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  • IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 135.1228 Release Notes
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IDEA-126591 (Bug)

Android Support NPE



IDEA-56227 (Bug)

Ant build fails with error in IDEA, but works from the command line with delete/fileset and failonerror=false



IDEA-126717 (Bug)

Aspect-J compilation broken in 13.1.4 EAP and 14 EAP



IDEA-116671 (Bug)

Database Table Editor: pressing Tab while filling with values inserted row leaves editing mode

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-126598 (Bug)

Find in open files does not find occurences in files outside of project



IDEA-126545 (Bug)

Gradle WAR: Resource directory in 'war' with 'into' closure not imported

IDEA-126899 (Bug)

Unknown JavaEE module extension

IDEA-126544 (Bug)

Gradle WAR: Empty directories in 'war' are not included during import

IDEA-123068 (Bug)

Failed to execute main in gradle module



IDEA-125200 (Bug)

IDE freezes at startup for large project (focus loss save waiting on indexing?)



IDEA-117698 (Bug)

Auto closing of tags in jsp seems to incorrectly prioritize html tags

IDEA-125129 (Bug)

I would like to reopen IDEA-117698

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-126528 (Bug)

Mac OS: IDEA Ultimate #135.1138 with bundled JDK doesn't start

User Interface


IDEA-122894 (Usability Problem)

License dialog: License key: provide precise diagnostic for rejected key

Version Control


IDEA-122530 (Bug)

Deadlock in com.intellij.openapi.vcs.impl.projectlevelman.AllVcses.getByName()

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