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No subsystem


WEB-6848 (Task)

Map help button of the Emmet page

WEB-6876 (Bug)

Built-in server false promptings

WEB-6852 (Bug)

File watchers, TypeScript: resultant files created as project root children if compilation fails



IDEA-86801 (Bug)

Import from Eclipse doesn't create facets (Android project)

IDEA-102394 (Exception)

Android logcat tool window fail to open



IDEA-79593 (Usability Problem)

Ant target filters configuration: table is randomly sorted

IDEA-87874 (Bug)

input task doesn't use the defaultvalue

IDEA-86115 (Bug)

Build file properties ant command line config is not saved to .idea/ant.xml



WEB-142 (Feature)

"Case sensitive completion: All" broken

WEB-6841 (Bug)

Can't invoke color chooser for inline style property after changing another style property value

WEB-6727 (Bug)

Emmet(css): Can expand already expanded prefixes

WEB-6855 (Exception)

CSS: Throwable at CssPropertyOrValueInsertHandler.completeCssPropertyValue() from Code Completion

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-35808 (Feature)

Configurable "assert" calls for "Contants Conditions and exceptions"

IDEA-101929 (Usability Problem)

Result of method is ignored warning: do not issue it when the statement is not complete

IDEA-102126 (Bug)

Regression in Dataflow analysis

IDEA-98008 (Bug)

Make class "...." final (in Utility class is not final inspection) does not remove abstract modifier if utility class is abstract

IDEA-100038 (Bug)

slf4j paramerization quickfix bug

IDEA-101742 (Bug)

'Return of Date of Calendar field' inspection, shall have an option to ignore private methods

IDEA-102298 (Bug)

False positive on "string literal concatenation missing whitespace"

IDEA-102102 (Bug)

String literal concatenation missing whitespace: '\''

IDEA-102289 (Bug)

Unnecessary 'null' check before 'equals()' call quick fix changes semantics

IDEA-101944 (Bug)

"Pointless boolean expression" inspection with multiple '&&' fails

IDEA-102301 (Bug)

Don't recommend string switch statement quick-fix if string is @Nullable

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-102323 (Bug)

Reformatting code on a folder unsets the dialog visibility checkbox.

IDEA-102217 (Bug)

"Rearrange entries" mangles my code

Code Navigation


IDEA-96105 (Usability Problem)

Put focus to the editor after file deletion from navigation bar

IDEA-101843 (Bug)

Seems "Super Method" action can be dumb aware

IDEA-102094 (Bug)

Goto implementation should suggest non-abstract base method when invoked on its call

Compiling Project


IDEA-99822 (Bug)

Make: Reload java source in different encoding does not trigger incremental make

IDEA-102093 (Bug)

Report about missing Groovy on compilation in a comprehensive way



IDEA-102383 (Bug)

Filter isn't applied to the last line in a ConsoleView



WEB-6964 (Bug)

Dart: Refactor/Extract Variable does nothing



IDEA-102337 (Feature)

View database column type

IDEA-97247 (Bug)

Database - I cant edit row data from result pane.

IDEA-102080 (Bug)

DBMS_OUTPUT buffer display for Oracle Dialect in SQL Database Console doesn't work in case of exception.

IDEA-102037 (Bug)

Database console against Oracle: Different errors at about the same position in buffer, "ORA-00911: invalid character", "ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis", "ORA-00922: missing or invalid option"

IDEA-101908 (Bug)

New file type association dialog on calling table editor in Database tool window

IDEA-102214 (Bug)

Get duplicate schemas in Data sources window



WEB-2101 (Task)

ensure that we support google closure compiler produced source maps

WEB-6832 (Bug)

Browser debugging: Source map debugging with absent @sourceMappingURL comment

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-15815 (Usability Problem)

Ctrl+c combination behavior

IDEA-101914 (Bug)

Code completion with column mode selection ruins Java code

IDEA-101709 (Bug)

Enter key stops working

IDEA-99572 (Bug)

Vertical line block match disapear view line in java code

IDEA-101980 (Bug)

critical: open & recent files removed from .iws file!

