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IDEA-77859 (Feature)

AspectJ + Maven: more support for <aspectLibrary> option



WEB-8308 (Cosmetics)

Incorrect "Expand CSS shorthand property" on "cursor"

WEB-8341 (Bug)

CSS optimizations break code with !important

WEB-8274 (Bug)

CSS HEX color inspection shouldn't warn about RGBA

WEB-8306 (Bug)

Two exact CSS rules aren't detected as overwritten

WEB-8307 (Bug)

!important is not understood on precedence

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-102222 (Feature)

"Results of method call ignored": add some Matcher methods

IDEA-109409 (Performance Problem)

Performance unacceptable when dealing with large files

IDEA-109490 (Bug)

Invalid result with "Replace 'StringBuilder' with 'String'" inspection

IDEA-105534 (Bug)

false positive "redundant call to String.format" when using String.format(Locale, ...)

IDEA-109700 (Bug)

"Create local variable" suggests invalid type when RHS returns an array of a generic type.

IDEA-100664 (Bug)

Small false positive in "class may be static" inspection for inner classes extending enclosing class

IDEA-109927 (Bug)

NullPointerException when running inspections on TeamCity 8.0.1

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-106897 (Bug)

JavaDoc formatting alignment for exception description broken

Code Navigation


IDEA-104327 (Usability Problem)

Navigate > File... > prioritize based on the current file location

IDEA-109912 (Usability Problem)

Goto File, Goto Class - results aren't sorted?

IDEA-85127 (Performance Problem)

Goto Symbol with test prefix is slow

IDEA-89861 (Bug)

Correct 'go to class' filtering algorithm

IDEA-104857 (Bug)

Navigate to class popup - camel humps matching should favour the best / shortest match

IDEA-67267 (Bug)

Go To File should show exact extension patterns matches first

IDEA-89098 (Bug)

'Go to file' should better match what I typed



IDEA-109638 (Bug)

Renaming variables break SQL

IDEA-109932 (Bug)

Copy as SQL from DB grid returns decimal fractions, separated with commas

IDEA-109084 (Bug)

Table editor does not show table content on DB2 z/OS



WEB-8355 (Bug)

Elements tab: header tags should be placed on a new line

WEB-8200 (Bug)

Often when I change web-server port it still listens on the old port



IDEA-109679 (Usability Problem)

Warn on "Synchronize selected/All" if some file has been set to delete

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-109419 (Cosmetics)

CDI icon located at an incorrect line

IDEA-109748 (Bug)

Quick doc on mouse hover pops up when not hovering over anything

IDEA-109579 (Bug)

Invalid HTML escaping in method parameter description (Ctrl+P)

IDEA-109609 (Bug)

undo/redo is not working if file located in excluded directory

File System


IDEA-109872 (Performance Problem)

PhpStorm starts a new sync each time the window is activated even when one is already running.

File Watchers


WEB-7883 (Bug)

Filewatcher backslash turns into frontslash



IDEA-109614 (Cosmetics)

flex compiler settings: word spacing

IDEA-108081 (Bug)

Cannot run flexunit tests in Intellij IDEA 13 EAP

IDEA-104952 (Bug)


GUI Designer


IDEA-106210 (Usability Problem)

Designer: Improve usability on switching between designer and editor tabs



IDEA-109436 (Usability Problem)

Simplify creation of a gradle project

IDEA-109704 (Usability Problem)

Gradle: please do not log gradle download progress

IDEA-109705 (Usability Problem)

Gradle: on pressing "Attach Project" button in Gradle tool window, general "Select File or Directory to Import" dialog appears, and it allows to import whichever project (ant, maven, etc.)

IDEA-109617 (Usability Problem)

External system: Detach (minus) button could be added to toolbar near Attach (plus) button

IDEA-109725 (Performance Problem)

External system: Improve performance on applying project structure changes on external project(s) refresh

IDEA-109645 (Bug)

External system: after importing of an external project, 'External system' tool window appears in every project until IDEA restart

IDEA-109722 (Bug)

Gradle tool window: when a project node is selected, "Detach" button become disabled as soon as mouse pointer enters Recent Tasks area

IDEA-108171 (Bug)

unable to open Settings/Gradle page in Idea 13

IDEA-109607 (Bug)

Gradle: after project importing project's parent directory is set as linked project name

IDEA-109697 (Bug)

Gradle: "Use gradle wrapper" option is always disabled in Settings | Gradle

IDEA-109519 (Bug)

Gradle: Don't ignore user-defined settings on initial project import



IDEA-109849 (Bug)

Introduce variable refactoring: type double is introduced instead of BigDecimal

IDEA-109388 (Bug)

Groovy: "Final variable access" inspection erroneously reports assignments to final fields in constructors, if fields are assigned to same named parameters

IDEA-109376 (Bug)

Groovy: "Final variable access" inspection doesn't report assignments to final parameters

IDEA-108548 (Bug)

Incorrect "Cannot reference nonstatic symbol from static context" in Grails

IDEA-109296 (Bug)

Resulting type of Date substraction is incorrectly infered as Integer



WEB-8184 (Feature)

data:image preview in HTML

WEB-8335 (Usability Problem)

Lots of spaces inserted in JS string when using Emmet

WEB-8303 (Exception)

Setting template data language for a mustache file, gives an error

IDE Configuration


IDEA-108801 (Bug)

63342 is open on, should default to local connections

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-109411 (Feature)

Improve error reporting for deployment problems to app servers



IDEA-109481 (Feature)

JSF 2.2: flow-definition: <switch> element without <default-outcome> should be error-highlighted

