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IDEA-126167 (Feature)

External Project System: test framework

IDEA-126721 (Performance Problem)

PhpStorm frozen on typing

IDEA-126772 (Performance Problem)

Constantly high CPU usage in Play routes analysis

IDEA-126564 (Cosmetics)

"No SDK Specified" message box text fixes

IDEA-126786 (Task)

Inline parameter name for literal, if it's type can be assigned to method parameter type.

IDEA-126753 (Bug)

Parameters names hints not shown for negative numbers

IDEA-125856 (Bug)

Custom resource bundle properties are not in one group

IDEA-119843 (Bug)

Idea unable to process @Grab artifacts

IDEA-126494 (Bug)

BaseAnaysisAction doesn't respect excluded directories during traversal

IDEA-126559 (Bug)

Symbol search in search everywhere

IDEA-126889 (Bug)

Can't jarjar cglib as part of idea.jar

IDEA-126808 (Bug)

Multiple plugins that depend on database plugin can't be loaded properly

IDEA-126788 (Bug)

conflicting foldings

IDEA-126406 (Bug)

Switcher is missing files after reopening project



IDEA-126591 (Bug)

Android Support NPE



IDEA-56227 (Bug)

Ant build fails with error in IDEA, but works from the command line with delete/fileset and failonerror=false



IDEA-126717 (Bug)

Aspect-J compilation broken in 13.1.4 EAP and 14 EAP



WEB-4713 (Feature)

CSS: provide completion for media features in media queries

WEB-12605 (Usability Problem)

CSS/SASS: don't invoke auto-completion on Enter



IDEA-126517 (Bug)

Heroku: confusing behavior on attempt to deploy when there are no changes in the active changelist

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-124363 (Bug)

Incorrect Inconvertible Type error in java class inspection

IDEA-126624 (Bug)

Narrow scope of variable fix generating wrong code with some for loops

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-123875 (Bug)

Rearrange tool fails to order fields properly

IDEA-126830 (Bug)

Reformat Code: Scope and File Mask filters are ignored if "Rearrange Entries" option is enabled

IDEA-125099 (Bug)

Intellij rearrangement does not respect the "Keep order" option for fields

Code Navigation


IDEA-108057 (Bug)

Caret position is messed up on navigation if editor tabs are off

IDEA-119877 (Bug)

New File search popup does not give priority to names containing the exact term



WEB-11861 (Bug)

Wrong "expected end of line" inspection for CoffeeScript

WEB-12518 (Exception)

CoffeeScript: SIOOBE on Extract Method



WEB-12582 (Bug)

[Dart] Serve .dart file with the right MIME type



IDEA-123235 (Bug)

XML-type gives NPE in Database-view



IDEA-126825 (Usability Problem)

Debugger doesn't show execution point

IDEA-73140 (Usability Problem)

XDebugger: Debugger always switches you to "Debugger" tab when first breakpoint is hit

IDEA-126221 (Usability Problem)

Threads view is not navigatable

WEB-12356 (Usability Problem)

Breakpoint enable/disable shortcut missing

IDEA-126585 (Bug)

"Evaluate Code Fragment" dialog uses some strange proportional font in editor

WEB-12641 (Bug)

Typo in IDEA internal Web Server 404 page

IDEA-126829 (Bug)

Debbuger - quick evaluate expression is always collapsed

IDEA-93683 (Bug)

XDebugger: Focus on startup doesn't work for Console tab



IDEA-118700 (Bug)

Selecting text in Commit Changes window does not highlight the text properly

IDEA-89365 (Bug)

The color disappears from the changes in the Details view of the commit dialog

IDEA-113317 (Bug)

Text editor in compare view is inconsistent with the main editor



IDEA-126569 (Bug)

IDEA asks for documentation root even when only one is configured

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-126726 (Bug)

"Complete current statement" always adds a newline

IDEA-120465 (Bug)

Code completion: no Autopopup code completion and inserting pair brackets if Column selection mode is on

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-126273 (Performance Problem)

Selection of text using keyboard in column mode is slow

IDEA-124928 (Bug)

If two cursors are on the same line, Cmd+Y will delete extra line

IDEA-123704 (Bug)

Multiple carets fail through injections in some scenarios

IDEA-126800 (Bug)

Select all ocurrences failing

IDEA-126869 (Bug)

Code pasted from IDEA into Mac Mail plain-text message is corrupted

IDEA-121056 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.CaretImpl.moveToLogicalPosition

File Watchers


WEB-12541 (Bug)

File watchers, SASS: main file not compiled when editing indirectly imported partials

WEB-12598 (Bug)

File Watchers: Immediate synchronization doesn't work in case of syntax errors even if 'trigger watcher regardless of syntax errors' is enabled

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-120751 (Usability Problem)

"Find usages" in IntelliJ 13 does not find all usages.