IDEA-102385 (Bug)

NPE in EncodingProjectManager.getState()

External Tools


IDEA-91212 (Bug)

Launch does not wait for external tools to complete (external tool configured as 'Before launch' for the Run configuration)



IDEA-102028 (Feature)

Read Adobe Native Extensions dependencies from Maven/FlexMojos POM

IDEA-102488 (Bug)

Flex components whose filenames begin with an underscore cannot be resolved



IDEA-102166 (Bug)

When I invoke rebuild artifact, IDEA compile too many GWT modules



IDEA-102086 (Feature)

Gradle: Preserve more explicit project structure changes on auto-import

IDEA-95898 (Feature)

Gradle based projects should offer Auto-Import as Maven projects do

IDEA-102390 (Feature)

Gradle: Make 'Sync' action remove project entity conflicts

IDEA-102457 (Cosmetics)

JetGradle Tool Window: please change the font of "All" filter button because it doesn't look good on Mac OS

IDEA-102471 (Bug)

Gradle: with "Auto-import" enabled conflicting dependencies are stopped being shown in red after refreshing project and until making a change in dependencies

IDEA-102381 (Bug)

Gradle: Make 'remove ide entity' action work only on ide-local entities

IDEA-102379 (Bug)

Gradle: Don't refresh a project on disabling auto-import

IDEA-101776 (Bug)

Gradle: Avoid ide hang on auto-import

IDEA-101921 (Exception)

Gradle: Throwable at ModuleOrderEntryImpl.setScope() on changing scope or "Exported" of module dependency during auto-import



IDEA-100595 (Feature)

Allow to set grape.root

IDEA-95802 (Feature)

Groovy extract method from if block is not supported

IDEA-95444 (Feature)

Groovy intention to create setter when property on the left side is not defined

IDEA-93658 (Feature)

Groovy: surround with !(...)

IDEA-98112 (Feature)

quick fixes do not suggest adding functions to interface using the groovy editor

IDEA-98733 (Usability Problem)

Allow to configure exceptions for "Access to unresolved expression" inspection

IDEA-102137 (Bug)

Local variables are preferable in anonymous class resolve

IDEA-99777 (Bug)

Groovy: array access fails to infer argument types

IDEA-102353 (Bug)

Inline method in Grails produces bad code

IDEA-95711 (Bug)

Warning "Cannot assign Object to boolean" on valid code

IDEA-102079 (Bug)

Groovy script run configuration save absolute paths

IDEA-99124 (Bug)

Groovy: parse string errors in name elements

IDEA-98316 (Bug)

Groovy: convert to Java produces unnecessary complex code for maps

IDEA-101771 (Bug)

Convert to Java: java docs are missing



WEB-6978 (Cosmetics)

HTML Structure tool window: Missing icon for "HTML5 Outline" when Toolbar is shown



IDEA-102248 (Performance Problem)

Performance com.intellij.jpa.ql.psi.impl.QlReferenceImpl.processUnqualifiedResolve(PsiScopeProcessor, QlModel, ResolveState)

IDE Configuration


IDEA-102009 (Usability Problem)

Installing Color Plugin is not working, as there is a problem loading the SCALA plugin. Also the settings dialog box cannot be opened

IDEA-101124 (Bug)

Mac: Error Message "You have JVM property https.proxyHost set..."



IDEA-101527 (Feature)

Simplify error reporting in case of application server connection problems

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-47731 (Usability Problem)

Deployment configurations: on selecting Deployment tab put focus on the first deployed artifact



IDEA-63362 (Bug)

Tomcat run configuration: click on stacktrace element opens class from random (unreferenced) module



IDEA-102376 (Bug)

XSS false inspection



IDEA-102139 (Cosmetics)

(Spring)EL: add more configurable text attributes

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-102228 (Bug)

Sometimes methods from super-class are shown above modifiers when completion is invoked on an access modifier in method declaration

IDEA-102427 (Bug)

lookup selected greyed items are invisible

IDEA-102311 (Bug)

Completion popup is immediately hidden if there are trailing spaces anywhere in the document and auto-make is enabled

IDEA-102411 (Bug)

Package field auto-completion popup shows constants

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-102124 (Cosmetics)

quickfix name contains placeholder: Make 'XXX' not

Unable to render embedded object: File (default.visibility.presentation) not found.

