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  • IntelliJ IDEA 14 138.1696.2 Release Notes
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IDEA-128364 (Bug)

Excluded folders: all Mercurial commands fail for versioned files

IDEA-127920 (Bug)

Twig exception: Current caret is defined, cannot operate on other ones

IDEA-128679 (Bug)

Quick fix to create parameterized inner class omits the type parameter when new class has constructor params

IDEA-128382 (Bug)

converting method to static doesnt change lambda method references

IDEA-128540 (Bug)

Plugin installation error on stastup

IDEA-93335 (Bug)

Cannot update IDE on slow connection

IDEA-84858 (Bug)

Edit breakpoints popup: inspection tooltip for the condition is shown under the popup

IDEA-128496 (Bug)

Installing mps plugins requires several mps core installations

IDEA-128480 (Bug)

invalid wstorm command generated

IDEA-128320 (Bug)

Suggestion to update plugins is not shown during patch update

IDEA-128335 (Bug)

Excluded Folders: the status of versioned files is not detected

IDEA-126976 (Bug)

Symbols in method references not highlighted

IDEA-128682 (Bug)

Type parameters should be T1, T2 when creating a parameterized class through quick fix

IDEA-128358 (Bug)

Excluded Folders: for files added to git the ShowHistory action is disabled

IDEA-128445 (Bug)

IDEA shouldn't insert imports when editing Javadoc

IDEA-128218 (Bug)

"Surround with try catch" interaction with array initializer produces compiler error

IDEA-128391 (Exception)

AE at org.jetbrains.builtInWebServer.DefaultWebServerRootsProvider.getRoot



IDEA-128409 (Bug)

Ant integration does not support properties in xml format for 'property' tag

Build tools


WEB-13001 (Bug)

Reload Gulp task list on tool window open if failed



WEB-12534 (Usability Problem)

Code completion overriding emmet



IDEA-128255 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.extensions.impl.ExtensionComponentAdapter.getComponentInstance

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-128554 (Usability Problem)

Inspect Code: Selected files does not work on directories

IDEA-93780 (Bug)

Javadoc "ignore duplicate throws tag" inspection is wrong (or at least default is wrong)

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-127110 (Bug)

"Braces placement">"Other">"Next line if wrapped" acts as "Next line" for else, try, catch, and finally if "simple blocks in one line" is also set



WEB-12927 (Bug)

I'm able to run `pub get` more than once concurrently



IDEA-128574 (Bug)

Create table: syntax error in generated SQL for constraint

IDEA-126805 (Bug)

Crash during indexing after checkout

IDEA-123013 (Bug)

PostgreSQL:adding new data source via Duplicate action



IDEA-128527 (Usability Problem)

Breakpoint config popup doesn't work in dumb mode

IDEA-128503 (Cosmetics)

Use indefinite article

IDEA-127201 (Cosmetics)

Debugger tree: message nodes should follow "static" or "this" nodes

WEB-10822 (Bug)

Debugger: Chrome: Elements tab is empty after "Inspect in WebStorm" action invocation

IDEA-128339 (Bug)

Tooltip makes variable items unclickable

IDEA-128223 (Bug)

Irrelevant class is opened in Editor on 'Step Into'

IDEA-127918 (Bug)

Unnecessary quotes are added to variable value copied to clipboard in debugger

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-128567 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: spaces between lambda arguments are missing in Smart Code Completion look-up

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-103112 (Bug)

Java: 'Join lines' for if-statement inserts unexpected braces

IDEA-86880 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA 11.1.2 adds BOM mark to UTF-8 files without BOM

IDEA-127723 (Bug)

Intelligent backspace before continuation indent erases all white space

IDEA-128025 (Bug)

Expand selection in multiple carets through injections still failing

IDEA-128661 (Exception)

NPE during inplace renaming variable

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-128675 (Bug)

Error not detected when declaring 2 conflicting methods on an annotation

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-98783 (Feature)

