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IDEA-118417 (Bug)

IDEA freezes

IDEA-117835 (Bug)

Some IntelliJ IDEA icons are fuzzy on MacBook Pro with Retina

IDEA-118587 (Bug)

IDEA may not exit with black window



IDEA-103320 (Feature)

Android/XML code style: add "Insert line break after last attribute" option

IDEA-85457 (Feature)

Android. Add option to automatically show logcat window on run

IDEA-60280 (Feature)

Option to create a layout file and specify it as content view when activity is created

IDEA-65787 (Feature)

Notification: Android SDK not configured

IDEA-92084 (Feature)

layout_weight attribute should accept integer references

IDEA-114723 (Feature)

Access Android SQLiteDatabases on external storage

IDEA-89390 (Feature)

Proguard heap size setting

IDEA-67747 (Feature)

Add [Fragment] as a Android Component Kind

IDEA-88460 (Feature)

Allow to run/debug android application from atrifact

IDEA-53990 (Feature)

IDEA should show red underline when valid id is expected

IDEA-102167 (Feature)

Android XML: sort attributes in completion in layout files

IDEA-102165 (Feature)

Android XML: show icons for views in code completion

IDEA-67759 (Feature)

Make possible to access Adnroid SQLite databases from within Idea

IDEA-68373 (Feature)

Navigate from android components to AndroidManifest.xml like for Spring beans

IDEA-112692 (Feature)

Completion in @+id references

IDEA-112694 (Feature)

Navigation from Manifest.* reference in Java to related declaration in manifest

IDEA-91552 (Feature)

Support activity-alias for launch activity chooser

IDEA-88598 (Feature)

don't suggest 'gen' directory as target for refactorings

IDEA-79379 (Feature)

Make 'export signed android package' part of the build

IDEA-89857 (Feature)

Automatically add android:layout_width and android:layout_height. Close with correct tag.

IDEA-111435 (Feature)

Add support for new Android Library Dependencies (.aar)

IDEA-101688 (Feature)

Android AAPT: Support -0 (zero) option, to specify file extensions for which such files should not be compressed by aapt

IDEA-101683 (Feature)

Add possibility to exclude R class from "Insert imports for inner classes" setting

IDEA-99045 (Usability Problem)

IDEA keeps empty.

IDEA-92500 (Usability Problem)

'Clear all' button only enabled after clicking in content area of logcat view.

IDEA-102906 (Performance Problem)

Provide option to disable automatic generation of and other files

IDEA-94431 (Task)

Support configuring several proguard files

IDEA-112689 (Task)

Correct support of custom views with custom attributes in library projects

IDEA-112932 (Task)

Android attribute sorting: "width" should be before "height"

IDEA-114732 (Bug)

Genymotion emulator: can't upload Android Data Source

IDEA-114339 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't recognize ID for preference headers in res/xml folder

IDEA-115319 (Bug)

Android DataSource to external storage works only partially

IDEA-80976 (Bug)

Android Logcat "Clear log before launch" checkbox in run configuration doesn't actually clear the log

IDEA-100046 (Bug)

BuildConfig.DEBUG shouldn't be marked as always true/false

IDEA-100044 (Bug)

Parceable.CREATOR shouldn't be marker as unused

IDEA-114996 (Bug)

Make Android SQLite Data Source work with Genymotion

IDEA-96546 (Bug)

IDEA should suggest colors as values of "drawable" attributes in drawable XML files

IDEA-116636 (Bug)

Android-Gradle facet is created when Gradle synchronization

IDEA-96814 (Bug)

"Convert to dp" doesn't do anything in Android styles

IDEA-102180 (Bug)

Android XML: markup nested to string resources should not be reformatted

IDEA-114463 (Bug)

Inspect code (Lint) doesn't work with maven project

IDEA-97917 (Bug)

Cannot resolve R.* during debugging

IDEA-112979 (Bug)

Spellchecker inspection should be suppressed for symbols user cannot edit

IDEA-116009 (Bug)

Intellij 13 hangs with large android project after git rebase

IDEA-114118 (Bug)

android logcat filter resets upon debug restart

IDEA-111648 (Bug)

Intellij idea showing error: could not create the java virtual machine

IDEA-87215 (Bug)

Android: Quick Documentation from Code Compeltion popup shows "No documentation found", though without the popup quick doc works fine

IDEA-112293 (Bug)

APKLIB modules with incorrect dependencies

IDEA-109206 (Bug)

Auto-magically added content roots is wrong

IDEA-113328 (Bug)

Android Run Config does not see MAIN action in intent-filter

IDEA-90654 (Bug)

Android: TableRow as a root tag is error-highlighted with 'layout_height, layout_width attributes should be defined'

IDEA-113689 (Bug)

Cannot disable logcat from appearing when launching app

IDEA-114700 (Bug)

"Safe delete" android drawable is not safe

IDEA-113138 (Bug)

Cannot run single method test in android

IDEA-115497 (Bug)

Android Manifest Merger messages are incomprehensible

IDEA-116593 (Bug)

Android Gradle New Project Wizard: it is suggested to select SDK twice; the first selection is ignored

IDEA-113446 (Bug)

Android maven project import broken again in 132.106

IDEA-113647 (Exception)

Android: AE at AndroidLightClassBase.processDeclarations()



IDEA-118552 (Bug)

Generated ANT scripts do not honour cross-compile settings

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-114655 (Bug)

SortedMap#comparator() should be annotated with @Nullable

IDEA-77378 (Bug)

Structural Search Inspection: "Edit..." dialog has wrong "Open in new tab" checkbox

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-102942 (Usability Problem)

"Wrap always" "Chained methods calls" over-format simple operations.

