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WEB-14445 (Feature)

Spread variables declaration

IDEA-136423 (Feature)

Intention actions: sort inspections by severity

IDEA-136341 (Performance Problem)

SmartPointerManagerImpl consumes too much memory during indexing

IDEA-136243 (Bug)

Frequently getting errors about batch mode when using intentions to fix several things at one

IDEA-136485 (Bug)

Database's toolbox stays on top

WEB-14340 (Bug)

JSX mode reporting requires as not used, when used with JSX

WEB-14695 (Bug)

Variables error unused when used by JSX

IDEA-135871 (Bug)

Confusing 'This document contains very long lines' on a normal file

IDEABKL-290 (Bug)

Join line should respect comments

IDEA-135929 (Bug)

Add "disable for current file" when showing detect indent notification

WEB-14576 (Bug)

Ignore React JS Lifecycle components/properties in JSX files

WEB-12780 (Bug)

Variables in the sass injections shows as Invalid in the completion if type more than two symbols of the variable name

IDEA-136140 (Bug)

License: non-working proxy settings read from system override correct manually entered settings

IDEA-123678 (Bug)

compile failure using .stream() on an overridden method parameter

IDEA-136463 (Bug)

Reuse Gant script configuration when no target is specified

IDEA-135638 (Bug)

Resource Bundle editor: Undo Safe Delete a key shows Cannot Undo dialog

WEB-15087 (Bug)

JSCS doesn't use --esnext and --esprima=esprima-fb when JS language set to JSX Harmony

WEB-15192 (Exception)

JSX: ClassCastException when try to open applied styles for tag

IDEA-136386 (Exception)

IAE: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'project' of com/intellij/openapi/wm/ToolWindowManager.getInstance must not be null at ToolWindowManager.getInstance

IDEA-136508 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertReadAccessAllowed

..(please choose one)..


DBE-1071 (Bug)

date picker in database editor has hour 0 and hour 24

DBE-1081 (Bug)

remember hidden columns



IDEA-102349 (Bug)

Incorrect resolve when different versions of support library are used in the project

IDEA-136597 (Bug)

Android-Gradle: new project is created with no Project SDK specified



WEB-14175 (Bug)

Locate Duplicates for CSS should ignore differences in case

WEB-14435 (Bug)

CSS: do not suggest convert rgba colors to hex

Code Analysis. Dependencies


IDEA-90914 (Bug)

It's hard to detect forgotten export of module dependency

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-135981 (Usability Problem)

Group core Java inspections under new "Java" node in Settings/Editor/Inspections tree

IDEA-126629 (Bug) is not AutoCloseable in some cases

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-135942 (Usability Problem)

Automatic indent options detector info panel should have link to the Settings/Preferences

IDEA-136058 (Bug)

Show "Indent options for the file are overwritten" warning only when I tries to edit a file



WEB-14847 (Bug)

Arrows in Dart quick docs render poorly for at least some OSes/Java Versions.

WEB-15141 (Bug)

Dart doc pop up does not include generics

WEB-15147 (Bug)

Dart: go to declaration and code completion doesn't work if part file is referenced as package:foo/part.dart



IDEA-135406 (Bug)

Keyboard shortcut for "clone row" does not work



IDEA-89198 (Feature)

Allow to view variables with 'long' type as timestamp

IDEA-106902 (Feature)

Option to "View as > Binary" when debugging

IDEA-136304 (Bug)

completion items are missed in evaluate dialog

IDEA-127581 (Bug)

Don't crop the string value if there is enough space to display whole string

IDEA-136331 (Bug)

View text popup does not appear

IDEA-135731 (Bug)

Adjust Range: adjusted range not displayed in Evaluate and Inspect windows

IDEA-133881 (Bug)

Debugger will not stop on a breakpoint in a method of an inner class of an anonymous class

WEB-15152 (Exception)

ES6: NullPointerException when run js file

WEB-15012 (Exception)

Debugger: IllegalAccessError when debugging source mapped files



IDEA-136017 (Performance Problem)

High constant CPU usage after opening large decompiled file

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-136252 (Bug)

Completion popup disappear on typing if 'simultaneous tag editing' is switched on and 'autopopup code completion' is switched off

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-110630 (Bug)

Join Lines action does not honor force braces code style

IDEA-135897 (Bug)

Breakpoint icon is not shown if line under breakpoint contains folded annotation.

