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WEB-11069 (Task)

unexpected vertical scrollbar in Bower integration

IDEA-120941 (Bug)

Stack overflow error from VFS

IDEA-120952 (Bug)

After update 134.1160 SBT console can not start. Method is missing. Break backward compatibility

WEB-11002 (Bug)

require("") breaks JavaScript Libraries

IDEA-120906 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.ide.util.projectWizard.SdkSettingsStep.<init>



IDEA-120248 (Task)

Port Android Studio project structure UI to IntelliJ

IDEA-120900 (Bug)

It sounds like Intellij IDEA does not completely support Android Archive (AAR)

IDEA-119421 (Bug)

Android run config complains when launch Activity declared in android library



IDEA-120720 (Bug)

AspectJ post weaving don't work on Windows if not in c:



WEB-10820 (Usability Problem)

Break CSS "Missing/Redundant" into two separate inspections

WEB-8342 (Bug)

incorrect css inspection: invalid value: should be integer



IDEA-120038 (Usability Problem)

Redesing Git cloud frameworks UI

Code Analysis. Dependencies


IDEA-97292 (Cosmetics)

Dependency Matrix looks bad with darcula

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-116229 (Bug)

Invalid Warning: Contents of array 'longs' are written to, but never read

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-120157 (Bug)

Reformat code ignores "keep dependent methods together" order



IDEA-120911 (Usability Problem)

follow link by keyboard



WEB-10523 (Bug)

Generator for getter add parens in Dart

WEB-9953 (Bug)

Dart: types completion is broken in some cases



IDEA-116315 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: DataSource does not resolve table name with $ in name

IDEA-120439 (Bug)

Table editor fails on SQL Server database with case sensitive collation



IDEA-109979 (Feature)

The ability to set breakpoints in the breakpoints edit window

IDEA-121294 (Usability Problem)

Toggling breakpoint with a mouse causes unfolding of a section

IDEA-121301 (Usability Problem)

Setting a breakpoint after navigation to a folded method

IDEA-120994 (Bug)

Debugger: tooltip on multiline string value - no need to escape quote characters

IDEA-120904 (Bug)

Debugger UI: watch variable text field is shown when debug tool window is hidden

IDEA-46403 (Bug)

Breakpoint on an empty line

IDEA-120931 (Bug)

Threads tree in "Debugger" pane displays incorrect thread name



IDEA-120993 (Bug)

Git commit dialog shows incorrect diff

IDEA-121050 (Bug)

Incorrect hint

IDEA-95011 (Bug)

Diff file size limit exception handled poorly

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-120976 (Cosmetics)

'Complete' work is mentioned 3 times in a simple sentence

IDEA-121138 (Bug)

Tab completion does not work in autopopup

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-121057 (Usability Problem)

Multiple Carets: Alt-N works in "whole word" mode if the whole word is initially selected

IDEA-121182 (Bug)

Plain text autodetection isn't rerun on file content change

IDEA-117902 (Bug)

Commit message wrapping behaves strangely

IDEA-121099 (Bug)

Ctrl + Shift + Arrows doesn't work with multiply cursors

IDEA-116706 (Bug)

Unselect word at caret doesn't work reversing through lambdarized anonymous class

IDEA-121011 (Exception)

assertion at

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-120568 (Bug)

typo: "gzip" / "GZIP"

File Watchers


WEB-10915 (Bug)

Limit on command for File Watchers?

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-83657 (Bug)

Can't find text in files under .idea

IDEA-120648 (Bug)

'Whole words only' option works incorrectly in 'Find in Path'



IDEA-121110 (Bug)

Fails to package AIR mobile app using AIR SDK 13



IDEA-110052 (Bug)

[GWT] Make IntelliJ ignore the "Picked up _JAVA_OPTS=...." output when compiling GWT

IDEA-120199 (Bug)

Unable to open Module Settings (F4)



IDEA-120842 (Bug)

Testing TagLib with closure named 'script' gives warning



IDEA-121193 (Bug)

Don't show 'Class already exists' error if there are two groovy classes with the same qualified name in different modules

IDEA-120979 (Bug)

Static method call in instance context

IDEA-120834 (Bug)

Same-class methods should be preferred over static imports

IDEA-120526 (Bug)

Groovy: Inline brakes code

IDEA-121140 (Bug)

Spock data driven tests formatting broken

IDEA-120885 (Bug)

"as" not recognized as keyword in Groovy code completion

IDEA-117643 (Bug)

Groovy binding vars (script) does not evaluated in debugger

IDEA-119691 (Bug)

Groovy: expression is highlighted wrongly as member variable



WEB-9670 (Bug)

'Surround with Emmet' doesn't work with block selection

IDE Configuration


IDEA-120625 (Bug)

Save file as template

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-114881 (Bug)

ApplicationServers: additional libraries adding to configured server should not suggest to add each of them to module(s) if no modules are available



IDEA-104898 (Bug)

Renaming a JPA property field no longer asks if getter/setter should be renamed as well

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-118094 (Feature)

smart completion in annotation: allow exclude

IDEA-118988 (Feature)

completion could add 'value=' in annotation

IDEA-119396 (Bug)

Complete current statement on array.

