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  • IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 135.815 Release Notes
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IDEA-124175 (Bug)

JDK 8 style JavaDoc

WEB-12024 (Bug)

Can't create Express project with Hogan.js and session support

IDEA-124057 (Bug)

SSL Handshake failure

IDEA-115374 (Bug)

"Print file" truncates the code on Mac

IDEA-124454 (Bug)

Code inspection reports no errors

IDEA-124318 (Bug)

Persistence SessionFactory in Hibernate module not found

IDEA-124319 (Bug)

In 'Method Hierarchy' tool window 'Functional expression' doesn't bring you to code

IDEA-124320 (Bug)

Redundant appearance of 'Functional expression' 'Method Hierarchy' tool window

IDEA-51883 (Bug)

IDEA prints out huge number of pages

WEB-12014 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.dialects.JSLanguageLevel.ofId

WEB-12013 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.dialects.JSLanguageLevel.ofId



IDEA-93962 (Feature)

Change Proguard logs output dir

IDEA-116225 (Usability Problem)

No @Override on OnCreate generated method.

IDEA-96923 (Task)

Add possibility to launch selected Android tests in "Test Results" window

IDEA-124408 (Bug)

Exception at

IDEA-123992 (Bug)

Colour gutter icons are doubled in fxml files (javafx)

IDEA-120474 (Bug)

Android Nine Patch in IntelliJ

IDEA-115810 (Bug)

Completion of permissions names doesn't work correctly in IDEA 13

IDEA-124396 (Bug)

Exception on update Android

IDEA-105759 (Bug)

Duplicate output with Maven and project compiler output

IDEA-124162 (Bug)

Analyze inspection error

Build tools


WEB-11956 (Bug)

The grunt plugin is not using the NODE_PATH environment variable

Compiling Project


IDEA-124535 (Bug)

com.sun.*.internal packages not found



WEB-11947 (Bug)

Some problems with Dart cmd line app and DartUnit run configurations

WEB-11461 (Bug)

Dart: In debugger all objects has the same id

WEB-11196 (Bug)

'export' directives are handled incorrectly. Was: Code navigation doesn't work for files in different folders

WEB-10524 (Bug)

Dart does not observe export library files



IDEA-124598 (Bug)

Database table editor: keyboard shortcut for Add New Row is not applied

IDEA-123904 (Bug)

No Query Found

IDEA-124479 (Bug)

MS SQL. SQL Insert Statements data extractor does not wrap text values with quotes.



WEB-11784 (Bug)

slow nodejs debug: huge array cause 100 cpu debug

WEB-9103 (Bug)

nodejs: Debugger not showing value of getter

IDEA-123931 (Bug)

Nashorn debugger doesn't stop on breakpoints in some js files

IDEA-123930 (Exception)

AIOOBE at com.intellij.javascript.debugger.nashorn.NashornObject.createValue

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-122732 (Bug)

Javadoc invalid html closing tags

IDEA-124527 (Bug)

Shift-drag after Shift-click starts new selection in editor



IDEA-124413 (Bug)

Cannot use iOS simulator without provisioning profile & keystore



IDEA-122726 (Bug)

JSF tag problems after upgrading to 13.1.1



IDEA-123160 (Bug)

Find Usages doing nothing in 13.1



IDEA-121511 (Exception)

JSPX: Throwable at DocumentFoldingInfo.writeExternal() on pasting java code

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-124043 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't complete method references

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-124271 (Bug)

Bad code green due to type erasure

IDEA-124352 (Bug)

Illegal Java syntax validation error on an overloaded method call

IDEA-124148 (Bug)

JDK 8 lambda support: wrong "Bad return type in method reference"

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-124187 (Bug)

Intention "Replace lambda with anonymous class" introduces bad code

IDEA-124322 (Bug)

Java 8: Create method from method reference: if generic functional interface is instantiated via m.r., type argument is not propagated to new method

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-124349 (Bug)

Extract Parameter refactoring fails for nested calls



IDEA-124222 (Bug)

Inspection "replace with collect" applied to iterables



IDEA-123467 (Performance Problem)

100% CPU when working with PHP and/or Node.js dependencies

WEB-12054 (Bug)

Good code red - es6 Multiline String Templates

WEB-11980 (Bug)

Good code red - es6 double for

Live Edit


WEB-11393 (Bug)

Live edit doesn't work for linked css



IDEA-124360 (Bug)

HSQLDB dialect problems



IDEA-124427 (Bug)

SpringJavaAutowiringInspection fails on beans provided by a FactoryBean



WEB-11690 (Bug)

TypeScript breakpoint is not hit

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-124201 (Bug)

Cannot start single jUnit test

User Interface


IDEA-53663 (Bug)

Middle-mouse (column) select also fires "Go to declaration"



WEB-12072 (Bug)

Spy-JS does not apply CORS headers from proxy

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