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IDEA-69971 (Feature)

Messages Window should remain open when pinned, regardless of compilation success or failure.

IDEA-128995 (Bug)

Create Test does not use specified superclass

IDEA-129004 (Bug)

Detached sheet dialogs

IDEA-129013 (Bug)

Middle click linux clipboard are clear after swith to another file

WEB-12471 (Bug)

WebStorm becomes unresponsive

IDEA-115387 (Bug)

Documentation popup: psi_element:// - links don't work across languages

IDEA-129050 (Bug)

notnull notnull notnull notnull

IDEA-128186 (Bug)

Closures don't auto collapse when auto collapsing for one-line method is unchecked

IDEA-128606 (Bug)

Cannot copy text from startup error window

IDEA-128742 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.psi.css.impl.util.CssDocumentationProvider.createNavigationElement



IDEA-127579 (Bug)

IntelliJ not zipaligning artifacts when using latest Android build tools (23)



IDEA-126653 (Bug)

"Ant Build" tool window automatically hides

Build tools


WEB-13114 (Feature)

Gulp: make valid path links in console clickable

WEB-13119 (Usability Problem)

Gulp: define RC name for the same named tasks from different gulpfiles

WEB-13118 (Usability Problem)

Gulp: improve Add gulpfile action inside Run Gulp Task popup

WEB-13102 (Bug)

Gulp: reload tasks on gulp package update without project reopening

WEB-13116 (Bug)

Gulp: preserve expand/collapse tasks state on Reload tasks action

WEB-12959 (Bug)

Grunt console: use red color for failed tests when running karma via grunt



WEB-9871 (Bug)

broken css after autorefotmat

IDEA-128953 (Bug)

Broken highlighting sometimes in CSS Live Template settings



IDEA-128927 (Task)

Include remoteServers.xml into non-java IDEs

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-129040 (Feature)

Check for the string being not null in switch label.

IDEA-128150 (Usability Problem)

When inspections are disabled for a file, the 'eye' is not updated - without any indication why (looks like a broken)

IDEA-129215 (Cosmetics)

Looks like Hector is ignoring me

IDEA-128657 (Bug)

Code inspection does not detect unused method return value

IDEA-128863 (Bug)

Deadlock during 'Inspect Code': RefManagerImpl tries to get write lock inside read lock

IDEA-41911 (Bug)

fix all 'chained method call' probems doesn't do anything

IDEA-129047 (Bug)

"UnnecessaryModuleDependencyInspection" gives bad results when run on single file

IDEA-123292 (Bug)

(x[i+] - x[i+]) does not equal zero

IDEA-128756 (Bug)

Invalid arithmetic simplification

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-95395 (Exception)

TraceableDisposable$DisposalException at TraceableDisposable.throwDisposalError() on project closing



WEB-5714 (Bug)

Incorrect parsing

Compiling Project


IDEA-128703 (Bug)

IDEA does not refresh sources files generated by an external builder

IDEA-128702 (Bug)

During auto-make custom builder messages are ignored



IDEA-129066 (Bug)

Console auto scroll does not work properly with foldings

Cucumber JVM


IDEA-117865 (Bug)

Cucumber: Cant create step definition



DBE-732 (Bug)

Fake error report



DBE-719 (Bug)

Database console: MySQL version comments are truncated on execution



DBE-120 (Bug)

MSSQL - can't exec stored procedure



DBE-668 (Usability Problem)

Table Editor: when editing nullable boolean column editor leaves editing mode after pressing space

DBE-727 (Usability Problem)

Database console Result is clipping wide columns

DBE-740 (Bug)

Table Editor: "Jump to Data View" does nothing after switching to Card View

DBE-713 (Bug)

Table editor does not get focus on opening

DBE-731 (Bug)

Table Editor: the size of column is changed if other column was hidden and then made visible again

DBE-739 (Bug)

Table Editor: "Sort via Order By" gives wrong sorting



IDEA-64595 (Feature)

data source tab text : use the table names, when the sql is "SELECT * FROM <table>"



IDEA-129080 (Bug)