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-120992 (Bug)

Good code is red: java 8 type inference for Stream#collect

IDEA-121055 (Bug)

Good code red: Java 8's type parameter detection is not correctly guessed by IDEA

IDEA-121052 (Bug)

Good code red: IDEA fails to derive argument type of nested lambda expression

IDEA-120698 (Bug)

Replacing anonymous type with lambda can create uncompilable code

IDEA-121063 (Bug)

Good code red: Java 8 type inference fails in constructors of anonymous classes

IDEA-117124 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: good code is red: lambda with varargs, if interface method is declared with array parameter (or vice versa)

IDEA-117530 (Bug)

Java 8 code inspection seems to be incorrect in Intellij 13

IDEA-120784 (Bug)

"Class is public should be declared in a file named <Classname>.java" for inner interface

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-120469 (Bug)

Java8, expand lambda to anonymous class problem

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-117332 (Feature)

Change signature refactoring should warn about @Contract conflict

IDEA-121036 (Bug)

Rename variables broken UI



IDEA-121215 (Bug)

Java 1.8: "Interface may be annotated with @FunctionalInterface" inspection should not report @interfaces

IDEA-120699 (Bug)

Illegal forward references after conversion to Lambda

IDEA-120767 (Bug)

Quick-fix for "Static method referenced via subclass" discards generic, results in invalid code

IDEA-120165 (Bug)

"Anonymous type can be replaced with lambda" should probably not warn where a statement is expected

IDEA-120799 (Bug)

Quick-fix for "Unnecessary parentheses" changes expression semantics

IDEA-119819 (Bug)

Cannot suppress warnings for inspection "Unnecessary unicode escape sequence"



WEB-8139 (Feature)

Please add JSDoc 3 @callback support

WEB-11050 (Bug)

Project-level javascript libraries in IDEA

WEB-10898 (Bug)

properties merged into object using $.extend() not suggested by completion when object instance is used as second argument

WEB-11073 (Bug)

Resolve window properties from reference with qualifier of unknown type

WEB-10933 (Bug)

jQuery wildcard inside :not() reported as error ("unexpected token")

WEB-10932 (Bug)

Create a predefined library for ES6 types

WEB-10314 (Bug)

JavaScript autocomplete problem: clicking space immediately inserts autocompleted value

WEB-9447 (Bug)

JSDoc: 'Argument type not assignable to param type' when using parameters with properties

WEB-10585 (Bug)

Move statement up in JSON/JavaScript literal: Bad comma treatment

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-10654 (Feature)

AngularJS: Support for angular-ui-router

WEB-11115 (Bug)

AngularJS: injection inside injected script tag breaks highlighting

WEB-11111 (Bug)

AngularJS: some directives are not recognized as allowed

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-11077 (Bug)

Javascript function metrics don't work for function expressions

WEB-10607 (Bug)

Wrong Javascript inspection warning: "Variable might not have been initialized"



IDEA-25934 (Feature)

Maven: Webapp resources filtering

IDEA-120054 (Bug)

Maven: war: non-filtered resource is not copied to output



WEB-11147 (Bug)

NPM: Upgrade is disabled for package that was selected before it's version was fetched

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-120866 (Usability Problem)

Improve usability of 'Uninstall old version(s)' step

IDEA-121268 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA doesn't start with JDK 7 on OS X

IDEA-120912 (Bug)

auto update fails on Windows

Project Configuration


IDEA-120771 (Usability Problem)

New Project dialog: Spring + Web: it is impossible to select application server

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-76185 (Bug)

Macro: $SelectionStartColumn$ and $SelectionEndColumn$ external tools macros count tabs as expanded spaces



WEB-11042 (Bug)

Incorrect syntax error in SCSS when using interpolation, dashes, and numbers inside a mixin



IDEA-120907 (Bug)

Unresolved reference false positive on some MySQL table keys

IDEA-112954 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: multiline comments with nested blocks are red

IDEA-120379 (Bug)

Oracle SQL reformat breaks on IS

IDEA-74882 (Bug)

SQL: Derby: nested multiline comments are red

IDEA-88669 (Bug)