IDEA-126171 (Bug)

Dataflow to Here fails with varargs

IDEA-126598 (Bug)

Find in open files does not find occurences in files outside of project

IDEA-126602 (Bug)

Find Usages of a functional interface does not find lambdas in some cases

GUI Designer


IDEA-123462 (Bug)

Class name with a space accepted for dialog, breaks code



IDEA-126545 (Bug)

Gradle WAR: Resource directory in 'war' with 'into' closure not imported

IDEA-126544 (Bug)

Gradle WAR: Empty directories in 'war' are not included during import

IDEA-126899 (Bug)

Unknown JavaEE module extension

IDEA-123068 (Bug)

Failed to execute main in gradle module



IDEA-126921 (Bug)

Gant: 'Run from Context' doesn't add name of target to the run configuration parameters if it is enclosed in quotes

IDEA-126601 (Bug)

ClassCastException when using Groovy for Cucumber step definitions the Java-way



WEB-12614 (Feature)

Emmet Filters

WEB-12578 (Cosmetics)

Template is showing html5, but new file creation says Html

WEB-12646 (Bug)

Two consecutive tags break emmet

WEB-12256 (Bug)

No surround with emmet if fragment ends with dot

WEB-12223 (Bug)

Emmet Preview cannot be invoked before closing tag

IDE Configuration


IDEA-126131 (Usability Problem)

Duplicate entries in "Find Action" popup (Ctrl+Shift+A)

IDEA-126797 (Bug)

Plugin manager: no tooltip for "red" plugins



IDEA-125200 (Bug)

IDE freezes at startup for large project (focus loss save waiting on indexing?)



IDEA-30868 (Feature)

<auth-method> tag of web.xml completion



IDEA-126728 (Bug)

Can't resolve servlet/filter in *-mapping in web.xml when using web-fragments



IDEA-126465 (Bug)

Jsp TLD 'tag' 'variable' children 'name-give' | 'name-from-attribute'

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-126595 (Feature)

provide completion variants for Charset.forName() in Java/Groovy

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-126613 (Bug)

Java 8 lambda issue: "Cyclic inference"

IDEA-126697 (Bug)

Type of ternary expression with Byte and Short should be assumed short

IDEA-126842 (Bug)

Check concurrent access of java.text.Format

IDEA-126109 (Bug)

Cannot resolve symbol for certain Java 8 lambda situations.

IDEA-126633 (Bug)

Bad code is green: Typecast to generic

IDEA-125077 (Bug)

Syntax highlighting problem on a valid type inference

IDEA-126641 (Bug)

For-each over lambda complains cast unneeded

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-126391 (Feature)

Add option to remove confirmation for "Inline local variable" refactoring

IDEA-69814 (Bug)

Can't add "Clone" to a quicklist

IDEA-126573 (Bug)

"Clone" action in project pane is not available for directory (but is available for file)

IDEA-126864 (Bug)

Inline Local Variable Refactoring Events Not Symmetrical



IDEA-126850 (Bug)

Generic argument is treated as a class by the serialization inspection

IDEA-126750 (Bug)

"Lambda can be replaced with method reference" when referenced method is from an anonymous class which is not the innermost

IDEA-126352 (Bug)

bug in "Throwable result of method call ignored" inspection

IDEA-126662 (Bug)

Save comments during code refactoring

IDEA-126798 (Bug)

"Unnecessary 'this' qualifier" inspection false positive

IDEA-126763 (Bug)

"Anonymous type can be replaced with lambda" quickfix leads to illegal self-reference

IDEA-126764 (Bug)

"Overly strong type casts" flags cast used to declare the type of a lambda expression.



IDEA-126754 (Feature)

Navigation and error highlighting for Events

IDEA-126708 (Bug)

JavaFX: attempt to edit read-only fxml file from SceneBuilder tab causes exceptions

IDEA-126710 (Bug)

JavaFX: after fxml file rename its SceneBuilder tab opening causes error

IDEA-126663 (Exception)

NPE at



WEB-12618 (Feature)

No file extension in autocompletion when require file

WEB-12538 (Bug)

jsDoc - @returns

WEB-12491 (Bug)

OOM on indexing of project

WEB-12119 (Bug)

JSX (and E4X) support in ECMAScript6 mode

JavaScript. Debugger


IDEA-125913 (Bug)

IDE erroneously propose to create JavaScript Debug Configuration from context menu of database function editor

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-12635 (Bug)

IllegalArgumentException on indexing coffeescript with interpolation

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-12585 (Bug)

curly brace insertion for if statements



WEB-12647 (Bug)

LESS: good code is red: simple mixin with braces

WEB-12251 (Bug)

Less: highlighting property names inside detached rulesets

Live Edit


WEB-12312 (Bug)

"Live Edit" JavaScript doesn't works



IDEA-116482 (Bug)

EAP: Maven suddenly shows "cannot connect"

IDEA-116383 (Bug)

cannot reconnect

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-116129 (Feature)

add new option

IDEA-126514 (Bug)

AppCode restart fails: bundle not found

IDEA-121788 (Bug)

windows: bin\uninstall.exe doesn't uninstall

IDEA-126528 (Bug)

Mac OS: IDEA Ultimate #135.1138 with bundled JDK doesn't start



IDEA-38930 (Bug)

Refactor->rename on property of class from library should not show rename dialog



WEB-11929 (Bug)