Do not show debug window on breakpoint

IDEA-129143 (Bug)

Type inference incorrect for Evaluate Expression

IDEA-129239 (Bug)

Evaluate window does not update context on steps

IDEA-129206 (Bug)

Error casting marked object in watches

WEB-10145 (Bug)

Polymer: cannot debug imported script



IDEA-37313 (Usability Problem)

Diff from changes view scrolls to last line for added files

IDEA-86150 (Bug)

External Merge Tool: File Cache conflict on resolving conflicts with external merge tool

IDEA-86151 (Bug)

External Merge Tool: files are not marked as resolved when resolving conflicts with external merge tool

IDEA-126302 (Bug)

'Go to next difference' doesn't scroll editor in diff

IDEA-128312 (Bug)

Diff SynchronizeScrolling works incorrectly, if one of editors have search popup opened

IDEA-89858 (Bug)

Diff tool doesn't apply proper language's code style

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-128047 (Feature)

Add color preview into autocomplete tool

File Watchers


WEB-13067 (Cosmetics)

Info block in right-up edge scrolling with content while in split mode

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-127785 (Feature)

Add "Replace in Path" searches to "Recent Find Usages"

IDEA-119760 (Bug)

Replace in Path missing "Open in new tab" checkbox

IDEA-127886 (Bug)

Unwanted escaping in background tasks dialog

IDEA-128733 (Bug)

FindInPath: "Recursively" option with Directory Scope selected doesn't work

IDEA-128184 (Bug)

file search on a custom scope searches folders outside the project (gems)



IDEA-128870 (Bug)

GWT ignores exclude tag

IDEA-125437 (Bug)

GWT UiBinder: false positive on @UiField

IDEA-83526 (Bug)

jsni argument signatures flagged as typos

IDEA-94411 (Bug)

CssResources are highlighted as not-implemented



IDEA-128818 (Bug)

Make groovyc OOM message more clearly visible



WEB-13056 (Feature)

Support Polymer layout features

WEB-13055 (Feature)

Support Polymer styling features

WEB-13079 (Usability Problem)

HTML: Unwrap/Remove: highlight only outer tag itself

IDE Configuration


IDEA-28168 (Feature)

Add native DLL/so support to Libraries (global, project)

IDE.User Interface


DBE-712 (Usability Problem)

Go to Table: focus does not go to opened table from the tool window



IDEA-107326 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.javaee.module.view.web.servlet.CreateServletAction.doCreate



IDEA-124054 (Bug)

Wrong Tomcat server.xml connector configuration!

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-128971 (Bug)

Java auto-completion does not offer "final" keyword for exception variable in "catch" clause

IDEA-128948 (Bug)

Smart type completion should propose generic parameter type

IDEA-129204 (Bug)

Deadlock in completion

IDEA-128906 (Bug)

PsiInvalidElementAccessException in EditorTextField

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-117370 (Feature)

AbstractClassNeverImplementedInspection: allow manual/automatic suppression

IDEA-124151 (Bug)

JDK 8 lambda support: wrong "Cyclic inference"

IDEA-128972 (Bug)

bad code green: generic error not caught

IDEA-128245 (Bug)

Java 8: Good code red with Stream.collect()

IDEA-128328 (Bug)

Highlighting error with recurring generic types

IDEA-126163 (Bug)

Call of statically imported generic methods cause 'Cannot resolve method'

IDEA-127285 (Bug)

Good code red: Java 8 - multiple bounds in generic method

IDEA-128766 (Bug)

Good code is red - Type inferring nested method call

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-128911 (Usability Problem)

Replace 'if' with 'switch' should work when switching over getter return values

IDEA-128625 (Bug)

Convert to atomic breaks code when using array initializer expression

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-128960 (Usability Problem)

"constructor rename" refactoring fails to account for prefixes specified in "code style" prefs

IDEA-127338 (Bug)

Extract method doesn't work for some if conditions

IDEA-128873 (Bug)

Don't remove static import during inline method if some overloaded methods are stil in use



IDEA-129060 (Feature)

Add inspection "Junit test method naming convention"

IDEA-128242 (Bug)

Static code analysis reports "always true" for conditions that are always false

IDEA-128765 (Bug)

'Unneccessarily qualified inner class access' inspection breaks the code after "Fix all..."