IDEA-101705 (Bug)

Nonexistent variable with top-level package name does not offer any intention actions

IDEA-102239 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't detect compilation error

IDEA-102392 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: bad code is green: reference to an explicitly defined constructor of an abstract class

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-102236 (Bug)

Wrong type parameter offered to 'fix' return type mismatch in function returning different type

IDEA-102431 (Bug)

Replace 'if' with 'switch' bug if there are comments and return statement

IDEA-102306 (Bug)

Constant 'if' statement simplification removes body comments

IDEA-102374 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: "Replace method reference with lambda" intention results in invalid code when applied to array creation reference

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-102024 (Bug)

Moving fields from one class to another can be incorrect

IDEA-102200 (Bug)

Rename doesn't refactor dynamic references of method in jsp

IDEA-102302 (Bug)

Extract Field doesn't work properly



IDEA-101116 (Feature)

JavaFX + CSS: no navigation to default style classes

IDEA-102196 (Feature)

Generate getter, setter and property get methods for JavaFX properties

IDEA-102282 (Feature)

FXML: Tighter integration with Scene Builder.

IDEA-102036 (Bug)

JavaFX: recognize controller injection using custom component code

IDEA-102023 (Bug)

JavaFX: on some fx:id value rename don't process same-named elements in different fxml files

IDEA-102199 (Bug)

FXML - LineChart "unable to instantiate"

IDEA-102012 (Bug)

JavaFX: the elements with specific fx:id (== element name) appear incorrectly

IDEA-102017 (Bug)

JavaFX: if referenced controller method has no ActionEvent parameter, it is not resolved

IDEA-102545 (Bug)

FXML Optimize Imports Generates Double Imports

IDEA-102181 (Exception)




WEB-6906 (Bug)

Assignment to prototype error

WEB-6865 (Bug)

JS icons of perl files

Live Edit


WEB-6856 (Exception)

LiveEdit: ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception when closing " in attribute value is missing



IDEA-62987 (Bug)

IDEA is "Reading maven projects" to halt when editing POM files

IDEA-102172 (Bug)

Remove Module

No Subsystem


IDEA-94157 (Feature)

Jetty 9 support

IDEA-101547 (Feature)

Please add a clock in fullscreen mode!

IDEA-102355 (Usability Problem)

"Navigate > Show Bookmarks" mouse-click events

IDEA-99058 (Bug)

Tomcat startup fails if server uses java for startup instead of catalina.bat

IDEA-102429 (Bug)

Exception on project opening canceling when editor highlighter is created

IDEA-102357 (Bug)

Import from Flash Builder: 'Files to package' for iOS, Android or Desktop apps are not imported

IDEA-34816 (Bug)

Navigation from stacktrace should consider run configuration classpath



WEB-6581 (Bug)

WebStorm 126.59 Debugger Takes Very Long Time To Run

WEB-6831 (Bug)

Express Node.js App template improvements

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-102013 (Usability Problem)

Leave "Create Desktop shortcut" unchecked by default

IDEA-101890 (Bug)

Installer proposes to uninstall succeeding version

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-95644 (Feature)

Support console input filtering

Project Configuration


IDEA-96696 (Usability Problem)

Option to remove non existing project if opened from Reopen->

IDEA-101922 (Bug)


IDEA-101635 (Bug)

ManageProjectTemplates: multiple templates deleting works incorrectly

IDEA-102565 (Bug)

Spring MVC project template: the test class package statement is incorrect

IDEA-102570 (Bug)

Spring MVC project template: 2 pairs of deployment artifacts are created, duplicating each other

IDEA-102377 (Bug)

Spring MVC project template: invalid SpringAppMVCTests run configuration is created

IDEA-102395 (Bug)

Spring MVC project template: 2 spring filsets are created for same file

IDEA-102373 (Exception)