SQL: SQLServer: DROP INDEX with qualified identifier is yellow

IDEA-76839 (Bug)

SQL: SQLServer, Sybase: nested multiline comments are interpreted incorrectly



IDEA-120558 (Feature)

spring mvc: provide completion variants for DispatcherServlet init-parameters

IDEA-121186 (Bug)

Spring MVC: <mvc:view-controller> refactoring not working when invoked from XML

IDEA-109539 (Bug)

Spring MVC: evaluate model attributes from method calls and constants

IDEA-120946 (Bug)

UnsupportedOperationException while navigating to spring context from class

IDEA-120943 (Bug)

spring mvc: "webAppRootKey" should not be suggested for servlet init-param

IDEA-106936 (Bug)

Spring MVC:lost navigation in JSP if use String constant in controller

IDEA-121087 (Bug)

Spring Support Plugin Throwing Error

IDEA-120895 (Bug)

Spring MVC: treat multiple @RequestMapping with same URL correctly

IDEA-121141 (Bug)

StackOverflow errors due to Spring context config

IDEA-121324 (Bug)

SpringELLanguage class isn't found error running 134.1332

IDEA-94795 (Bug)

Spring MVC: model attributes are not resolved in views resolved using XmlViewResolver

Task Management


IDEA-121192 (Bug)

Task management: JIRA: Search: order by clause causes errors in Open Task

IDEA-121077 (Bug)

Tasks: JIRA: error in query composition on typing search criteria in Open Task

IDEA-121074 (Bug)

Settings / Tasks / Servers: JIRA: search field turns disabled after typing a char

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-120072 (Bug)

Good code red: FreeMarker #import with relative path to template in other module



WEB-7445 (Feature)

Leverage TypeScript's 0.9 pull-based type checking

WEB-10599 (Usability Problem)

Typing space after : in TypeScript declaration inserts first (auto) suggested variant

WEB-11028 (Bug)

Typescript: Assigned expression string is not assignable to type string

WEB-11027 (Bug)

hasOwnProperty not resolved on interface instance

WEB-10594 (Bug)

TypeScript constructor type shows as type error with valid signature

WEB-11003 (Bug)

false positive: Argument type <class> is not assignable to parameter type <interface>

WEB-11108 (Bug)

Unexpected code completion in doc comments

WEB-10887 (Bug)

TypeScript: unexpected error occured when Import clause with immediate export

WEB-10991 (Bug)

Local variable is colored as global

WEB-11005 (Bug)

Interface is not colored if declared in other file

WEB-11038 (Bug)

Error while working with class in same name namespace

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-121162 (Usability Problem)

JUnit - When placing cursor in setUp-method, and pressing ctrl+shift+f10, it shouldn't try to run the setUp as a test

Unit Tests


WEB-11067 (Bug)

Karma Plugin broken because of missing intellijCli Node module

WEB-10159 (Bug)

Poor Mocha configuration possibilities

WEB-11093 (Bug)

Code Coverage not picked up for karma in WebStorm 8 EAP

User Interface


IDEA-98635 (Usability Problem)

Image Viewer: The resource image viewer should not blur image data.

IDEA-96651 (Usability Problem)

"Alphabetical order for tabs is ON" warning

IDEA-94440 (Task)

Icons: Struts 1/Tiles/Validator

IDEA-96348 (Bug)

Export to HTML suggest weird path

IDEA-121261 (Bug)

Mac message dialog locks ui in case of multiple modal dialogs

IDEA-121220 (Bug)

Focus remains on Document tabs instead of Editor area when tabs switching

IDEA-91530 (Bug)

Tab highlighting error when sorted alphabetically

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-34877 (Usability Problem)

CVS: check whether the new-added file name exists in .cvsignore and don't prompt to add it

IDEA-112815 (Bug)

IDEA does not ignore directories specified in .cvsignore

IDEA-120736 (Bug)

CVS: don't prompt to add new-created files ignored using IgnoredFiles list

IDEA-120732 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.cvsSupport2.actions.IgnoreFileAction$



IDEA-2870 (Bug)

Resource Bundle Editor behaves strangely for "_" separator



WEB-10974 (Feature)

Spy-js: add Jump to Caller context action to stack nodes to open the function caller exact location

WEB-10975 (Feature)

Spy-js: apply UI configured exclusions in instrumenter/tracer (eg stop instrumenting and tracing configured files)

WEB-11035 (Feature)

Spy-js: provide "Close all trace file(s)" action on toolbar

WEB-11084 (Bug)

Spy-js: "Jump to Caller" should always provide selection

WEB-11034 (Exception)

Spy-js: Exclusions: IAE on creation several empty-named exclusions

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