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IDEA-81277 (Feature)

Show Constraints for Data Sources

IDEA-118159 (Feature)

"Search Everywhere" inconsistent api on ItemPresentation

IDEA-78206 (Bug)

Constructing 'mailto' link -> cannot resolve file 'mailto'

IDEA-117911 (Bug)

Delegate methods duplicate @Override

IDEA-116071 (Bug)

Field can be final inspection change

IDEA-113339 (Bug)

"replace with method reference" ignores side effect of expression



IDEA-116970 (Bug)

IU-133.79 dx.jar



IDEA-35996 (Usability Problem)

Ant integration: provide more informative message in case ant file execution is stopped due to unknown command line argument

IDEA-117904 (Bug)

Ant integration: running: with an error (javac) the result is reported as "successful"



WEB-10225 (Bug)

Injected HTML: goto CSS declaration does not see the other fragments.



IDEA-118410 (Bug)

Deployment failure due to cloud-specific naming conventions

Code Analysis. Duplicates


IDEA-117649 (Bug)

"Locate Duplicates" action seems to not work with "Class Hierarchy" custom scope.

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-116508 (Bug)

"Local variable or parameter can be final" inspection use generates uncompilable code not extracting a really finalizable variable

IDEA-116248 (Bug)

Executing multiple inspection fixes breaks the code and the editor

IDEA-117945 (Bug)

IDEA should suggests to remove unnecessary type specification.

Code Coverage


IDEA-115358 (Bug)

Generate coverage report - blocks UI

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-114952 (Usability Problem)

Eclipse code style import: would be nice to remember imported file location

IDEA-96723 (Bug)

Java Rearranger deletes blank lines in field declarations

IDEA-116940 (Bug)

@formatter:off still generating braces

IDEA-118264 (Bug)

Rearrange Entries stopped working in Intellij 13

Compiling Project


IDEA-117249 (Performance Problem)

Optimize make's constant search algorithm, so that read action is not held for long time

IDEA-116914 (Bug)

Incremental compilation of Java project fails

IDEA-117314 (Bug)

Can not compile Java project with Eclipse dependencies storage format



IDEA-117701 (Feature)

Database: Ability to interactively change the password after login

IDEA-117925 (Usability Problem)

Unsaved data sources changes are not considered for some actions

IDEA-118326 (Usability Problem)

Assign Data Sources | Data Source row should indicate user can change it

IDEA-112899 (Cosmetics)

DB diagram: why the need for sequences on DB diagram?

IDEA-117199 (Bug)

Database console: incorrect icons for consoles when trying to run a .sql file

IDEA-117991 (Bug)

When refreshing datasources tree show databases before refreshing all the items

IDEA-118283 (Bug)

Database: "Rename table" for MySQL tables causes exception

IDEA-118294 (Bug)

Created (or duplicated) datasource is deleted without confirmation after pressing ctrl-z in database tool window

IDEA-117670 (Bug)

Database: TableEditor invalid navigate via foreign key

IDEA-110464 (Bug)

IDEA SQL plugin cannot connect to remote database over VPN



WEB-7892 (Bug)

Global "process" unavailable when debugging

WEB-10283 (Bug)

JS chrome Debug: fails with Nesting problem when changing value in debugger

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-115727 (Bug)

Cyclic Expand Word leaves word highlighted

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-57940 (Bug)

Cyclic expand word should take into account all open files

IDEA-113684 (Bug)

Soft wraps insert additional spaces

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-116475 (Bug)

Annotation does not suppress SuspiciousNameCombination warning.

IDEA-117827 (Bug)

Invalid "ambiguous method call" error



IDEA-108838 (Bug)

Wrong code when introducing variable in ActionScipt (inside MXML) and replace all occurence



IDEA-117792 (Feature)

Gradle Run/Debug Configuration: support adding Gradle specific parameters

IDEA-118063 (Bug)

Gradle: 'Add gradle plugin' action: 'Choose plugin' popup has lots of not clickable links



IDEA-115874 (Feature)

Refresh dependencies on BuildConfig



IDEA-117864 (Performance Problem)

Freezes while editing Groovy



IDEA-79320 (Bug)

HQL: IDEA inserts closed bracked when isn't needed

IDEA-117437 (Bug)

Hibernate console: ConnectException: Connection refused: connect

IDE Configuration


IDEA-118292 (Usability Problem)

Confusing custom config/system path configuration in (${idea.config.path} is not expanded)

IDEA-118111 (Bug)

Can't close IDEA 13 (Ubuntu linux)



IDEA-114512 (Bug)

OGNL: parse property/method accessors on variables



IDEA-117603 (Feature)

"Find Usages" on field doesn't include getter/setter usages

IDEA-117048 (Bug)

error refactoring boolean prefix

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-116964 (Bug)

Auto-fix for inspection "Lambda can be replaced with method reference" should use the most general class, not the most specific.

