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IDEA-113938 (Feature)

"Submit feedback" should pre-fill project and affected version

IDEA-93868 (Usability Problem)

No option to zoom in editor with keyboard

IDEA-113594 (Usability Problem)

Please document OpenJDK problems or remove the warning

IDEA-74140 (Usability Problem)

Improve support for large screens: Better Docking framework

IDEA-113826 (Bug)

MismatchedCollectionQueryUpdateInspection – calling methods which accept callbacks should be treated as queries

IDEA-114130 (Bug)

Compile failure using IntelliJ IDEA (Cardea) IU-132.325 due to Lombok annotations

IDEA-114198 (Bug)

@SuppressWarnings("javadoc") does not work

IDEA-114393 (Bug)

Play 2.0 plugin for IDEA 13 is missing dependency on Scala plugin



IDEA-67759 (Feature)

Make possible to access Adnroid SQLite databases from within Idea



WEB-9369 (Usability Problem)

Enable/disable Emmet based on language

WEB-9509 (Bug)

Emmet CSS: Add option to disable unknown properties expanding

WEB-9489 (Bug)

css inspection does not support "!IMPORTANT"

WEB-9446 (Bug)

CSS: Insert background image size moves comments

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-114069 (Feature)

Add 'no package Javadoc' inspection

IDEA-114163 (Usability Problem)

Infer Nullity: after adding annotations.jar to dependency on the fly the annotations are not inserted

IDEA-111700 (Bug)

Add inspection to check for unclosed resources

IDEA-114316 (Bug)

Problem with "replace StringBuilder with String" refactoring

IDEA-114160 (Bug)

Inspection "Class with too many methods" may ignore overridden methods

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-56995 (Feature)

Disable code formatting per region using comments

Code Navigation


IDEA-114245 (Bug)

Parameter popup: wrong highlighting of current parameter



IDEA-114161 (Bug)

PostgreSQL Date Arrays yield errors

IDEA-114166 (Exception)

Database table editor: empty (null) value: SIOOBE at ObjectUiFactory$SimpleEditor.stopCellEditing()



IDEA-114216 (Bug)

Can not uncheck breakpoint in breakpoints popup and impossible to close this popup

IDEA-114193 (Bug)

IDEA hangs when debugging

WEB-9514 (Bug)

Built-in server: Win: machine_name.local is not working

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-74901 (Feature)

Fold simple property accessors inline

IDEA-114510 (Usability Problem)

Select expression popup allows multi-selection but doesn't handle it

IDEA-113940 (Bug)

Enter in comment leads to inconsistent caret position

IDEA-114157 (Bug)

ignore default methods in Implement action

File System


IDEA-113483 (Feature)

Context-Menu on Symlink: "Jump to origin"

IDEA-114241 (Bug)

detect fileType when document is fetched



IDEA-104672 (Bug)

GWT compile freezes idea



IDEA-113874 (Bug)

Gradle tool window: horizontal scrollbar is incorrectly displayed

IDEA-113053 (Bug)

Gradle: Quick Documentation for standard gradle plugins is not shown if invoked from Code Completion popup

IDEA-113930 (Bug)

External System: please rename 'Refresh external project' action in Keymap (currently it is named just 'Refresh')

IDEA-113935 (Bug)

Gradle: Import Gradle Project adds a new module to the last imported project



IDEA-114066 (Bug)

Autocomplete/code support not working in some cases in gsp



IDEA-112250 (Bug)

Failed 'remove unnecessary semicolons'

IDEA-114036 (Bug)

Enter doesn't work inside multiline string literal

IDEA-114137 (Bug)

Groovy: Pull Members Up: JavaDocs are never moved

IDEA-114124 (Bug)

Groovy: Pull Members Up: pulling declaration of multiple implementation up results in invalid code (comma is not removed)

IDEA-114125 (Bug)

Groovy: Pull Members Up: an implements clause should not be available for selection if a target to pull it up is an interface in the clause

IDEA-114152 (Bug)

Groovy: Pull Members Up: it is not always detected that there are items in a pulled method that will be not available after the refactoring

IDEA-114309 (Bug)

Groovy: Pull Members Up: references to super class members accessed via 'super' keyword are incorrectly updated - dot is left



WEB-7487 (Bug)

Inspection don't know about xmpp-link

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-112070 (Bug)

Mac OSX and TC Server won't work due to "missing" JAVA_HOME



IDEA-112001 (Bug)

run/debug config not work with jetty 9.0.4



IDEA-105519 (Bug)

tc Server deployment looks like it fails unless I manually clear previous deploys.