IDEA-116006 (Usability Problem)

Eclipse code style import: import the same xml does not pick up changes until manual synchronization

IDEA-96131 (Bug)

Java: Braces placements don't work as expected for `Next Line`

IDEA-117788 (Bug)

Eclipse code style import: continuation indent is imported not multiplied to tab size



WEB-10065 (Bug)

Good code is red

WEB-7251 (Bug)

renaming a variable with @ in coffeescript is not allowed

WEB-9497 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Incorrect end of line expected in extends clause

WEB-9888 (Bug)

Good coffeescript marked red

WEB-9513 (Bug)

CoffeeScript incorrect reformating

WEB-8867 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Unused warnings

WEB-9899 (Bug)

CoffeeScript parser incorrectly determines function parameter count

WEB-9964 (Exception)

CoffeeScript: AssertionError on editing expression with injected RegExp

Compiling Project


IDEA-118613 (Bug)

Compilation broken on IC-133.370



WEB-10216 (Bug)

Good code is red: default value for named function parameter

WEB-8071 (Bug)

Dart comment auto indentation is broken.



IDEA-114087 (Feature)

Database view: add JDBC driver management model and replace different datasource edit dialogs with a single datasource/driver configurator.

IDEA-118705 (Bug)

Database: navigation to 'Referencing Rows Only' doesn't show the filter criteria that was used

IDEA-117976 (Bug)

Database table editor: Enter should start editing of value in selected cell

IDEA-108516 (Bug)

Unable to rename schema of DDL Data Source in Database panel

IDEA-117670 (Bug)

Database: TableEditor invalid navigate via foreign key

IDEA-117802 (Bug)

DDL data source in Database tab doesn't support multiple schemas



WEB-9566 (Feature)

Debugger: optionally ignore certificate errors

IDEA-99036 (Bug)

Changing breakpoint suspend policy from popup does not actually change the policy

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-112730 (Bug)

PhpStorm goes crazy with collapsed comments and soft wraps until crash



IDEA-118344 (Bug)

'Invalid number of arguments' error is not reported

IDEA-118345 (Bug)

Incorrect error for Flex library that doesn't contain code



IDEA-79466 (Feature)

gradle support should generate web module configuration

IDEA-114534 (Bug)

Gradle: cancelation of gradle tasks for "out-of-process" mode

IDEA-118701 (Bug)

Multimodule project imported into IDEA via opening project file gets incorrect project name

IDEA-116087 (Bug)

Warning when using new wrapper.gradleVersion construction

IDEA-113935 (Bug)

Gradle: Import Gradle Project adds a new module to the last imported project



IDEA-118600 (Feature)

Idea does not recognize build of Grails as Grails SDK

IDEA-118611 (Bug)

Grails warning

IDEA-79155 (Bug)

Unable to run Grails tests with space in method name



IDEA-117292 (Bug)

Groovy: private field in @Immutable class

IDEA-117828 (Bug)

Groovy console: execute groovy code shortcut changed



WEB-8262 (Bug)

Comment with line/block comment STILL doesn't work on HTML in ASP file



WEB-7157 (Bug)

Variable to which the result of 'require' call is assigned is not highlighted as unused

WEB-6700 (Bug)

TODOs not recognized on multiple level language template

WEB-849 (Bug)

"Comment with line comment" on empty line in <script> block generates HTML instead of JS comment

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-7553 (Bug)

Incorrect indentation with chained calls



IDEA-118601 (Usability Problem)

New Module: Maven: click on "Create from archetype" reverts typed coordinates



WEB-9517 (Bug)

Npm: Error loading package list

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-118524 (Bug)

Add NSSupportsAutomaticGraphicsSwitching to Info.plist of Mac OSX dmg with bundled jdk7

Project Configuration


IDEA-115074 (Bug)

New Project Wizard: Grails: grails-specific settings are missing



IDEA-93034 (Usability Problem)

SQL: MySQL: erasing the first backtick could erase the pair

IDEA-113174 (Bug)

Oracle SQL: support INSERT INTO in prepared statements

IDEA-118573 (Bug)

Oracle "DROP INDEX" marked as syntax error

IDEA-116407 (Bug)

Oracle callable <statement> expected false positive



IDEA-118558 (Bug)

Multiple Go to related view in Spring MVC controller class

IDEA-118290 (Bug)

Spring facet autodetection: do not create default fileset containing XML files located in test source root

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-68205 (Bug)

Odd structural search matches highlights

IDEA-113629 (Bug)

SSR broken, removes commas

IDEA-112082 (Bug)

Structural Replace removes commas in class declaration interface list, breaking code

IDEA-86859 (Bug)

Structural Search & replace replaces incorrect text causing syntax error

IDEA-118592 (Exception)

IOE with end-of-line comment

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-118595 (Bug)

IDE is stuck on running junit tests

Unit Tests


WEB-10347 (Bug)

Karma and source changes with file glob pattern

WEB-10387 (Bug)

Mocha console log statements are not correctly aligned to their encasing tests

WEB-10034 (Bug)

Karma and source changes

User Interface


IDEA-115042 (Feature)

Support audio notifications under Mac OS X (command "say")

IDEA-116046 (Usability Problem)

Hide irrelevant run configuration types from 'Add New Configuration' popup

Version Control


IDEA-115901 (Usability Problem)

VCS-Log: Save view selection on refresh



IDEA-113332 (Usability Problem)

Typing an attribute in XML/HTML files ends up with corrupted XML

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