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IDEA-106895 (Performance Problem)

Calculating validity state of AAPT compiler should not require parsing values XML files

IDEA-106894 (Performance Problem)

AndroidJpsUtil.getAndroidPlatform() should cache data to avoid parsing same SDK multiple times if used in multiple modules

IDEA-106896 (Performance Problem)

Cache the result of AndroidJpsUtil.getAllAndroidDependencies()



WEB-213 (Feature)

Add new Inspector if the measurement px contains a float

WEB-2080 (Usability Problem)

CSS collapse single line is not necessary

WEB-7719 (Bug)

W3C CSS validation displays message that is unreadable to user

WEB-276 (Bug)

css inspector reports text as unknown element

WEB-7698 (Bug)

HTML style font completion inserts double quotes inside double quotes

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-107776 (Feature)

Inspection on System.exit() should skip executable classes

IDEA-107662 (Usability Problem)

Show 'No illegal dependencies' instead to 'Nothing to show' in 'Dependency Viewer' tool window when 'Show Illegals only' option is selected

IDEA-90713 (Usability Problem)

Spellchecker: Don't highlight known Spring-specific class or property names

IDEA-107771 (Bug)

Auto unboxing creates wrong code in case of -Double

IDEA-107770 (Bug)

Inspection severity group name Info / WeakWarning is random

IDEA-107495 (Bug)

new HashMap < Integer,String > w/o new in ALT-ENTER will generate a loop

IDEA-51200 (Bug)

Batch inspection browser does not display line numbers while successfully navigating to corresponding line

IDEA-107786 (Bug)

Bug when using Inspections with Scopes

IDEA-106884 (Bug)

Detect that string concatenation produces not-null result

IDEA-102299 (Bug)

False positive "Hardcoded String literal" on string-switch cases

IDEA-107604 (Bug)

wrong inspection reported when object is change in a method inside inspected block

IDEA-107195 (Bug)

Methods returning primitive types should be treated as @Nonnull

IDEA-107290 (Bug)

Brackets influence variable not used in if inspection

Code Navigation


IDEA-100802 (Feature)

Show sibling implementations

IDEA-106881 (Usability Problem)

Case sensitive completion - neither choice works

IDEA-85051 (Bug)

navigation: ctrl + click into overridden method

IDEA-107008 (Bug)

"PsiClass:" appears when trying to copy name of class that implements the interface

IDEA-106854 (Bug)

Navigate to Class/File doesn't locate files/classes with two-symbols pattern

Compiling Project


IDEA-107418 (Bug)

IDEA / external make can set "-target" greater then version of the JDK specified for module

IDEA-107782 (Bug)

Bad code marked as good: implementing a generic interface while omitting the generic type



IDEA-107192 (Feature)

Show active schema on tab

IDEA-95923 (Usability Problem)

Database Console: Unexpected popup menu on Ctrl+C

IDEA-107695 (Bug)

Export to XML creates corrupted XML if there are unnamed aggregate fields such as SUM() in a query

IDEA-107116 (Bug)

No schemas/tables listed for DB2 Connections

IDEA-107137 (Bug)

In Database Console use of "Save As Live Template" Option on Sql and Pl Sql queries doesn't work correctly.

IDEA-107753 (Bug)

Data source name encoding error

IDEA-107791 (Exception)

SQL console: SIOOBE at TextChangesStorage.substring() on execution of statement



WEB-7728 (Feature)

Built-in HTTP server should be more visible

WEB-4411 (Feature)

Show context / scope chain variables in debugger

WEB-4454 (Usability Problem)

JavaScript debug: local and remote run configurations are confusing

WEB-6895 (Usability Problem)

breakpoints must not be shown as resolved until we don't get relevant mapping

WEB-7027 (Cosmetics)

WebStorm server needs retina favicon

WEB-7560 (Bug)

"string" representation in debugger is ugly

WEB-2442 (Bug)

JavaScript debugger does not recognize asynchronously loaded js content

WEB-6998 (Bug)

Built-in webserver default port is not possible to change

WEB-2342 (Bug)

Can't set value in debugger

IDEA-107514 (Bug)

Breakpoint cannot be enabled from Breakpoints dialog

WEB-7865 (Bug)

NodeJS remote debugging is not possible if local and remote path differs

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-56072 (Usability Problem)

Provide some visual indication that file opened in editor exceeds idea.max.intellisense.filesize limit

IDEA-103199 (Bug)

Undo: UTF problem

IDEA-85045 (Bug)

Big java files ignored by IDE regardless the value of idea.max.intellisense.filesize from config.

