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IDEA-119508 (Feature)

Pass PsiFile (or Project) to ImportFilter

WEB-11194 (Bug)

runnerw.exe not working on win XP

IDEA-117325 (Bug)

Coloring of variable disappears when variable reassigned a value inside an if(){}

WEB-11207 (Bug)

Patch to 8.0 build 134.1361 fails on Win 8.1

IDEA-121008 (Bug)

Enter License dialog: Problem entering key? seems to do nothing

IDEA-119509 (Bug)

The ambiguous import dialog should obey the ImportFilter

IDEA-121306 (Bug)

License: start with expired evaluation: Enter License shows Evaluate option the first time

IDEA-120951 (Bug)

New build failed to start

IDEA-121338 (Bug)

Multiple Carets: Menu items for multiple cursors are empty

WEB-10683 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.util.IconLoader.getIcon



WEB-11202 (Bug)

CSS: Parse @charset declaration

Code Navigation


IDEA-120160 (Feature)

Navigate to Super Method for lambda's



WEB-11203 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: leading point in chained calls is not recognized

WEB-11204 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: expansion inside array

Compiling Project


IDEA-120811 (Bug)

compile-server process hung with 0 CPU

IDEA-121558 (Bug)

Incremental "Make" not working, needs full module compile



WEB-11113 (Bug)

[DART] "void" return falsely type reported as unexpected



IDEA-114257 (Usability Problem)

Database console: keyboard shortcut for Close does Hide in the output

IDEA-120049 (Bug)

Can't list SQL Server database with space in its name

IDEA-120886 (Bug)

Modifying length for MySQL column performs refactoring preview



WEB-10187 (Feature)

Add JSON console inspection in JS debugger.

IDEA-121589 (Usability Problem)

Breakpoints dialog: breakpoint categories should be present in a fixed order

IDEA-121642 (Cosmetics)

Breakpoints dialog: closing "Disabled until" hides preview

IDEA-121389 (Cosmetics)

Breakpoint tooltip: duplicated information and red color

IDEA-105047 (Task)

Map help button and F1 of the Breakpoints dialog

IDEA-121553 (Bug)

Converted field and exception breakpoints are not available to user

IDEA-121505 (Bug)

Breakpoint properties popup: More link does not work if over tool window splitter

IDEA-121502 (Bug)

Breakpoint condition language is reverted to default once breakpoint properties opened

IDEA-121508 (Bug)

Breakpoints in JSP scriptlets are ignored

IDEA-121675 (Bug)

Nashorn: Debug: RunToCursor is always disabled when js file is active

IDEA-81276 (Bug)

Show the current program execution point does not bring hidden windows to front

IDEA-121640 (Bug)

Breakpoints conversion: conditions and log message languages all turn to Java

IDEA-121643 (Bug)

Breakpoints conversion: exception breakpoint dependencies are lost

IDEA-121644 (Bug)

Breakpoints conversion: wildcard method breakpoints get Method entry = Method exit = true

WEB-4379 (Bug)

Smart step into does not give me all the methods

IDEA-121711 (Bug)

Breakpoints dialog: cannot select items in Field Watchpoints section

IDEA-121393 (Bug)

Breakpoint: enabled breakpoint does not update its icon appearance

IDEA-121151 (Bug)

Breakpoints dialog: Group by Package / File shows exception items in wrong branch

IDEA-121491 (Bug)

Breakpoints inside anonymous class used in a field initializer

IDEA-121392 (Bug)

Breakpoint popup: click aside popup loses Suspend = Yes value

IDEA-121390 (Bug)

Breakpoints: mute on / off: breakpoint appearance updates only on focus change

IDEA-121387 (Bug)

Breakpoints dialog: Exception breakpoints: no language chooser for Condition

WEB-11122 (Bug)

LiveConsole: do not hide input/output



IDEA-121371 (Cosmetics)

Use sentence case in Diff viewer

IDEA-103517 (Bug)

Diff: do not show error mark for added pictures for Diff invoked from History Tab

IDEA-82129 (Bug)

Hard to use merge dialog because changed text segments are not matched

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-73814 (Feature)


IDEA-121518 (Bug)

Cannot edit files in IDEA after project opening

IDEA-108454 (Bug)

Type parameters are lost when implementing method returning inner class of generic class

IDEA-121283 (Bug)

Multiple Carets: Alt-J keyboard shortcut should be changed for Mac

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-121253 (Usability Problem)

Allow to edit/add contract annotation for library method at usage location

File System


IDEA-121307 (Bug)

Cannot create new file

File Watchers


WEB-9789 (Bug)

'included' jade files dont trigger includee recompilation



IDEA-121420 (Feature)

Move to a class definition after CTRL-click on def for inferred type in Groovy

IDEA-120908 (Bug)

"Local variable is reassigned" false positive in AnnotatedTypeTest.testTypeComposition()

IDEA-121409 (Bug)

Weird "local groovy variable is reassigned" inspection on good code

IDEA-121378 (Bug)

Groovy: inspections: Access to untyped expression reports this and super

IDEA-121423 (Bug)

Groovy: Add import action exception

IDEA-121140 (Bug)

Spock data driven tests formatting broken

IDEA-121531 (Bug)

False positive for "Named arguments are not allowed inside index operations"



WEB-8288 (Bug)

Navigate | Related File : Includes stylesheet but ignores scripts if located inside IE conditional comment

WEB-11032 (Bug)

→ marked as unexpected token unless surrounded by <div>



IDEA-121632 (Bug)

DomStubBuilder#getStubVersion does not use DomFileDescription#getStubVersion



IDEA-97566 (Usability Problem)

Persistence tool window: Jump to Source on multiple selection opens one file

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-120290 (Feature)

Deprecated methods in import popup.

