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WEB-6763 (Task)

Map help button of the Jade code style page

IDEABKL-2596 (Bug)

breakpoint gutter icon misaligned, when sharing gutter with bookmark

WEB-6719 (Bug)

WebStorm Filewatchers settings page features (copy, delete confirm)

WEB-6823 (Bug)

Easy to make WebStorm Hang using CoffeeScript File watchers

WEB-6818 (Bug)

TypeScript File Watcher "File Cache Conflict"

WEB-6306 (Bug)

BackGround tasks: changing bgtask inspection severity not recognized

WEB-6827 (Bug)

Emmet "Surround with Live Template" creating wrong element

WEB-6728 (Bug)

gjslinter: JS in HTML not checked despite --check_html option



IDEA-94403 (Task)

Use empty Android SDK (with no android.jar) for Android+Maven modules

IDEA-94749 (Bug)

Compiler can't find getters in Android project with Lombok

IDEA-98114 (Bug)

APKLib dependency with exclusion

IDEA-101646 (Bug)

Creating Android Test Project From Module Wizard fails

IDEA-101371 (Bug)

Generate signed APK error.



WEB-6816 (Feature)

Make "adding a semicolon in css rule" an option

WEB-142 (Feature)

"Case sensitive completion: All" broken

WEB-6730 (Bug)

Emmet(css): Incorrect replacement in non-integer values with zero after the point

WEB-6794 (Bug)

SCSS parsing error with escaped double quote

WEB-51 (Bug)

Colors in the gutter very often dissapear and appear making the typing very jumpy

WEB-6837 (Bug)

Quick documentation doesn't work in css in certain position

WEB-12 (Bug)

CSS support !ie hack

WEB-6807 (Bug)

Emmet: expanding CSS property that starts with 's' with vendor prefix results in incorrect property name

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-99232 (Usability Problem)

Fixing overrides for JSR-305 Nonnull results in adding another annotation

IDEA-101489 (Bug)

Inspection analyzer does not recognize scope updates

IDEA-100526 (Bug)

Frequent exception in idea.log – inspections don't finish when it happens

IDEA-101557 (Bug)

PSI Exception in 126.330

IDEA-101553 (Bug)

IDEA does not highlight an error for "generic" lambda-expressions

IDEA-101658 (Bug)

junit.framework.TestCase#assertNotNull isn't used by static analysis

IDEA-101689 (Bug)

incorrect control-flow analisys

Compiling Project


IDEA-95844 (Usability Problem)

Make performs full rebuild after dependency change in IDEA 12

Cucumber JVM


IDEA-100289 (Bug)

Cucumber-jvm groovy: references to World should work in all files



WEB-6761 (Task)

Map help button of the Dart code style page

WEB-6426 (Exception)

Dart: Throwable on Refactor/extract variable from cascade expression



IDEA-99039 (Feature)

Implement Oracle DBMS_OUTPUT buffer display for Oracle Dialect in SQL Database Console.

IDEA-100201 (Bug)

H2 dialect false errors

IDEA-101805 (Bug)

Data Source Properties / Advanced: Quick Search in sorted table works incorrectly



WEB-6809 (Bug)

JSDebugger: TypeScript breakpoints are not hit

IDEA-101456 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertWriteAccessAllowed



IDEA-96420 (Bug)

Drools: collection element property referencing in "when" part causes persing errors

IDEA-97067 (Bug)

Drools global in when clause shown as as error

IDEA-95838 (Bug)

Drools: functions are not resolved in eval()

IDEA-96185 (Bug)

Drools: ':=' operator should be supported

IDEA-97621 (Bug)

drools plugin can't recognize the attribute of Fact object

IDEA-96158 (Exception)

PIEAE at com.intellij.extapi.psi.ASTDelegatePsiElement.getManager

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-100722 (Bug)

Commenting block of Java code with EOL comments unfolds imports and top comment

IDEA-99572 (Bug)

Vertical line block match disapear view line in java code



IDEA-89406 (Feature)

Starling event system support

IDEA-89329 (Bug)

ActionScript: string literal is renamed when option to search in comments and strings is disabled

IDEA-101109 (Bug)

Impossible to import Flash Builder project via Import Project -> select .project file

GUI Designer


IDEA-90621 (Bug)

Error while opening FormFile in GUI Designer



IDEA-80724 (Feature)

Support for compileSourcesArtifacts in the GWT facet



IDEA-95898 (Feature)

Gradle based projects should offer Auto-Import as Maven projects do

IDEA-101677 (Feature)

Gradle: 'Import project' enhancements

IDEA-77350 (Cosmetics)

Provide proper capitalization and wording in the Gradle pages of New Project wizard

IDEA-100454 (Bug)

Gradle: "Import" a jar to an existing library has no effect after changing Gradle User Home

IDEA-101776 (Bug)

Gradle: Avoid ide hang on auto-import

IDEA-96177 (Exception)

Gradle: Throwable at GradleShowConflictDetailsAction$1.onClosed() on closing a project when conflicts popup is shown



IDEA-101300 (Bug)

