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  • IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 135.908 Release Notes
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IDEA-123896 (Bug)

Navigate -> symbol action doesn't find overloaded methods

IDEA-124097 (Bug)

Structure tool window steals a focus



IDEA-123065 (Usability Problem)

If no targets are added to Android SDK 'Next' button in Android project wizard silently doesn't work

IDEA-124858 (Bug)

Gradle Android module deletes SDKs.



IDEA-125074 (Bug)

Database table edit doesn't keep the result page

IDEA-125172 (Bug)

Cannot execute statement 'EXPLAIN PLAN FOR <statement with parameters>'

IDEA-124835 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: exception instead of data at columns of type 'box[]'

IDEA-120058 (Bug)

Copy-as-update-statements sometimes works incorrectly

IDEA-110463 (Bug)

INSERT exporter does not honour MySQL backslash escapes

IDEA-125008 (Bug)

Database Explorer Bug when delete a foreign key

IDEA-124770 (Bug)

Table editor does not work with tables starting with a digit

IDEA-125072 (Exception)

Database: AE at com.intellij.persistence.database.psi.DbElementImpl.getDataSource



IDEA-124956 (Performance Problem)

PsiShortNameCacheImpl.getClassesByName() is O(N^2)



IDEA-117698 (Bug)

Auto closing of tags in jsp seems to incorrectly prioritize html tags

IDEA-125129 (Bug)

I would like to reopen IDEA-117698

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-124935 (Bug)

Completion font issue on Spring



IDEA-123749 (Feature)

Database console syntax checking falls over for JDBC function references

IDEA-124266 (Bug)

[database db2 dialect] good code marked as red

IDEA-124743 (Bug)

SQL syntax check fails on multiple rule actions syntax (may be postgres specific)

IDEA-114251 (Bug)

DB2 call syntax error

IDEA-123058 (Bug)

Amazon Redshift (Postgres) "ignore nulls" highlighted incorrectly

IDEA-120509 (Bug)

Unrecognized SQL expression (pgTAP test)

IDEA-124143 (Bug)

Sybase: some datatypes are incorrectly marked red

IDEA-124142 (Bug)

Sybase: some datatypes marked unresolved

IDEA-124022 (Bug)

SQL Sybase dialect doesn't understand convert function

IDEA-124465 (Bug)

SQL: Inspections: DB2: false positive 'Adding not null column' inspection

IDEA-123960 (Exception)

SQL: Derby: indexing fails with SOE at ImmutableText.getChars()

IDEA-123957 (Exception)

Database/SQL: Show visualisation fails with AIOOBE at SqlForeignKeyDefinitionImpl.getRefColumn()

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