IDEA-111438 (Bug)

Unindenting outside of indent guide followed by reindent breaks word.

IDEA-136059 (Bug)

Multicursor alt+/ complete



IDEA-136230 (Bug)

Gradle: for projects created in IDEA 14.0.x Gradle JVM is not set

IDEA-136402 (Bug)

Gradle Problem - IU-140-2285.5



IDEA-135751 (Bug)

Color Highlighting Not working for Groovy Scriptlets within GSP



IDEA-135641 (Bug)

Ability to evaluate code inside trait methods



WEB-10344 (Feature)

"Insert background image size" action for HTML

IDE Configuration


IDEA-136072 (Bug)

Customized idea properties don't recognize macros (e.g. ${idea.home}, ${idea.system.path})

IDEA-136333 (Bug)

If "Use secure connection" is enabled, IDEA update via patch fails; SSLHandshakeException at



DBE-1091 (Bug)

Quick Documentation (Ctrl + Q) screen is not updated after DDL change.

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-136189 (Bug)

"Code completion" proposes to extend the class of the same class

IDEA-136406 (Bug)

Complete current statement doesn't insert a method body for default methods, creates broken code

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-136412 (Bug)

Type Inference: Shows Invalid "Cannot Resolve <method>" in a lambda for a stream collect(Collectors.toMap()) call

IDEA-136196 (Bug)

Compilation error is not redlined by idea.

IDEA-136077 (Bug)

Cannot resolve method 'identity()' showing incorrectly

IDEA-136171 (Bug)

Inheriting static and default methods with same signature from different interfaces makes IDEA report errors incorrectly

IDEA-132379 (Bug)

Good code red with method reference

IDEA-136162 (Bug)

Good code red: annotations not allowed here for "new @UI Runnable() {}"

IDEA-91904 (Bug)

Java: bad code green: reference to static method via subclass when parent class is not accessible

IDEA-136435 (Bug)

Invalid error "target type of a lambda conversion must be an interface"

IDEA-136287 (Bug)

Good code is red - IDEA infers wrong method

IDEA-133935 (Bug)

java editor marks good code red

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-136118 (Bug)

Make (private/public/protected) creates a new line



WEB-14117 (Feature)

Syntax highlighting, completion, etc. inside ES6 template strings

WEB-15226 (Bug)

Async/await: support other arrow forms

WEB-15227 (Bug)

JSX Harmony: 'async' and 'await' cannot be referenced as identifiers

WEB-15225 (Bug)

Async/await: support method shorthand

WEB-15194 (Bug)

JSX: JS style comments does not comment some parts of the tag

WEB-14699 (Bug)

global/public jsdoc namepaths unrecognized

WEB-11524 (Bug)

Node.js: function added to GLOBAL not resolved

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-11520 (Feature)

"Align multiline variable declaration" should align values on equal sign.

WEB-7886 (Bug)

Formatting for "Align object properties" is messed up if a comment is injected between two properties

WEB-15129 (Bug)

Webstorm EAP 10 Formatting Change

WEB-15135 (Bug)

JSX Automat adds unnecessary new lines

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-13490 (Bug)

Debug for Meteor packages doesn't work



WEB-15132 (Bug)

LESS duplicated property

Language Injection


IDEA-133425 (Bug)

JSON language injection in java string complains about escaped quotes

IDEA-136292 (Bug)

Performance degradation when regexp is used in groovy file



IDEA-136235 (Usability Problem)

Maven home directory: invalid path is reset to empty on any usage

IDEA-136232 (Cosmetics)

Maven: Maven home directory: the value of M2_HOME is shown twice

IDEA-136307 (Bug)

Maven: Settings: Local repository field is not updated on changing Maven home directory

IDEA-131703 (Bug)

Redudant MANIFEST.MF file is created in target folder

IDEA-136302 (Bug)

Importing with Maven 3.2.5 does not resolve test dependencies correctly and depends on order



WEB-15074 (Bug)

Stack trace is not clickable

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-135774 (Feature)

Refactoring launchers.