Remember "Open in new tab" setting of "Find in Path" dialog

IDEA-128559 (Usability Problem)

Find in files: context can't be disabled

IDEA-128266 (Bug)

Find In Path: context filters fail for repeated symbols in search pattern

IDEA-128494 (Bug)

Vertically resizing "Find in Path" dialog makes the dropdown extra-fat



IDEA-128535 (Bug)

Global Gradle Settings aren't global



IDEA-124955 (Bug)

Add dynamic property unavailable in .gsp



IDEA-127595 (Usability Problem)

groovy: code completion after 'new': improve presentation of anonymous implementation variants

IDEA-126103 (Bug)

`@DelegatesTo` regression when delegating to type provided as `Class` argument

IDEA-127650 (Bug)

Spock: "times" operator from Mock(...) causes a warning

IDE Configuration


IDEA-127976 (Bug)

Restart of the IDE on EAP patch update is not performed



IDEA-126201 (Performance Problem)

135.1019 uses massive CPU



IDEA-128539 (Bug)

web.xml: highlight usages in file should highlight all occurences of servlet-name



IDEA-85344 (Bug)

QL: scalar type on right side of MEMBER OF is red



IDEA-101170 (Feature)

Add support for Java Unified Expression Language 3.0

IDEA-117929 (Bug)

Braces in string confuses inline if in JSF/EL

IDEA-115227 (Bug)

No auto completion for non getter jsp expression language methods

IDEA-128582 (Bug)

jstl functions taglib alt+enter import

IDEA-128451 (Bug)

IDEA can't resolve namespace in EL



WEB-12919 (Feature)

Jade: recognize script type

WEB-12957 (Bug)

Jade: avoid errors when using ternary conditional operator in attribute value

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-124541 (Bug)

Java 1.8: Smart Code Completion could suggest constructor references

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-123951 (Bug)

Java8 + Collectors: Cannot resolve method 'intValue()'

IDEA-125544 (Bug)

Java 8 IDE error message differs from compiler error messages

IDEA-128712 (Bug)

False error: cannot resolve method

IDEA-127928 (Bug)

Good Java8 code red: cannot cast '<lambda parameter>' to ...

IDEA-124190 (Bug)

Java 8 Method Reference

IDEA-128534 (Bug)

"Static method referenced through receiver" error on valid code

IDEA-125674 (Bug)

Lambda type resolution error

IDEA-127275 (Bug)

Java 8 Lambas: Incorrect "cyclic inference" error

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-127213 (Bug)

"Replace with collect" creates broken code when source collection needs a cast



IDEA-128614 (Bug)

inspection profile is modified

IDEA-127029 (Bug)

Log format inspection should highlight whole statement if args are missing

IDEA-128497 (Bug)

"Field may be final" adds final modifier to a volatile field

IDEA-128493 (Bug)

Incorrect 'redundant cast'

IDEA-128653 (Bug)

Inspection "Implicit usage of platform's default charset" incorrectly marks ctr

IDEA-128315 (Bug)

Inspection "Identical 'catch' branches in 'try' statement" sometimes doesn't work

IDEA-128592 (Bug)

Generated parameterless constructor is immediately removed by "code cleanup"



IDEA-128662 (Usability Problem)

Creating Getter/Setter/Property for JavaFX Properties is inconsistent

IDEA-126882 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertIsDispatchThread



WEB-12406 (Bug)

LESS: error parsing selector names with variable interpolation and digits



IDEA-111682 (Performance Problem)

Importing maven pom file change is very slow again

IDEA-66895 (Bug)

Maven overlay war: Idea doesn't copy local log4j.xml, but uses one from the overlay



WEB-11605 (Bug)

Have a way to exclude node_modules from js libraries



IDEA-122417 (Bug)

Osmorc plugin ignores facet configuration

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-128468 (Exception)

Exception on Run action if Gtk theme used



WEB-12526 (Bug)

Sass: "a term expected" error on empty list in a map

WEB-12323 (Bug)

Invalid error for nested @supports query in scss.