IDEA-101813 (Bug)

tomcat does not keep session information during redeploy

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-114317 (Bug)

Can't word-complete inside a string literal

IDEA-114408 (Bug)

Local variables should be preferred in Math.min call

IDEA-113698 (Bug)

Getter code generation removing "is" from getter method name.

IDEA-114256 (Bug)

Completion popup should prefer option without prefix

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-114280 (Bug)

Compiler allows use of uninitialized member

IDEA-114169 (Bug)

unreachable code inspection mistakenly highlighting outer exception

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-113710 (Bug)

Complete Current Statement broken for generic methods

IDEA-114314 (Bug)

"Convert to variable argument method" action removes "final", if present

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-114292 (Feature)

Extract method: The option to set up the default visibility

IDEA-114102 (Bug)

Extract method: better automatic name suggestion basing on comment before



WEB-9424 (Bug)

NPE when opening a specific JS file (jquery.wikiEditor.toc.js)

Live Edit


WEB-9451 (Bug)

WebStorm froze



IDEA-108831 (Feature)

Display Maven configurations inside maven project window

IDEA-65114 (Usability Problem)

"Add Maven projects" cannot be undone



WEB-9438 (Usability Problem)

Make NPM support more visible in Settings

WEB-9343 (Bug)

nodejs debugging hangs on rerun

Project Configuration


IDEA-88958 (Feature)

Allow to mark directories as Excluded inside external libraries

Project View


IDEA-114223 (Bug)

Allow files to be seen using the Project Files / All scopes



IDEA-114459 (Usability Problem)

SQL: File Structure: type names are shown but not found by quick search

IDEA-114112 (Bug)

Pinned Database Tabs do not Survive "Close Others"

IDEA-112681 (Bug)

Format (mysql) SQL query. Different results based on handformatting

IDEA-113901 (Bug)

sql: unresolved reference warning in IF EXISTS

IDEA-114319 (Bug)

SQL Auto-Indent

IDEA-114095 (Bug)

weird tabs in sql console

IDEA-114093 (Bug)

Good PL/SQL code marked red ('log' alias)



IDEA-36382 (Feature)

Spring: distinguish singleton and prototype beans visually

IDEA-103157 (Feature)

spring: provide separate icon for abstract beans

Task Management


IDEA-113944 (Bug)

Open Task cannot connect to JIRA OnDemand in PS-131.98 and PS-131.205

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-114430 (Bug)

Support TemplateMethodModel

Template Languages. Velocity


IDEA-114315 (Feature)

Make public fields available in code completion by settings



WEB-8549 (Bug)

"Returned expression type GenericClass<TResult> is not assignable to type GenericClass<Number>"

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-114259 (Usability Problem)

Can't run 'all tests in package and these several'

IDEA-114076 (Bug)

Unit tests can't be executed with a JRE 1.5 because junit-rt.jar is compiled with JRE 6.0 as target

IDEA-114301 (Bug)

Test configurations created from test result tree do not exclude nested elements

Unit Tests


WEB-2087 (Feature)

[NodeJs] Support Mocha testing framework

WEB-9431 (Bug)

Karma not launching tests

WEB-9524 (Bug)

JSTestDriver: do not suggest to create/run/debug tests if no config.jstd present

User Interface


IDEA-114273 (Usability Problem)

"restore old layout" tip is misleading for new users and for those, who had tool window stripes hidden

IDEA-114143 (Bug)

Sometimes tool window widget popup stays visible even if mouse is out of the window

IDEA-114287 (Bug)

Search control in toolbar disappears when second project is open

IDEA-114288 (Bug)

New search button in toolbar doesn't behave like rest of the buttons

IDEA-114190 (Bug)

Navigation bar font too small

IDEA-114294 (Bug)

BackSpace key doesn't work in GoTo Class/File/Action

IDEA-114015 (Bug)

Scrollbar preview is twice as big as it should be

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-114332 (Bug)

Dotted line looks ugly under Retina (7u40)

Version Control. Git


IDEA-114360 (Cosmetics)

GitHub: duplicated frame in empty Description field

IDEA-114228 (Bug)

Github timeout of 5 seconds is too aggressive

IDEA-114253 (Bug)

Issues from are displayed in wrong encoding

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-114096 (Performance Problem)

Adding file to mercurial is slow (takes 5+ minutes)

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