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IDEA-108144 (Feature)

Support for maven configurations item dexCoreLibrary

IDEA-102167 (Feature)

Android XML: sort attributes in completion in layout files

IDEA-112694 (Feature)

Navigation from Manifest.* reference in Java to related declaration in manifest

IDEA-102171 (Feature)

Android XML: complete ?attr/ and ?android:attr/ prefixes

IDEA-85538 (Task)

Intellij's make Android subsystem not aware of maven's filtered resources

IDEA-112098 (Bug)

Event log: some links in error messages are not clickable

IDEA-96546 (Bug)

IDEA should suggest colors as values of "drawable" attributes in drawable XML files

IDEA-91585 (Bug)

Idea shows errors in Android SDK sources

IDEA-111822 (Bug)

Intellij IU-130.1486 hangs when opening XML files

IDEA-112216 (Bug)

Android test classes are treated as normal JUnit test classes

IDEA-111648 (Bug)

Intellij idea showing error: could not create the java virtual machine

IDEA-87189 (Bug)

"variable is never assigned" reported on the variable annotated by InjectResource

IDEA-112108 (Exception)

Android: 'Create onClick event handler' intention: AE at JavaParserUtil.parseFragment() on attempt to create an event handler with invalid name



WEB-9017 (Feature)

CSS: don't report vendor-prefixed CSS properties as unknown if a non-prefixed property is added to custom properties list

WEB-6582 (Usability Problem)

Move "text-decoration" color-values to the bottom of completion list

WEB-6019 (Usability Problem)

CSS, LESS: 'Autoscroll from source" in Structure view doesn't work for selectors like <tag>.<class>

WEB-4825 (Bug)

CSS dialects configurable shows same folders two times if modules are nested

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-111905 (Usability Problem)

Expected exception never thrown in test method body, shall ignore Errors

IDEA-47151 (Usability Problem)

Settings of "Result of method call ignored" inspection should have choosers and/or completion for class and method names

IDEA-112537 (Usability Problem)

Prohibited exception inspection: consider class just with @After or @Before a test

IDEA-112557 (Cosmetics)

Inconsistent messages from "can be replaced with lambda / method expression" inspections

IDEA-112258 (Bug)

Type weaking inspection for lambda arguments is confusing and probably useless

IDEA-75416 (Bug)

Allow customization of "Malformed format string" inspection

IDEA-112125 (Bug)

"Accept suggested Final modifier" action in inspection view does nothing

IDEA-112630 (Bug)

"Accept Suggested Final Modifier" inspection does not work in lambda expression bodies

IDEA-112398 (Bug)

Yellow code is green: Inspection "Overly broad 'catch' clause" and RuntimeException

IDEA-111965 (Bug)

Inspection 'equals() called on Enum value: Quick fix breaks compilation

IDEA-112366 (Bug)

"For loop with missing components": Can't ignore ListIterator

IDEA-112358 (Bug)

'Constant Conditions' does not understand non-short-circuit 'or'

IDEA-112442 (Bug)

False positive 'Result of method call ignored'

IDEA-112565 (Bug)

@GuardedBy("itself") false negative in 'unguarded field access'

Code Coverage


IDEA-98897 (Bug)

no coverage info on gutter

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-111524 (Bug)

Javadoc code reformat generates <p/> which is an error on JDK 8

Code Navigation


IDEA-100392 (Usability Problem)

Allow file template configuration from generate popup

IDEA-109493 (Bug)

Ctrl+Alt+B (Navigate to implementations) on equals shows Object instead of interface implementors.

