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  • IntelliJ IDEA 14.0.2 Release Notes
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WEB-14265 (Feature)

Cordova: extend commands list with "prepare" action

WEB-13658 (Feature)

.editorconfig: make it work for scratch files

WEB-13311 (Feature)

Add other Cordova platforms to run configurations

WEB-13951 (Feature)

Allow Emmet TAB completions in JSX

IDEA-131732 (Usability Problem)

Unclear labels in the Settings | Tools | Server Certificates page

WEB-14058 (Performance Problem)

Store only limited initializer texts in stubs of JSVariable (e.g. store only literal constant expressions in initializers)

IDEA-131506 (Performance Problem)

Memory leak in UndoRedoStacksHolder

IDEA-131811 (Cosmetics)

Wrong grammar in a message box text

IDEA-133415 (Cosmetics)

Image missing in the ToD

IDEA-93159 (Bug)

Guice-inspections don't understand javax.inject.Inject-annotations

IDEA-131788 (Bug)

Remote PHP Interpreter can not connect to SSH Server

WEB-14347 (Bug)

JSX emmet support incorrect for <input> tag

IDEA-128849 (Bug)

Plugin downloader can't handle HTTP redirect

WEB-14167 (Bug)

Code Style settings for JSON is not being saved

IDEA-132794 (Bug)

Valid generic code is marked invalid due to failed type inference in array construction

WEB-13874 (Bug)

WebStorm 9: emmet does not expanding CSS abbreviations with commas

WEB-13587 (Bug)

JSON formatting has no alignment options

IDEA-131621 (Bug)

IDEA 139.144.2 takes forever to start. Hangs on 100% splash screen state

IDEA-133065 (Bug)

Code commenting preference not saved (ActionScript)

IDEA-131719 (Bug)

False positive NPE suggestion in anonymous class

IDEA-132717 (Bug)

wrong compile error displayed for Java 8 streams and method reference

IDEA-132781 (Bug)

Formatting option for braces after method "Next line if wrapped" is broken for constructors with javadoc/comment/annotation

WEB-13981 (Bug)

Alt+F2 should open page on default web server configured in Settings/Deployment

WEB-13867 (Bug)

Can't change color of HTML tag names

IDEA-132997 (Bug)

Stackoverflow exception during Analyze backward dependencies

IDEA-133023 (Bug)

Invert if broken in lambda

IDEA-132478 (Bug)

Check for updates doesn't suggest latest major version

IDEA-132403 (Bug)

Default Darcula GSP colors are not good

WEB-12780 (Bug)

Variables in the sass injections shows as Invalid in the completion if type more than two symbols of the variable name

IDEA-133380 (Bug)

NPE during startup due to network failure (cant connect to licenseServer)

WEB-14024 (Bug)

JSX Emmet Completion Not Working With Multiple Classes

IDEA-132831 (Bug)

Nullable problem with overidden toString

IDEA-132931 (Bug)

ProgressManager does not cancel all threads running under same WrappedProgressIndicator indicator

IDEA-131592 (Bug)

Menu disappeared after debugging Node application

IDEA-132447 (Bug)

Odd interaction between wildcard import and override/implement method dialog

WEB-13990 (Bug)

spread attributes not supported for JSX

WEB-13998 (Bug)

JSX: when formatting JSX fragment, text children of a JSX element are not indented correctly

WEB-13675 (Bug)

Spaces inserted instead of tabs in JSON

IDEA-132362 (Bug)

Quick Documentation doesn't show supertype Javadoc for an anonymous classes

WEB-13295 (Bug)

Incorrect files downloaded for ZURB Foundation projects, on phpStorm 7.1.3

IDEA-132734 (Bug)

can't multi selection in live templates

IDEA-133130 (Bug)

Idea, IPv6 and make gives connection refused

RUBY-15833 (Bug)

Auto formatting formatting forwards but not backwards

IDEA-56615 (Bug)

