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IDEA-123102 (Feature)

Add annotations to the builtin known Nullable/NotNull annotations

IDEA-122290 (Usability Problem)

"Update Copyright" action does not display progress

IDEA-122848 (Bug)

"Update Info: Connection failed" appears when IDEA is started

IDEA-123005 (Bug)

deadlock in awt thread

IDEA-122531 (Bug)

HTML 5 parsing fails in Intellij IDEA 13.1

WEB-11463 (Bug)

EAP 8 License Issues

WEB-11462 (Bug)

Extract variable won't let me type

WEB-11469 (Bug)

Unresolved variable or type for AngularJS controller

WEB-11468 (Bug)

TODO patterns don't match correctly in jsdoc comments

IDEA-122661 (Bug)

"Method overloads method of superclass" inspection missing default methods in Java 8 interfaces

WEB-11498 (Bug)

13.1 Javascript inspections are wrong

IDEA-122436 (Bug)

Java Run doesn't work (IDEA 13.1)

IDEA-122492 (Bug)

identifier highlighting conflicts with current line

IDEA-122578 (Bug)

Support content roots under ignored directories

IDEA-122467 (Bug)

Exception in creating syntax highlighter shouldn't prevent opening a file

IDEA-122561 (Bug)

Some code is not shielded by "" key

IDEA-122188 (Bug)

IDEA 13.1 deadlock when loading project

IDEA-122918 (Bug)

MarkupModel.removeAllHighlighters() does not invalidate

IDEA-122725 (Bug)


IDEA-122677 (Exception)

Internal error: Fatal error initializing 'com.intellij.psi.PsiManager'

IDEA-122757 (Exception)

IOE at



IDEA-121939 (Bug)

IDEA is trying to launch library project as main project

IDEA-121534 (Bug)

Default Run/Debug configuration for Android Application are not saved

IDEA-122299 (Bug)

Android formatter: add option "insert line break before first attribute" for other XML resources

IDEA-122236 (Bug)

Deadlock in 13.1 RC2 (build 135.445)

Build tools


WEB-11416 (Exception)

Grunt: Search Everywhere works incorrectly for "grunt" word

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-122464 (Bug)

Unused declaration ignores annotation patterns

IDEA-122686 (Bug)

Invalid redundant local variable inspection with closures

Code Coverage


IDEA-122267 (Bug)

Coverage on tests not working with JDK 1.5



WEB-11365 (Bug)

Litcoffee: incorrect parsing with text between statements

WEB-11378 (Bug)

Litcoffee: text without indent should be shown as comment by default

WEB-11430 (Bug)

Litcoffee: wrong injection recognition

Compiling Project


IDEA-122367 (Performance Problem)

Build(make) is extremely slow

IDEA-122179 (Performance Problem)

13.1 make/compile is much slower than 13.0



WEB-7235 (Feature)

Improve handling of "packages" folders

WEB-10299 (Bug)

Dart Plugin - Can't run test unless test is a library

WEB-11391 (Bug)

Find usage in Dart does not return full set.

WEB-10435 (Bug)

Dart: local imports don't resolve correctly



IDEA-122434 (Bug)

Table editor does not show table content on DB2 z/OS (reopened)

IDEA-121439 (Bug)

Better defaults for PostgreSQL schemas

IDEA-122604 (Bug)

Table Editor Background Is White On Ubuntu

IDEA-91160 (Exception)

Database console: AE at TextEditorHighlightingPassRegistrarImpl.instantiatePasses() on using same data source in different projects



WEB-11240 (Feature)

Live Console: implement multiple line input

WEB-11577 (Bug)

Tests debugging is broken in WebStorm 8 RC

IDEA-122536 (Bug)

Debug: App Freezes on launch after update to 13.1

WEB-11379 (Bug)

Console attached to the right text intent

WEB-11399 (Bug)

Live Console: variables defined in the console are not autocompleted (global context)

IDEA-122637 (Exception)

CCE at com.intellij.debugger.ui.XBreakpointGroupingByClassRule.getGroup

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-120730 (Usability Problem)

Editor drops the existing selection when hitting Alt while selecting

IDEA-122152 (Usability Problem)

Retain 'the oldest' caret in editor on Esc press

IDEA-122192 (Usability Problem)

highlight usages should have highest priority

IDEA-121916 (Usability Problem)

Allow to select several words with multiple carets with mouse

IDEA-121995 (Usability Problem)

Code selection is reseted on last line with space if Allow placement of caret inside tabs is enabled

IDEA-101698 (Bug)

Huge performance hit when adding new property at the end of the large .properties file (~20k lines).