IDEA-111892 (Exception)

SIOOBE at com.intellij.psi.PsiReferenceBase.getValue



WEB-7578 (Bug)

reserved words in coffeescript objects incorrectly marked as syntax errors

WEB-8990 (Bug)

Coffeescript analyzer sees static as key word

WEB-8834 (Bug)

CoffeeScript compiler doesn't warn when creating array without separating commas

WEB-8866 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: loops parsing bug



IDEA-112054 (Bug)

Console view clear all button is enabled when the list is empty

IDEA-112052 (Bug)

Console view "Scroll to the end" button enabled when caret is at the end of the list



WEB-8762 (Bug)

Allow creating Dart Command-line Application Run configuration from context

WEB-8929 (Bug)

Dart plugin: wrong --package-root parameter

WEB-8831 (Bug)

Dart: additional cascade option displaying error

WEB-9014 (Bug)

Quick fix is applied in wrong file

WEB-8100 (Bug)

Code completion incorrectly displaying private names



IDEA-112497 (Bug)

Exception on getting tables from ODBC data source

IDEA-112139 (Bug)

Better post-synchronization message in Database panel

IDEA-110933 (Bug)

Database table editor: in editing mode attempt to move focus to different view immediately moves it back



WEB-8211 (Bug)

Javascript debugging: "Do not step into scripts" setting is ignored in remote and local debugging sessions

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-112134 (Usability Problem)

$SELECTION$ variable doesn't work as true variable, but as $END$

IDEA-112585 (Bug)

Field name prefix ignored when generating getter

IDEA-112315 (Bug)

Smart code completion for 'do' is wrong in RM 6.0

IDEA-112373 (Bug)

Rectangular selection paste bug

IDEA-112194 (Bug)

Incorrect type was displayed in autocomplete dialog for unicode character

File System


IDEA-112827 (Bug)

IDEA fails to cache a projects jar due to file name too long

File Watchers


WEB-8180 (Feature)

Allow usage of Path Variables (and Environment path variables ?) in File Watcher

WEB-8965 (Feature)

Stylus: provide predefine File Watcher

WEB-8978 (Feature)

HAML file watcher

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-112377 (Usability Problem)

Caret moving problem inside "Find" input

IDEA-111918 (Bug)

Find: comments / string literals only: just 1 entry is found in each comment or literal

IDEA-111942 (Bug)

Replace: mnemonics prevent @ sign.



IDEA-65971 (Usability Problem)

flex: annoying completion variants "avmplus.*"

IDEA-111285 (Bug)

Incorrect Array type determination when automatically creating a field

IDEA-112709 (Bug)

Highlighting error when using json in a Flex string mxml declaration

IDEA-111754 (Bug)

Error code: 1067: Implicit coercion of a value of type String to an unrelated type int.

IDEA-73952 (Bug)

Good code is red, override toString is not allowed

IDEA-98796 (Bug)

using 'for' on a dictionary shows incorrect error



IDEA-112397 (Feature)

Gradle: use specific system property for configuration of interaction with gradle api (enabled by default)

IDEA-83168 (Feature)

Gradle: changes in a project layout (content roots) could be detected on Refresh

IDEA-107959 (Bug)

Can't debug unit tests (test task) from Gradle

IDEA-111626 (Bug)

External System tool window: selected task could be executed on pressing Enter

IDEA-112369 (Bug)

Gradle: 'Use gradle wrapper' option is always disabled in Import Project Wizard

IDEA-112314 (Bug)

Gradle: Import Project Wizard: state (enabled/disabled) of 'Gradle home' field is remembered from the last import

IDEA-99779 (Bug)

Gradle Wrapper is not recognized in a project if wrapper's .properties and .jar files are located not in default place

IDEA-112002 (Bug)

Gradle: do not show 'refresh failed' notification if autoimport mode used

IDEA-112055 (Bug)

Gradle: project refresh fails with com.intellij.openapi.util.Pair



IDEA-112621 (Feature)

Groovy: Remove explicit type declaration intention

IDEA-112277 (Cosmetics)

Add Dynamic Method dialog: mismatched column names

IDEA-112302 (Task)

Convert Java annotation arguments to Groovy

IDEA-112215 (Task)

Do not include return keyword in generated code while implementing an interface through code generation support

IDEA-112141 (Bug)

Access to static import variable exceeds access rights

IDEA-111101 (Bug)

Groovy: In-Place Introduce Field: Alt+I mnemonic doesn't work in the refactoring preview

IDEA-111100 (Bug)