IDEA-128767 (Bug)

JavaFX property accessors generation doesn't insert @Override if methods exist in parent



WEB-12119 (Bug)

JSX (and E4X) support in ECMAScript6 mode

WEB-13121 (Bug)

"Locate duplicates" for Javascript are missing

WEB-13082 (Exception)

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Attempt to modify PSI for non-committed Document!

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-13043 (Bug)

JavaScript styling - do not add space inside empty array/object literal

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-12813 (Bug)

Attribute is not allowed error for ng-* in custom directives

Live Edit


WEB-6471 (Bug)

Intellij IDEA Live Edit Plugin doesn't update AngularJS directives on-the-fly



WEB-13070 (Bug)

Terminal not allowing node commands despite Node interpreter being set to Node

WEB-12707 (Bug)

Mocha - console output mangles ANSI escape codes

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-129178 (Task)

please sign runnerw.exe and commit

IDEA-128247 (Task)

Make sure OS X Developer ID signature is made on OS X 10.9

IDEA-126270 (Bug)

Incorrect folder for resources

Password Safe


IDEA-128922 (Exception)

Dialog must be init in EDT only: Throwable at com.intellij.ide.passwordSafe.impl.providers.masterKey.MasterPasswordDialog.

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-128617 (Bug)

When plugin's actions crash at initialisation, the failure is reported but the plugin is not disabled

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-129149 (Feature)

JAM: do not highlight abstract JAM impl classes as "has no implementations"

Project Configuration


IDEA-129233 (Usability Problem)

Excluded folders are shown

IDEA-23537 (Performance Problem)

Semi-exclude folders: not excluded to read and for source control (subversion, git, ...), but excluded for refactors and search

IDEA-129033 (Performance Problem)

Loading project with thousands of orderEntry records get exponentially slower



WEB-13075 (Feature)

Sass 3.4 support

WEB-13109 (Bug)

SCSS "Misplaced CSS @import"



IDEA-104968 (Usability Problem)

SQL inspections: using dialect names could be unified

IDEA-115558 (Usability Problem)

PostgreSQL: Incorrect "condition always true" with record type

IDEA-116203 (Usability Problem)

Case code styles are not applied for code completion without prefix

IDEA-57415 (Bug)

SQL: HSQLDB: quoted names are resolved ignoring case



DBE-641 (Bug)

Exclude PROMPT from source formatter



DBE-676 (Usability Problem)

When field is qualified, functions are not completed at its left

DBE-591 (Usability Problem)

SQL: code completion: delimited function/procedure name is not quoted

DBE-744 (Bug)

SQL Code Completion: type completion is suggested according to 'Keywords' Case settings, not 'Types' Case settings

DBE-678 (Bug)

Confusing completions

DBE-743 (Bug)

SQL Code Completion: completion of aliases does not consider code style settings for identifiers

DBE-653 (Bug)


DBE-708 (Bug)

MySQL: completion for nullary functions doesn't insert parentheses

DBE-629 (Bug)

MS SQL: completion for function without brackets if function is used inside SELECT statement



DBE-642 (Usability Problem)

MS SQL: typing closing bracket ']' right before existent bracket should not add another



DBE-748 (Bug)

SQL Server assignment by sum/difference/product etc. operators not supported in SELECT clause

DBE-644 (Bug)

SQL: HSQLDB: user name is not resolved in ALTER USER

DBE-699 (Bug)

MSSQL: new functions in SQL Server 2012 are not supported

DBE-702 (Bug)

MS SQL: "set language" is red

DBE-667 (Bug)

"Unable to resolve column" when cross join is used

DBE-488 (Bug)

SQL Server SELECT INTO syntax is not supported



IDEA-129081 (Feature)

Navigate to, Rename and Find usages for implicitly defined Spring Integration input channels

IDEA-128000 (Task)

Spring: add BeanNameProvider

IDEA-128869 (Bug)

