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  • IntelliJ IDEA 13 130.1030 Release Notes
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IDEA-109421 (Usability Problem)

Don't propose to update disabled plugins

IDEA-109227 (Bug)

CNFE on startup, UI broken (missing elements, QuickGoTo not displaying results, ...)

IDEA-109329 (Bug)

com.intellij.util.text.CharArrayCharSequence#readCharsTo possible issue with array copy operation (openapi.jar)

IDEA-90170 (Bug)

Can't run Intellij Idea Community version with the shortcut made by installer on Windows 7 64bit



IDEA-72907 (Feature)

Android xml formatting with attributes sorting

IDEA-109234 (Bug)

The post-processing task in an Android artifact runs before the artifact is completely built

IDEA-108682 (Bug)

Android Activity-Alias workaround broken in idea 13



IDEA-109021 (Feature)

Support for AspectJ post-compile weaving and 'external build'

IDEA-90707 (Bug)

Android + AspectJ compilation issue

IDEA-64446 (Bug)

Enable AspectJ compilation per-module



WEB-8185 (Bug)

Intention "Insert background image size" is missing semicolon

WEB-8181 (Bug)

Intention "Extract image" (from data-url) must consider Web Resource Directories

WEB-8122 (Bug)

Flex CSS file formating adds spaces in unicode ranges

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-108517 (Feature)

Suggest to convert field to a local variable if in all methods the field is written before usage

IDEA-109472 (Usability Problem)

Configuring inspections per scope is not possible when there is no project opened

IDEA-107483 (Bug)

Erroneous divide by zero inspection

IDEA-107485 (Bug)

Erroneous suggestion to simplify String.valueOf() results in compile error

IDEA-107071 (Bug)

Incorrect "Condition '...' is always 'false'" inspection result

IDEA-108814 (Bug)

Assertion is considered active code by code inspections, yields bogus inspections

IDEA-109527 (Bug)

Good code is gray: incorrect 'Casting is redundant' warning for qualifier of 'getClass()' method call

IDEA-109177 (Bug)

'Statement has empty body': inspection ignores comments

IDEA-108349 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't accept variable length values exceeding 99

IDEA-106965 (Bug)

Fix for the "Local variable redundant" leads to the change of the code semantic

IDEA-106227 (Bug)

Incorrect inspection "Local variable is redundant' in try-with-resources clause

IDEA-109216 (Bug)

On-line error checking does not correctly compute the throws clause of overlapping, inherited methods in interfaces

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-107383 (Bug)

Javadoc parameter descriptions are always on new line from Ctrl-Alt-L

Code Navigation


IDEA-98022 (Bug)

Goto Implementation doesn't go from usage



IDEA-99810 (Feature)

Provide an automated mode to surround something with `

IDEA-109302 (Bug)

Database table browser skip to end doesn't work with mysql



WEB-6663 (Bug)

Don't require URL to open in JS debug run configuration, or validate the config to enforce non-empty path

WEB-8165 (Bug)

Debugger: Elements tab: incorrect order of elements inserted into DOM

IDEA-109283 (Bug)

debugger does not resolve sources

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-108087 (Feature)

Show Line number in presentation mode

IDEA-82141 (Bug)

Cannot use quotes as shortcut for live template

IDEA-109245 (Bug)

"Evaluate expression" should not wrap text automatically

File Watchers


WEB-8186 (Feature)

Update file watchers configuration and generated file links on renaming a file

WEB-7612 (Feature)

Treat minified versions for scripts and stylesheets as single file

WEB-7667 (Usability Problem)

SASS: .css file isn't deleted when renaming source .scss file

WEB-8179 (Bug)

File Watcher will not run until project is re-opened (if IDE reports problems with that file watcher on start)



IDEA-109200 (Cosmetics)

Locale setup improvements

IDEA-109201 (Cosmetics)

Conflicting mnemonic characters under Run/Debug Configurations



IDEA-104500 (Task)

Gradle: Allow to reuse common logic for other external systems

IDEA-109064 (Bug)

Gradle: Support build files named over than build.gradle

IDEA-109437 (Bug)

Cannot set Gradle home in Cardea

IDEA-109351 (Bug)

Gradle: Re-point gradle configs from build.gradle to build.gradle's parent dir if necessary



IDEA-108597 (Feature)

The Find Usage option isn't finding the name of actions that end with .something (for example: listPacks.json)

IDE Configuration


IDEA-107660 (Feature)

Feature request: Plugin search made simpler

IDEA-109507 (Bug)

Crash in start-up initial configuration screen

IDEA-109253 (Bug)

Predefined Scope "All" is useless for RubyMine projects



IDEA-109259 (Bug)

Indexing of files doesn't triggered while moving files from not 'content directories' (excluded directories, out of project directories)



IDEA-108997 (Bug)

Tiles: placeholders in paths are shown in red in definitions with wildcards in names

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-109269 (Feature)

Support variable name auto-completion during in line variable/method rename

IDEA-107219 (Bug)

Parameter info disappears after using smart code completion with compound value

IDEA-61730 (Bug)

live template variables suggestion does not handle member and parameter with the same name

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-61220 (Bug)

Implement methods quick fix does nothing when base method can't be accessed

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-109506 (Bug)

Override and Implement Methods do not work in interfaces

IDEA-109541 (Bug)

Inline resource variable leaves uncompilable code

IDEA-109543 (Bug)

Safe delete resource variable leaves uncompilable code

IDEA-109272 (Bug)

"Move Members" refactoring breaks switch statement with strings

IDEA-109232 (Bug)

NPE when trying to extract a variable



IDEA-109383 (Bug)

Intention to generate getter/setter methods for JavaFX object properties always uses same generic type