IDEA-136082 (Bug)

IDEA freezes during indexing; OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space

IDEA-127964 (Bug)

IDEA not starting on Linux when JVM path contains an apostrophe

IDEA-133849 (Bug) export CLASSPATH breaks any java app that is run with a lower version of java from intellij

IDEA-136295 (Bug)

pycharm launcher on OSX does not set idea.executable causing failure to load vmoptions files

IDEA-136274 (Bug)

Idea64 crashes when IDEA_VM_OPTIONS is configured



WEB-15181 (Bug)

Profiling: CPU: Compare with Clipboard action is disabled for the first call in a table

WEB-15175 (Bug)

Profiling: CPU: Top Calls: Total Filter cannot be set to default "no" value

WEB-15173 (Bug)

Profiling: CPU: Timeline: prohibit empty x range selection

WEB-15172 (Bug)

Profiling: CPU: wrong highlighting and structure for Calls tab on columns reorder

WEB-14976 (Bug)

Profiling: Heap: Summary: negative distance value

WEB-15169 (Exception)

Profiling: CPU: Top Calls: CCE on Expand Node action invocation

WEB-15168 (Exception)

Profiling: CPU: NPE on Collapse Node action invocation for a leaf node

Project Configuration


IDEA-101831 (Feature)

Add opportunity create new project from VCSs. When user create new project and has opened some project in WI.

IDEA-136336 (Bug)

Cannot compile project after changing JDK version



WEB-15222 (Bug)

Compass support in PyCharm - www.iml importPaths saves in different orders

WEB-14978 (Bug)

PhpStorm hangs while opening bootswatch project



IDEA-135294 (Bug)

Spring boot: configuration property access via index for array type should be supported

IDEA-136433 (Exception)

Error while indexing E:\Idea\plugins\spring\spring-framework\spring-core\testData\tx-schema\tx25-schema.xml

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-126909 (Bug)

Structural search: use of templates "javadoc annotated fields/methods" gives incorrect results



IDEA-135628 (Feature)

Downlaod latest Thymeleaf version 2.1.4 library



WEB-15023 (Bug)

Typescript: alias does not work inside class

WEB-12392 (Bug)

Typescript get<T> set<T> creates incorrect syntax errors

Unit Tests


WEB-14838 (Bug)

Navigate up and down the stacktrace buttons open link in stacktrace

WEB-15069 (Bug)

Unexpected run configuration restart if its content replaces Karma tests

User Interface


IDEA-136134 (Cosmetics)

Ugly combobox highlighting on mac

IDEA-130562 (Cosmetics)

Field bottom line is not visible when adding maven archetype

IDEA-126386 (Cosmetics)

Update eclipse logo

Version Control. ClearCase


IDEA-136361 (Feature)

ClearCase: Annotate: AnnotateRevision and AnnotatePreviousRevision actions are disabled always

Version Control. Git


IDEA-135966 (Bug)

git assertion error



IDEA-136128 (Bug)

XML attribute error in IDEA 14, worls in IDEA 13



IDEA-132516 (Bug)

Transparent native-to-ascii conversion not working in IDEA 14



WEB-15115 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: Details: provide Expand All / Collapse All buttons

WEB-15113 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: provide friendly message inside empty Details panel on first opening

WEB-15116 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: provide context menu for elements

WEB-15127 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: cut long URL in the element tooltip

WEB-15128 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: Details: improve context menu on session stop

WEB-15138 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: multiple selection results in Details for single node only

WEB-15111 (Bug)

Spy-js: Advanced Search: triple click discards Search results

WEB-15140 (Bug)

Spy-js: Diagram: Details cannot be displayed for external script invoked from withing inline script

WEB-15110 (Bug)

Spy-js: Diagram is not redrawn on "Show application dependency diagram" action re-invocation

WEB-15114 (Bug)

Spy-js: Diagram: UI locks while loading Details for heavy trace/dependencies

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