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  • IntelliJ IDEA 14.1 141.1383.1 Release Notes
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IDEA-135540 (Bug)

The right Alt (AltGr) doesn't work as usual with Neo / Neo2 keyboard layouts in PyCharm

IDEA-138443 (Bug)

Selecting Window->(Minified Window) does not show the minified window

WEB-16594 (Bug)

Good code marked red. Javascript getter shown as error if version set to ECMAScript 6 or JSX Harmony.

IDEA-140031 (Bug)

Call Hierarchy reports wrong results

WEB-16620 (Bug)

ES6 Modules: defaultVal, * as all — caused errors

IDEA-140520 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.ide.plugins.PluginManagerConfigurable.getPreferredFocusedComponent

Build tools


WEB-16649 (Bug)

Gulp: new Gulp configuration is created each time you choose 'Edit '<task name>' settings' in Gulp toolwindow



WEB-16632 (Bug)

target media not detected when using 'media' attribute in HTML



IDEA-140659 (Task)

Parse CF11 elvis operator

IDEA-110574 (Bug)

CFML Plugin doesn't recognize tags or functions from ColdFusion 10

IDEA-96699 (Bug)

rethrow keyword marked "not a statement"

IDEA-129730 (Bug)

Coldfusion Struct supports : and = now

IDEA-96134 (Bug)

for-in loop parsing errors if any variables with period used



WEB-16445 (Feature)

Quick fix option for inserting a part entry on a part-of declaration without a part entry (and vice versa)

WEB-16021 (Feature)

Local variable declaration is not highlighted in top-level functions?

WEB-16019 (Bug)

Property extraction highlighting is inconsistent

WEB-16017 (Bug)

Please improve parameters semantic highlighting

WEB-13967 (Bug)

Incorrect fields/variables declaration/access highlighting

WEB-16187 (Bug)

Dart: show parameter info for callable objects

WEB-14575 (Bug)

Code Formatting adds line break inside empty Dart object literal

WEB-16020 (Bug)

Inconsistent highlighting for operators

WEB-16200 (Bug)

hover-over description of method parameters missing types if parameter has this. in name

WEB-16064 (Bug)

False syntax error in conditional operator



IDEA-139980 (Bug)

Custom breakpoints should be able to fully provide the main panel

IDEA-132852 (Bug)

Debugger: values in editor are still shown after disconnect

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-135707 (Feature)

Mention context in Find in Path results



WEB-16599 (Bug)

Live template in HTML context results in exception



IDEA-136562 (Exception)


Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-140376 (Bug)

False positive "Abstract method overrides abstract method" using virtual extension methods.

IDEA-140539 (Bug)

Incorrect error highlighting when passing generic method references as parameters

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-140384 (Bug)

Javadoc @link breaks on refactoring



IDEA-140336 (Bug)

ThrowableResultOfMethodCallIgnored inspection reports problems even if used with new Java 8 APIs that obviously throw the Throwable



IDEA-140656 (Bug)

Deploying to IBM Liberty: Artifact my-webapp:war exploded: Server is not connected. Deploy is not available.



WEB-16476 (Bug)

False positive "Unresolved function or method" with valid javascript forward references

WEB-16188 (Bug)

IntelliJ 14.1 AngularJs 141.2 plugin highlighting functions as unresolved

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-16646 (Bug)

Reformat code renames variables start which "в" char (maybe other)

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-16621 (Bug)

Extra inspection about reserved word 'default' in 'export defaul'



IDEA-140673 (Bug)

IDEA can not download existing sources because of ArtifactResolutionException



IDEA-140496 (Bug)

bnd not picking up changes from dependent module



WEB-15748 (Bug)

Profiling: Call names are not readable when selected

Project Configuration


IDEA-140360 (Performance Problem)

ModulesConfigurator.getModuleEditor replace linear scan with table lookup.



WEB-16633 (Bug)

Red code in scss file: 'from' and 'to' are not recognized

Task Management


IDEA-131992 (Feature)

FogBugz improvements



WEB-16528 (Bug)

Typescript 1.5 Es6 style import statement and intellisense not working

WEB-15730 (Bug)

TypeScript: "Create field" intention should be available with enabled Compiler

WEB-15917 (Bug)

Typescript: wrong declare class and declare var constructs formatting

Unit Tests


WEB-16576 (Bug)

Jasmine test generate menu is disabled for fdescribe

User Interface


IDEA-139761 (Bug)

Incorrect rendering of scrollbar track

Version Control. Git


IDEA-91996 (Usability Problem)

Git: rebasing actions are disabled for repository in rebasing state depending on selection in Project View

IDEA-140501 (Performance Problem)

Using all of the CPU and eventually WebStorm is unusable

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