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WEB-11248 (Bug)

Grunt: provide message if Grunt Console cannot be opened

WEB-11293 (Bug)

XML configuration files inconsistent element ordering

WEB-11273 (Bug)

PhpStorm hanged on enabling JS|Other|"Align multiline variable declaration" code style checkbox

IDEA-121259 (Bug)

Generated toString() placed in incorrect class

WEB-11266 (Bug)

Grunt: open Console on first opening

IDEA-121803 (Exception)

IllegalArgumentException: Illegal pattern character 't' at java.text.SimpleDateFormat.compile



IDEA-101688 (Feature)

Android AAPT: Support -0 (zero) option, to specify file extensions for which such files should not be compressed by aapt

IDEA-88460 (Feature)

Allow to run/debug android application from atrifact

IDEA-89857 (Feature)

Automatically add android:layout_width and android:layout_height. Close with correct tag.

IDEA-85550 (Feature)

Suggest to run SDK Manager to download Android platforms instead of "Cannot find any Android targets" error

IDEA-88598 (Feature)

don't suggest 'gen' directory as target for refactorings

IDEA-79379 (Feature)

Make 'export signed android package' part of the build

IDEA-111435 (Feature)

Add support for new Android Library Dependencies (.aar)

IDEA-103320 (Feature)

Android/XML code style: add "Insert line break after last attribute" option

IDEA-120219 (Feature)

Delete alternative resource files. Default action.

IDEA-93136 (Usability Problem)

"Cannot find appropriate Android platform" notification should have quickfix to run SDK Manager

IDEA-93056 (Cosmetics)

Non-modal name validation in "Extract layout"

IDEA-120248 (Task)

Port Android Studio project structure UI to IntelliJ

IDEA-120238 (Task)

Do not suggest JavaFX and Swing classes during autocompletion in Android+Maven project

IDEA-120900 (Bug)

It sounds like Intellij IDEA does not completely support Android Archive (AAR)

IDEA-119286 (Bug)

Create Activity menu gone

IDEA-120696 (Bug)

Maven AAR dependency fail to generate R resource class

IDEA-116827 (Bug)

Completion of layout attributes doesn't work if parent tag is "merge"

IDEA-117269 (Bug)

Android Gradle New Project Wizard: default image file path is incorrect in Community Edition on Mac OS

IDEA-112128 (Bug)

android watches do not survive app restart

IDEA-95871 (Bug)

'Logcat' tab cannot show fatal errors causing application crash

IDEA-117037 (Bug)

Creating a new Android Library does not enable Gradle plugin

IDEA-117201 (Bug)

Android Gradle: gradle support in editor is missing in android-gradle projects

IDEA-116009 (Bug)

Intellij 13 hangs with large android project after git rebase

IDEA-116970 (Bug)

IU-133.79 dx.jar

IDEA-119421 (Bug)

Android run config complains when launch Activity declared in android library

IDEA-119450 (Bug)

IDEA does not correctly import an android maven project which uses apklibs that do not define the maven-android-plugin in their pom

IDEA-115319 (Bug)

Android DataSource to external storage works only partially

IDEA-118672 (Bug)

Android Module Settings

IDEA-119006 (Bug)

Android inspection: default activity reported to not be instantiated

IDEA-116883 (Bug)

Creating an Android Application does not put default intent in AndroidManifest.xml & Project SDK set wrong

IDEA-116665 (Bug)

Running instrumentation tests for APK with renamed package name failed

IDEA-119489 (Bug)

Import maven project with error

IDEA-117093 (Bug)

params in method in onClick marked as never used

IDEA-115497 (Bug)

Android Manifest Merger messages are incomprehensible

IDEA-95005 (Bug)

Android facet doesn't support resource overlay directories

IDEA-114118 (Bug)

android logcat filter resets upon debug restart

IDEA-96814 (Bug)

"Convert to dp" doesn't do anything in Android styles

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-104026 (Feature)

Code Formatter could probably distinguish type annotations from field/variable/etc. annotations



IDEA-104501 (Bug)

Database editor does not support edit table value with UUID as primary key in Postgresql



IDEA-121964 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.javascript.debugger.nashorn.NashornObject.loadVariables

IDEA-119908 (Usability Problem)

Smart Step doesn't work for classes generated with java 8

IDEA-121645 (Usability Problem)

Breakpoints conversion: disabled condition is just lost

IDEA-121806 (Bug)

Breakpoints fail after file modification

IDEA-88643 (Bug)

delete item from list of breakpoints by pressing delete key: selection should not return to position 1.

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-121800 (Usability Problem)

Live templates are shown in 'Find in Path' dialog if 'autopopup completion' is enabled



IDEA-79466 (Feature)

gradle support should generate web module configuration

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-112499 (Bug)

Static imports in live templates fail the second time they're used

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-121909 (Bug)

Method reference to generic type red but compile and runs

IDEA-121834 (Bug)

try-with-resource gives compile error when close() exception is generic

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-54397 (Bug)

Override/Implement methods intention could keep type and method annotations

IDEA-121784 (Bug)

Add on demand static import intention not available when single-member static import present

IDEA-121828 (Bug)

Add single member static import intention should be available on incomplete code

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-54387 (Bug)

Refactoring / Introduce parameter could leave type annotation if it is defined for ElementType.TYPE_USE

IDEA-54396 (Bug)

Refactoring / Wrap Return Value could keep type annotations

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-11297 (Bug)

add support for jshint noyield

Project Configuration


IDEA-115074 (Bug)

New Project Wizard: Grails: grails-specific settings are missing



WEB-11270 (Bug)

Compass: support wildcard imports



IDEA-121813 (Bug)

ide freezes while editing sql



IDEA-121794 (Bug)

Spring MVC support plugin throws hundreds of StackOverflowErrors

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-119626 (Bug)

Add junit.jar Intention should add hamcrest jars in case of junit 4.11

User Interface


IDEA-116046 (Usability Problem)

Hide irrelevant run configuration types from 'Add New Configuration' popup

IDEA-121816 (Bug)

Tabs change positions after project reopening with tab closing policy = activate right neighbor

Version Control


IDEA-118947 (Feature)

Git Log: improve cherry-picking process by providing an option to hide/dim commits that are equal to some existing in the current branch

IDEA-121990 (Bug)

Filter by old branch fails with exception if full graph is not loaded

Version Control. Git


IDEA-121818 (Bug)

Git Log: when HEAD is selected in branch filters the log is cleared

IDEA-121817 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.vcs.log.newgraph.facade.GraphData.assertRange



IDEA-113332 (Usability Problem)

Typing an attribute in XML/HTML files ends up with corrupted XML



WEB-11298 (Bug)

"Jump to Caller" highlights incorrect code line when some files are filtered out from the stack

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