Groovy: Introduce Variable/Parameter Refactorings don't suggest to replace occurrences if applied to expressions inside code blocks

IDEA-110981 (Bug)

Groovy: "Split into declaration and assignment" intention leaves unnecessary "=" if applied to closures

IDEA-111116 (Bug)

Groovy: In-Place Introduce Refactorings: it could be possible to edit type during refactoring preview

IDEA-111110 (Bug)

Groovy: Introduce Field Refactoring doesn't suggest to choose destination class

IDEA-111963 (Bug)

Groovy: "Final variable access" inspection doesn't report final variable increment/decrement

IDEA-111007 (Bug)

Groovy: Inline of a SAM coercion expression could insers cast if the type of the expression can not be inferred

IDEA-112560 (Bug)

Weird ambiguous method call

IDEA-111989 (Bug)

Groovy @CompileDynamic not recognised as an AST annotation

IDEA-112248 (Bug)

Groovy: Select Word should select class body without braces

IDEA-111192 (Exception)

Groovy: In-Place Introduce Field: Throwable GrIntroduceHandlerBase$4$

IDEA-111193 (Exception)

Groovy: Introduce Field Refactoring: AE at GrIntroduceFieldProcessor.initializeInMethod() on attempt to initialize a field in 'current method', if current scope is not a method

IDEA-111027 (Exception)

Groovy: In-Place Introduce Variable: PIEAE at GrInplaceIntroducer.<init> on introducing a variable within one-line method/closure



WEB-8988 (Feature)

Return "open in browser" in context menu

WEB-6862 (Bug)

WebStorm, link marked "Cannot find resource" but link is found

WEB-6328 (Bug)

Add support for HTML5 <main> element

IDE Configuration


IDEA-70769 (Usability Problem)

Settings panel: increase speed of scrollbars

IDEA-111927 (Usability Problem)

PluginManager: CTRL+C should copy selected plugin's name from list



IDEA-97264 (Feature)

IntelliLang support for "Path to File" language



IDEA-109518 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.javaee.serverInstances.DefaultServerInstance.isConnected



IDEA-106523 (Feature)

Support for WildFly 8 (JBoss AS successor)



IDEA-106005 (Feature)

Correctly detect browser url for custom context root in WS deployment descriptor



IDEA-112708 (Bug)

Static classes in JSP class block are considered an error

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-112553 (Feature)

Ctrl-Shift-Space in a context where a SAM interface is expected should offer lambda expression stub as completion option

IDEA-112067 (Usability Problem)

Type text is hardly visible in autopopup selection

IDEA-112571 (Usability Problem)

Autopopup completion in method references

IDEA-112376 (Task)

Add an extension point for excluding classes from auto-import

IDEA-112014 (Bug)

Complete Current Statement - doesn't work correctly on a multi-line statement

IDEA-101452 (Bug)

A number of IPA symbols that are represented correctly as Enum items with the main editor pane are mangled and unrecognizable in the Code Completion popup list.

IDEA-111023 (Bug)

Code completion of method in javadoc inserts redundant qualified names for parameter types

IDEA-112451 (Bug)

First completion suggestion is not accurate

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-112555 (Bug)

Bad code is green with method references on instance

IDEA-112122 (Bug)

Good code red: incompatible type

IDEA-57633 (Bug)

False error 'Ambiguous method call'

IDEA-67860 (Bug)

Error 'foo() in B clashes with <T#1>foo() in A' is not detected

IDEA-97276 (Bug)

Generic Types disagreement: correct (incorrect) code according to IntelliJ doesn't (do) compile in Javac.

IDEA-67843 (Bug)

False error 'Cannot resolve method 'compareTo''

IDEA-67576 (Bug)

False error 'Ambiguous method call'

IDEA-67836 (Bug)

False error 'Ambiguous method call ...'