Callers Hierarchy does not search past constructors of anonymous classes

IDEA-132294 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.psi.impl.source.PsiJavaCodeReferenceElementImpl.multiResolve



IDEA-131368 (Bug)

Ambiguous method call on Object.wait() on Runnable class in Android project

IDEA-133090 (Exception)

Android: NPE at$SystemImageDescription.getAbiType



IDEA-133053 (Exception)

Android Designer: IAE at



IDEA-130934 (Bug)

Generate ant build: javac2 definition fails with suggested "asm4-all.jar"



IDEA-132519 (Feature)

AspectJ: with 'delegate to javac'==false the modules without aspectj facet require aspectjrt.jar in classpath

IDEA-132517 (Feature)

AspectJ: after old projects opening the project-level aspect path is lost completely; it would be nice to automatically add it to module facets

IDEA-132513 (Feature)

AspectJ: check that entries added to aspect path are available in runtime

IDEA-132384 (Usability Problem)

AspectJ facet settings: provide some title for aspect path

IDEA-132520 (Usability Problem)

AspectJ facet: It would be nice to report invalid entries in aspect path in Problems

IDEA-76479 (Bug)

Ajc compiler is not incremental

IDEA-97260 (Bug)

External build with parallel modules fails with AJC (aspectjtools 1.6.12)

Build tools


WEB-12112 (Feature)

make grunt console output navigable.

WEB-14309 (Bug)

unreadable warning color in grunt console



WEB-14201 (Cosmetics)

Create Selector: first underscore in the file name is lost in Recent/Opened Files lists

WEB-14205 (Bug)

Create Selector: New CSS file...: no Content Roots are shown in the dialog

IDEA-132839 (Bug)

The inspection for DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient is wrong



IDEA-126627 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.EditorImpl.<init>

IDEA-133575 (Exception)

Exceptions during java cloud debugging



IDEA-128789 (Bug)

Heroku: in ApplicationServers tool window focus always jumps on attempt to select externally deployed applications nodes

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-131949 (Cosmetics)

Wrong error message for fields that should be effectively final.

IDEA-132275 (Bug)

Unused Property inspection should report all unused properties when run in batch mode

IDEA-125951 (Bug)

Incorrect "Replace with lambda"

IDEA-132415 (Bug)

Import inspection is wrong (duplicate class name, source vs unit test folder)

IDEA-133442 (Exception)

Code Cleanup: sometimes cannot be run

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-95114 (Feature)

Java arrangement: Provide new method types

IDEA-117789 (Bug)

Eclipse code style import: "Never join already wrapped lines" seems to be ignored

IDEA-131975 (Bug)

"Only vcs changed text" option is disabled if file contains only deletions

IDEA-131937 (Bug)

Reformat code doesn't work in new files not added to version control

Code Navigation


IDEA-122033 (Feature)

Quick definition on lambda

IDEA-73312 (Feature)

call hierarchy enhancement

IDEA-128086 (Usability Problem)

Can't navigate to lambda implementation if interface extends other

Compiling Project


IDEA-131634 (Bug)

Long "scanning files to index"

IDEA-131602 (Bug)

Problem with encoding

IDEA-129176 (Bug)

"Exclude from Compile" only takes effect after restart



IDEA-132694 (Bug)

ANSI colors need restart for a new settings to apply



DBE-951 (Task)

Derby: upgrade jdbc driver shipped with 0xDBE



DBE-973 (Usability Problem)

Database console: when SELECT returns an error, empty Result tab is anyway created and focused

DBE-961 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: SELECT ... INTO opens a result tab with table but no data is shown

DBE-925 (Bug)

Errors with basic expressions

DBE-990 (Bug)

Database console: Output view can't be closed



DBE-924 (Bug)

H2: DROP INDEX on a schema does not qualify the index with the schema name and therefore doesn't work

DBE-991 (Bug)

H2: SQL create table with column primary key, auto increment and not null gives syntax error



WEB-13187 (Feature)

Dart plugin support for async/async*/sync*/await/yield

WEB-1588 (Feature)

Provide jump to source for DartUnit tests

WEB-14083 (Usability Problem)

Public and private fields have the same icon in Structure view

WEB-14232 (Bug)

Webstorm does not synchronize/reload packages after "pub upgrade"

WEB-14051 (Bug)

Dart : Cannot jump to the declaration of exported class

WEB-14212 (Bug)

Dart: Comments on the "const" fields are ignored from documentation.

