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IDEA-129813 (Feature)

Add "Create new property" item into Alt+Insert action menu into resource bundle editor

IDEA-127352 (Bug)

no warning when @NotNull annotated method returns null

WEB-13492 (Bug)

Dollar sign characters incorrectly show up as errors in JSX Harmony

WEB-13366 (Bug)

Cannot remove absent project direcories

WEB-13489 (Bug)

Unable to type after opening PHP tags followed by certain keywords if php tag is not closed

IDEA-129898 (Bug)

@NotNull should not be the default for expressions

IDEA-129950 (Bug)

Repository browser expects http urls only

IDEA-128090 (Bug)

Complete statement and variable renaming don't play nicely (JavaScript)

IDEA-130143 (Bug)

Having the UTF8 char in the path cannot launch command line launcher

IDEA-129936 (Bug)

Race condition in ClassPathCache

WEB-11426 (Bug)

Incorrect parsing of JavaScript code in a HTML file

IDEA-129376 (Bug)

Bug in IDE Fatal error submission

IDEA-130138 (Bug)

Add a UI hint that File and Code templates' language is Velocity

IDEA-126582 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.EditorFactoryImpl.createViewer

Build tools


WEB-13474 (Bug)

Can't find gulp tasks in webstorm 9

WEB-13300 (Bug)

GULP: shell environment issues



WEB-13455 (Bug)

text-decoration is marked as a Firefox property

WEB-13456 (Bug)

white-space is marked with too many browser icons

WEB-13434 (Bug)

IE-only properties are marked with "CSS 1.0"

WEB-13433 (Bug)

All of the basic properties are marked with "CSS 3.0"

WEB-13425 (Bug)

Css code completion provides outdated rules at first place



IDEA-129216 (Feature)

OpenShift plugin should allow alternative servers.

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-114891 (Feature)

Adding @NotNull annotation in overridden method incompatible with Eclipse

IDEA-114892 (Feature)

Allow ignoring external @NotNull annotations

IDEA-129796 (Usability Problem)

Settings / Inspections: individual inspection tooltip could be improved

IDEA-129799 (Usability Problem)

Settings / Inspections: two arrow key presses required to collapse / expand

IDEA-130145 (Meta Issue)

Inspection should not report null-values to assert statements as warning.

IDEA-130111 (Bug)

"Constant conditions & exceptions" inspection: false positive for possible NPE

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-129687 (Bug)

Various reformatting code depending on the initial situation



WEB-12960 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: false alarm syntax error on return with new line indent

WEB-12110 (Bug)

CoffeeScript validation error for valid code

WEB-13338 (Bug)

Expression statement is not assignment or call

WEB-13305 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: `Unexpected token` error with constructor, line break, and call method

WEB-9046 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: a shorthand for assigning class field not recognized



IDEA-129066 (Bug)

Console auto scroll does not work properly with foldings



DBE-533 (Bug)

MS SQL: Windows Authentication: cannot connect to data source using Windows Authentication when 'Use Windows Domain Authentication' is disabled



WEB-13267 (Feature)

Logical view of Maps in debugging of Dart code

WEB-13446 (Feature)

Open Dart app in Observatory

WEB-12468 (Bug)

Some errors/warnings from Dart analyzer are not shown in files that are part of a library.

WEB-13029 (Bug)

Show List contents when debugging Dart command line app



DBE-792 (Bug)

Table Editor: table is sorted by wrong column's values if columns were reordered

DBE-458 (Bug)

Table editor: CTID column is queried for Redshift

DBE-793 (Bug)

Database Console Results: NPE when trying to sort a table by any column with UI

DBE-819 (Bug)

Floats are displayed rounded to the nearest integer!

DBE-784 (Bug)

Table Editor: Ctrl + C copies wrong value when you try to copy database error report

DBE-473 (Bug)

Error when using table editor in DB2

DBE-821 (Bug)

Database console results: SQL Update Statements: with not full table data Save All and Copy All do just nothing

DBE-826 (Bug)

Database result: Save All and Copy All extract nothing if result set is larger than result page size



IDEA-129885 (Usability Problem)

Ctrl+up/down should scroll in Database Console



IDEA-65205 (Feature)

Clicking on exception breakpoint mark should switch this breakpoint off instead of creating new line breakpoint

IDEA-130019 (Usability Problem)

Unexpected setting of Breakpoints on clicking at line starts

IDEA-121785 (Usability Problem)

Breakpoints dialog: group by package: Groovy script breakpoints are always shown in default package

IDEA-130151 (Bug)

Drop frame does not update views if only one thread stopped

WEB-13202 (Bug)

Node.js debugger resumes on Step Over

IDEA-130195 (Bug)

Code fragments in debugger can no longer evaluate Grails domain methods

IDEA-129858 (Bug)

'Step into method' doesn't work sometimes

IDEA-129861 (Bug)