SCSS: ''(' expected' error reported for interpolation in @media query



IDEA-126964 (Bug)

MySQL: Does not work correctly "Comment with Line Comment"

IDEA-100525 (Bug)

typo highlights littered throughout code

IDEA-126533 (Bug)

SQL: Code Style: "Word Case / Keyword = Do not change" is ignored by completion

IDEA-119108 (Bug)

MySQL: ambiguous column inside group by clause



IDEA-126580 (Feature)

Spring Websockets: support destination ulrs defined in the methods bodies using injected SimpMessagingTemplate

IDEA-124036 (Feature)

Spring toolwindow: option to toggle infrastructure beans

IDEA-126739 (Feature)

Spring XML: show method separators for nested <beans>

IDEA-126589 (Bug)

Removed autodetected Spring Facet's Contexts still visible in Spring-Beans tool panel

IDEA-24666 (Bug)

Navigation doesn't work in <context:property-override> location attribute.

IDEA-126425 (Bug)

Spring Websockets: improve urls completion

IDEA-126140 (Bug)

Spring Websockets: application destination prefix change in java config is not recognized in some cases

IDEA-126811 (Bug)

Spring: Import From STS: configs from the different projects are not found

IDEA-126814 (Bug)

Spring: Import From STS: on project re-import the extra facet is created

IDEA-126769 (Bug)

Spring: Import From STS: configs added as linked resources are not imported

IDEA-126765 (Bug)

Spring: Import from STS: profiles are not recognized

IDEA-126792 (Bug)

Spring Security plugin: exception at start

IDEA-124948 (Bug)

Spring <import resource="file.xml" /> indicates file.xml does not exist whilst <import resource="classpath:file.xml" /> works

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-126794 (Bug)

Warn about missing semicolon(s)

IDEA-126727 (Bug)

Structural search: confusing search results for existing template

IDEA-126616 (Bug)

Structural Search: throwable at com.intellij.structuralsearch.plugin.ui.SearchDialog$

IDEA-126731 (Bug)

Structural search: throwable at com.intellij.structuralsearch.impl.matcher.predicates.ScriptSupport.evaluate



WEB-12426 (Bug)

Typescript formatter doesn't respect disabled "Line comment at first comment"

User Interface


IDEA-126503 (Usability Problem)

Copy reference not working on multiple files

IDEA-126733 (Usability Problem)

Search Everywhere: element is found, but not focused

IDEA-60285 (Usability Problem)

Editor->Auto Import: duplicated keyboard shortcut for "Show Import Popup"

IDEA-103935 (Usability Problem)

Preferences search field should be in focus

IDEA-88319 (Usability Problem)

Tip of the Day should have focus after Idea startup

IDEA-126947 (Cosmetics)

Generalize "Goto Related File" to "Goto Related Symbol"

IDEA-126614 (Bug)

Command+Shift+Up/Down changes size of Goto Class/File/Symbol popups

IDEA-126752 (Bug)

Editor tooltips hide each other

IDEA-126843 (Bug)

Background task window gets smaller

IDEA-124630 (Bug)

Breakpoint indicators not visible

IDEA-126534 (Bug)

PyCharm shows wrong icon (community edition instead of pro version)

Version Control


IDEA-124545 (Usability Problem)

Tab doesn't work in Vcs Log

IDEA-125257 (Usability Problem)

Do not jump to the end of log by pressing 'Up' at the first line

IDEA-122530 (Bug)

Deadlock in com.intellij.openapi.vcs.impl.projectlevelman.AllVcses.getByName()

Version Control. Git


IDEA-124336 (Feature)

Show 'Common Local Branches' even if current ones is not common

IDEA-119824 (Usability Problem)

Git: show descriptive error message if 'author' field is incorrect

IDEA-91620 (Usability Problem)

Git commit author's abbreviated email stays abbreviated after selection.

IDEA-55256 (Usability Problem)

Git: More user-friendly author field in "Commit Dialog"

IDEA-114493 (Cosmetics)

Git: Branches popup has unnecessary hotkeys indicators

IDEA-87092 (Bug)

Git unstash don't show files that are going to be overwrtten.

IDEA-87853 (Bug)

Error when merging or pulling and hidden files would be overwritten

IDEA-91640 (Bug)

You can't type valid '/' symbol as a filter when navigate between Git branches (Ctr+Shift+A, Branches)

IDEA-121825 (Bug)

Git: author name selected from drop-down is applied incorrectly in some cases

IDEA-81935 (Bug)

IDEA warns about changes in files that would be overwritten by merge, but the list is empty

IDEA-119088 (Bug)

'Compare branches' dialog is always on top

IDEA-75228 (Bug)

Git: specifying author sometimes fails

IDEA-90058 (Bug)

Untracked files would be overwritten by merge shows no files

IDEA-90059 (Exception)

Exception when trying to open shelved changes from 'Local changes were not restored' the notification

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-47500 (Bug)

Perforce: Jobs processing: cannot add multiple jobs found by search

IDEA-122107 (Bug)

Perforce +w (always writeable on client) files are flagged as "Modified without checkout"

IDEA-126771 (Bug)

Perforce: work with allwrite workspaces

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