WEB-14102 (Bug)

Step Into method on List doesn't go into method

WEB-13512 (Bug)

Dart cmd line app debugger: show contents of *_patch.dart files, e.g. object_patch.dart and isolate_patch.dart



DBE-792 (Bug)

Table Editor: table is sorted by wrong column's values if columns were reordered

DBE-911 (Bug)

Result tab column ordering

DBE-326 (Bug)

Filter in second page returns "No Data Available"

DBE-891 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: 'infinity' at date and time formats is displayed in an ugly way

DBE-801 (Bug)

Add a way to insert null to a table cell

DBE-998 (Bug)

Go to Related Data: only referenced rows are shown, referencing are not shown at Quick Documentation and Go To



IDEA-117623 (Usability Problem)

Database: Table Editor: Filter criteria cleared when tab is detached to another window

IDEA-116870 (Usability Problem)

Database View: some buttons are disabled at toolbar

IDEA-102633 (Bug)

Data Source, Table Editor is not saved/restored across sessions, column filters are also lost

IDEA-132503 (Bug)

Table editor: loaded PNG content is copied only as a summary

IDEA-131056 (Bug)

SQL Console should not inject "TOP 500" in SELECT statements that have INTO clause

IDEA-127322 (Bug)

Database: Table Editor: filter not working



IDEA-132103 (Feature)

Debugger: evaluation of class definition in class file (byte code) context is unavailable

IDEA-132100 (Usability Problem)

Debugger: Evaluate Code Fragment: restoring from history without semicolon is a problem for class definitions

IDEA-132166 (Usability Problem)

Debugger: Quick Evaluate: lambda is suggested, but failed to be processed

IDEA-132154 (Usability Problem)

Debugger: Quick Evaluate: method reference is suggested, but failed to be processed

IDEA-125102 (Usability Problem)

Message "All elements in visible range are null" should be enhanced

IDEA-132940 (Cosmetics)

Debugger: Adjust Range: two elements are allowed, while one is not

IDEA-121505 (Bug)

Breakpoint properties popup: More link does not work if over tool window splitter

IDEA-132772 (Bug)

Changed objects are not marked as modified

WEB-13972 (Bug)

Debugger: Cannot stop on breakpoint due to internal error: TypeError: Object function () { ... } has no method 'value'

WEB-13653 (Bug)

Open in browser opens only Chrome after debugging

WEB-14054 (Bug)

Can't Debugger Child Process

IDEA-131912 (Bug)

Lambda evaluation is broken

IDEA-132040 (Bug)

Java Data Type Renderers UI is not redrawn when selecting another Renderer

IDEA-131923 (Bug)

Debugger: Referring Objects can't update on Set Value

IDEA-133002 (Bug)

1 sec delay to edit "do not step into classes" in settings > Build, Exec, Deploy > Debugger > Stepping

IDEA-125322 (Bug)

Debugger: F2 adds new row in Watches

IDEA-132017 (Bug)

Debugger|Code Fragment evaluation mode: restore text from history provides red highlighting (unexpected token)

IDEA-114415 (Bug)

Unable to use debugger after failed debug of forked JUnit tests

IDEA-132525 (Bug)

Debugger: evaluation of class definition in context of private field initialization is unavailable

IDEA-133432 (Bug)

IDE hangs when deleting a line multiple times because of xdebugger

IDEA-131932 (Bug)

Debugger: Show / "Declared type" setting has some unexpected effect (question)

IDEA-132566 (Bug)

"View as" hex for byte array is not working

IDEA-131993 (Bug)

