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  • IntelliJ IDEA 13 133.672 Release Notes
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IDEA-74428 (Feature)

Provide UI for changing log settings

IDEA-117555 (Bug)

Search everywhere dialog is being closed immediately



IDEA-111122 (Bug)

Android Dex: [zenittude] Multiple dex files define Lcom/slidingmenu/lib/BuildConfig;

IDEA-119286 (Bug)

Create Activity menu gone

Code Navigation


IDEA-104706 (Usability Problem)

Remove currently active file from "Recent Files" popup

Compiling Project


IDEA-100672 (Bug)

Artifact not updated on build



IDEA-119501 (Bug)

View editor operation fails for DB2 tables



IDEA-105253 (Cosmetics)

Missing icon for Thread dumps view

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-117327 (Task)

Add a setting to switch off autopopup completion item selection by Enter

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-117127 (Exception)

Editor: Throwable on Select word at caret inside plain text

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-104735 (Cosmetics)

Dracula: INVALID string have not dracula style red color in Find Occurance tool window.

IDEA-119153 (Bug)

file search too wide for users folder



IDEA-118904 (Bug)

Unexpected behaviour during extraction of variable

IDE Configuration


IDEA-119470 (Bug)

File and code templates: changes gone when switching tabs



IDEA-118211 (Performance Problem)

Performance problem when closing project



WEB-10532 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA 13 Freezes editing JavaScript

Language Injection


IDEA-79522 (Bug)

need ability to set display names for xml attribute and xml tag language injections

IDEA-119619 (Bug)

Settings / Language Injections: project level XML tag injection loses Sub-Tags value on IDE restart



IDEA-119406 (Bug)

IDEA make corrupts files when performing Maven resource filtering

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-119347 (Bug)

../jre64 JDK not being picked up by idea64.exe

Project View


IDEA-118250 (Usability Problem)

IntelliJ thinks intentional new directory names are filenames and tries to default them to files



IDEA-119260 (Usability Problem)

PostgreSQL: ALTER ROLE/DATABASE SET search_path not parsed correctly

IDEA-119255 (Usability Problem)

PostgreSQL: ORDER BY in aggregate only allows two sort columns

IDEA-118945 (Bug)

HSQLDB dialect does not recognize DB2/MSS/PGS syntaxes

IDEA-119287 (Bug)

MySQL "set names <encoding>" treated as error in database console

IDEA-119321 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: OFFSET is allowed before LIMIT

IDEA-119193 (Bug)

DB2 validator does not understand the "DEFINITION ONLY" clause

IDEA-119582 (Bug)

Oracle database "create type body" is parsed incorrectly under "Oracle SQL*Plus" dialect

IDEA-119258 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: HEADER keyword in COPY highlighted as error

IDEA-119290 (Bug)

PostgreSQL 9.3: DROP/ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW not supported



IDEA-119373 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't parse Spring Integration's inline groovy transformer

User Interface


IDEA-119445 (Usability Problem)

Remove first slash in "copy reference"

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