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  • IntelliJ IDEA 14 139.222.5 Release Notes
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IDEA-131549 (Usability Problem)

UML: Cannot find UML actions using 'Find Action' action and 'UML' search key

IDEA-120252 (Bug)

Plugin Manager: "Restart IntelliJ IDEA" button does nothing

IDEA-131536 (Bug)

Auto-Implement methods feature renames Collection args from interface

IDEA-128848 (Bug)

Idea asks for class destination directory in Project tree

IDEA-22740 (Bug)

Creating a new livetemplate from selection causes duplicate code

WEB-13824 (Bug)

Navigate File not filtering out files even though SourceMap is deslected in the filter

WEB-13295 (Bug)

Incorrect files downloaded for ZURB Foundation projects, on phpStorm 7.1.3

IDEA-127636 (Bug)

Show History command missing in Find Action

WEB-13882 (Bug)

Polymer element attribute 'no-script' should be 'noscript'

IDEA-131067 (Bug)

Extract constant refactoring creates uncompilable code

IDEA-114413 (Bug)

UnusedDeclaration inspection is always reported

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-131685 (Bug)

Cleanup code quick fix / Settings: focus does not go into Inspection dialog

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-95126 (Feature)

Arrangement: Provide ability to negate conditions

IDEA-95117 (Feature)

Arrangement: Allow to specify 'condition sequences'

IDEA-117789 (Bug)

Eclipse code style import: "Never join already wrapped lines" seems to be ignored



DBE-871 (Feature)

Show different icon on indices vs unique indices



WEB-10590 (Feature)

Provide hierarchy view for Dart classes

WEB-7740 (Feature)

Dart: Polymer Support

WEB-13921 (Bug)

Tab completion of 'part of' directive deletes following content

WEB-13522 (Bug)

Dart: duplicated references on path resolve from the HTML file

WEB-13859 (Bug)

Disabling breakpoints has no effect



DBE-888 (Usability Problem)

Directly typing on a varchar field don't override its contents

DBE-860 (Bug)

Wrong format for copied transposed database search result

DBE-801 (Bug)

Add a way to insert null to a table cell

DBE-895 (Bug)

Table Editor: cell value with char data type becomes uneditable after 'Set NULL' action until the row is committed

DBE-890 (Bug)

SQL Table Editor: can't enter current date in a column with date data type using date editor



IDEA-131250 (Bug)

Database console result grid fonts looks very small.

IDEA-131179 (Bug)

Execute Query against Hive tables using JDBC

IDEA-131601 (Bug)

Running a database query locks up the Intellij UI



IDEA-131521 (Cosmetics)

Provide unified capitalization

IDEA-131653 (Bug)

The "Value Auto Tooltip" option in the Debugger Settings menu does not work properly

IDEA-131783 (Bug)

debugger: icon value is partly shown in variables view

IDEA-131712 (Bug)

Debugger is showing current position on evaluate

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-131657 (Usability Problem)

Don't expand foldings on 'Move Caret to Next/Previous Word' actions

IDEA-131578 (Usability Problem)

Folding 'blinks' when navigating to a method

IDEA-131568 (Bug)

Wrong fold region is unfolded on mouse click

File Watchers


WEB-13886 (Bug)

No scrollbar in Choose template menu in File Watchers preferences



IDEA-131721 (Bug)

Breakpoints in raw ActionScript libraries do not work

IDEA-125849 (Bug)

Temporary Flex config file in platform default charset, but should always use UTF-8 instead

IDEA-131603 (Bug)

<image180x180> tag in AIR descriptor is red



WEB-506 (Bug)

if you define images with relative paths, the size attributes show as errors.

WEB-12364 (Bug)

HTML5 microdata: correctly complete properties from

WEB-2323 (Bug)

HTML formatter can only format 200 lines.