Debugger: arrays/collections: "more items" specifies wrong value

IDEA-132269 (Exception)

Debugger: ISFE at StackFrameProxyImpl.isLocalVariableVisible() on attempt to show a variable

IDEA-131922 (Exception)

Debugger: Inspect from Referring Objects causes NPE at ClassRenderer.createFieldDescriptor()

IDEA-132937 (Exception)

Debugger: Adjust Range: setting out-of-bound index causes Assertion at ArrayItemData.<init>()



IDEA-126464 (Bug)

Empty "Show Diff" warning



IDEA-132187 (Task)

Write javadoc for PsiModificationTracker and related classes

IDEA-132737 (Bug)

The help topic for the New Module Wizard (first page) is available. Its Id is Module_Category_and_Options

Eclipse Integration


IDEA-132645 (Bug)

Eclipse integration problem: all imported modules have been lost after project reloading (100% reproduce)

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-132072 (Performance Problem)

IntelliJ IDEA hanging when pasting content

IDEA-131780 (Performance Problem)

UndoManager stores large char arrays in ImmutableText

IDEA-132454 (Bug)

"Clear Read-Only Status" dialog displayed twice on cancel

IDEA-132279 (Bug)

Indentation is broken in the latest build 139.223

IDEA-133649 (Bug)

Font not working

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-131918 (Bug)

Java 8 + Language Level 8.0 error

IDEA-132747 (Bug)

Bad code is not red: Annotation enum and Class values

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-132771 (Bug)

Intentions of file-level inspection should not use element at caret

File System


IDEA-132030 (Performance Problem)

fsnotifier is 32-bit only, missing 64-bit version.

File Watchers


WEB-14104 (Feature)

Finish watcher before running tests

WEB-8178 (Usability Problem)

Inspections | File Watchers | File Watcher available: recognizes already set up watchers by exact name only

WEB-14141 (Bug)

Don't suggest to suppress File watchers inspections

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-130337 (Bug)

Replace in path messes up when the string appears multiple times on the same line

IDEA-132226 (Bug)

Searching usages of overriding methods parameters should not assume that all overriders are java



IDEA-131755 (Bug)

Incorrect Code Inspection of Flex Code

IDEA-119672 (Bug)

'Rename function' in MXML event handlers (injected code) does not work.

IDEA-130251 (Bug)

Debugger Not Displaying Hyperlinks Into Code



IDEA-132009 (Bug)

GWT 2.7.0-beta1 superDevMode doesn't compile

IDEA-131619 (Bug)

IDEA reports about unexisting syntax error.

IDEA-133522 (Bug)

GWT compile fails in IDEA with GWT 2.7.0



IDEA-127178 (Bug)

IDEA sets up incorrect classpath, when Gradle artifact is included multiple times with different classifiers

IDEA-132188 (Bug)

Separation of IDE compilation output and output of build tool (Gradle) seems broken



IDEA-132396 (Bug)

GSP views not using correct styles



WEB-541 (Feature)

(X)HTML and body indentation

WEB-392 (Bug)

HTML always auto-indenting if no parent tag

WEB-456 (Bug)

textarea text formatted in reformat code [adding of whitespace within textarea tag]

WEB-2405 (Bug)

Code style / HTML / "Do not indent children ... or if tag size more than" actually works like "more or equals"

WEB-331 (Bug)

Unresolved Entity Reference for valid HTML entities like € … etc.

WEB-13982 (Bug)

Incorrect indentation on pressing Enter after XML tag with attributes on multiple lines

IDE Configuration


IDEA-123787 (Cosmetics)

"No live templates selected" label in multiple selection

IDEA-116809 (Bug)

File Types: reassigned wildcard between predefined file types is not preserved upon restart

IDE.User Interface


DBE-894 (Usability Problem)

Re-selection after operation on Database panel makes it totally unusable when performing consecutive operations

DBE-919 (Security Problem)

Correct password inferable in DB config menu

DBE-341 (Bug)

Editor tabs are not restored upon restart

DBE-281 (Bug)