IDEA-112797 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: using code points for Unicode characters is red

IDEA-115533 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: timestamptz (p) and timetz (p) are red

IDEA-120114 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: column alias problem

IDEA-128663 (Bug)

SQL highlighting doesn't work

IDEA-113186 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: aggregate function with distinct and order by at the same time is red



IDEA-127059 (Performance Problem)

138.777: Background file analysis never completes (after several minutes)

IDEA-126698 (Performance Problem)

Find by symbol is slow (didn't complete in this snapshot)

IDEA-87386 (Bug)

Spring EL: assignment operator is not parsed properly

IDEA-108506 (Bug)

Spring EL: property placeholders are treated incorrectly inside SPEL expressions

IDEA-128456 (Exception)

RE at com.intellij.util.xml.impl.DomInvocationHandler.a

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-126616 (Bug)

Structural Search: throwable at com.intellij.structuralsearch.plugin.ui.SearchDialog$

IDEA-128056 (Bug)

Structural Search: exception at incorrect serach template

IDEA-128110 (Bug)

Structural Search: NPE at com.intellij.structuralsearch.impl.matcher.CompiledPattern.isRealTypedVar



WEB-9312 (Bug)

Stylus: Settings: Color & Fonts: color url function and @keyframes

WEB-9314 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: unexpected elements

WEB-8998 (Bug)

Stylus: support extended Structure view



IDEA-125433 (Feature)

Tapestry tml editor does not recognize library components

IDEA-128473 (Bug)

Value of "class" attribute in Tapestry components is always treated as an expression

IDEA-107000 (Bug)

Renaming incorrectly appends "get" to property references in .TML files

IDEA-128498 (Bug)

False warning about unresolvable properties for labels

IDEA-100807 (Bug)

Tapestry 'parameter' namespace elements are incorrectly marked in error in TML editor

IDEA-106998 (Bug)

Tapestry loop 'value' elements are incorrectly marked as errors in TML editor

IDEA-103154 (Bug)

Good code is red: can't coerce the string to a DateFormat

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-127349 (Bug)

Junit Runner does not works with Junit 4.12

User Interface


IDEA-128342 (Usability Problem)

Tip of the Day window does not retain size

IDEA-88319 (Usability Problem)

Tip of the Day should have focus after Idea startup

IDEA-127143 (Cosmetics)

Bad color scheme in tabs

IDEA-128340 (Bug)

Editor tab title: don't add "pom.xml" to pom.xml label

IDEA-125494 (Bug)

taskbar icon constantly flashes for no reason

Version Control


IDEA-128484 (Bug)

Problem with log display

Version Control. Git


IDEA-87092 (Bug)

Git unstash don't show files that are going to be overwrtten.

IDEA-128259 (Bug)

Update Project via rebase doesn't show local changes would be overwritten

IDEA-128449 (Bug)

Branches view hidden if only one branch available

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-128388 (Bug)

Show all affected files for directory does not works with mercurial

IDEA-126632 (Bug)

Mercurial push always shows 0 commits pushed when successfully pushed several.

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-101117 (Bug)

Subversion branches list doesn't persist in configuration files

IDEA-86883 (Bug)

Subversion: Tree Conflicts: when group by folder option is on, conflict dialog is not shown

IDEA-94845 (Bug)

Subversion: after shared project commit the top-level folders appear as locally deleted until Refresh

IDEA-102641 (Bug)

Changes (editing file) are not shown after commit if opening from repository browser file that was already opened before commit was made

IDEA-127369 (Bug)

The SVN conflict files are not found



WEB-12972 (Feature)

Spy-js for node : allow pausing the running trace

WEB-12971 (Bug)

Spy-js for node : Too many open files errors

WEB-12983 (Bug)

Spy-js for node: app global _ override breaks tracing

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