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WEB-7013 (Cosmetics)

Ugly Browser Icons in JsTestDriver-Panel - Mac with Retina Display

WEB-6848 (Task)

Map help button of the Emmet page

WEB-6876 (Bug)

Built-in server false promptings

WEB-6827 (Bug)

Emmet "Surround with Live Template" creating wrong element

WEB-6824 (Bug)

Deleted files generated by file watchers still exist in "Recent Files"

WEB-6852 (Bug)

File watchers, TypeScript: resultant files created as project root children if compilation fails

WEB-2569 (Bug)

Unable to open PhpStorm and Webstorm at the same time

WEB-6724 (Bug)

Installation home of a previous WebStorm version is not accepted during start-up settings import



IDEA-102288 (Bug)

IDEA Now adds multiple Maven Android SDKs



WEB-6816 (Feature)

Make "adding a semicolon in css rule" an option

WEB-142 (Feature)

"Case sensitive completion: All" broken

WEB-6917 (Bug)

Emmet: 'Convert hex colors format' option should affect color completion

WEB-6794 (Bug)

SCSS parsing error with escaped double quote

WEB-6841 (Bug)

Can't invoke color chooser for inline style property after changing another style property value

WEB-6999 (Bug)

rgba fully transparent with backlight is incorrectly shown

WEB-7052 (Bug)

SCSS validator produces incorrect validation error

WEB-12 (Bug)

CSS support !ie hack

WEB-6727 (Bug)

Emmet(css): Can expand already expanded prefixes

WEB-6855 (Exception)

CSS: Throwable at CssPropertyOrValueInsertHandler.completeCssPropertyValue() from Code Completion

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-72638 (Feature)

"Log statement not guarded by log condition" inspection should offer option to flag log statements with constant arguments for coding convention enforcement

IDEA-94436 (Usability Problem)

Class does not overwrite toString() method shall have an option to ignore inner classes

IDEA-97353 (Usability Problem)

Method can be variable arity method shall have an option to be ignored on methods implementing/overriding another method

IDEA-72636 (Bug)

"Log statement not guarded by log condition" inspection fails on custom logging methods with method signatures different from log.debug(String)

IDEA-102836 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: "Replace lambda with method reference" quick fix does nothing for lamdbas which return new array

IDEA-96263 (Bug)

Good code red: Interceptor Class has no Interceptor Methods



WEB-6502 (Bug)

Introduce var breaks code

Compiling Project


IDEA-102652 (Bug)

Compiler does not respect excluding a folder in an imported eclipse module structure

Cucumber JVM


IDEA-102857 (Usability Problem)

IDEA should highlight step definition class if it is in default package

IDEA-102101 (Bug)

Running Cucumber feature from project tree does not use Glue option from default Cucumber java configuration

IDEA-95676 (Bug)

Cucumber-JVM uses wrong directories

IDEA-102142 (Exception)

Cucumber for Java: String Out of bounds Exception



WEB-6964 (Bug)

Dart: Refactor/Extract Variable does nothing



IDEA-102603 (Feature)

The Database URL in Data Source Properties should allow environment variables such as $PROJECT_DIR$ and $MODULE_DIR$

IDEA-101908 (Bug)

New file type association dialog on calling table editor in Database tool window

IDEA-97681 (Bug)

Import Database Schema dialog does not show sequences, but generates entities for them



WEB-2101 (Task)

ensure that we support google closure compiler produced source maps

WEB-6832 (Bug)

Browser debugging: Source map debugging with absent @sourceMappingURL comment



IDEA-100491 (Usability Problem)

Allow to setup dependency of Flash build configuration (BC) with Application output type on another BC with Application output type

IDEA-96128 (Bug)

Flex Runtime-loaded Module output type is lost when reimporting Maven project



WEB-6978 (Cosmetics)

HTML Structure tool window: Missing icon for "HTML5 Outline" when Toolbar is shown

WEB-6741 (Bug)

Emmet, html: item numbering in tag name not rendered



IDEA-102721 (Bug)

Hibernate console: exception in createConfiguration is not passed correctly via RMI

IDEA-93626 (Bug)

Hibernate console cann't load mappings from hbm.xmls when package prefix is define on source folder

IDEA-85175 (Bug)

Hibernate: Refactor / Rename on mapped field does not update mappedBy is referencing class

IDEA-93950 (Bug)

Hibernate HQL console doesn't use datasource advanced properties to make connection



IDEA-101527 (Feature)

Simplify error reporting in case of application server connection problems

IDEA-96240 (Bug)

Confusing artifact deployment status message when an app server is not connected



IDEA-101241 (Bug)

TomEE Plugin has a wrong label "JNDI", should be "JMX"

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-102817 (Feature)

Accept completion variants by closing parentheses/brackets

IDEA-102818 (Usability Problem)

Accept Java name completion suggestions by Enter

IDEA-102427 (Bug)

lookup selected greyed items are invisible

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-102563 (Bug)

Moving a package by drag and drop behave differently than with F6: when moving from main source and test dirs, it moves the test files into main source dir



IDEA-101338 (Feature)

JavaFX: color preview gutter icons should be available for named CSS colors

IDEA-102820 (Bug)

JavaFX: Scenebuilder 1.1 can't be launched properly

IDEA-102621 (Bug)

JavaFX: Scenebuilder doesn't start on Linux

IDEA-102482 (Bug)

JavaFX: integration with SceneBuilder: custom classes are not found



WEB-6865 (Bug)

JS icons of perl files

WEB-6993 (Bug)