Query Execution Notification



IDEA-132227 (Performance Problem)

DOM stubs stores large strings (e.g. > 20K) for element that have tag children

IDEA-128919 (Bug)

Eclipse Code Formatter gives "Invalid stub element type in index"



IDEA-133345 (Bug)

Idea inserts wrong closing tag



WEB-12921 (Feature)

Jade: resolve file path after include filter

WEB-14016 (Bug)

Ctrl-Alt-L: Jade formatting goes wrong in few aspects

WEB-13674 (Bug)

Duplicate class detection broken

WEB-12915 (Bug)

Jade: recognize invocation of mixin with interpolation

WEB-12916 (Bug)

Jade: recognize tag interpolation

WEB-14137 (Bug)

Cannot find less class declaration when class is used in jade file

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-133297 (Bug)

Invalid "Explicit type arguments can be inferred" warning but "fixing" the warning results in uncompilable / error code

IDEA-133173 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: Good code red for Java method references

IDEA-132810 (Bug)

Java parser issues with generics type casting

IDEA-132560 (Bug)

Java 8 error highlighting problem

IDEA-130973 (Bug)

Bad code green: getClass() with wildcards

IDEA-132138 (Bug)

Unused declaration: false positive with lamdas

IDEA-132725 (Bug)

False positive compiler error

IDEA-132431 (Bug)

Invalid "Ambiguous method call" error with generic types

IDEA-132534 (Bug)

Type inference inspection loops indefinitely

IDEA-58305 (Bug)

Good code is red: unreachable statement

IDEA-70953 (Bug)

Good code red: unreachable statement

IDEA-130312 (Bug)

Good code red: variable might not have been initialized

IDEA-132407 (Bug)

Lambda implementation of interface isn't shown / method implementation is missed.

IDEA-133372 (Bug)

Incorrect Lambda Refactoring Suggestions

IDEA-132708 (Bug)

Invalid "Incompatible types" error with method reference when method has multiple overloads with varargs

IDEA-132063 (Bug)

Bad code green: Casting to Set<Class<?>>

IDEA-63226 (Bug)

Bad code green: the final field might already have been assigned

IDEA-132445 (Bug)

Multiple Type Inference Problems in IntelliJ 13 and 14

IDEA-70948 (Bug)

Good code red: variable might not have been initialized

IDEA-132417 (Bug)

Java 8 Editor Error: Bad Return Type in Method Reference: cannot convert type to R

IDEA-127124 (Bug)

Good code red: Complex stream / lambda expression

IDEA-130468 (Bug)

Access to final member of anonymous class from lambda expression before initialization not detected

IDEA-132409 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.codeInsight.daemon.impl.analysis.GenericsHighlightUtil.checkDefaultMethodOverrideEquivalentToObjectNonPrivate

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-132349 (Bug)

intent for remove redundant assignment doesn't work properly for return statements

IDEA-132946 (Bug)

Inline call to setter intention action breaks the code

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-108186 (Bug)

Extract Parameter Object shuffles parameters around

IDEA-133102 (Bug)

Refactor direct member access with "replace with setter" changes code semantics

IDEA-132190 (Bug)

Imports optimization breaks compilation

IDEA-125510 (Bug)

Extract refactoring doesn't work for standalone method reference

IDEA-132706 (Bug)

Extract method incorrectly replaces break with return

IDEA-132521 (Bug)

Type migration with multiple declaration causes all values to be migrated

IDEA-132277 (Exception)

surround with runnable exception



IDEA-133555 (Bug)

Method reference ignored during analysis of boolean method inversion

IDEA-132723 (Bug)

RedundantCast inspection mistakenly reports required cast

IDEA-132234 (Bug)

Invalid inspection warning: final class should be final

IDEA-132371 (Bug)

Replace Lambda with method reference

IDEA-131659 (Bug)

Incorrect NPE warning when derefencing a Nullable variable inside while-loop which checks for null

IDEA-131273 (Bug)