IDEA-121067 (Bug)

Uncertain editor bug

IDEA-104560 (Bug)

Duplicating the first line with line-wrapping enabled does not work well

IDEA-122505 (Bug)

Incorrect cursor position in "Expression Evaluation" window

IDEA-121156 (Bug)

Editor Caret Odd Behavior For Blank Lines

IDEA-120785 (Bug)

Multiline select issue

IDEA-96467 (Bug)

Block selection is not respected by Toggle Case action

IDEA-121787 (Bug)

Multiple Carets: surround with character (', ", etc) works incorrectly

IDEA-121042 (Bug)

Disable certain types of documentation dialogs (Documentation for proguard.txt)

IDEA-78486 (Bug)

Column selection lost

External Tools


IDEA-122288 (Exception)

Error running <Remote SSH External Tool>: Argument 0 for @NotNull parameter of com/intellij/remote/RemoteFile.isWindowsPath must not be null

File System


IDEA-122344 (Bug)

Unpredictable behavior when file path is more than 260 characters on windows 7

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-122322 (Bug)

Find in Path: Returns empty result set on directory based search.

IDEA-122775 (Bug)

Unselecting "Regular expression" in "Find in Path" dialog makes "Find" button stop working.



IDEA-93218 (Bug)

@UiChild is not recognized on subclasses



IDEA-115872 (Bug)

Running Grails tests should always use --stacktrace



IDEA-122235 (Feature)

Detect groovy scripts from the shebang line

IDEA-121779 (Bug)

Refactoring methods in groovy sometimes add "groovy.lang" prefix incorrectly

IDEA-120443 (Bug)

Groovy: Idea can't compile valid code in implicitly typed statically compiled extension module

IDEA-122138 (Bug)

Spock tests: formatting regression in where blocks

IDEA-122052 (Bug)

Groovy: blinking red highlighting

IDEA-119863 (Bug)

Extract variable moves variable above label

IDEA-122050 (Bug)

Groovy. Good code red. @Typechecked.



WEB-8630 (Bug)

Autocomplete of link rel should include 'import'

WEB-10538 (Bug)

Shift + hover imae reference/color doesn't show preview most of the times

WEB-11445 (Bug)

AngularJS filters break Emmet



IDEA-122793 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.1 for Mac (10.9.2) hangs. I don't know what is causing it. I have to "Force Quit" it.



IDEA-121807 (Bug)

Tomcat Logs doesn't show



IDEA-122428 (Bug)

Change make a new line in a jsp file

IDEA-121510 (Exception)

JSP: reindex: INRE through JspSpiUtil.isIncludedOrIncludesSomething()

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-121693 (Feature)

Postfix completion for System.out.println()

IDEA-122459 (Feature)

Postfix completion: template for String.format

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-119535 (Usability Problem)

JDK 1.8 valid code is red when using more complicated stream functions

IDEA-122129 (Cosmetics)

agentmain method is highlighted as unused

IDEA-122700 (Bug)

lambda type inference broken

IDEA-122475 (Bug)

On-line error checking does not catch inheritance with different type parameters when variance is involved

IDEA-121400 (Bug)

Good code is red

IDEA-122486 (Bug)

Diamonds became broken in Idea 13.1

IDEA-122406 (Bug)

Failing imports on guava code in 13.1

IDEA-122401 (Bug)

Java 8 parser flagging incorrect error

IDEA-122100 (Bug)

Good code red: Inference problems

IDEA-122519 (Bug)

Legal code is red: "No enclosing instance of type XXX in scope"

IDEA-122681 (Bug)

Incorrect error highlighting for Java 8: getSet(E) cannot be applied to (java.lang.Object)

IDEA-122616 (Bug)

Good code red: lambda in overloaded constructor with diamond syntax leads to invalid error detection

IDEA-122720 (Bug)

Disallow default interface method to call Cloneable.super.clone()

IDEA-120563 (Bug)

IntelliJ doesn't recognize compile error when casting generics

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-122706 (Feature)

Java 8: intention "replace with collect" adds .map(x -> x), identity function call

IDEA-120869 (Usability Problem)

Unwrap allows to select multiple items but applies just one

IDEA-122392 (Bug)

intention: "Create Local Var from instanceof Usage" does not format generated code

IDEA-122410 (Bug)

Intention: "foreach loop can be collapsed with stream api" yields invalid output

IDEA-121490 (Bug)

Intention 'Convert to local' creates wrong code

IDEA-122347 (Bug)

No quick fix to add explicit type arguments

IDEA-122667 (Bug)

Quick fix to add explicit type arguments inserts fully qualified class name

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-122014 (Bug)

Extract method duplicates analysis fails in case of inner classes

IDEA-122756 (Bug)

Introduce constant behaviour changes if there is no semicolon at the end of the line

IDEA-122614 (Bug)

"introduce parameter" dialog does not have a scroll bar on the right

IDEA-121234 (Bug)

IDEA can not update method return type

IDEA-122548 (Exception)

Exception while inlining method

IDEA-121180 (Exception)

Exception: Introduce parameter from final local var in anonymous class



IDEA-122785 (Bug)

"statement lambda can be expression lambda" inspection doesn't warn on expressions

IDEA-120221 (Bug)

Allow to replacing anonymous classes with conflicting variables to lambda

IDEA-122796 (Bug)

False negative - "Call to 'printStackTrace()'

IDEA-122836 (Bug)

Field can be made local inspection should be a bit smarter

IDEA-122388 (Bug)

Replace with 'Integer.valueOf()' call raises Exception

IDEA-122191 (Bug)

"cyclic inference" error.