WebStorm 6 eats lot of CPU when some files are open,.syntax highlighting misbehaves

WEB-6992 (Bug)

Don't climb up to PHP tree when resolving JS reference in injected fragment

WEB-7022 (Bug)

respect "globals" option in .jshintrc



WEB-7051 (Bug)

Incorect syntax error in .less file, no error in the equivalent .css

Live Edit


WEB-6856 (Exception)

LiveEdit: ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception when closing " in attribute value is missing

No Subsystem


IDEA-97675 (Usability Problem)

There is no 'constructor call' usage in code preview in 'colors & fonts' for Java

IDEA-98196 (Bug)

Allow plugins to override file type settings

IDEA-99364 (Bug)

Highlighting constructor correction - highlight only javaReference, without type parameters

IDEA-99403 (Bug)

Dont highlight 'super' / 'this' keywords, while highlighting 'Constructor Call'

IDEA-98970 (Bug)

Failed to bind stub to AST



WEB-7077 (Bug)

Node.js require not recognized

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-102903 (Bug)

Windows installer: setup fails with "Error opening file for writing"

Project Configuration


IDEA-94509 (Usability Problem)

Import Projects: Eclipse: frameworks page could be skipped

IDEA-88112 (Bug)

IDEA forgets per-module JSDK setting

IDEA-101922 (Bug)


IDEA-100086 (Bug)

set package prefix for source folder disappear after reopening a project

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-99567 (Usability Problem)

Temporary Configuration Limit cannot be set to 0



WEB-6733 (Bug)

Emmet(sass): abbreviations with + expanded without enter

WEB-5939 (Bug)

Unexpected comment if add a new line before noncommented code and the previous line was commented

WEB-6729 (Bug)

Emmet(css): can expand parameter as property



IDEA-102630 (Bug)

SQL Dialects isn't applied to specific file

IDEA-102458 (Bug)

SQL: Good code is yellow: Wrong "Condition is always true" in join clause



IDEA-102375 (Performance Problem)

slow editor performance

IDEA-97337 (Performance Problem)

IDEA12: Slowdowns when editing Spring configuration file

IDEA-96954 (Bug)

Spring: 'cannot find default application context' inspection is shown for @ContextConfiguration though the 'classes' attribute is provided

IDEA-102722 (Bug)

Spring: <bean> "id" usage search does not work across modules

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-99962 (Bug)

Structural Search: I can't preview a template from history

Task Management


IDEA-102985 (Bug)

Time Tracking tool window does not reappear after enabling time tracking in Settings



WEB-6866 (Bug)

TypeScript: functions defined in imported external modules not resolved

WEB-6346 (Bug)

Bad code green

WEB-6345 (Bug)

bad code green

WEB-6830 (Bug)

TypeScript: Bad code green

WEB-6829 (Bug)

TypeScript: Bad code green

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-102491 (Bug)

Static members annotated with @ClassRule should not be marked as unused

User Interface


IDEA-102620 (Bug)

"Show in Nautilus" shows up as "Show in nautilus-folder-handler"

IDEA-102490 (Bug)

Show hidden files in JSHint file chooser on OS X

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-102123 (Bug)

Host text field bg is too bright under Darcula

Version Control. Git


IDEA-92163 (Usability Problem)

Git plugin should fail more gracefully if it can't clone some files

IDEA-100097 (Usability Problem)

Git: do not show auth fail notification on different types of failure

IDEA-83227 (Usability Problem)

If user invokes push for branch which doesn't track any remote branch, last five commits are shown in push dialog

IDEA-78310 (Performance Problem)

Git: HTTP: all server operations are very slow

IDEA-101902 (Bug)

Git Pull - Attempts To Pull From Incorrect Remote

IDEA-98189 (Bug)

If the password to an HTTP server has changed, authentication fails, and there is no way to change or at least reset the password from the IDE

IDEA-83984 (Bug)

Can't fetch from Git

IDEA-97178 (Bug)

git no longer prompts for password with http/https

IDEA-100096 (Bug)

Git: not able to clone repository through https if server requires client SSL certificate

IDEA-92519 (Bug)

Git checkout,Pull, Push not working

IDEA-94167 (Bug)

OOM on github checkout of IntelliJ sources.

IDEA-102201 (Bug)

Git pull HTTPS authorisation failure

IDEA-96205 (Bug)

Git: HTTP/HTTPS via proxy doesn't work when running with java7

IDEA-101668 (Bug)

regression: git log omits detached HEAD

IDEA-100617 (Bug)

Git: can't work with GitHub Enterprise repositories: authorisation fails

IDEA-76982 (Bug)

Checkout from Git: http: on 'test repository' invocation from Clone dialog it shows progress until Cancel pressing; however test doesn't fail

IDEA-77411 (Bug)

Git doesn't support self-signed server SSL certificates over HTTPS

IDEA-86083 (Bug)

Remote commands don't work with Git HTTP repositories

IDEA-99159 (Bug)

git fetch is called without "--prune" for HTTP/HTTPS remotes

IDEA-78744 (Exception)

JGitInternaleException at git4idea.jgit.GitHttpRemoteCommand$

IDEA-77992 (Exception)

GIT: JGitInternalException at

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-102846 (Usability Problem)

Subversion: show only 1.6 and 1.7 formats options for checkout and format change

IDEA-102670 (Bug)

Subversion: command line commit fails on attempt to commit to 2 repositories at the same time

IDEA-102664 (Bug)

Subversion: avoid error that appears on opening project associated with https repository

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