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  • IntelliJ IDEA 13 132.1045 Release Notes
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IDEA-116194 (Usability Problem)

"Generate equals() and hashcode()" for final classes

IDEA-114608 (Cosmetics)

breakpoints dialog: add panel must be at top

IDEA-93733 (Cosmetics)

Double line above editor tabs

IDEA-89720 (Cosmetics)

Preview usages: "select usages to preview" should be shown at the center of panel

IDEA-115064 (Cosmetics)

New Project Wizard: Spring page looks bad

IDEA-116106 (Bug)

Map help button of the keymap page

IDEA-110540 (Bug)

"String concat (plus) and super.toString()" template adds "+ super.toString()" even if no super

IDEA-116085 (Bug)

Idea locks up for long time as I use CTRL+SPACE to autocomplete method



IDEA-116009 (Bug)

Intellij 13 hangs with large android project after git rebase

IDEA-114118 (Bug)

android logcat filter resets upon debug restart

IDEA-115497 (Bug)

Android Manifest Merger messages are incomprehensible



WEB-9876 (Usability Problem)

Fuzzy search is still colliding with completion

WEB-9877 (Bug)

Reformat breaks CSS with capital units

WEB-9885 (Bug)

Uppercase CSS rules are not understood

WEB-9889 (Bug)

Emmet: fuzzy searcher should lookup property-templates only

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-94922 (Feature)

Report negatively named boolean variables and suggest to perform 'Invert Boolean' for them

IDEA-72889 (Feature)

CodeStyle inspection to check tabs instead of spaces in file

IDEA-75717 (Bug)

"Referenced checked for null not used inside if" false positive

IDEA-115330 (Bug)

Incorrect "condition is always false"



WEB-8867 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Unused warnings

WEB-9811 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Local variables are incorrectly marked as global variables

Compiling Project


IDEA-115189 (Bug)

IntelliLang Pattern Validator: Class not found



IDEA-115163 (Performance Problem)

IDE unresponsive with too many console hyperlinks

PY-11324 (Exception)

NPE at org.jetbrains.plugins.terminal.TerminalView.hideIfNoActiveSessions



WEB-7906 (Bug)

Filter multiple copies of the package folder in DART



IDEA-116151 (Feature)

Database View: simplify connection management

IDEA-115723 (Bug)

Can't run large sql script

IDEA-115120 (Bug)

Database table editor checkboxes behave unpredictable (jumping around randomly)

IDEA-116067 (Bug)

Database console: ability to cancel running statements

IDEA-115778 (Bug)

In database console, ":" in a literal is treated as a parameter

IDEA-116141 (Exception)

Database Connections: IAE at ObjectUtils._assertNotNull() for certain data source



IDEA-97390 (Bug)

Java Debugger: View Text action shows white on white

WEB-8707 (Bug)

Node debug with junctions/symlinks

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-115355 (Bug)

Irrelevant code completion in XML

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-116080 (Bug)

Pressing Esc key does not clear selection in the editor

File System


IDEA-113483 (Feature)

Context-Menu on Symlink: "Jump to origin"

IDEA-102413 (Bug)

Can't create project in a directory with $ in a name



IDEA-115919 (Bug)

Regression on "Make" for Flex multi module and library project



IDEA-116144 (Bug)

Opening build.gradle of android project fails



IDEA-115076 (Exception)

Groovy: New Project Wizard: IAE at DialogWrapperPeerFactoryImpl.createPeer() on 'Create Groovy Library'



WEB-8915 (Bug)

Inspection "duplicate attribute" not working in HTML in ASP files

WEB-7053 (Bug)

Mark entities unsupported in HTML



IDEA-115975 (Bug)

IDEAU-132.940 CloudFoundy Load Spaces and Organizations malfunction



IDEA-110064 (Bug)

JSF 2.2: Pass-through elements: if upper-case symbols are used instead of default 'jsf' namespace prefix, attributes are red-highlihted



IDEA-113248 (Bug)

Resin AS: impossible to select Resin server as new project ApplicationServer

IDEA-115770 (Bug)

IU-132.859 Error adding module to project while creating web application with Resin AS



IDEA-114512 (Bug)

OGNL: parse property/method accessors on variables

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-115502 (Bug)

SPI Configuration auto-complete only show direct child not descendant

IDEA-115199 (Bug)

Completion in Evaluate Dialog suggests obfuscated classes and scrolls the desired item down



WEB-9938 (Exception)

NPE during inspections

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-8599 (Bug)

JavaScript libraries: correctly update library downloaded via Google CDN link

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-8162 (Feature)

JSHint: make it possible to set 'unused' to 'vars' or 'strict'

