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  • IntelliJ IDEA 13 133.124 Release Notes
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IDEA-81945 (Bug)

Fix the License Collision Detected popup

IDEA-116927 (Bug)

Strange message in .gitmodules file



IDEA-116827 (Bug)

Completion of layout attributes doesn't work if parent tag is "merge"

IDEA-116665 (Bug)

Running instrumentation tests for APK with renamed package name failed



IDEA-116929 (Bug)

[regression] Ant: after rewriting to DOM API create target quick fix is missing

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-116596 (Feature)

New inspection: Exception printed using System.out.println()

IDEA-116639 (Usability Problem)

"Allow suppressions" ==> "Allow these suppressions"

IDEA-112242 (Bug)

Improve Suspicious Array Cast

IDEA-116393 (Bug)

"java.lang.Error not rethrown" false negative for multi-catch

IDEA-116328 (Bug)

Method can be variable arity method inspection should not highlight for @Nullable parameters



IDEA-115814 (Bug)

Good code red in AS3#Vector

IDEA-116703 (Bug)

Rename class does not rename ann instance in Flex CSS

IDEA-114866 (Bug)

Flex: resource and test-resource roots are not processed

IDEA-105131 (Bug)

Assign statement to variable bug

IDEA-116764 (Bug)

Run/Debug configuration assuming wrong version of Air SDK

IDEA-116023 (Bug)

Good code is red. Element is not allowed here



IDEA-116097 (Bug)

Gradle: Code Completion for dependencies doesn't work inside brackets

IDEA-116833 (Bug)

External System: clear orphan project libraries



WEB-7451 (Bug)

Inspection: HTML > File reference problem for "about:" pages

WEB-9833 (Bug)

don't check javascript code embedded in <script> tag for malformed XML

IDE Configuration


IDEA-97696 (Bug)

Custom tool windows layout is lost on exiting IDE with closed projects



IDEA-116497 (Bug)

UI hang during index update



IDEA-116789 (Bug)

CDI1.1: without beans.xml bean discovery mode should be 'annotated'

IDEA-116848 (Bug)

CDI: if multiple alternatives exist for the same type, show error

IDEA-116845 (Bug)

CDI: if same class appears twice in altertatives section in beans.xml, report error

IDEA-116846 (Bug)

CDI: not resolved class reference in 'alternatives' section in beans.xml should be detected as error

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-115760 (Bug)

Spring: create class intentions should not create class in 'generated sources' roots



WEB-10053 (Bug)

Invalid 'Potentially invalid usage of this' detection with function bind

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-9267 (Bug)

use of 'this' inspection is broken in certain case

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-8156 (Bug)

Incorrect signature for Date.prototype.setHours



IDEA-116862 (Bug)

Added Maven Dependency (via Quick Fix) added with incorrect scope

IDEA-116701 (Exception)

ISE at com.intellij.psi.impl.PsiToDocumentSynchronizer.a



IDEA-115275 (Bug)

Code changes requires double restart to be applied

Project Configuration


IDEA-116708 (Usability Problem)

Excluded library directories in jar: a) show what is excluded; b) allow to include them back

IDEA-116713 (Usability Problem)

Excluded library directories: it's possible to exclude the same directory twice

IDEA-116727 (Cosmetics)

Excluded library directories: removing a root does not removes its excludes



IDEA-116936 (Feature)

Spring MVC Controller list: add "Edit"

IDEA-116333 (Feature)

Spring MVC Toolwindow: presentation/filtering additions

IDEA-116689 (Bug)

Spring security inspection shows error for remember-me if there is no user-service-ref

IDEA-116908 (Bug)

Spring toolwindow: MVC: request mappings from different module controller are not shown

IDEA-116909 (Bug)

Spring tool window: MVC: controller-level @RequestMapping is shown incorrectly



WEB-9135 (Bug)

TypeScript merging/extending types (Good code red)

WEB-9944 (Bug)

TypeScript: Generics and module scopes not playing well together

WEB-10012 (Bug)

Using "super" within an "arrow function" scope is displayed as an error

Unit Tests


WEB-10010 (Bug)

Karma Server failure - WebStorm 7 & Jasmine

User Interface


IDEA-111161 (Feature)

Flat tool window design

IDEA-73513 (Usability Problem)

Facet autodetection: Setup Frameworks dialog layout could be optimized

IDEA-116346 (Cosmetics)

IntelliJ theme: comboboxes have darker background

IDEA-116768 (Bug)

IntelliJ theme: text end is too close to combobox button

IDEA-116350 (Bug)

IntelliJ theme: file settings tree views colors are misplaced

IDEA-116343 (Bug)

IntelliJ theme: selected radio button is misplaced

IDEA-116731 (Bug)

IntelliJ theme: Database Connections dialog: Scope combobox is too narrow

Version Control


IDEA-116470 (Usability Problem)

"Contained in branches" information is missing in New VCS log.

IDEA-116100 (Performance Problem)

memory leak: VcsLogGraphTable

IDEA-116267 (Cosmetics)

VCS-Log: confusing naming of selected items in structure filter

IDEA-116318 (Bug)

Mercurial Log: on very first context menu invocation NewBranch etc actions are available

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-114717 (Bug)

Subversion: should be possible to upgrade to 1.8 from 1.7 when 'use command-line client' option is off

IDEA-113732 (Bug)

Subversion: commit/update/checkout from https repository fails if certificate is accepted temporary

IDEA-114718 (Bug)

Subversion: it should be possible to check out to 1.8 if 'use command line client' is off, but correct path to svn18 client is set

IDEA-113860 (Bug)

Idea hangs and crash(sometimes) if enter incorrect credentials

IDEA-113533 (Bug)

Subversion1.8:ShareProject should create 1.8 working copy if command line svn1.8 is turned on

IDEA-112787 (Bug)

Subversion: for renamed paths, Diff from annotations is not shown

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