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  • IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 129.1135 Release Notes
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IDEA-110547 (Bug)

hg clone fails from the welcome screen because of Android integration

IDEA-111226 (Bug)

Generated AIDL class already added

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-109764 (Bug)

InspectionGadgets "Unused Import" doesn't deal with shadowed imports



WEB-8576 (Bug)

CoffeeScript plugin doesn't warn on faulty class definition



IDEA-110523 (Cosmetics)

SQL: navigation to the related data highlight the target row except the last cell

IDEA-110528 (Bug)

Database Console: focus unexpectedly moves from .sql file to Database Console Output

IDEA-111521 (Bug)

Database visualisation missing relationships after moving to Postgresql



IDEA-108770 (Performance Problem)

Adding Java Exception breakpoint is very slow

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-109838 (Performance Problem)

IDE slows down for no reason



IDEA-109063 (Bug)

"Cannot find configuration of jsp built-in servlet" with Tomcat trunk



IDEA-111962 (Bug)

IDEA Groovy version conflicts with project version when using JPA console

User Interface


IDEA-109656 (Bug)

"Confirm Exit" is shown twice; "Don't ask again" checkbox doesn't work

IDEA-108497 (Bug)

Git Commit Dialog: 'Code analysis' warning appears on the main window



IDEA-112136 (Bug)

"Optimize Imports" removes XML namespace declarations which are in use

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