IDEA-107590 (Bug)

Enter in comment leads to broken comment

IDEA-107671 (Bug)

IDEA quick fix generates a public getter on a package scoped class

IDEA-107584 (Bug)

Copy/Paste reference not working in "External Libraries"

File System


IDEA-107516 (Bug)

Copy-and-paste a file into the same directory while renaming it "." deletes contents of the directory

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-107186 (Usability Problem)

Find (CTRL-F): scroll editor to the found occurrence; display tooltip at the correct position



IDEA-62044 (Usability Problem)

Choose class dialog: don't show internal excluded classes

IDEA-57861 (Bug)

flex: need to invoke undo twice to undo "Remove unused method" QuickFix

IDEA-106796 (Bug)

"Inline constant" produces only partial results for ActionScript

IDEA-105517 (Bug)

Android OS Not Properly Emulated

IDEA-107784 (Bug)

Bad code green: code highlighting behaves as if super.super class is imported

IDEA-107939 (Bug)

Idea highlights meta tag [Inline]

GUI Designer


IDEA-106210 (Usability Problem)

Designer: Improve usability on switching between designer and editor tabs



IDEA-107980 (Feature)

Gradle: Enhance Xmx gradle daemon processing

IDEA-107420 (Usability Problem)

Gradle: Correct tasks representation

IDEA-104500 (Task)

Gradle: Allow to reuse common logic for other external systems



IDEA-97878 (Bug)

Unable to run grails test with build-test-data-plugin as junit tests in IDEA 12



IDEA-101798 (Feature)

DelegatesTo : report unused @DelegatesTo.Target annotations

IDEA-103067 (Feature)

In unit tests in groovy, extract field should offer to initialize the field in the "setup" method just as the java refactoring does

IDEA-106991 (Feature)

introduce string variable from selected part of String literal

IDEA-103942 (Performance Problem)

Reduce FactorTree memory usage and improve gc-ability

IDEA-104538 (Task)

get rid of GrCaseSection.getCaseLabel()

IDEA-107478 (Bug)

Incorrect groovy inspection "Cannot assign a value to final field 'field'" on all this-qualified assigments

IDEA-107745 (Bug)

Nested interface.enum cannot be resolved within the enum itself

IDEA-107649 (Exception)

Groovy files invisible when one extends itself



WEB-489 (Bug)

Treat contents of <script> tags with "text/"* type as plain text

WEB-7789 (Bug)

Surround with Emmet doesn't perform true emmet expansion for each element



IDEA-100667 (Feature)

Organize Imports doesn't work for Haxe plugin.

IDEA-99554 (Bug)

Haxe : import autocompletion doesn't show package structure

IDEA-106515 (Bug)

Auto Import not working for on static methods #haxe



IDEA-93950 (Bug)

Hibernate HQL console doesn't use datasource advanced properties to make connection

IDE Configuration


IDEA-107922 (Feature)

Log4j update

IDEA-107305 (Bug)

Can't remove project template

IDEA-104922 (Bug)

File templates are not colored if any project is opened

IDEA-104195 (Bug)

Add to module HTML framework like for project wizard (boilerplate, bootstrap)

IDEA-101517 (Bug)

Plugin Manager: incompatible plugins stay red after updating to a new compatible version until restart

IDEA-107587 (Exception)

IDEA IU-130.617. Google App Engine Dev AS exception



IDEA-107265 (Bug)

IDEA 12.1.3 Hang while re index project libraries

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-100205 (Feature)

CloudBees: set default stack

IDEA-105909 (Bug)

Deployment: Correctly treat situation when address is already in use



IDEA-97126 (Bug)

Throwable at$2$1.getExtension

IDEA-97122 (Exception)

CloudBee : exception on deploying artefact



IDEA-107738 (Bug)

IDEA marks a method with annotation "@Schedule" as "unused"



IDEA-106472 (Bug)

GlassFish. Anomaly deploying a war to the GlassFish AS while Jetty AS is running



IDEA-105905 (Exception)

ITE at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor325.invoke



IDEA-93527 (Feature)

Tiles: support <definition> names with wildcards



IDEA-99863 (Bug)

IDEA incorrectly identifies Tomcat 8.0 installation directory as containing Tomcat version 7.0



IDEA-30229 (Feature)

Make web.xml more "intelligent"



IDEA-107389 (Bug)

JPQL error parsing after like: "<string> expected, got upper"

IDEA-107805 (Bug)

Problem binding object parameters in the JPA console

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-106814 (Usability Problem)

Insert both opening and closing parentheses when completing a method call with "Insert pair brace" option off

IDEA-97408 (Usability Problem)

Streamline auto-complete when multiple class variants in scope

IDEA-107444 (Cosmetics)

Simplify code completion settings

IDEA-107243 (Bug)

Some static members are shown in completions, even with "Show static members after instance qualifier" deactivated

IDEA-103865 (Bug)

Cannot complete class name starting with lowercase letter

IDEA-60682 (Bug)

user live template requires two presses of the expansion key in some cases

IDEA-100317 (Bug)

Scheduled slow completion autopopup may appear after everything is already typed and Enter hit

IDEA-107221 (Bug)

Arrow keys in initial code complete popup are based on wrong index.

