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  • IntelliJ IDEA 14 139.791.2 Release Notes
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IDEA-133852 (Bug)

Annoying horizontal scroll jump when editing file with java 8 closures

IDEA-131621 (Bug)

IDEA 139.144.2 takes forever to start. Hangs on 100% splash screen state

IDEA-133731 (Bug)

Update from 14.0.2 to 14.0.2 EAP?



IDEA-102833 (Bug)

upgrade to Apache Ant 1.9.0



IDEA-134332 (Cosmetics)

AspectJ facet configuration: change the tooltip text for ''post-compile weave mode'' option

Build tools


WEB-14511 (Bug)

Grunt: support navigable links in the output from the grunt-typescript package

WEB-14391 (Bug)

cannot navigate to source for some gulp tasks



WEB-12616 (Bug)

Auto-formatting adds extra space - breaks CSS

Code Navigation


IDEA-132699 (Bug)

"Attach Sources" action produces inavlid .jar files if HTTP redirect has occurred

Compiling Project


IDEA-133904 (Bug)

After cnanging settings for compiler the first rebuild for project doesn't use new values for settings



DBE-907 (Bug)

Database tool window: doubled UNSIGNED qualifier



WEB-14444 (Feature)

Make the link to the dart2js dump info visualizer an actionable hyperlink

WEB-1560 (Feature)

Dart, DartUnit Run configuration: provide validation for entered method/group name

WEB-14367 (Feature)

show warning and suggest a fix if Path Package configured in pubspec.yaml is referring to the folder outside of the project contents

WEB-14290 (Bug)

Class name should not be next to class members in the structure view

WEB-14507 (Bug)

Dart async/await support broken in Web application in Webstorm 9.0.2

WEB-14410 (Bug)

Dart: improve "Create global function" quick fix



DBE-997 (Bug)

MS SQL: Table Editor: Row Filter: incorrect filter condition suggested for bit columns



IDEA-134114 (Bug)

Modified breakpoints stop working when more than one debug session active

IDEA-134238 (Bug)

File with breakpoints update may be slow

Eclipse Integration


IDEA-132813 (Bug)

Eclipse integration: format of .iml linked to .classpath is changed unreasonably

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-133842 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA 14.0.1: "Copy Reference" of Test file turns background to the color of the test file tab

File System


IDEA-134360 (Bug)

Deadlock in vfs

File Watchers


WEB-14380 (Bug)

If project root dir has space in it compass file watcher fails.



IDEA-133522 (Bug)

GWT compile fails in IDEA with GWT 2.7.0

IDEA-133247 (Bug)

GWT Super Dev Mode ignores inherited public folders



IDEA-133078 (Bug)

Gradle: build script classpath resolve sometimes require toplevel(for a project) repositories definition

IDEA-131824 (Bug)

Idea 14 Gradle - incorrect dependencies created for ivy dependency with multiple jar artifacts

IDEA-133439 (Bug)

large gradle multi-project refresh fails (idea 14.0.1)

IDE Configuration


IDEA-117343 (Bug)

When plugin can't be loaded (i.e. due to IDEA upgrade), related IDE settings are lost



IDEA-133507 (Performance Problem)

SDK refresh performs unnecessary file reads

IDEA-134115 (Bug)

Scanning files to index scans 'excluded' folders

IDEA-127304 (Bug)

Exception at first IDE start



WEB-14564 (Bug)

ClassCastException at PsiBuilderImpl$StartMarker.doneBefore() on parsing jade

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-133801 (Bug)

Inspections detect compilation error for correct class

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-133947 (Bug)

Replace with lambda refactoring doesn't take synchronized into account

IDEA-133700 (Bug)

Wrong result of Inline Refactor



IDEA-134072 (Bug)

"Empty finally block" fix intention incorrect for fixing try-with-resources case

IDEA-133686 (Bug)

"Unboxing may produce 'java.lang.NullPointer' exception" false negative with method reference expression

IDEA-133685 (Bug)

"Unboxing may produce 'java.lang.NullPointer' exception" false positive with lambda

IDEA-133714 (Bug)

"Unboxing may produce 'java.lang.NullPointer' exception" false negative with method reference expression

IDEA-134039 (Bug)

"Anonymous type can be replaced with lambda" false negative

IDEA-133733 (Bug)

Intention 'Replace with diamond' leads to code that doesn't compile

JavaEE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-132397 (Bug)

Redeploy triggers 'make' on artifact but it's not getting updated



IDEA-133116 (Bug)

can't edit JavaScript library file



IDEA-133044 (Usability Problem)

Settings / Maven / Running Tests: make options On by default

IDEA-133754 (Bug)

Maven: resources builder: support outputDirectory parameters of maven-resources-plugin testResources/resources goals

IDEA-133196 (Bug)

import of maven project creates .idea artifact with absolute file path

IDEA-120890 (Bug)

Maven: surefire: systemPropertyVariables: unresolved property reference is used in command line as is

IDEA-107289 (Bug)

IDEA ignores the clientIncludes/clientExcludes configuration from the maven-ejb-plugin

IDEA-106594 (Bug)

Maven ${project.parent.basedir}



WEB-14365 (Feature)

npm install action - show progress indicator



IDEA-130695 (Bug)

"The package is not exported by the bundle dependencies" in unit tests [maven project].

Project Configuration


IDEA-132877 (Bug)

Cannot edit 'Default Project Structure' if some project is opened

IDEA-130853 (Bug)

Library downloader: support redirecting HTTP responses

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-132120 (Bug)

Internal error: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'typeId' of org/jetbrains/jps/model/serialization/runConfigurations/JpsUnknownRunConfigurationType.<init> must not be null



WEB-14495 (Performance Problem)

RubyMine hangs when opening the project



IDEA-134294 (Bug)

Bug in spring profiles

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-132983 (Bug)

Search for "$String$" without further constraints finds non-string literals

IDEA-130798 (Bug)

SSR retains too much memory

IDEA-133006 (Bug)

Literal not found in annotation



IDEA-118842 (Bug)

Ineffective console standard output color (Terminal)



IDEA-130803 (Bug)

Thymeleaf and Spring: support Spring beans referencing in thymeleaf expressions

IDEA-133660 (Bug)

Thymeleaf: hyphen acts like a minus in Protocol-relative URLs

IDEA-132427 (Bug)

Thymeleaf: incorrect parsing of literal substitution

IDEA-133907 (Bug)

Thymeleaf: #conversions utility object should be supported

Unit Tests


WEB-14510 (Bug)

Karma: Specs with an apostrophe in the name are not clickable

User Interface


IDEA-133995 (Cosmetics)

Settings / Intentions: category description appearance could be improved

IDEA-133408 (Bug)

Weird find in current file in Gtk theme

Version Control


IDEA-115897 (Usability Problem)

VCS-Log: clean filter right after pressing cross button, do not require pressing enter again

IDEA-133826 (Cosmetics)

Clumsy label text

IDEA-131944 (Bug)

Typo in dialog confirming changed TODO

IDEA-129253 (Bug)

IDEA hangs up on opening the checked out project

IDEA-133194 (Exception)

Change Log view: IAE: Comparison method violates its general contract

Version Control. Git


IDEA-132298 (Bug)

Can't run offline inspections because of PluginException: git4idea.test.GitTestRepositoryManager PluginClassLoader

IDEA-133876 (Bug)

Pull Changes from Remote - remote change doesn't filter remote branches list

IDEA-133726 (Bug)

New fetched tags don't cause the log to refresh (if pull/fetch has no branch updates)

IDEA-133737 (Bug)

Regression for case with git+ssh+http_proxy

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