Guice inspection "Unnecessary static injection" false positive when using javax.inject.@Inject

IDEA-131187 (Bug)

Expression could use clarifying parenthesis

IDEA-132448 (Bug)

Unused declaration analysis not working between groovy and java code

IDEA-131608 (Bug)

Incorrect inspection result: Condition 'version == null' is always 'false' - for org.apache.wicket.MarkupContainer#get(java.lang.String)

IDEA-133565 (Bug)

"@NotNull/@Nullable Problems" inspection doesn't ignore external annotations



IDEA-129074 (Bug)

dmServer auto deployment and deployment status not working



IDEA-133570 (Bug)

JBoss: support 'VM option+default value' JMX port syntax

IDEA-133059 (Bug)

Wildfly 8.1.0 unusable in IDEA 14

IDEA-132567 (Bug)

WildFly 8 cannot be started from IntelliJ IDEA



IDEA-132055 (Bug)

Code completion for JSF method attributes inserts wrong code



IDEA-132202 (Bug)

Memory leak on closing IDEA after adding a new application server



IDEA-129055 (Bug)

Invalid validation of tomcat home in application server configuration



IDEA-133492 (Bug)

Weblogic remote cluster configuration disappears when Idea app is closed



IDEA-126859 (Bug)

WebSphere 8.5 does not connect if server home path contains space



IDEA-129140 (Bug)

dmServer Logs location disappear



IDEA-132569 (Usability Problem)

Default JavaFX Scene Builder path on Linux



WEB-14013 (Feature)

Code Cleanup does nothing

WEB-13885 (Bug)

Emmet for jsx (React) produces incorrect class syntax

WEB-14120 (Bug)

Locate Duplicates for Java Script is dead in V14

WEB-14283 (Bug)

Local variable in JSX file is marked as unused

IDEA-131502 (Bug)

JSON: Structure View: show empty Array element if Object is enclosed in Array inside another Array

WEB-13944 (Bug)

regular expression literals are no longer syntax highlighted inline, or have the ability to 'check regex'

WEB-13466 (Bug)

Binary and Octal Literals

WEB-13780 (Bug)

Coloring for @constructor

IDEA-131495 (Bug)

JSON: Structure View should be updated on any change

WEB-14330 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.inspections.JSUnusedLocalSymbolsInspection$1.registerReferencedFromReference

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-11600 (Bug)

Indention in JSON broken

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-14165 (Bug)

Attribute class shouldn't be obligatory in custom angular directives

WEB-14182 (Bug)

JSX variables showing as un-used with common-js

WEB-14066 (Bug)

AngularJS: Custom interpolation startSymbol and endSymbol not recognized

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-14199 (Feature)

ESLint: use the severity specified in .eslintrc

WEB-14095 (Bug)

JSCS: "Edit rule ..." and "Exclude file ..." inspections should create .jscsrc file inside project

WEB-12939 (Bug)

Bad inspection "PointlessArithmeticExpressionJS"

WEB-12639 (Bug)

"'Return' inside 'finally' block" JavaScript inspection triggers for different function scope



WEB-14345 (Bug)

LESS: Error "Mismatched property values" when use color operation functions

WEB-14303 (Bug)

less animation-delay negative error

WEB-13919 (Bug)

LESS: preserve .less extension in import statements on refactoring meteor .less files (<name>.import.less)

WEB-13787 (Bug)

Reformat less code breaking code

WEB-14382 (Bug)

LESS: Highlighting of unclosed comment is missing if cursor is on a new line



WEB-8776 (Feature)

NPM: provide action for the package.json file to update dependencies

WEB-13861 (Bug)

Cannot run Javascript scratch file

WEB-14353 (Bug)

Scratch file: JavaScript: cannot run file on Windows



IDEA-133040 (Bug)

Malformed error messages from OSGi tooling

IDEA-131465 (Bug)

OSGI plugin concider maven dependencies as non-osgi

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-126847 (Bug)

support jdk 1.6+ on osx

IDEA-132283 (Bug)