IDEA-112106 (Bug)

Good code red - unnecessary semicolon after imports

IDEA-67584 (Bug)

False error 'attempting to assign weaker access priviliges'

IDEA-112323 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: good code is red while using functions in streams without specifying generic type

IDEA-67519 (Bug)

Error 'reference to foo is ambiguous, both method foo(java.lang.String) in pck.D and method foo(T) in pck.C<java.lang.String> match' is not reported

IDEA-57569 (Bug)

False error 'Ambiguous method call'

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-112551 (Bug)

"Expand lamdba" does not add imports

IDEA-112563 (Bug)

Override methods shows duplicate entries for interface methods with default implementations

IDEA-100036 (Bug)

Error when using intention "implement method" on inner class

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-90186 (Bug)

Severe bug with Refactor -> Migrate

IDEA-112311 (Bug)

Java: Extract method erroneously insert extra declarations

IDEA-112782 (Bug)

Change signature dialog shows unexpected 'cannot resolve symbol' message

IDEA-111902 (Bug)

Refactor/Rename for package with 'rename directory' option removes the empty subpackages

IDEA-111904 (Bug)

In-place extract popup changes its position in Editor after AppCode window has moved

IDEA-111875 (Bug)

Rename method: do not allow to rename if there's some overloaded method with same erasure

IDEA-112570 (Bug)

Extract Method from statement lambda does not take parameters from enclosing scope

IDEA-112572 (Bug)

Invert boolean breaks method references

IDEA-112590 (Bug)

Extract class as enum breaks code when multiple constants are in one declaration

IDEA-112133 (Bug)

newline can be pasted into file rename dialog



IDEA-112151 (Bug)

JavaFX - FXML reports property as readonly error even though there is a public setter

IDEA-112154 (Bug)

JavaFX - FXML fx:id references not resolved when defined in controller superclass

IDEA-111999 (Bug)

Javafx: CSS: Invalid css property value for -fx-cursor



WEB-8382 (Usability Problem)

function expression color unchangeably linked to variables instead of functions

WEB-7910 (Bug)

Bad code green: object literal property names are not arbitrary expressions

WEB-6982 (Bug)

JSDoc highlighting improvement

WEB-9004 (Bug)

CommonJS module elements are unresolved when assigned to function

WEB-757 (Bug)

JS: local variable is highlighted as global after splitting declaration and then merging back

WEB-3688 (Bug)

Wrong inspection is referenced in "Edit inspection profile settings"

WEB-731 (Bug)

Goto Declaration doesn't work if object is exposed as 'module.exports' after its definition

WEB-8968 (Bug)

JSDoc: correctly treat optional parameters for functions defined with @name

WEB-8626 (Bug)

JSDoc: if only inline parameter type is defined for function no documentation is generated

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-8877 (Bug)

Refactor incomplete from jQuery selector, broken code

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-8912 (Usability Problem)

JS: Inspection "Execution of dynamically generated JavaScript" false positive

WEB-8618 (Bug)

"Binary operation argument type is not assignable to type number"

WEB-8997 (Bug)

JSHint: setting custom scope for JSHint inspection disables JSHint

WEB-9000 (Bug)

JSHint: es3 option isn't recognized

WEB-8993 (Bug)

Method not implemented appears after adding @implements

WEB-8536 (Bug)

JS incorrect 'Invalid number of parameters, expected 2'

JavaScript. Templates


WEB-8902 (Usability Problem)

EJS Inspection settings should be placed under appropriate parent

WEB-8805 (Bug)

EJS - More strange commenting behaviour

WEB-8829 (Bug)

EJS: Refactor - Move/Rename should update include statement correctly

WEB-8644 (Bug)

Comment Shortcut not working in EJS files... CMD-Forwardslash (tick)



WEB-8904 (Bug)

LESS formatting problem with ampersand - extra spaces

Live Edit


WEB-6878 (Bug)

LiveEdit CSS hot swap works incorrectly under windows (local file system)

WEB-8042 (Bug)

Live Edit JS/CSS - doesn't hot swap correctly



IDEA-112048 (Feature)

add "verify" to the list of maven "basic" phases

IDEA-112529 (Usability Problem)

Maven: code completion could work in file path value with property references

IDEA-112722 (Bug)

