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  • IntelliJ IDEA 14.1 141.1531.2 Release Notes
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WEB-16843 (Usability Problem)

Bower: notify users when searching for packages fails because of time out

IDEA-141008 (Bug)

QuickDocumentation (Ctrl-Q) shows "JavaScript is disabled on your browser" sometimes

WEB-16724 (Bug)

Extract variable in reactjs .jsx file fails

IDEA-141222 (Bug)

Cannot switch between projects

IDEA-141078 (Bug)

Javadoc quickdoc popup: "null" text instead of "@Nullable"?



IDEA-141113 (Bug)

break / default are not formatted properly in CFScript's switch statement

IDEA-132315 (Bug)

IDEA marks double hashes as Error



WEB-16674 (Feature)

Support ANSI colors in Dart tests output and in Dart command line apps console

WEB-16639 (Usability Problem)

Unclear how to generate sample content for a new Dart user

WEB-15322 (Bug)

Intellisense after await

WEB-16402 (Bug)

Good dart code reported with syntax error.

WEB-16723 (Bug)

Operation didn't finish in 1000 ms / Dart Analysis Server / analysis_setAnalysisRoots(...)

WEB-12645 (Bug)

Autocomplete for dart doesn't work in for cycle

WEB-16392 (Bug)

Const constructed objects not parsed correctly.



DBE-1282 (Bug)

Wrong values when copying big numbers to DB



IDEA-141324 (Bug)

Line numbers in breakpoints dialog box broken by line wrappin

Google App Engine


IDEA-140849 (Feature)

Google App Engine. Disable "no_cookies" option.



WEB-16748 (Bug)

Simultaneous tag editing feature fails at PHP string

WEB-15277 (Bug)

Repeating breadcrumbs

WEB-16802 (Bug)

Misplaced lang attribute in new HTML file (head instead of html)

WEB-2329 (Exception)

Exception is thrown for Zen coding in injected HTML



IDEA-141130 (Exception)

InvalidVirtualFileAccessException at com.intellij.openapi.vfs.newvfs.persistent.PersistentFSImpl.getFileId



IDEA-133543 (Bug)

Version 14 JPA 2.1

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-16753 (Bug)

Component name shows multiple time in the code completion suggestions

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-16840 (Feature)

Add support for eslintConfig field in package.json

WEB-16403 (Feature)

Code Quality Tools - JSHint Search for configs(s) Correction

WEB-16652 (Bug)

Code Quality Tools: inspections settings should be taken from profile chosen when running Code/Inspect Code

WEB-16816 (Bug)

ESLint does not work on *.es6 files

WEB-16860 (Bug)

ESLint Plugin needs to support the --reset option



WEB-16701 (Bug)

Parser throws error on valid LESS variable names beginning with numbers



WEB-8392 (Feature)

node.js: make urls in console clickable

WEB-16715 (Bug)

Node: detect npm location for nodist on Windows

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-141111 (Bug)

CustomUncommenter#findMaximumCommentedRange is broken



IDEA-141165 (Bug)

Error when parsing custom beans with scope Test: “Cannot find custom handler for namespace"

Version Control. Git


IDEA-140436 (Usability Problem)

Git | Merge Changes with conflicts does not automatically display Resolve Conflicts

IDEA-140297 (Usability Problem)

Drag-n-drop in interactive rebase editor works incorrectly

IDEA-141204 (Bug)

Git log displays labels incorrectly for Git 2.4.3

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