Provide SpEL injection for @Cacheable "unless"

IDEA-128508 (Bug)

Spring Integration: provide possibility to download the latest (version 4.0.3) libraries

IDEA-128573 (Exception)

RE at com.intellij.util.xml.impl.InvocationCache$18.invoke



WEB-11421 (Bug)

Stylus: Parent reference inside ':not' pseudo class

Task Management


IDEA-128553 (Bug)

Create branch from new task dialogue not working

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-129099 (Bug)

Freemarker parsing : Idea detects an error which is not an error

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-128920 (Feature)

"Remove @Test annotation", JUnit3 vs 4 inspection quick fix, should prepend test method name with "test"

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-124571 (Feature)

TestNG: Rerun failed test does not include classes with @BeforeTest, @AfterTest annotations

IDEA-127239 (Cosmetics)

No check for duplicate names in dependsOnMethods.

IDEA-108159 (Bug)

Tests with dependsOnMethods are not executed

IDEA-127238 (Bug)

Invalid validation dependencies dependsOnMethods

IDEA-107735 (Bug)

TestNG doesn't include classes with configuration methods only in their superclass

IDEA-129030 (Bug)

For dependsOnMethods offered no test methods

IDEA-129052 (Bug)

To turn off the test checks for missing depends*

IDEA-128289 (Bug)

When 'hide Passed' enabled on tests run window 'instantiating tests' appears instead of 'running tests'

Unit Tests


WEB-13127 (Bug)

Environment variables in mocha run configuration change order creating file churn

User Interface


IDEA-126228 (Feature)

Show TODO comments in all open files

IDEA-129105 (Cosmetics)

Path is not visible when moving library that already exists

IDEA-30564 (Bug)

No HTTP proxy host name validation

IDEA-128269 (Bug)

Encodings list opens out of monitor's edge

IDEA-128012 (Bug)

New Project Wizard Groovy Facet - all items not properly dithered out

IDEA-100941 (Bug)

Triple Ctrl+Q doesn't work

IDEA-128731 (Bug)

X-Selection gets lost in "Find in Path" Dialog

IDEA-128517 (Bug)

dbus connection error - dbus_connection_unref()

IDEA-129296 (Bug)

Settings in Code Style are not saved on changing

IDEA-115396 (Bug)

Ubuntu : IntelliJ launch causes a crash

IDEA-128828 (Bug)

Reload project dialog is about twice longer than my screen width

IDEA-118777 (Exception)

NPE is thrown on attempt to close Debug Window that is deattached from panel

Version Control


IDEA-127139 (Feature)

Git Log: Possibility to filter log by regular expression

IDEA-113222 (Usability Problem)

Shelve changes to project dir

IDEA-128955 (Usability Problem)

Push dialog: focus should be in the main area by default

IDEA-101657 (Usability Problem)

Commit changes window doesn't save Comment on Edit Source

IDEA-128770 (Bug)

Excluded Directories:on committing files from excluded root, don't perform code analysis for them

IDEA-117337 (Bug)

Git Log: can't filter by commit ID

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-126632 (Bug)

Mercurial push always shows 0 commits pushed when successfully pushed several.

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-128463 (Bug)

Perforce sometimes asks for password when using .p4config with P4PASSWD set

IDEA-113807 (Bug)

Improve diagnostics when p4 executable cannot be found



WEB-13084 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Save/Load: on Loading trace rename tab to the loaded trace id

WEB-13085 (Cosmetics)

Spy-js: Save/Load: improve dialog title for the Load action

WEB-13097 (Bug)

Spy-js: Save/Load: impossible to load same trace twice in the session

WEB-13090 (Bug)

Spy-js: Save/Load: incorrect script name on Unix/Mac for trace from Windows

WEB-13086 (Bug)

Spy-js: Save/Load: do not trace new Events after the loading saved trace

WEB-13088 (Bug)

Spy-js: Save/Load: cannot load renamed trace zip file

WEB-13076 (Exception)

Spy-js: StackOverflowError on "Mute All" action

WEB-13051 (Exception)

Spy-js: Cannot call method 'apply' of undefined error

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