime-types" keys value code insight

IDEA-137869 (Bug)

Spring support hangs IntelliJ on indexing while 'searching for implicit usages'

IDEA-138259 (Bug)

Spring MVC template project is created with invalid copy of spring libraries

IDEA-137859 (Bug)

IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 't' of com/intellij/util/ObjectUtils._assertNotNull must not be null

IDEA-138197 (Bug)

IndexNotReadyException on adding new SpringMVC module to the project (via Maven template)

IDEA-137732 (Bug)

Spring MVC: View resolver assistance does not work when subclassing DispatcherServlet

IDEA-105561 (Bug)

Template projects: Spring MVC: invalid item exists in the project module dependencies

IDEA-137872 (Exception)

CCE at com.intellij.psi.impl.source.jsp.el.ELParserUtil.getField

IDEA-138577 (Exception)

Spring-Grails code analysis failed with internal exception

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-138671 (Bug)

User Defined Structural Search Templates has broken management



WEB-15939 (Bug)

Change comments in stylus files to //

Task Management


IDEA-128728 (Feature)

Support configurable issue states in task repositories

IDEA-138740 (Usability Problem)

Task management: Redmine: project URL instead of server URL gives "Successful" answer and 404 error

IDEA-138741 (Usability Problem)

Task management: Close Task: "Update issue state" is suggested but does nothing for a number of servers

IDEA-137716 (Bug)

Task management: Close Task: GUI freeze with CloseTaskAction.actionPerformed() call

IDEA-137748 (Bug)




WEB-15572 (Feature)

Automatically double ` when inputing ES6/TypeScript template strings

WEB-13281 (Bug)

Typescript dictionary interface not work for intellisense

WEB-15549 (Bug)

Bogus error with typescript declarations file and constructors with arguments (good code shown red)

WEB-15741 (Bug)

IDE Freezes on large/complex TypeScript project

WEB-15294 (Bug)

unresolved function or method hasOwnProperty()

WEB-15889 (Bug)

Interface Type Check with Enum Produces False Error

WEB-11869 (Bug)

Typescript: var a = null type is not inferred correctly

WEB-16066 (Bug)

Typescript: align object properties broken in 10

WEB-14098 (Bug)

Built-in typescript compiler reports false positives

WEB-15810 (Bug)

No members suggestions when creating aliases with the import keyword

WEB-15638 (Bug)

"Method can be static" is wrongly reported in TypeScript when member is referenced from arrow function

WEB-16082 (Bug)

sometimes compiler output TS2345: [object Object]

WEB-15912 (Bug)

Typescript: create field quick fix generates incorrect code

WEB-16075 (Bug)

warning: variable might not have been initialized for destructuring variables

WEB-15770 (Bug)

Intellisence doesn't autocomplete the deeper inside of function-parameters that's described in TypeScript

WEB-16100 (Bug)

TypeScript compiler: when using 'Compile All', run the compiler once when 'Compile Main File only' is enabled

WEB-14317 (Bug)

TypeScript: support external module declaration merging

WEB-15694 (Exception)

TypeScript Compiler: Throwable on "Compile Current File" invocation via keyboard shortcut

WEB-15876 (Exception)

TypeScript: SOE while processing import statements

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-124845 (Cosmetics)

JUnit* and TestNG template enhancements

IDEA-137376 (Bug)

Allow to run Junit tests declared in inner classes

IDEA-136453 (Bug)

Cannot run a single junit test case UnsupportedOperationException

IDEA-137563 (Bug)

Parameterized JUnit test calls setup method twice.

IDEA-136493 (Bug)

@Unroll Spock specifications marked as "not started"

Unit Tests


WEB-16124 (Bug)

WebStorm 10: WebStorm/Karma cannot connect to Chrome unless "/id=sessionid" is removed

WEB-15866 (Bug)

uncomfortable multiline diff for nodeunit tests

WEB-15960 (Exception)

JSTestDriver RC: AssertionError is thrown on Help invocation

User Interface


IDEA-77976 (Usability Problem)

Dragging tool windows problem

IDEA-119751 (Usability Problem)

Confusing message on project opening: Features covered by non-bundled plugins are detected.

IDEA-57649 (Cosmetics)

"locals" window can be minimized to horizontal size 0

IDEA-138551 (Bug)

Action toolbar: clicking on a combobox with shown popup should hide the popup

IDEA-131109 (Bug)

White text on white background in dialogs

IDEA-136853 (Bug)

readonly locker doesn't work well between splits

IDEA-82135 (Bug)

Missing "extended by" image in Quick Documentation Java Doc

IDEA-137520 (Bug)

Debugger close button doesn't function as expected when clicked from within the button overflow area.

IDEA-138025 (Bug)

Massive rendering issues on OSX

IDEA-136339 (Bug)

Regression - IDEA-77976 Dragging tool windows problem

IDEA-137751 (Exception)

IAE on project closing

Version Control


IDEA-131544 (Usability Problem)

Push dialog: be more keyboard friendly, especially in the case of Git repository with multiple remotes

IDEA-138178 (Bug)

Push Dialog: Edit all targets affects only visible targets

IDEA-137685 (Bug)

Annotate hotkey not working in FIle History panel

Version Control. Git


IDEA-138824 (Usability Problem)

Report Git rebase result in a balloon notification, rather than in a modal message dialog

IDEA-137510 (Usability Problem)

"Edit all targets" link should be disabled while edit mode enabled

IDEA-78347 (Usability Problem)

Option to use --full-history in file history

IDEA-137900 (Usability Problem)

Don't propose to update (and don't auto-update) if force push was rejected

IDEA-128280 (Bug)

GitLogParser fails if commit message contains some special ascii control characters

Version Control. Log


IDEA-131466 (Usability Problem)

Git log: if user is set to 'me' use strict matching with my username

IDEA-137894 (Cosmetics)

Text padding somehow depends of references number.

IDEA-135940 (Cosmetics)

Wrong preposition

IDEA-135302 (Cosmetics)

Log: Select Folders dialog appearing from paths filter is too small by default.

IDEA-137760 (Cosmetics)

Something wrong with IntelliSort icon (in Log) in retina

IDEA-138326 (Bug)

Selected commit can get out of sight after switching IntelliSort on or off.

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-137686 (Bug)

Mercurial blame is not colored

IDEA-136313 (Exception)

Exception During Merge: "Merging with Ancestor Has no Effect"

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-137442 (Bug)

Problems on exit from Idea when a project in Perforce

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-117085 (Bug)

Subversion 1.8: attempt to set svn:needs-lock property with wildcard value fails with confusing error

IDEA-117963 (Bug)

Rename class frequently fails with exception

IDEA-138525 (Bug)

Search in tree not working in Version Control / Project Info (updated files window)

IDEA-122217 (Bug)

SVN commit fails when committing lots of files in one commit (resulting svn command length exceed the limit)

IDEA-100857 (Bug)

Changes: Local keeps jumping to the selected row when there are a lot of changes

IDEA-121090 (Bug)

Do not change documents during undo as it will break undo sequence.

IDEA-138348 (Bug)

SVN Repositories View -> Show History does not work

IDEA-91155 (Bug)

SVN: updating mark in Changes View after revert for svn properties doesn't go away until explicit refresh

IDEA-125679 (Exception)

Exception at com.intellij.psi.util.PsiUtilCore.ensureValid

IDEA-121168 (Exception)

RE at com.intellij.psi.impl.source.PostprocessReformattingAspect.beforeDocumentChanged



IDEA-138438 (Bug)

File filter not working

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