Show a failure popup for Quick Expression Evaluation, instead of nothing

IDEA-129486 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.xdebugger.impl.ui.tree.nodes.XDebuggerTreeNode.fireNodesRemoved



IDEA-129393 (Feature)

Decompiler doesn't work on groovy classes

IDEA-127328 (Feature)

Show class-file version for decompiled classes

IDEA-128225 (Usability Problem)

Add noticeable visual indication for decompiled files

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-15412 (Feature)

Expand or Collapse all existing foldings in selection

IDEA-119234 (Feature)

Option to show whitespaces only in front and behind

IDEA-74010 (Feature)

outliner-like code folding improvements

IDEA-129862 (Feature)

Allow to bind custom shortcuts to live template expansion, not just Tab/Space/Enter

IDEA-66504 (Feature)

Implement brace matcher & highlighter for generics angle brackets

IDEA-117756 (Bug)

File structure: editor window is not scrolled to the chosen element if latter is folded

IDEA-129337 (Bug)

Empty editor when switching tabs

IDEA-129597 (Exception)

Exception loop on creating SQL scratch

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-129824 (Feature)

java.util.Scanner methods need language injection for regexp parameters

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-124247 (Feature)

Please add "Skip to next file" in Find/Replace

IDEA-129807 (Usability Problem)

Find in Path allows searching in empty directory

IDEA-130168 (Bug)

Find in Path - result options are always collapsed initially



IDEA-128085 (Bug)

Incorrect find usage of private var or functions at .mxml files

Google App Engine


IDEA-111971 (Feature)

Offer the developer different username/password sets for deployment

IDEA-128962 (Feature)

Not possible to deploy multi-module appengine EARs

IDEA-119102 (Feature)

Support oauth2 instead of username/password for uploading App Engine app

IDEA-119098 (Bug)

Creating a new Java App Engine project doesn't create appengine-web.xml



IDEA-120106 (Bug)

Gradle: cancelation of gradle tasks



WEB-13290 (Usability Problem)

Unable to select HTML comment with incremental selection

WEB-12465 (Bug)

Wrong attribute suggestion on HTML anchor elements

IDE Configuration


IDEA-128620 (Usability Problem)

Can't change notification display type after I changed it to "ballon"



DBE-818 (Bug)

Crash when trying to get tables and schemas from PostgreSQL

DBE-711 (Bug)

Go to File suggests installation files

DBE-825 (Bug)

Last update of OxDBE build number 138.2221.3 seems to broke manually update checking of JetBrains products as Intellij IDEA, PyCharm, RubyMine

IDE.User Interface


DBE-809 (Usability Problem)

"Table editor" button with several tables selected opens only one

DBE-791 (Bug)

Sybase: incorrect syntax when adding a table with auto increment primary key column with UI

DBE-788 (Bug)

MySQL: 'Auto inc' option is not applied when adding column with UI

DBE-833 (Bug)

wrong <> interpretation in "ViewQuery" window



IDEA-128451 (Bug)

IDEA can't resolve namespace in EL



WEB-7626 (Feature)

Jade: add 'xml' value for doctype code completion

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-129646 (Bug)

cannot resolve method for language level 8.0

IDEA-129795 (Bug)

Good code marked red: Cannot reference [class] before supertype constructor has been called

IDEA-129791 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: erroneous "Incompatible type parameters in lambda expression"

IDEA-129905 (Bug)

Bad return type for java 8 ConcurrentMap

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-129924 (Bug)

Intention "Lambda can be replaced with method reference" should not be applied when method reference is ambiguous

IDEA-130029 (Bug)

"Replace method reference with lambda" bug

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-129828 (Bug)

When using @TypeQualifierDefault, refactorings keep trying to add explicit annotations



IDEA-129769 (Bug)

Redundant no-arg constructor inspection has strange effects with class doc comment and missing method name

IDEA-129484 (Bug)

"Can be replaced with foreach" whereas method inside is declared with throws exception

IDEA-128879 (Bug)

Infer method purity from source

IDEA-129829 (Bug)

Good code is red: @TypeQualifierDefault and method overriding



IDEA-124922 (Bug)

GlassFish plugin fails to run on GF 4.0.1b04+ due to UnsupportedClassVersionError



IDEA-119323 (Feature)

Deploying artifacts to Jboss 7 (Jboss 6 EAP) in domain mode.

IDEA-129630 (Bug)

Supports JBoss EAP 6.2.3



IDEA-129643 (Bug)

Tomcat 5.5 fails to start if custom HTTP port is set.

IDEA-124054 (Bug)

Wrong Tomcat server.xml connector configuration!



WEB-12521 (Bug)

Bad code after typing expression with "Insert selected variant on typing..."