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-107252 (Bug)

Good code red: generic method with overloaded variants

IDEA-105846 (Bug)

Marks as inconvertible Types but still compiles

IDEA-107957 (Bug)

Valid code incorrectly marked as having error

IDEA-78246 (Bug)

False positive: Method does not override method from its superclass

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-95361 (Feature)

Intention to remove explicit array name from array initializer

IDEA-107356 (Usability Problem)

Quickfix action names when parameter type does not match field type are too similar

IDEA-105645 (Bug)

Replace do-while with while intention does not add braces when do statement is single liner in his parent

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-102636 (Usability Problem)

Refactor->rename for fields should warn on method name collisions, when renaming getters/setters.

IDEA-82732 (Usability Problem)

Renaming variables on renaming type: changing default suggestion must be possible for many occurences at once

IDEA-95345 (Cosmetics)

Refactor->Rename: enable "Refactor" button only when name has actually been changed

IDEA-107697 (Cosmetics)

Find Usages: search in multiple classes dialog presentation

IDEA-108026 (Bug)

Renaming an entity field does not rename the setter method parameter

IDEA-107783 (Bug)

Invert if condition changes semantics

IDEA-107843 (Bug)

Moving class to another package with drag&drop (or Cut/Paste) in Project View - absurd default "Target destination directory" choice

IDEA-102875 (Bug)

Changing the package names moves the file from src/java to test/java

IDEA-107732 (Exception)

Exception in Rename



IDEA-107098 (Feature)

JavaFX: packaging: provide possibility to specify application name

IDEA-107530 (Feature)

CSS dialect: provide intention that allows to specify the file dialect

IDEA-107518 (Task)

Help page available for the Java FX tab in the Project Structure dialog

IDEA-107161 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA doesn't link to the FXML file when using groovy controllers

IDEA-107439 (Bug)

JavaFX: ChooseTargetForStyleClass popup of 'create styleclass' intention appears in the different project frame in some cases

IDEA-107946 (Bug)

JavaFX: CSS dialect change to classic doesn't affect injected fragments

IDEA-107433 (Bug)

JavaFX: 'Unresolved StyleClass' inspection is shown for styleclasses present in multiple stylesheet files

IDEA-107911 (Bug)

JavaFX: "Switch To W3C CSS" intention is available for injected code fragments but doesn't affect the behavior

IDEA-106192 (Bug)

JavaFX: stylesheets added from code are not recognized in some cases



WEB-1392 (Feature)

Allow parameter syntax from YuiDocs

WEB-7584 (Feature)

JavaScript: provide intention to convert for loop into foreach loop

WEB-7614 (Bug)

JSDoc stub is not generated if function definition is preceded by a comma on the same line

WEB-7829 (Bug)

Future reserved words are misinterpreted in non-strict JavaScript

WEB-3602 (Bug)

Remove unused variable: undo does not reconstruct whitespace and breaks undo stack

WEB-7677 (Bug)

"Invert If Condition" intention breaks formatting for if() {} else if() {} else {}

WEB-7864 (Bug)

@inheritDoc doesn't work as expected

WEB-7400 (Bug)

support standard Ecmascript objects out-of-the-box

WEB-7810 (Bug)

JSDoc: named types defined with @typedef not resolved

WEB-3971 (Bug)

jQuery selector ending with '=' is not parsed correctly

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-7735 (Bug)

False positive: Returned expression type Number is not assignable to type String when concatenating string with number

WEB-7777 (Bug)

JSDoc inline doc comments not properly recognized for optional function parameters with multiple types

WEB-7929 (Bug)

JavsScript hasOwnProperty check with function parameter object

WEB-7805 (Bug)

Inconsistent return points for empty function

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-7827 (Feature)

New JavaScript intention: simplify array

WEB-7743 (Bug)

incorrect compute constant value in javascript



WEB-7919 (Bug)

Reformat code for LESS breaks his compilation (NS using)

WEB-7783 (Bug)