"License upgrade needed" on every start

Product Documentation


IDEA-114588 (Task)

Spring tool window: provide context help

Project Configuration


IDEA-132688 (Bug)

Duplicated shortcut on creating Java Enterprise project

IDEA-132024 (Bug)

Mac OS: on importing settings from previous IDEA version plugins are not imported

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-129421 (Bug)

"Rerun failed tests" ignores pinned status of the tab



WEB-13923 (Cosmetics)

Add new Icons for SCSS/SASS

WEB-13938 (Bug)

Mismatched parameters (<expression>)

WEB-14121 (Bug)

SASS: don't insert space between ampersand and interpolation on formatting



IDEA-131893 (Bug)

postgresql query using :: for casting breaks syntax highlighting

IDEA-105012 (Bug)

SQL inspection: Ambiguous reference: reference with alias in ORDER BY is green

IDEA-104611 (Bug)

SQL inspection: Ambiguous reference: reference in ORDER BY is green



DBE-905 (Bug)

Oracle: Completion: No completion for SELECT when used at IN clause



DBE-963 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: Inspections: false positive 'Unresolved reference' inspection at new table created via SELECT ... INTO statement

DBE-952 (Bug)

Derby: CASE expression is not supported

DBE-488 (Bug)

SQL Server SELECT INTO syntax is not supported



IDEA-131716 (Performance Problem)

IDEA Hangs on Opening a Project on Spring Configuration "Searching for stereotype usages"

Task Management


IDEA-68249 (Feature)

Add Bugzilla as a supported server for Task and Context Management



IDEA-132892 (Feature)

Support variable type hints for Thymeleaf

IDEA-132289 (Feature)

Thymeleaf + Spring: java configuration should be supported

IDEA-132104 (Bug)

Thymeleaf plugin throws ecxeption during code analysis

IDEA-133595 (Bug)

Variable templates in URLS are not parsed correctly

IDEA-131855 (Bug)

IncorrectOperationException at com.intellij.psi.impl.source.resolve.reference.impl.CachingReference.getManipulator

IDEA-130460 (Bug)

Thymeleaf: support double bracket problems



WEB-13704 (Cosmetics)

TypeScript: Colors&Fonts: properties from lib.d.ts are not colored

WEB-11508 (Bug)

Class name after 'new' keyword not colorized

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-120630 (Bug)

Cannot execute unit tests in forkMode=class

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-132654 (Usability Problem)

'Create Run Configuration' action shows 'TextNG' submenu item with empty text if only junit classes are selected

Unit Tests


WEB-13940 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: 'undefined step reference' reported for all steps

WEB-13952 (Bug)

Mocha test runner unfriendly to mocked fs module

WEB-13324 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: RC from previous version is broken

WEB-13926 (Bug)

JSTestDriver: test execution fails when running multiple tests

WEB-14213 (Bug)

JsTestDriver: can't run tests with coverage, NoClassDefFoundError: com/google/jstestdriver/internal/guava/collect/Sets

User Interface


IDEA-128713 (Usability Problem)

Pycharm causing a mount storm in linux using open dialogue due to "look ahead"

IDEA-126386 (Cosmetics)

Update eclipse logo

IDEA-133162 (Cosmetics)

Typo in Export Test Results

IDEA-129108 (Task)

"Create Desktop Entry" wizard step

IDEA-103464 (Bug)

Adding environment variables to a Tomcat server is a UX nightmare

IDEA-128476 (Bug)

UI of Customize IDE wizard is broken after theme change

IDEA-122423 (Bug)

Plugin list is unreadable in GTK+ L&F

IDEA-126293 (Bug)

White on white menu entry in git branches popup

IDEA-127185 (Exception)

Switcher throws exception and stops working

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-132363 (Bug)

NPE invoking recent searches with Darcula

Version Control


IDEA-116400 (Usability Problem)

Vcs Log: in a multi-repo project recent commits list can be incorrect

IDEA-132467 (Usability Problem)

Modifying target branch field requires Enter and only enter to confirm new target

IDEA-132507 (Usability Problem)

"Clear Read-Only Status" dialog too wide

IDEA-112436 (Usability Problem)

"Unregistered VCS root message" improvements: "Add root" button; optional automatical roots registration.