Grails: <g:require>: Valid code marked red



IDEA-99587 (Feature)

Groovy 2.1 : @DelegatesTo annotation

IDEA-100450 (Bug)

IDEA should flag invalid list/map literal

IDEA-101503 (Bug)

Bad code green: a single-line GString with multiline injection

IDEA-99659 (Bug)

Groovy: don't complete anonymous class where array is expected

IDEA-98409 (Bug)

groovy create function generates return statement for def return value

IDEA-101607 (Bug)

Groovy: incorrect resolve of array access invoked on methodCall

IDEA-100082 (Bug)

Groovy 2.1: Code Completion for aliased annotations attributes is missing

IDEA-101881 (Bug)

Groovy: complete 'else'

IDEA-99663 (Bug)

Groovy; 'inline' doesn't work in if statement

IDEA-101461 (Bug)

Groovy - good code red

IDEA-100175 (Bug)

Groovy 2.1: bad code is green: annotation attribute declared in annotation and in alias

IDEA-101217 (Bug)

When "create method" intention invoked from Groovy and destination is Java class Groovy types for method signature used

IDEA-100100 (Bug)

Groovy 2.1: applicability of annotation aliases is not checked if annotations are passed to @AnnotationCollector as a list



WEB-384 (Feature)

Microdata attributes support

WEB-6741 (Bug)

Emmet, html: item numbering in tag name not rendered

WEB-6803 (Bug)

HTML microdata: properties of item are taken from the wrong scope in case of nested scopes

IDE Configuration


IDEA-101810 (Cosmetics)

Settings | Gradle: input fields are misaligned

IDEA-101124 (Bug)

Mac: Error Message "You have JVM property https.proxyHost set..."

IDEA-101510 (Exception)

Plugin Manager: NPE at AvailablePluginsTableModel.isPluginDescriptorAccepted() on attempt to browse JetBrains plugins list for Ultimate Edition



IDEA-101395 (Bug)

Good code is red: JavaScript language injection



IDEA-101666 (Bug)

Taglib defined in the dependent module is not recognized

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-101789 (Bug)

Java: Strange completion variant

IDEA-101570 (Bug)

Auto-Completing 'try' and 'finally' keywords does not honor next line brace placement

IDEA-93459 (Bug)

Bugged class after generating constructor in enum

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-101752 (Bug)

Method defined in super is highlighted as no-override if defined on anon declared in default

IDEA-101529 (Bug)

Conflict in with(any(long.class)) between Matcher<Long> and Matcher<Long> in JMock-2.6.0-RC2

IDEA-101480 (Bug)

Missing error badge for "Non-static method cannot be referenced from a static context" in java editor

IDEA-101788 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: good code is red: erroneous "Cyclic inference"



IDEA-100231 (Feature)

JavaFX: intention to turn subelements to properties

IDEA-100174 (Feature)

JavaFX: optimize imports

IDEA-101706 (Feature)

JavaFX: intention to expand attribute to sub tag when applicable

IDEA-101617 (Bug)

JavaFX: custom components names starting with underscore ('_') are not resolved

IDEA-101736 (Bug)

FXML doesn't recognize manual controller injection.

IDEA-101687 (Bug)

JavaFX: correctly process referenced resource package move

IDEA-101560 (Bug)

Attribute "disable" is not allowed for JavaFX Node elements in FXML



WEB-1068 (Feature)

Better method creation for Crockford Module Pattern (JavaScript)

WEB-6788 (Feature)

JSDoc: provide support for @methodOf /@fieldOf

WEB-3945 (Feature)

Run JSLint for HTML, CSS and JSON

WEB-6759 (Usability Problem)

All the function body text inserted on generating JSDoc for the variable

WEB-6793 (Task)

Map help ID

WEB-833 (Bug)

JavaScript: Refactoring code occurrences of variable inside function also refactors string occurrances in same function

WEB-6789 (Bug)

JSDoc, @memberOf: treat static and instance members differently

WEB-1477 (Bug)

JSLint "global" comment implies implementation

WEB-6679 (Bug)

@lends does not apply to classes defined with @class

WEB-945 (Bug)

No defined class in completion list for document.getElementByClassName()

Live Edit


WEB-6722 (Feature)

Show special icon for JB extension in Google chrome

WEB-1788 (Usability Problem)

Chrome ext options looks ugly

WEB-6746 (Usability Problem)

Chrome ext options: we need to reload ext explicitly to apply changes



IDEA-101546 (Feature)

Maven surefire environment variables

IDEA-53825 (Cosmetics)

Maven artifact names are marked as typo

IDEA-101910 (Bug)

Idea connecting to remote maven repository in offline-mode if maven3 is used.

IDEA-93970 (Bug)

Maven GWT plugin (module) import

IDEA-98756 (Bug)

IDEA is unable to resolve AspectJ compiler JAR if Maven 3 importing is on

IDEA-83960 (Bug)

Maven import scope in dependency management section not recognized

IDEA-101631 (Bug)

Updating Maven snapshots with sources does not synchronize sources to latest when navigating to class

IDEA-101783 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.execution.rmi.RemoteProcessSupport.acquire

No Subsystem


IDEA-101547 (Feature)

Please add a clock in fullscreen mode!