IDEA-120639 (Bug)

Inspection "Unused declaration" should not apply to the public constructors of Externalizable classes.



IDEA-122710 (Bug)

JavaFX sources should be added when SDK is created



WEB-9055 (Bug)

Invalid inline suggestion.

WEB-11576 (Bug)

html tag not highlighted in string

Local History


IDEA-122495 (Performance Problem)

Local history performance regression in 13.1



IDEA-102693 (Bug)

Can't update maven repository

IDEA-84402 (Bug)

Maven and Intellij and glassfish, directories vs. Jar files



IDEA-122452 (Bug)

Make fails on Error:java.lang.NullPointerException since 13.1

IDEA-122758 (Bug)

OSGi bundling fails with an exception in Intelli 13.1.1

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-122154 (Performance Problem)

Make of plugin module dependent on another module will needlessly rebuild plugin artifact (causing slow makes, even if nothing has changed)



IDEA-122639 (Bug)

Supr ALWAYS invoke Safe Detele

IDEA-120945 (Bug)

Safe delete finds occurrences in files that are going to be deleted

IDEA-122264 (Bug)

Cannot move resources

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-102508 (Bug)

error status of run configuration is not updated after fix



WEB-11360 (Bug)

IDEA Sass parser won't allow to use parens after a pseudoclass if pseudoclass name is interpolated: `.foo:#{$bar}(1)` produces "End of line expected"

WEB-11364 (Bug)

Double-clicking a filename in the @import statement selects text weirdly



IDEA-122922 (Bug)

'On duplicate key update' cannot resolve aliases

IDEA-122493 (Bug)

SQL Sybase dialect datepart function missing arguments

IDEA-122140 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: correct statement with OPERATOR(schema.operator) is red

IDEA-121965 (Bug)


IDEA-121753 (Bug)

H2 SQL "create index" marked as invalid

IDEA-122444 (Bug)

MSSQL: no code completion when setting IDENTITY_INSERT but statement is green

IDEA-122350 (Bug)

PostgreSQL False Positives Using "FOR...IN DELETE/UPDATE...RETURNING" Statements



IDEA-122572 (Feature)

Spring MVC: JSP @elvariable should take precedence over calculated @ModelAttribute

IDEA-122880 (Performance Problem)

Search Everywhere is stuck

IDEA-121436 (Performance Problem)

Code analysis is taking high CPU load for very long time

IDEA-122983 (Performance Problem)

InjelliJ IDEA Freeze when changing spring context

IDEA-123148 (Bug)

UI unresponsive

IDEA-122660 (Bug)

IDEA hangs when editing the job id value in a Spring Batch XML config file

IDEA-123165 (Exception)

INRE at com.intellij.util.indexing.FileBasedIndexImpl.a

Task Management


IDEA-122125 (Bug)

"Close Active Task" fail on commit

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-122178 (Bug)

Good code red: FreeMarker macro called with sequence literal

IDEA-120128 (Bug)

FreeMarker macro extra... parameter is not (really) supported

IDEA-122605 (Bug)

FreeMarker can't figure out custom generics



IDEA-122273 (Bug)

Cmd + Number does not switch other tool window when focus in Terminal

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-122937 (Bug)

Make program arguments read-only for JUnit Run Configuration

IDEA-121076 (Bug)

JunitRunner tries to run tests from resources that are not compiled

IDEA-119742 (Bug)

Test run tool-window - at least two actions (menu items) do not have icons are will be displayed as empty rectangles in some cases

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-122835 (Bug)

Can't run all tests in a group for the whole project

IDEA-122498 (Bug)

Code completion with @DataProvider does not work anymore

IDEA-122724 (Bug)

TestNG executor too smart for its own good?

Unit Tests


WEB-11407 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: provide possibility to define executable via UI

User Interface


IDEA-122928 (Bug)

Duplicate symbols in SearchEverywhere

IDEA-122833 (Bug)

SearchEverywhere: renderer is broken in Jr. IDEs

IDEA-120011 (Bug)

quick documentation looses styling

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-122565 (Bug)

CVS: files shown not under version control in 13.1

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-122795 (Bug)

Mercurial pull + merge automatically + commit nor longer works, merge dialog does not provide second head option.

IDEA-122358 (Bug)

Push should use 'default' path by default

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-122679 (Usability Problem)

Perforce plugin large operations may take down p4 server



IDEA-122861 (Bug)

IDE fails to open HTML files on a system with Turkish locale



WEB-11578 (Bug)

Spy-js: correctly save "URL to trace" path

WEB-11603 (Bug)

Spy-js: calculated function name breaks IDE if contains semicolon

WEB-11580 (Bug)

Spy-js: disable "Refresh the page in browser" action for stopped server

WEB-11448 (Bug)

Spy-js: web page is not traced without notice

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