IDE Configuration


IDEA-131432 (Usability Problem)

Description text in Settings | Updates should tell that this option also affects plugins

IDE.User Interface


DBE-869 (Bug)

Parameter patterns: list of scope options is shown incorrectly if scope is expandable

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-131723 (Bug)

Good code red that uses Guava Ordening

IDEA-131888 (Bug)

Good code is red: Incompatible types for a complex generic method

IDEA-131562 (Bug)

Good code red: bad argument type inference

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-131776 (Bug)

Generate delegate methods does not correctly annotate all methods with @Override



IDEA-131749 (Bug)

Replace with Expression Lambda removes comments

IDEA-131865 (Bug)

Inspection 'Constant conditions and exception' wants to make lambda @Nullable



IDEA-131745 (Bug)

beans.xml editor shows "Alternative class expected here" when @Alternative is not on a class



IDEA-131606 (Feature)

Support WildFly 9



IDEA-129957 (Bug)

Code completion for JSF action listeners inserts wrong code



WEB-10498 (Bug)

Don't parse the single-line html-comments in script tags as javascript

WEB-12945 (Bug)

Smartly delete pair brace don't work inside function

WEB-11492 (Exception)

Code analysis failed with exception: java.lang.NullPointerException: null

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-13223 (Bug)

JavaScript styling - Object properties alignment is broken for exporessions

WEB-12504 (Bug)

ES6 - Indentation after docblock

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-13609 (Feature)

JSCS: Navigation into the config from errors shown in the Error panel

WEB-13791 (Cosmetics)

JSCS: Unix: unreadable text hint for Code style preset

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-13841 (Bug)

window.requestAnimationFrame() wrong stub

WEB-12720 (Bug)

DataTransfer from MouseEvent missing.

Live Edit


WEB-13828 (Bug)

WebStorm9 RC hangs after rebuilding JavaScript files



IDEA-131624 (Bug)

Unit tests run from within IDEA are missing system properties defined in pom

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-131547 (Usability Problem)

Click on source files icon on editor gutter on test class method opens source files again even if already open

IDEA-131551 (Exception)

IDEA throws an exception almost every time I open a test data file pair view from the gutter icon on the test method

Project Configuration


IDEA-114862 (Bug)

Formatter Control: with disabled formatter and enabled 'Use tab character' option spaces in not formatted lines are replaces with tabs in some cases

Project View


IDEA-80435 (Feature)

Project file sorting



DBE-898 (Bug)

Oracle: missing "IN" keyword in auto completion



DBE-883 (Bug)

Oracle. Support trigger conditional predicates INSERTING, DELETING, and UPDATING



IDEA-131716 (Performance Problem)

IDEA Hangs on Opening a Project on Spring Configuration "Searching for stereotype usages"

IDEA-131431 (Bug)

Spring Web Flow: EL injection broken

IDEA-131588 (Bug)

Spring Integration Diagram: don't suggest to add class to diagram



IDEA-131584 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.diagram.util.DiagramUtils.navigateTo

User Interface


IDEA-129372 (Usability Problem)

Draw outline of the auto-hideable scrollbar in the editor's right gutter

IDEA-130363 (Bug)

Recently Edited Files list should survive restart



IDEA-131448 (Bug)

Importing a Vaadin module with a maven archetype incorrectly adds GWT facet

Version Control


IDEA-130848 (Usability Problem)

Push dialog initial selection & enabling policy

IDEA-77576 (Usability Problem)

"Compare with Local" action not available in keymap or action popup, no way to invoke without using the mouse

IDEA-130850 (Usability Problem)

Log: Keep description scrolling position on refresh

IDEA-130622 (Usability Problem)

Confusing root selection policy in Git push dialog

IDEA-131301 (Cosmetics)

Push dialog has wrong indents in the commit tree view

IDEA-131859 (Cosmetics)

Grammar error in the Settings | Version Control page

IDEA-119375 (Bug)

Unable to assign keyboard shortcut to "Move to Changelist ..."

IDEA-130660 (Bug)

Push Dialog: "No remotes" caption, if target branch is empty.

IDEA-115773 (Bug)

File Cache Conflict after updating from SVN with symlinks in the project paths

Version Control. Git


IDEA-131714 (Usability Problem)

Copy revision number should copy full revision number

IDEA-98693 (Usability Problem)

Git Push dialog does not remember remote branch

IDEA-116489 (Task)

Handle VFS refresh after pull same way as for checkout

IDEA-131036 (Bug)

NPE when using git push or pull/fetch with proxy

IDEA-130245 (Bug)

Git Push: pushing from detached HEAD state produces exception

IDEA-95947 (Bug)

Git: the same notification for unregistered git roots appear every time on adding new module to the project

IDEA-115997 (Bug)

Git Log: create Tag action doesn't update log

IDEA-131705 (Bug)

EAP: Unable to push into refs repos after git push dialog redesign

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-131413 (Bug)

Schedule for Addition deadlock - after importing project from Eclipse

IDEA-130912 (Exception)

CCE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.auth.AuthenticationService.requestSshCredentials

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