IDEA-109480 (Feature)

JSF 2.2: flow-definition: check that <start-node> element has correct not-empty value

IDEA-109512 (Feature)

JSF 2.2: flow-definition: default-outcome element value should be node reference

IDEA-80164 (Usability Problem)

<ctrl>click or <ctrl>B not working for css declarations

IDEA-99669 (Bug)

Good code red: ice:panelPopup autoPosition="manual"

IDEA-109780 (Bug)

JSF 2.2: the JSF facet shows 'jsf libraries not found' error though correct dependencies are used

IDEA-77487 (Bug)

javax.faces.error.xhtml in ui:include is not recognized

IDEA-109564 (Bug)

JSF 2.2: flow-definition: the value of flow-call@flow-reference@flow-id is not navigable

IDEA-109561 (Bug)

JSF 2.2: annotated flows (@FlowDefinition): the method-call nodes defined using annotated flow are not available in nodes list

IDEA-109360 (Bug)

JSF2.2: @FlowDefinition: vdlDocumentId parameter of FlowBuilder.viewNode() method should be treated as path to view



IDEA-108138 (Bug)

False "Address localhost:8080 is already in use" error



IDEA-108823 (Bug)

WebLogic deploy does not recognize that artifact is properly deployed if there's dot in artifact name

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-109942 (Bug)

smart completion should not put type parameters under java 1.7

IDEA-109422 (Bug)

Generated methods for Guava functions contains non-FQN entries and unresolved @Nullable

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-109947 (Bug)

Incorrect highlighting of extra type parameters

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-109540 (Bug)

Implement methods quick fix does not work

IDEA-105648 (Bug)

Replace do-while with while intention does not handle correctly declarations of final variables

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-109844 (Bug)

Highlighting for not finished introduce variable cannot be removed after starting the next one

IDEA-109576 (Bug)

Extract interface refactoring breaks foreach loops



IDEA-109574 (Bug)

Refactoring of JavaFX property field only changes name of getter and setter, not property method



WEB-938 (Bug)

Run/Debug Configuration is not updated after move refactor

WEB-8236 (Bug)

False positive on detecting minified script

Live Edit


WEB-8255 (Feature)

LiveEdit must work as part of JS debug session (JavaScript Debug Configuration)

WEB-1799 (Feature)

Allow to highlight element in browser by moving mouse cursor while holding a key

WEB-8348 (Bug)

LiveEdit fails to set script source for external JavaScript

WEB-8353 (Bug)

Live Edit: highlighting is broken for nodes after the <script> tag



IDEA-109871 (Cosmetics)

Maven import: "Select profiles" dialog layout issue

IDEA-108381 (Bug)

File name in Error appears as plain text rather than link to code in Maven build console

IDEA-109634 (Bug)

Read source code from maven

IDEA-108478 (Bug)

Do not use section pluginManagement

IDEA-26423 (Bug)

pom editing shows error for LATEST and RELEASE versions, and version ranges don't support goto declaration

IDEA-109873 (Bug)

Autocomplete does not work for Maven plugins that do not list the default groupId org.apache.maven.plugins

IDEA-99741 (Bug)

Maven system dependencies cause error highlighting

IDEA-109675 (Bug)

Absolute path in iml file (maven project)

IDEA-53820 (Bug)

Maven system scope dependency is marked as error when is referenced from child module.

IDEA-54114 (Bug)

Maven: for poms from jars the Add As Maven Project action is enabled but doesn't work

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-91026 (Usability Problem)

When run configuration has no icon NPE occures which prevents running configurations.



WEB-8375 (Bug)

SCSS mixins auto format

WEB-7772 (Bug)

SCSS: duplicate variable in autocomplete



IDEA-109548 (Bug)

Oracle sql: Unresolved reference for some predefined pl/sql variables, functions

IDEA-108983 (Bug)

SQL: Inspections: Each derived table should have alias: the inspection doesn't work at Derby



IDEA-109660 (Usability Problem)

Don't show Spring toolwindow if project has no Spring facets

IDEA-109626 (Bug)

Spring Tool Window: auto-detected filesets are not shown in view

Unit Tests


WEB-8202 (Bug)

JsTestDriver reporting same test multiple times

WEB-8302 (Bug)

Karma: can't run jasmine/qunit tests, 'No provider for framework' error

User Interface


IDEA-109795 (Feature)

Show old name when plugin update is offered

IDEA-106536 (Cosmetics)

IDEA loading window: header appears on Ubuntu 13.04

IDEA-109862 (Cosmetics)

Vestigial duplicate project tool

IDEA-106544 (Bug)

Visual glitch: Fullscreen and maximized windows on the same screen

IDEA-109359 (Bug)

Goto file doesn't work with parent directory pattern and middle-matching

IDEA-108049 (Exception)

ISE at com.intellij.openapi.ui.DialogWrapper.ensureEventDispatchThread

Version Control. Git


IDEA-79193 (Feature)

ability to choose the file name when creating a gist

IDEA-93508 (Usability Problem)

Share project on github doesn't add files

IDEA-109495 (Bug)

Not able to create gist for folder: Invalid GitHub response: No html_url property

IDEA-109652 (Bug)

Github: set checkbox "private" unavailable when limit on private repositories reached

IDEA-109572 (Bug)

Invoking 'Create Gist...' should save the file before creating the gist

IDEA-91995 (Bug)

GitHub: missing save password chekbox in GitHub login dialogs.

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-109353 (Bug)

hg4idea plugin shows only first letter of author

IDEA-108904 (Bug)

hg: mercurial can't show file log

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