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-9627 (Bug)

Complete statement broken in JS scenario



WEB-9905 (Usability Problem)

Improve select word action for mixin invocations

WEB-9872 (Bug)

compiles fine with nodejs lessc but not with IDEA (sad)

WEB-9890 (Bug)

Pseudo classes completion doesn't work

Language Injection


IDEA-49273 (Usability Problem)

Injected language: parameter info tooltip disappears on moving caret

IDEA-102454 (Bug)

Parameter Info: TAB/Shift-TAB and editing does not work in language injected fragment



IDEA-115474 (Usability Problem)

Maven Dependency template broken in latest Idea Cardea



WEB-9838 (Bug)

Should be able to specify NODE_PATH which would be used when resolving `require` statements

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-116168 (Bug)

Action creation does not escape special chars in plugin.xml

Project Configuration


IDEA-115080 (Bug)

New Project Wizard: Ruby: ruby-specific settings are missing

IDEA-115074 (Bug)

New Project Wizard: Grails: grails-specific settings are missing

IDEA-115398 (Bug)

New Project Wizard: libraries downloading doesn't work

Project View


IDEA-115422 (Bug)

Find/Replace in Path is missing if multiple content roots exist



WEB-9798 (Bug)

Quickdoc for pseudo elements doesn't work in SASS and LESS completion

WEB-9867 (Bug)

SASS/CSS inspections can't deal with nested @page rules

WEB-9601 (Bug)

Compass support: open file dialog ignores "sass" directory

WEB-9886 (Bug)

Compass: quick doc is shown incorrectly for multiline comments



IDEA-116015 (Usability Problem)

SQL reformat code seems to have no effect

IDEA-115537 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: internal data types are not supported

IDEA-115840 (Bug)

SQL: current_timestamp(#) is not recognized

IDEA-112596 (Bug)

SQL: MySQL uncomment doesn't work with "--"



IDEA-36536 (Feature)

Spring: if the factory-bean attribute is specified w/o factory-method – show the error

IDEA-36685 (Usability Problem)

Provide better 'no matching constructor' warnings where possible

IDEA-115942 (Bug)

Ctrl+Q on the suggestions dropdown in a Spring XML file shows wrong documentation

IDEA-116277 (Bug)

Spring MVC: QuickDocumentation for @RequestMapping paths is not shown inside <c:url>

Template Languages. Velocity


IDEA-44650 (Feature)

Allow folding(and fold default) the initial comment/header in Velocity files.

IDEA-115938 (Feature)

User defined context provider for Velocity templates

IDEA-116010 (Bug)

Quick Help on a @vtlvariable name is not showing the JavaDocs

User Interface


IDEA-111753 (Usability Problem)

Colors blend when I cmd+click on method name with blue breakpoint line

IDEA-116046 (Usability Problem)

Hide irrelevant run configuration types from 'Add New Configuration' popup

IDEA-90751 (Cosmetics)

Scope tabs coloring does not affect hidden tabs pop-up

IDEA-115889 (Cosmetics)

Framework toolwindows: support scope-based file colors for items

IDEA-112982 (Cosmetics)

Status bar starts with bad layout before project is fully loaded

IDEA-116125 (Bug)

extra gutter in presentation mode

IDEA-114461 (Bug)

Structure tool window: Jump to Source (F4) does not move focus to Editor

IDEA-116146 (Bug)

Search everywhere has small font in Presentation mode

IDEA-116296 (Bug)

Search match looks terrible under Retina

IDEA-116197 (Bug)

filter improvements

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-116119 (Usability Problem)

Darcula: links are hardly visible on warnings

Version Control


IDEA-115980 (Usability Problem)

Mercurial: Log: context menu actions (NewBranch,NewTag,CheckOutRevision) produce no results

IDEA-116036 (Usability Problem)

Pressing Escape in Commit / TODO dialog performs commit

IDEA-115676 (Usability Problem)

new git log: details panel scrolls to bottom

IDEA-116139 (Bug)

Git Push broken

Version Control. Git


IDEA-116022 (Usability Problem)

Git: In Log view, Git filtering on Structure and Date are removed

IDEA-116111 (Bug)

Git: VCS-Log: update log after push

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-116000 (Usability Problem)

Error message should be shown if hg root marked as git

IDEA-116001 (Bug)

Incorrect behavior of root scanner in case non hg project marked as hg

IDEA-116049 (Bug)

Mercurial log doesn't load on Mac default locale

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-115010 (Bug)

Don't use p4 login to check connectivity as p4 2002 server doesn't support this command

IDEA-105668 (Bug)

Perforce: Respect Settings | Version Control | "Limit history by" setting.

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