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-121377 (Bug)

Bad code is green: Diamond expressions are not supported at this language level

IDEA-121251 (Bug)

Compilation error not shown in editor

IDEA-118965 (Bug)

Java 8: Syntax error in editor - Cannot resovle symbol

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-121379 (Bug)

"Remove braces from if statement" is not available on "if" keyword and condition of if-else construct



IDEA-121187 (Usability Problem)

"Method names differ only by case" is reported even if methods are different not only by case, but by signature as well

IDEA-121658 (Bug)

Java 1.8: "Replace with forEach" quick fix is not suggested if for statement is not surrounded with braces

IDEA-120205 (Bug)

'Constant Conditions & Exceptions' tries to make lambda @Nullable

IDEA-118426 (Bug)

'Unused import' global inspection suggests to remove used import directive

IDEA-121621 (Bug)

Java 1.8: "Replace with collect" quick fix inserts unresolved method reference

IDEA-121433 (Bug)

'Auto-unboxing' inspection misses cases



WEB-11188 (Bug)

PyCharm 3.1.1 no longer errors on an invalid require path

WEB-11148 (Bug)

AngularJS: Unresolved paths to templates from $templateCache

WEB-11094 (Bug)

Regular hangs in 13.1.01 64bit using Node + SCSS project

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-10654 (Feature)

AngularJS: Support for angular-ui-router

WEB-11179 (Bug)

AngularJS interpolated bindings with underscore are shown as errors

WEB-11152 (Bug)

AngularJS: Parsing failure

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-8458 (Bug)

Wrong inspection error on implemented interface methods

WEB-10607 (Bug)

Wrong Javascript inspection warning: "Variable might not have been initialized"



WEB-11187 (Bug)

LESS interpreter still marks ~ character as an error

Language Injection


IDEA-115491 (Usability Problem)

Fragment editor > Save as: provide default directory

IDEA-115490 (Usability Problem)

Fragment editor > Save as: forbidden default name



IDEA-121285 (Bug)

Maven: missing classifier in managed dependency

IDEA-105837 (Bug)

Intellij Idea caches maven snapshot dependencies forever

IDEA-117380 (Bug)

Can't remove multiple Maven projects at the same time

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-121551 (Task)

please sign runnerw.exe and commit

IDEA-121418 (Bug)

Update to EAP 134.1342 fails with access denied

IDEA-121383 (Bug)

Intellij EAP 1342 Does not start on Mac



IDEA-120901 (Bug)

SQL editor doesn't recognize row references in WHEN clauses in triggers

IDEA-121345 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: XMLSerialize with correct datatype is red and vice versa

IDEA-121397 (Bug)

Postgres "set" statements are underlined as red

IDEA-120493 (Bug)

Cannot query table named Case



IDEA-120977 (Bug)

False positive for an abstract class: "Warning: Class doesn't contain matching constructor for autowiring"

IDEA-121401 (Exception)

Spring Web Flow: NoClassDefFoundError: com/intellij/spring/web/mvc/views/SpringMVCViewReferenceProvider

IDEA-121533 (Exception)

INRE at com.intellij.util.indexing.FileBasedIndexImpl.a



WEB-11157 (Bug)

Reformat code uses wrong indentation in TypeScript interface after /** */ comment

User Interface


IDEA-94440 (Task)

Icons: Struts 1/Tiles/Validator

IDEA-121582 (Exception)

UnsatisfiedLinkError: Unable to load library 'notify'

Version Control


IDEA-110943 (Bug)

Apply Patch: Bogus "-" at the end of new file

Version Control. Git


IDEA-119238 (Bug)

Git: Amend Commit: load multi-root messages regard to updated check-boxes

IDEA-121555 (Bug)

Can't use "Open on GitHub", "Rebase my GitHub fork" and "Create Pull Request" when a project cloned from GitHub Enterprise

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-109794 (Feature)

Should be possible to push mercurial bookmark

IDEA-121096 (Feature)

The ability to delete Mercurial bookmark



WEB-11182 (Feature)

Spy-js: use high precision timer where available

WEB-11153 (Feature)

Spy-js: Events: disable "Refresh page" action for not traced documents

WEB-11228 (Bug)

Spy-js: Events: unstable inactive marker

WEB-11161 (Bug)

SpyJS "Jump to Source" not working

WEB-11156 (Bug)

Spy-js: hide exception for the worker error

WEB-10557 (Bug)

Spy-js: IE: Cannot switch to old mode error

WEB-11144 (Bug)

Spy-js: Events: should always inform about execution time

WEB-11136 (Bug)

Spy-js: avoid problems with encoding while tracing

WEB-11139 (Bug)

Spy-js: avoid "Error in worker while parsing..." error for valid files

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