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IDEA-103014 (Performance Problem)

Use single alarm for generating in a multimodule Android application

IDEA-102920 (Bug)

Generate signed APK wizard overwrites keystore password & key password when a different keystore is used for another projects

IDEA-102934 (Bug)

The IDE shouldn't write Android facet options into iml if they have default values

IDEA-98541 (Bug)

Having issues importing certain Android projects

IDEA-103020 (Bug)

Cannot create remote interface or broadcast receiver through "New Android Component" action

IDEA-103022 (Bug)

The IDE doesn't update autogenerated files if they were changed during autogeneration



IDEA-92530 (Bug)

Problem with package name ending with 'aspect'



WEB-6836 (Bug)

SCSS validation, mixin is marked as error



WEB-6990 (Bug)

Coffee code format breaks the code

WEB-7047 (Bug)

Coffeescript module flag erroneous reserved keyword

Compiling Project


IDEA-96218 (Bug)

External build: 'Rebuild Artifact' action shouldn't rebuild all modules included into artifact

Cucumber JVM


IDEA-95325 (Feature)

Cucumber code completion

IDEA-100353 (Bug)

Gherkin completion should prefer "Scenario" over "Scenario Outline"



IDEA-90874 (Bug)

Cannot update database row from Database Console

IDEA-103151 (Bug)

Ctrl+Q in table view displays related tables data in black

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-66333 (Feature)

Quick documentation lookup on mouse hover

IDEA-77929 (Feature)

Convert line endings of existing file

IDEA-103182 (Bug)

Sometimes the editor isn't opening after the startup. Restarting helps

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-102532 (Bug)

Replace in path: Replace does not respect excludes (SERIOUS REGRESSION)



IDEA-99948 (Bug)

Actionscript Flash - Strange behaviour of local-trusted sandbox

GUI Designer


IDEA-90621 (Bug)

Error while opening FormFile in GUI Designer

IDEA-103365 (Bug)

GUI designer doesn't set JSplitPane's orientation in preview



IDEA-95897 (Usability Problem)

Gradle: Allow running tasks from the JetGradle tool window

IDEA-103416 (Cosmetics)

Gradle: gear icon is shown instead of 'Run with Coverage' icon in Recent Tasks list

IDEA-103349 (Bug)

Gradle: Tasks tab in JetGradle tool window could look consistent with Ant and Maven task tree

IDEA-103415 (Bug)

Gradle: right click on a recent task shows context menu for a task selected in All Tasks list



IDEA-101235 (Bug)

Idea does not recognize Jboss AS 7.2+ as valid instalation



IDEA-102632 (Bug)

Jetty 9: custom port is not recognized



IDEA-99986 (Bug)

Spring WebFlow <var name="target" class="..."/> overrides <%-@elvariable id="target" type="..."-%> for JSP EL validation

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-103023 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: good code is red: diamond of method parameter type is not inferred from generic method's type argument

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-103369 (Bug)

Incorrect hint about "lambda can be replaced by method ref"

IDEA-54393 (Exception)

JDK 1.8: Type Annotations: Throwable at PostprocessReformattingAspect$8.visitNode() on casting to annotated type



IDEA-103198 (Usability Problem)

JavaFX: Artifacts creating: it would be nice to add the module classes to created jar automatically

IDEA-103324 (Bug)

Tag fx:include is not resolved

IDEA-101628 (Bug)

JavaFX, Ant script: Cannot resolve "refid" parameter of <fx:application> nested in <fx:jar>

IDEA-103205 (Bug)

Incorrect tags validation in JavaFX 2

IDEA-103204 (Bug)

JavaFX: packaging: no evident way to sign the application

IDEA-103367 (Bug)

Cannot create Groovy methods from FXML

IDEA-103197 (Bug)

JavaFX: Artifacts: the fields on the JavaFX tab of artifact configuration are increased on each tooltip showing (on mouse over any browse button)

IDEA-103095 (Bug)

No completion for top level FXML tags

IDEA-103027 (Bug)

JavaFX: CSS: all javafx-specific features become available only after first fx tag is added manually



WEB-7178 (Bug)

ide incorrectly showing message "unresolved property or method"

WEB-6842 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.webcore.libraries.ScriptingLibraryMappings.serialize



WEB-7080 (Bug)

Code reformat wrongly places LESS comments

WEB-7079 (Bug)

LESS syntax error not shown by PhpStorm + suggestion



IDEA-103432 (Bug)

Maven properties cannot be resolved from XML attribute values

IDEA-102685 (Bug)

Idea doesnt locate sources for snaphot builds via Maven

No Subsystem


IDEA-94157 (Feature)

Jetty 9 support

IDEA-69802 (Bug)

Appearance > Font no longer seems to control font size in Project panel (restart required)

IDEA-103180 (Bug)

Cannot override default method in Java 8

IDEA-94073 (Bug)

External build: Eclipe integration: Rebuild/Make ignore test output path

IDEA-71247 (Bug)

Overlapping keyboard mnemonics in editor popup menu



WEB-6970 (Bug)




IDEA-86596 (Bug)

Code analysis fails with com.intellij.psi.impl.source.PsiPlainTextFileImpl cannot be cast to org.osmorc.manifest.lang.psi.ManifestFile

Project Configuration


IDEA-77278 (Bug)

Flex project from existing sources: .as files with UTF-8 encoding not recognized



IDEA-98685 (Feature)

Spring EL in <eval> "expression": resolve to JSP variables & model attributes

IDEA-103072 (Feature)

@Bean definition methods should have a spring icon in the gutter allowing you to easily navigate to places where the bean is being injected

IDEA-96817 (Bug)

Spring Integration rabbit:queue id/name problem

Task Management


IDEA-91181 (Bug)

Task server commit message format not considered in subversion commit dialog

IDEA-102838 (Bug)

Add the link "Not YouTrack customer yet? Get YouTrack" onto the 'YouTrack server' integration

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-103413 (Feature)

freemarker: completion and resolving for enums used in switch



IDEA-103382 (Bug)

Diagram notes look bright under Darcula

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-102730 (Feature)

Support hamcrest matchers



IDEA-103013 (Usability Problem)

Eclipse integeration: packagePrefix element in .eml changes position on project reopening

User Interface


IDEA-103402 (Usability Problem)

Rename 'Settings | File Templates' to either 'Code Templates' or 'File and Code Templates'

IDEA-83557 (Bug)

After opening Structure view for the first time it is empty

IDEA-103202 (Bug)

When I resize 'create project' dialog horizontally, the left pane with list of templates should not grow beyond certain limit

IDEA-103510 (Bug)

LineSeparatorPanel overbloating in status bar

IDEA-94851 (Bug)

Icons: Griffon icons missing

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-101247 (Usability Problem)

Icons: static/final badge icons are invisible in darcula

IDEA-103325 (Bug)

css property name is red under darcula

IDEA-103104 (Bug)

Darcula completion colors should be better

IDEA-103383 (Bug)

Different backgrounds in text components

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-103403 (Usability Problem)

Perforce Jobs Error



IDEA-97618 (Bug)

Problems in XML completion and optimizing imports

IDEA-98427 (Bug)

Wrong XSD is associated

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