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  • IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.1 Release Notes
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WEB-6184 (Feature)

W3C CSS Validator Inspection: Add option to NOT treat vendor extensions as errors

WEB-2434 (Bug)

'Expand CSS shorthand property' bug on background:

WEB-17 (Bug)

Image dimension discovery in css won't insert correct value when there are more than one background-image have defined

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-104921 (Cosmetics)

It is not made clear that Spring Plugin is necessary for full EJB CDI support

Compiling Project


IDEA-104701 (Bug)

IDEA build process won't start when using the DCE VM

IDEA-104818 (Bug)

External build: Error in compiler



WEB-7191 (Bug)

Bug in the dart Editor Auto-Complete

WEB-6447 (Bug)

Dart: named factory constructors are not suggested by completion

WEB-7216 (Bug)

Dart: built-in libraries import is marked as not resolved

WEB-7310 (Bug)

Support mixins in the Dart plugin



IDEA-104399 (Performance Problem)

Costly resolve from icon calculation

IDEA-103850 (Bug)

Closing backtick in SQL is removed when autocomplete



WEB-7454 (Bug)

Debugging a node.js application produces endless log entries

WEB-7001 (Bug)

In WebStorm typescript debugging of node.js project is not working

WEB-7092 (Bug)

Can't debug HTML page if containing directory has spaces in name

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-104975 (Usability Problem)

Make EditorToggleDecorationActions DumbAware

IDEA-104375 (Cosmetics)

Please display "JAPANESE ZENKAKU SPACE", when "Show Whitespaces" options is enabled.



IDEA-73147 (Feature)

Import from FlashBuilder: respect the theme chosen for the project

IDEA-89489 (Bug)

IDEA-104270 (Bug)

ActionScript Parser doesn't highlight missing return statement when return type is Object

IDEA-82703 (Bug)

Import FlashBuilder Library project does not import include assets correctly.

IDEA-103839 (Bug)

Import Flash Builder project: detect test source folders

IDEA-104159 (Bug)

Flash Player opens behind IDEA window on Mac

IDEA-103233 (Bug)

${buildNumber} token is not expanded when Flexmojos compiler config files are generated



IDEA-103682 (Bug)

In a Grails application all calls to the render method are labeled as ambiguous. (Build 129.60)



IDEA-100657 (Bug)

Language injection: names with escaped characters are not resolved



WEB-7450 (Bug)

When JSLint Enabled - Django tags are failing.



WEB-7121 (Bug)

LESS compiler errors do not trigger file watcher to display them in the run/error panel

WEB-7369 (Bug)

Indent too big for LESS files when reformating



IDEA-103097 (Bug)

SQL: Invalid indentation of WHERE clause when it contains BETWEEN condition

IDEA-104328 (Bug)

SQL inspection: Adding not null column without default value: quickfix generates invalid code in Oracle

IDEA-103121 (Bug)

PostgreSQL WITH RECURSIVE query is marked as red

IDEA-103338 (Bug)

Resolve PostgreSQL system columns

IDEA-104888 (Bug)

Postgresql dialect doesn't support FOREACH from 9.1-9.2

IDEA-104331 (Bug)

Oracle: wrong parsing for alter column with default clause and not null constraint

IDEA-103119 (Bug)

PostgreSQL window-query is marked as red

IDEA-103051 (Bug)

Missing functions for PostgreSQL



IDEA-103946 (Bug)

Spring XML does not able to resolve class names

IDEA-104916 (Bug)

spring: good code yellow: "custom spring bean not yet parsed" for nested <task:executor> element

User Interface


IDEA-102184 (Cosmetics)

12-hour Clock should show 12:xx instead of 0:xx

IDEA-104033 (Bug)

New Favorites window throws exception in the RubyMine

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-104467 (Bug)

Subversion: Proxy settings don't apply without command line (with svnkit)



IDEA-68572 (Bug)

XSD importing cannot import BPMN 2.0 schemas

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