Maven: maven-ear-plugin suport: workDirectory tag ignored in "ear exploded" output directory configuration

IDEA-112810 (Bug)

maven ear import error w/bundleDir tag

IDEA-112759 (Bug)

Maven: EAR plugin: relative path to application.xml causes IAE at LocalFileSystemBase.refreshAndFindFileByIoFile()

IDEA-112754 (Exception)

Maven import: NCDFE for org/jetbrains/plugins/groovy/util/ClassInstanceCache



WEB-8894 (Usability Problem)

Nodejs Cloned (Copied) configurations can't have different environment variables

WEB-8770 (Bug)

Available Packages: UI improvements

WEB-9008 (Bug)

NPM: CCE is thrown on reordering columns in the packages list

WEB-8768 (Bug)

NPM: Available Packages: provide more detailed description

WEB-8909 (Bug)

NPM: provide sorting for the installed packages

WEB-8864 (Bug)

NPM: Install/Uninstall: refresh Project View

WEB-8769 (Bug)

Available packages: select package when navigating to it by double click

WEB-8766 (Bug)

NPM: Upgrade should work

WEB-1887 (Bug)

Error run node from command window

WEB-8765 (Bug)

NPM: Installed/uninstalled packages should be updated immediately

WEB-8791 (Bug)

package.json: recognize npm generated fields

WEB-8896 (Exception)

NPM: WebStorm crashes on scrolling Available Packages list



IDEA-111837 (Usability Problem)

OSGi: inspections should have correct descriptions and names

IDEA-111895 (Cosmetics)

OSGi: correct English in "wrong imported package' inspection

IDEA-111894 (Bug)

OSGi: the imported packages from library bundles always appear as 'not exported'

IDEA-112206 (Bug)

Many OSGi updating indices processes are created on maven import

IDEA-111783 (Bug)

OSGi: facet 'manifest generation' settings should not affect build if existing manifest file is used

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-112304 (Bug)

Compile annotations.jar with lowest possible version of java

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-112462 (Feature)

Crossplatform loading of native libraries by idea plugin.

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-86885 (Usability Problem)

When plugin is being downloaded from repository, no corresponding indication is shown

Product Documentation


WEB-8848 (Task)

Map help ID

Project View


IDEA-112157 (Bug)

Currently selected file is not displayed correctly after import change

IDEA-112280 (Bug)

Mark directory as... disappears from the context menu if multiple directories are selected

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-112524 (Bug)

Working directory for default rake tasks is changed to $MODULE_DIR$ after project's reopening

IDEA-112587 (Exception)

Crash of IDEA, stack overflow



WEB-8819 (Bug)

SASS: Incorrect indent before include

WEB-6452 (Bug)

SASS suggests functions at the top, instead of property values



IDEA-112612 (Feature)

SQL: replacing "*" with list of all columns in SELECT statement

IDEA-111931 (Feature)

SQL formatter is wanting additional "new line before" options

IDEA-112301 (Bug)

DB console does not allow to fill in values for parameters

IDEA-112072 (Bug)

good code yellow: IF INSERTING (create trigger - Oracle SQL*Plus)

IDEA-112077 (Bug)


IDEA-106040 (Bug)

Oracle: false positive ambiguous column reference

IDEA-112425 (Bug)

Unable to resolve column in MySQL temporary table



IDEA-17938 (Feature)

"Rename bean" should check if chosen name is not already taken

IDEA-112219 (Feature)

Spring MVC: show @RequestMapping "method" in completion variant

IDEA-111944 (Feature)

Spring: "Inject Reference" to bean name

IDEA-95480 (Feature)

Spring Model Validation: include inspections from other Spring plugins

IDEA-67014 (Bug)

Spring: c namespace: attributes that reference constructor arguments by index instead of name are error-highlighted



WEB-8846 (Bug)

Styles: Red code: conditionals are not recognized

WEB-8953 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize shorthand arithmetic operators

WEB-8937 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize unary and ternary operators

WEB-8938 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize conditional assignment operators

WEB-8989 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize tilde(~) operator