LESS: mixin inside keyframes leads to parse error



IDEA-107928 (Feature)

Synchronize "from Maven" libraries on project loading

IDEA-107943 (Bug)

Dependencies with a non-default type not added as external libraries in maven module

IDEA-107511 (Bug)

maven: tag sorceDirectory can't recognize a value as path in multi-module project



WEB-1917 (Bug)

Node.js Debugger doesn't stop on breakpoints when running WebStorm on OS X

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-98896 (Bug)

Plugin manager: enable all required plugins at once after installing a plugin

IDEA-107775 (Bug)

"align" isn't found by search

IDEA-107545 (Bug)

Wrong file format for idea linux launching script

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-87999 (Usability Problem)

DevKit: run configuration should default to "Allow only once instance"

Project Configuration


IDEA-107323 (Exception)

IDEA IC-130.555 : NCDFE on project creating/opening

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-107463 (Bug)

Unable to create Jboss server



WEB-6516 (Bug)

sass autocomplete with tab can break code

WEB-7836 (Bug)

Sass support: incorrectly marking comma-separated @extend selectors as errors



IDEA-107088 (Bug)

Regression: Cannot open SQL files with IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.3 and 'SQL Support'-plugin enabled

IDEA-107819 (Bug)

SQL statement too complex to submit within PHPStorm

IDEA-107655 (Bug)

RESTART IDENTITY marked invalid for HSQL db

IDEA-107768 (Bug)

SQL: DB2: not null clause after default is red

IDEA-105778 (Bug)

MS SQL: Table declaration from returns insn't resolved

IDEA-100401 (Bug)

SQL: parse "references"

IDEA-107964 (Bug)

Add support for keyword "DATABASE LINK" in oracle sql dialect



IDEA-106719 (Feature)

(Quick) Documentation for Spring Beans

IDEA-39604 (Usability Problem)

Bean rename dialog does not suggest names

IDEA-106483 (Bug)

Spring: should not be possible to add removed autodetected fileset as parent

IDEA-107949 (Bug)

Spring EL: T() operator: type package rename corrupts the expression

IDEA-107948 (Bug)

Spring EL: T() operator: the type rename is performed incorrectly if inner type is referenced

IDEA-106918 (Bug)

WebApplicationInitializer should never match 'Class is never used' inspection

IDEA-107983 (Bug)

Inspection "Spring MVC @PathVariable" fails if URL has two path variables and first has regular expression

IDEA-106853 (Bug)

Spring MVC. Inspector should not warn about methods annotated with @ExceptionHandler

IDEA-107973 (Bug)

Spring: Quick Documentation should work for components (annotated java classes) references



WEB-7937 (Bug)

Typescript AMD modules not working in IDE. "unresolved variable" errors.

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-107621 (Feature)

New Inspection: Malformed @DataPoint in JUnit theory

IDEA-107848 (Bug)

Passing a message to assertEquals() disables "Click to see difference"

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-107281 (Feature)

Show test methods with data provider as usages for data provider method

IDEA-107339 (Bug)

No action to run all tests in a class if there's another class defined in the same file

User Interface


IDEA-107736 (Feature)

Add layout switcher for tool windows: widescreen/normal

IDEA-106726 (Usability Problem)

Analyze Stacktrace - hard to use with keyboard

IDEA-106544 (Bug)

Visual glitch: Fullscreen and maximized windows on the same screen

IDEA-106843 (Bug)

IntelliJ 12 is constantly freezing up, hiking up CPU

IDEA-107972 (Bug)

Add ability to manually specify package name in package chooser

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-107553 (Bug)

Darcula: Stack trace selection looks unreadable when focus is lost

Version Control


IDEA-68528 (Bug)

commit dialog: file name completion should work for delete files also

IDEA-107270 (Bug)

Apply patch dialog flickers on attempt to resize

IDEA-107452 (Bug)

.idea/workspace.xml contains too many items in ChangeListManager

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-107524 (Bug)

CVS: :local: connection method: TestConnection doesn't report errors for not found cvs executable

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-99942 (Bug)

When going online with Perforce, flashes up "Checking Perforce authentication state" many many times



IDEA-107526 (Feature)

Autocomplete suggests duplicate attributes in XML tags

IDEA-81682 (Feature)

Missing XMLSchema-datatypes support for RelaxNG

IDEA-107208 (Bug)

Incorrect dtd resolution leads to red code in XML



IDEA-106720 (Bug)

XSL Live Templates do not work in *.XSLT files

IDEA-107276 (Bug)

XSLT Run/Debug does not create output file

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