IDEA-97594 (Cosmetics)

Darcula is (will be) awesome. Except for the linen texture

IDEA-99922 (Bug)

Unable to deploy .ear in JBoss 4.2.3.GA if ServerName in jboss-service.xml is different from ports-default

IDEA-101331 (Bug)

BUG in PNG transparent background

IDEA-84025 (Bug)

A class in different package interferes with code completion

IDEA-101537 (Exception)

NullPointerException when trying to call New Project in Intellij 10.5.4



WEB-6743 (Feature)

NodeJS: Source map debugging with absent @sourceMappingURL comment

WEB-6581 (Bug)

WebStorm 126.59 Debugger Takes Very Long Time To Run

WEB-6745 (Bug)

node.js runConfigurations xml files keep changing on disk

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-37955 (Bug)

On Vista Add/Remove program thinks IntelliJ has Uninstall or Change instead of just Uninstall

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-101128 (Bug)

Error while creating a new cluster in AWS Manager

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-94776 (Bug)

Run tool window: local server: pinned tab is not reused on Rerun and Restart server



WEB-6733 (Bug)

Emmet(sass): abbreviations with + expanded without enter

WEB-5939 (Bug)

Unexpected comment if add a new line before noncommented code and the previous line was commented



IDEA-100460 (Usability Problem)

SQL: Parameter Info in INSERT INTO: Show current parameter even if all params mismatch

IDEA-100151 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: substitution variable as table name is red

IDEA-101652 (Bug)

Valid PostgreSQL SQL marked as invalid

IDEA-76102 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: column definition (type) in SELECT from function returning RECORD is red

IDEA-76106 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: false warnings and errors for OIDs

IDEA-100153 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: substitution variable reference with double ampersand is red

IDEA-101775 (Bug)

Oracle: Sql Rename failed



IDEA-101548 (Feature)

Spring SpEL operator - incorrect syntax

IDEA-97984 (Feature)

Spring 3.2: Support not (warning) operator for profile selection

IDEA-101686 (Usability Problem)

Spring Fileset Editor: do not propose config files from test sources

IDEA-101782 (Usability Problem)

Fileset editor: do not allow creation of fileset with empty or existing name in same facet

IDEA-101545 (Bug)

Changed .iml on IDEA update (order of files in fileset of Spring facet has changed)

IDEA-101758 (Bug)

@Qualifier annotation - "Could not autowire" error

IDEA-101097 (Bug)

Spring facet: delete doesn't work for multiselection for non-uniform selection

IDEA-101597 (Bug)

Spring facet: cannot delete cross-module dependency in tree

IDEA-101655 (Bug)

IDEA 12.0.4 dulicate bean id in spring 3.2.x with spring profile configuration

IDEA-101702 (Bug)

Spring @Required inspection not working on inner beans defined in util:list

Task Management


IDEA-101513 (Usability Problem)

Task management: while building indexes Switch Task, then Open Task in popup gets no reaction



WEB-6782 (Bug)

Node.js modules are not understood by TypeScript code checker (Webstorm build 126.309)

WEB-6748 (Bug)

WebStormdoesn't know about type "ClientRect" of TypeScript



IDEA-101505 (Bug)

Toolbar border is too bright under Darcula

IDEA-101507 (Bug)

Icons: visibility radio icons are terrible under Darcula



IDEA-99902 (Bug)

Settings | Plugins: Refresh pressing few times causes error messages

IDEA-101091 (Exception)

NPE at

User Interface


IDEA-101757 (Feature)

Copy status message to clipboard

IDEA-101768 (Bug)

Avoid memory leak in 'editor tabs: none' mode

IDEA-48177 (Bug)

Run tab of already terminated process is not occupied with new process, if current tab is busy

IDEA-101809 (Bug)

Missing "Abbreviate Qualified Package Names" option in the Favorites window

IDEA-101397 (Bug)

Eliminate file structure speed search unwanted positives

IDEA-94370 (Bug)

Icons: Velocity files

IDEA-94662 (Bug)

Favorites: no border between content and add/remove panel + extra border under the add/remove panel

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-95612 (Cosmetics)

The Darcula tooltips colors are ugly and not customizable

IDEA-101755 (Bug)

Indent lines and tear line are too bright

IDEA-101815 (Bug)

Splitter divider is white on Windows

IDEA-101875 (Bug)

Directory Diff font is black under darcula

Version Control


IDEA-101514 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.ChangeListManagerImpl.editComment

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-76245 (Exception)

Mercurial: NPE at org.zmlx.hg4idea.action.HgCommandResultNotifier.process

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-101426 (Bug)

Commit dialog UI is non-responsive to any clicks

IDEA-101435 (Bug)

[Perforce] Unparseable date error on fetching history

Web Services


IDEA-101578 (Bug)

Method can be static inspection should ignore @WebMethod annotated code

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  1. Great! Thank you for this patch. I updated my installation of IntelliJ IDEA today! :)