WEB-8951 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize rest parameters

WEB-8950 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize keyword arguments

WEB-8843 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: equal sign considered as unexpected element

WEB-8958 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize literal CSS

WEB-8845 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: font family defined as a variable

WEB-8844 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: property name with @ symbol

WEB-8961 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize placeholder selector

WEB-8962 (Bug)

Stylus: recognize @extend

WEB-8944 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: recognize instance check operator

WEB-8984 (Exception)

Stylus: Throwable when extending rules



IDEA-111859 (Bug)

Tapestry plugin breaks code analysis

Task Management


IDEA-111811 (Usability Problem)

Task management: JIRA: JQL: code completion suggests nothing after closing parenthesis

IDEA-111813 (Cosmetics)

Task management: JIRA: JQL: Tab in code completion inside function name doubles parentheses

IDEA-112728 (Bug)

Can't create new task from tasks menu in toolbar

IDEA-112781 (Bug)

Open YouTrack task: Create changelist doesn't work with SVN ?

IDEA-110012 (Bug)

Not all Redmine Issues Available on "Open Task" (Limited to 100?)

IDEA-112611 (Bug)

Task management: DVCS: closing a task fails: "Cannot delete the branch master"

IDEA-112605 (Exception)

Task management: can't add Generic server: NoClassDefFoundError: XPathFileType



WEB-2264 (Feature)

TypeScript: warn user if a class doesn't include all members declared in interface implemented by it

WEB-6944 (Bug)

Add 'Implement methods' quickfix in TypeScript

WEB-8959 (Bug)

Major Issue with Typescript

WEB-6868 (Bug)

Typescript: Primitive type names aren't being syntax highlighted.

WEB-8512 (Bug)

Incorrectly flagging "Potentially invalid usage of this" in TypeScript file when using nested lambda expressions

WEB-8930 (Bug)

TypeScript 0.9.1, WS7 130-1630: 'Method expression is not of Function type'

WEB-8918 (Bug)

TypeScript: referencing variable with 'module' used as a name causes syntax errors

WEB-8785 (Bug)

TypeScript: Property setter type is incorrectly reported as not compatible

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-112328 (Bug)

IDEA consumes CPU during test run

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-112231 (Bug)

JUnit runner should not start TestNG tests

Unit Tests


WEB-8956 (Bug)

Karma files are not updated

WEB-9011 (Bug)

Karma plugin ignored tests

WEB-8916 (Bug)

Karma plugin requires logLevel: LOG_INFO, but does not pass it

WEB-8936 (Exception)

Karma: read access throwable exception for Coverage

WEB-8935 (Exception)

Karma: Throwable on invocation 'Run with Coverage' action

User Interface


IDEA-110846 (Feature)

File Structure pop-up doesn't work properly for template languages

IDEA-112435 (Usability Problem)

Inconsistent UI for converting search popup into Find toolwindow

IDEA-111753 (Usability Problem)

Colors blend when I cmd+click on method name with blue breakpoint line

IDEA-96644 (Usability Problem)

With clean config settings frames for new projects are opened at full-screen size

IDEA-99336 (Usability Problem)

Trash icon in Event log would be helpful

IDEA-112093 (Bug)

White stripes in Status Bar

IDEA-112006 (Bug)

Impossible to click checkbox in "Find Action" dialog

IDEA-107413 (Bug)

Cannot drag'n'drop more than one item in Changes View

IDEA-100949 (Bug)

Misplaced popups due to incorrect insets calculation (X WIndow; multi-monitor; Java 7)

IDEA-111020 (Bug)

Status bar changes its height when progress is shown

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-95904 (Cosmetics)

Darcula parameter info pop-up colors hard to read

Web Services


IDEA-25965 (Bug)

"Web Method problem" inspection appears incorrect



IDEA-64561 (Feature)

Provide navigation for XSD enum values

IDEA-60895 (Feature)

No completion for enumerated and boolean values of xml tags

IDEA-112136 (Bug)

"Optimize Imports" removes XML namespace declarations which are in use

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