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  • IntelliJ IDEA 14.1 141.2311.1 Release Notes
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WEB-16009 (Feature)

Support JSON files with one object per row

IDEA-136578 (Bug)

Distraction Free Mode (tabs placement: none) bug

IDEA-138936 (Bug)

File templates are not imported via File/Import Settings

IDEA-137698 (Bug)

Poor performance when the HTTP proxy is configured using PAC

IDEA-141728 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA does not start after license server URL change

IDEA-131429 (Bug)

Warning tooltips overlap scrollbar

IDEA-140851 (Bug)

Keymap with åäö characters doesn't get stored properly

IDEA-135591 (Bug)

JAR Application Run Configuration Program Arguments overwritten by other JAR Application configuration with same JAR

WEB-16884 (Bug)

Add support for JSHint 2.8.0

WEB-17198 (Bug)

Extremely slow syntax analysis for JS

IDEA-141450 (Bug)

Incorrect typo generated by "attribute's"

IDEA-142246 (Exception)

SerializerNotFoundException at com.intellij.psi.stubs.StubSerializationHelper.deserialize



IDEA-140785 (Performance Problem)

Replace check getFacets().size() > 0 with hasFacet() which stops on first match

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-143164 (Bug)

IDEA 15 EAP Hangs Sometimes for a Few Minutes



IDEA-92676 (Bug)

Strange CFML parsing problem

IDEA-141502 (Bug)

ColdFusion. Editing CFM files require configured Data Source.

IDEA-142133 (Bug)

CFML: Autocompletion for closing tag does not respect letters case

IDEA-143053 (Bug)

cfml using comment keystroke on empty line comments out following line

IDEA-89541 (Bug)

TODO: coloring not applied to javascript in CFML files

IDEA-142651 (Bug)

Removal of indenting when reformatting CFML comments



WEB-16893 (Bug)

Initializing formal with void-returning function-type is not recognized by the IntelliJ syntax-checker.

WEB-16709 (Bug)

Dart reference resolution / find usages fails in case of multimodular project with 'Path Package' dependencies

WEB-17073 (Bug)

Dart remote debugging always connects to localhost



DBE-1282 (Bug)

Wrong values when copying big numbers to DB



IDEA-141324 (Bug)

Line numbers in breakpoints dialog box broken by line wrappin



IDEA-137824 (Bug)

Docker: certificates folder on linux

IDEA-139370 (Bug)

Docker: provide user readable hints on connection error

IDEA-141416 (Bug)

Docker: unable to build list of containers due null as a container name

IDEA-140777 (Bug)

Docker: attach to container

IDEA-138202 (Bug)

Container starts on multiple Docker instances

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-139930 (Usability Problem)

A way to disable highlighting code while mouse hovers in-file "breadcrumbs" navigation

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-128176 (Bug)

Good code is red: Unicode supplementary character range

File System


IDEA-142174 (Performance Problem)

Replace list with set to resolve linear scan on list remove

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-142050 (Bug)

Search and Replace All not working

IDEA-141232 (Bug)

Selecting "All Files" part way through a Replace in Path goes back and replaces any matches already replaced

IDEA-141800 (Bug)

"Except comments" replacement option doesn't work as expected



IDEA-135028 (Bug)

MXML Design Preview Plugin 1.4.138 doesn't work with IntelliJ IDEA



IDEA-138537 (Bug)

Non-forked mode doesn't work with Grails 2.5



IDEA-141350 (Bug)

Editor locks up somewhat randomly, requiring a force quit

IDE Configuration


IDEA-142225 (Cosmetics)

File template descriptions are wrapped when shouldn't + better padding in general description

IDEA-142182 (Cosmetics)

File templates variables table size is inconsistent

IDEA-141026 (Bug)

Global libraries are no longer exported via File | Export Settings



IDEA-141130 (Exception)

InvalidVirtualFileAccessException at com.intellij.openapi.vfs.newvfs.persistent.PersistentFSImpl.getFileId



IDEA-141847 (Performance Problem)

Hector is slow: Inspections take too long to finish



WEB-16277 (Performance Problem)

infinite js parsing

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-16001 (Cosmetics)

ESLint .eslintrc as YAML causes spurious error

WEB-16924 (Bug)

eslint validation context.getFilename incomplete

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-17182 (Bug)

DOMTokenList has wrong method signatures



IDEA-143210 (Bug)

[Tapestry5 plugin] .tml editor doesn't recognize t:upload tag

IDEA-124505 (Bug)

HTML5 attribute parsing throws errors in Intellij IDEA

Unit Tests


WEB-17006 (Bug)

Karma + CoffeeScript = no coverage results

User Interface


IDEA-141585 (Usability Problem)

Sluggish scrolling when Soft-Wraps are enabled and text is wrapped

IDEA-142141 (Cosmetics)

Variable in file template descriptions have different colors

IDEA-142584 (Bug)

Invalidate Caches: Message reads strange, Window layout could be better

IDEA-123409 (Bug)

Sheet dialogs: Order of buttons and their sizes and positions are incorrect

IDEA-139631 (Bug)

Environment Variables with path in value are pasted without slashes

IDEA-125812 (Bug)

Now it's impossible to switch between recent files and recent edited files

Version Control


IDEA-141480 (Bug)

Changes are lost after push

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-142813 (Bug)

IDEA does not show all changed files for old revisions after p4 copy operation

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-140114 (Bug)

Can not add files with '@' in their name to version control

IDEA-140754 (Bug)

Support SVN 1.9

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-140214 (Bug)

"Unexpected subelement InheritLevel" while adding TFS Server in "Manage TFS Servers and Workspaces" dialog


PY-15605 (Exception)AE at Missing required child of type Py:PARAMETER_LIST; tree: PyFunction('null') at com.intellij.extapi.psi.StubBasedPsiElementBase.getRequiredStubOrPsiChild
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