WEB-8196 (Feature)

JS/JSON: Make "Surround With -> object literal" work with a bunch of properties

WEB-8197 (Usability Problem)

JS/JSON: Make "Surround With -> object literal" work when a trailing (or leading) comma is selected

WEB-8116 (Bug)

JSDoc @type - autocomplete & go to declaration method

WEB-5448 (Bug)

Convert number to hex throws NumberFormatException

WEB-8203 (Bug)

Incorrect description render in JSDoc when default value presented



IDEA-108593 (Usability Problem)

Run/Debug Configurations: Select Maven Goal: Down key with completion list opened shows "Select maven project" popup

IDEA-54249 (Bug)

Maven: AddManagedDependency: the managed dependency of scope:import should not be available

IDEA-45377 (Bug)

Maven: maven-ear-plugin: the earName property is not supported

IDEA-109184 (Bug)

Maven: Refactor / Extract Dependency moves classifier to parent module

IDEA-108524 (Bug)

war artifacts not honoring Maven @{baseVersion}@ in outputFileNameMapping when building artifacts

IDEA-96499 (Bug)

Unable to add other paths into classpath for a maven module

IDEA-108549 (Bug)

Incorrect specification of the profile name maven

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-108152 (Bug)

install shortcuts from 64-bit version

IDEA-109172 (Bug)

IDEA-130.960 fails to start on Windows

Project Configuration


IDEA-109238 (Bug)

IntelliJ adds absolute path to .classpath when libraries are missing

Project View


IDEA-108872 (Bug)

leading dot is stripped from folder name if folder is under the classpath

REST Client


WEB-7068 (Feature)

REST Client UI in WebStorm would better provide import/export feature of the query

WEB-7374 (Feature)

REST client does not support compressed responses

WEB-7142 (Usability Problem)

Save data from REST client in project

WEB-7330 (Usability Problem)

Don't force me to fill in query parameters if I have complete URL

WEB-7371 (Bug)

REST Client: Previously used paths are not saved

WEB-7486 (Bug)

Rest client: issues with Chinese characters



IDEA-48722 (Feature)

JDBC data source: index definition is not included

IDEA-108718 (Feature)

SQL: Inspections: Index is dependent on column: the inspection could work when dropping primary key column

IDEA-108717 (Usability Problem)

SQL: Inspections: Index is dependent on column: dialects need to be added to description

IDEA-109013 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: INSERT INTO ... SELECT ... VALUES inspection false match

IDEA-109018 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: Partial index WHERE clause doesn't match column names

IDEA-108873 (Bug)

good code red - "flash_cache" and "cell_flash_cache" in Oracle (and Oracle SQL*Plus) dialect

IDEA-109529 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: SELECT (subquery) AS foo gets wrong column alias

IDEA-109520 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: 'SET role' highlighted as error

IDEA-109015 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: function OUT parameters not supported

IDEA-107332 (Bug)

SQL: Sybase: joins without ON or USING are green

IDEA-108960 (Bug)

Valid Oracle SQL is mark as an error

IDEA-109027 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: cannot parse table.* in expressions

IDEA-109000 (Bug)

SQL: Sybase: join without 'left', 'right', 'inner' is red



IDEA-108603 (Cosmetics)

Spring: improve <constructor-arg> completion variants

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-109554 (Feature)

Support property references everywhere in FreeMarker

IDEA-109362 (Bug)

StackOverflowError in com.intellij.freemarker.* package



WEB-8177 (Bug)

TypeScript: 'boolean' primitive type not resolved

WEB-8222 (Exception)

TypeScript: AssertionError when adding call signature to interface

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-66537 (Usability Problem)

Usability problem when viewing test results - can not focus log panel with keyboard

IDEA-60965 (Usability Problem)

Unit Testing (JUnit): test "Working Directory" is project's root and not module's root by default

Unit Tests


WEB-7708 (Feature)

Support Karma Javascript Test Coverage which is based on IstanbulJS

User Interface


IDEA-102747 (Usability Problem)

Remove invalid recent projects

IDEA-109166 (Bug)

Text resource replacement failed when prompting for gnome keyring password

IDEA-109308 (Bug)

Created class is not visible in project view (Project)

Version Control


IDEA-61148 (Bug)

Git: history for selection works incorrectly if there are local additions to the file above the selection

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-101447 (Bug)

CVS: correctly treat the invalid proxy settings

Version Control. Git


IDEA-106960 (Feature)

Open in GitHub: if several lines are selected, select them on GitHub page as well

IDEA-99126 (Usability Problem)

"Open in browser" shouldn't prompt for GitHub login/password

IDEA-87530 (Usability Problem)

GitHub: use github credentials for Git repositories when performing remote operations with github remotes

IDEA-92933 (Usability Problem)

Disable "Create Gist" action in the editor if there is no text there

IDEA-109466 (Usability Problem)

GitHub: Add link to project in notification shown on sharing existing project on GitHub

IDEA-97882 (Usability Problem)

Does not allow dots in names for Github repos

IDEA-87416 (Bug)

Share on GitHub: Don't show an "already under git" error when the project is on github

IDEA-89630 (Bug)

github not loading all repos

IDEA-91995 (Bug)

GitHub: missing save password chekbox in GitHub login dialogs.

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-109188 (Cosmetics)

Hg | Create New Branch error message title & description cosmetical problems

IDEA-109186 (Cosmetics)

Hg | Branches | Create new branch

IDEA-109182 (Cosmetics)

Add Hg | Branches to VcsOperationsPopup

IDEA-109183 (Cosmetics)

Hg Create new BookMark

IDEA-109185 (Bug)

Hg | Branches: if there is only one repository in the project show all icons inline, and don't show repository group

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