IDEA-117391 (Bug)

Good code is red: Arrays of annotations in default values

IDEA-118037 (Bug)

IDEA does not see compilation error.

IDEA-117780 (Bug)

Bad code is green: non-static class T cannot be referenced from a static context

IDEA-117803 (Bug)

Inference Failure

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-118168 (Bug)

Safe delete does delete used classes

IDEA-117252 (Bug)

Extract variable bug

IDEA-106741 (Bug)

"Add explicit type arguments" should strip wildcards off

IDEA-117671 (Bug)

Incorrect warning from "Pull Members Up" refactoring



IDEA-117883 (Cosmetics)

Inspection descriptions talk about "the list/checkbox below"

IDEA-118272 (Bug)

False "Method may be 'static'" warning for Java 8 Default/Defender Methods

IDEA-117420 (Bug)

No warning if null is returned in lambda expression of @NotNull-method

IDEA-118197 (Bug)

Incorrect "Casting .. is redundant" inspection & quick fix

IDEA-117763 (Bug)

Field can be local inspection

IDEA-117665 (Bug)

'Collection declared by class, not interface'-inspection is not working



IDEA-115252 (Feature)

JAR File Manifest Attributes for Security: ability to specify Permissions attribute for JavaFx App



WEB-9817 (Bug)

Node.js: global functions defined as 'global['name']' not resolved



IDEA-118053 (Usability Problem)

Editor "deprived of mind" when editing settings.xml

IDEA-78508 (Bug)

[Maven] Good Code Red with empty variables in classifiers

IDEA-118245 (Bug)

Retain the last used command line in the Execute Maven Goal dialog

IDEA-118397 (Bug)

Resume build not working

IDEA-116921 (Bug)

Run configuration can't resolve test dependency when "Resolve workspace artifacts" ticked on

IDEA-115786 (Bug)

Allow the number of Maven threads to be specified

IDEA-118102 (Bug)

Maven: artifacts name not properly generated from pom in IDEA 13



WEB-10309 (Bug)

Stepping through node debugging session fails with sourcemapped files if built files are excluded from workspace (repo steps and example project)

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-117583 (Cosmetics)

DevKit: highlight <idea-version> "min"|"max" as deprecated

IDEA-117573 (Cosmetics)

DevKit: highlight <vendor> "logo" as obsolete



IDEA-50739 (Usability Problem)

SQL: Insert Values Inspection: do not warn (optionally?) if absent arguments can be inserted due to DEFAULT clauses

IDEA-116149 (Usability Problem)

PostgreSQL: Missing column alias when subquery uses CAST or ::

IDEA-46068 (Bug)

SQLite: REINDEX with collation name is yellow

IDEA-118076 (Bug)

rename alias in SQL console surrounds alias with quotes

IDEA-117129 (Bug)

Bad indent of brace in MySQL JOIN

IDEA-116905 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: window function "min" has errors

IDEA-117850 (Bug)

Code Style > SQL > New Line before - Join Condition does not work when unchecked

IDEA-117606 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: references to user are not resolved

IDEA-117431 (Bug)

Identifier quotation will incorrectly quote MySQL variables

IDEA-117092 (Bug)

Submit MySQL query stucks with special comment

IDEA-117313 (Bug)

Oracle syntax problem

IDEA-104127 (Bug)

Good code is red: using parameters to a stored procedure as values on a limit clause

IDEA-57415 (Bug)

SQL: HSQLDB: quoted names are resolved ignoring case

IDEA-117899 (Bug)

SQL: column scope is not determined correctly

IDEA-117208 (Bug)

MySQL reformat fails to convert null literal to upercase



IDEA-116902 (Usability Problem)

Spring MVC toolwindow: don't collapse tree on filter applying

IDEA-118132 (Cosmetics)

Spring Facet: limit number of "unconfigured configuration files" shown in config dialog

IDEA-75212 (Bug)

Inspections should recognize @Autowired for MessageSource and ApplicationContext



WEB-10058 (Bug)

Typescript reference

WEB-10082 (Bug)

TypeScript: Type problems with namespaces

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-117989 (Bug)

JUnit: Run/Debug java test output "scroll to stacktrace" not working as expected

IDEA-116825 (Bug)

JUnit4: Incorrect 'Failed to start' message in presence of ignored tests

IDEA-116110 (Exception)

Rerun of failed JUnit tests does not work

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-117575 (Bug)

"Go to declaration" doesn't work for TestNG's data providers

User Interface


IDEA-117772 (Bug)

Deadlock IDEA 13

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