IDEA-131531 (Usability Problem)

Push dialog: it is not clear that push target (remote branch in Git, repository URL in Mercurial) can be modified

IDEA-133197 (Cosmetics)

VCS log: Log vanishes after invoke "Collapse linear branches" or "Expand all branches" actions

IDEA-131956 (Bug)

Tons of exceptions after closing the project

IDEA-131489 (Bug)

Git-Log: not able to filter by author and by branch in external git log window

IDEA-132492 (Bug)

Don't show origin/HEAD in the log

IDEA-107117 (Bug)

Filter part of toolbar panel in Changes->Log disappeared

IDEA-132090 (Bug)

Using F6 to move changes between change lists does not work anymore

IDEA-133320 (Bug)

Unregistered root detected: combined link Add Root and Configure in Event Log

IDEA-132577 (Bug)

Git Add does not fully stage the conflicted file

IDEA-133475 (Bug)

Remember filter text in Log when mouse covers '>>' icon.

IDEA-130032 (Bug)

Compare with screen smooshes commit messages.

IDEA-132149 (Bug)

Changes -> Log view does not works for projects with many modules

IDEA-132218 (Bug)

Filter by relatively old branch + user name => empty log is shown

IDEA-121949 (Exception)

Exception on trying to filter by non-existent branch

Version Control. Git


IDEA-120611 (Usability Problem)

Github create pull request dialog: master should be default branch unless other branch was previously selected

IDEA-84497 (Usability Problem)

Version Control settings is polluted with 'unregistered roots' errors

IDEA-131973 (Usability Problem)

Push: load order of commits should depend on focus in Editor

IDEA-82746 (Cosmetics)

Disable "Push" button in Push dialog when there is nothing to push

IDEA-130889 (Cosmetics)

push dialog cosmetics: community repository is truncated

IDEA-87769 (Bug)

"Unregistered git root detected" pointing to HomeBrew's /usr/local

IDEA-132502 (Bug)

Git Pull Dialog with many branches: FrequentEventDetector - Too many events posted

IDEA-133368 (Bug)

Enable Git Add on a newly added and changed file

IDEA-132430 (Bug)

'Open on GitHub' doesn't use http if specified on host

IDEA-132199 (Bug)

Git>Branches... Dialog does not pop up when module is "library home"

IDEA-111168 (Bug)

"Add All" button to add all unregistered roots at once

IDEA-130702 (Bug)

Using git-svn: git4idea.branch.GitBranchUtil - No remote found with the name [origin]

IDEA-133652 (Bug)

git confusion when branch name is the same as file/directory name

IDEA-98781 (Bug)

Unregistered Git root detected in excluded directory

IDEA-84715 (Bug)

Non-latin letters and git

IDEA-133309 (Exception)

GitPushSettings.getUpdateMethod must not return null

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-130781 (Bug)

Diff is broken for files with spaces in name

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-132170 (Bug)

Perforce integration: do not block EDT processing VFS events

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-104940 (Bug)

Subversion: the very first History invocation returns the single (latest) revision only

IDEA-118950 (Bug)

VCS 'Limit history by' value is still applied even when checkbox is unchecked

IDEA-118826 (Bug)

svn annotate doesn't work on moved/renamed files



IDEA-125016 (Bug)

Commenting out a line in an XML file with commented out comments lower in the file can cause unwanted changes (and invalid xml). REGRESSION

IDEA-133531 (Bug)

IDEA ignores the xsi:schemaLocation under certain circumstances

IDEA-132828 (Bug)

Strange line breaks in the middle of the attribute name

IDEA-121450 (Bug)

xsd:boolean - Idea is highlighting 0 and 1 as invalid values



IDEA-132585 (Bug)

NPE when XSLT debug

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