WEB-10585 (Bug)

Move statement up in JSON/JavaScript literal: Bad comma treatment

WEB-13483 (Bug)

Count not resolve string methods for repeat param

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-13175 (Bug)

JavaScript formatting for binary expressions, align when multiline off, does not indent at all



WEB-13334 (Bug)

Less: don't add spaces after ampersand (&) on formatting

Language Injection


IDEA-130121 (Cosmetics)

Language Injections shared across projects



IDEA-121292 (Bug)

Download Sources - does not work for snapshots

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-130005 (Bug)

EAP 14 138.2210.3 not starting up on OS X

IDEA-129262 (Bug)

Failed update from 138.1751 to latest version

Password Safe


IDEA-130364 (Bug)

Github: checkout from welcome screen with master password leads to deadlock

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-124548 (Bug)

ClsElementImpl$InvalidMirrorException when using com.intellij.psi.compiled.ClassFileDecompilers.Light

Project Configuration


IDEA-129728 (Bug)

Project Structure: Module dependencies incorrectly thinks a cycle exists

REST Client


WEB-13418 (Bug)

REST Client cookies tab sets editor and console font line spacing to 1.2

WEB-13326 (Bug)

REST Client Response Headers are empty for HTTP code 204 (No Content)



WEB-13468 (Bug)

Placeholder definition doesn't shows body.



DBE-837 (Bug)

Postgres: named parameters in functions are not supported

DBE-832 (Bug)

sql code analysis reports problem with the use of FILLFACTOR



IDEA-124036 (Feature)

Spring toolwindow: option to toggle infrastructure beans

IDEA-20550 (Feature)

Spring MVC "form" taglib: provide HTML "id" attribute automatically

IDEA-129908 (Task)

Spring: update known factory beans from Spring 4.1

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-127784 (Feature)

"Recent Find Usages" for recent Structural Search and Replace searches



WEB-9218 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code and Reformat Code: complex import statements

WEB-13167 (Bug)

Stylus: hash is not recognized as function/mixin argument

WEB-13178 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: Hash setters and getters

WEB-13179 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: block inside media query

WEB-13218 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: Selector suffix expected error

WEB-13180 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: End of splat expected error

WEB-13182 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: placeholder as selector inside @extend

WEB-9098 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: correctly resolve URL from variable



IDEA-126617 (Cosmetics)

Resizing terminal moves caret

IDEA-128769 (Bug)

Terminal isn't working (OSX)



IDEA-130183 (Feature)

Thymeleaf: the Expression Basic Objects should be supported

IDEA-130152 (Bug)

XmlAttributeValueManipulator: on editing injected fragment all quote symbols get escaped(Thymeleaf)

IDEA-130257 (Bug)

Thymeleaf: some attributes are not parsed inside th:attr

IDEA-130148 (Bug)

Thymeleaf: private fields/methods should not be accessible from thymeleaf expressions

IDEA-130175 (Bug)

Thymeleaf: the methods of variable objects are not resolved

IDEA-130166 (Bug)

Thymeleaf: number literals inside expressions are not parsed



WEB-12249 (Bug)

Typescript reference wrong from lambda

WEB-13416 (Bug)


Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-129644 (Usability Problem)

JUnit 3/4: don't report "method annotated with @Test inside class extending JUnit 3" if test case is annotated with @RunWith

Unit Tests


WEB-13375 (Bug)

Mocha IntelliJ reporter: diff issues

User Interface


IDEA-56406 (Feature)

Option: Open new editor tabs at the end (bottom end for multiple tabs).

IDEA-129877 (Cosmetics)

Gutter grows when editor reaches 99 lines instead of 100

IDEA-129962 (Bug)

Two+ index bars when status bar is hidden

IDEA-129296 (Bug)

Settings in Code Style are not saved on changing

IDEA-129860 (Bug)

Settings: "Updates info" dialog contains non-functional hyperlink

IDEA-130139 (Bug)

Settings dialog: on clearing search query dim-out doesn't disappear

Version Control


IDEA-128664 (Usability Problem)

Add a shortcut for "Revert" action in changes view

Version Control. Git


IDEA-85773 (Feature)

Enable git push force from the UI

IDEA-77483 (Usability Problem)

GIT "Push tags" missing from push dialog

IDEA-129935 (Bug)

Git push dialog shows 2 entries per each merge commit

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-129808 (Usability Problem)

hg4idea push dialog should only show affected repos on "commit and push", not all repos with affected ones selected

IDEA-129637 (Bug)

mercurial updates to wrong revision if there tag and branch with the same name

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-129917 (Bug)

Perforce ignored files support: tolerate insufficient permissions messages

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-129377 (Exception)

Exception when updating Subversion project



IDEA-38492 (Bug)

Resource bundle editor toolbar has two help buttons



WEB-13410 (Bug)

Spy-js: Completion: show quick definition popup for spy-js items

WEB-13454 (Bug)

Spy-js: Completion: tracing with unstable Node marks some items as Undefined

WEB-13453 (Bug)

Spy-js: no Events are captured after the focus change if source file was edited

WEB-13382 (Exception)

Spy-js: Evaluation: IAE is thrown after switching focus back to app

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