CCE at org.jetbrains.idea.tomcat.TomcatPersistentDataWrapper.<init>

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-94776 (Bug)

Run tool window: local server: pinned tab is not reused on Rerun and Restart server

IDEA-97855 (Bug)

Invalid rerun icon in debugger toolwindow



WEB-6453 (Bug)

Cannot rename variable if the name already contains hyphen

WEB-6729 (Bug)

Emmet(css): can expand parameter as property



IDEA-44216 (Feature)

SQL: statement completion could be introduced

IDEA-47443 (Usability Problem)

SQL: Oracle: pseudo column names are resolved, but not suggested by completion

IDEA-102404 (Bug)

PostgreSQL dialect out of date.

IDEA-102589 (Bug)

Parse error in valid PostgreSQL "create index"

IDEA-102458 (Bug)

SQL: Good code is yellow: Wrong "Condition is always true" in join clause

IDEA-96845 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: IS PRESENT condition of MODEL clause is not parsed

IDEA-54143 (Bug)

Sequence not always recognized by the sql analysis in editor

IDEA-96841 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: alias defined in MEASURES clause of MODEL is not resolved

IDEA-101966 (Bug)

Code-completion understands Oracle types, inspection does not



IDEA-98685 (Feature)

Spring EL in <eval> "expression": resolve to JSP variables & model attributes

IDEA-102007 (Usability Problem)

Spring Context editor: replace generic "Locate.." button

IDEA-102040 (Performance Problem)

spring model validation keeps hanging

IDEA-101826 (Bug)

Spring factory bean reference not recognized

IDEA-101894 (Bug)

Spring: profile with 'not' operator (warning) rename is performed incorrectly

IDEA-102041 (Bug)

Spring Integration Model Inspection doesn't recognize methods annotated with org.springframework.integration.annotation.Filter

IDEA-101803 (Bug)

Spring: "not" (warning) operator for profiles: if few profiles with ! are set for a bean, it is considered to be active always

IDEA-85555 (Bug)

Namespace URLs in Spring context file reported as unregistered and highlighted red

IDEA-102050 (Bug)

Spring Integration Model Inspection: support <splitter> without bean reference (DefaultMessageSplitter)

Task Management


IDEA-54945 (Usability Problem)

Tools/Tasks: Omitting http:// in server URL results in "host parameter is null" error message

IDEA-65008 (Usability Problem)

Switching to a recent task doesn't change active changelist

IDEA-100777 (Bug)

Tasks no longer Persist Context

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-90219 (Feature)

Support ENUMS in FTL

IDEA-97155 (Bug)

Support [#stop] directive



WEB-6830 (Bug)

TypeScript: Bad code green

WEB-6346 (Bug)

Bad code green

WEB-6829 (Bug)

TypeScript: Bad code green

WEB-6345 (Bug)

bad code green

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-102388 (Usability Problem)

Run Tests popup from abstract class: sort inheritors in the list

IDEA-102067 (Bug)

Intermittent problem running JUnit tests - failed to start

IDEA-102098 (Bug)

Running tests in all subclasses doesn't work

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-101917 (Feature)

Support "Pattern" option in a TestNG configuration

User Interface


IDEA-96172 (Usability Problem)

Project wizard: bad usability at the very first step

IDEA-102145 (Usability Problem)

Welcome screen/Checkout from VCS button should be disabled if no VCS plugin is present/enabled

IDEA-95937 (Cosmetics)

Project Wizard: description text font

IDEA-101533 (Bug)

Deadlock when quiting from welcome screen

IDEA-102241 (Bug)

Event Log: suspicious path to non released 'disposed' ProjectImpl from EventLog.myModel

IDEA-102134 (Bug)

Ctrl-wheel resizing of text works fine in the editor, broken in tool windows (e.g. Run panel output)

IDEA-102472 (Bug)

Tool window balloon throws an error if tool window button is not yet initialized

IDEA-102490 (Bug)

Show hidden files in JSHint file chooser on OS X

IDEA-95977 (Bug)

Strange GUI behavior with Favorites and Structure

IDEA-102255 (Exception)

Favorites: IOOBE at FavoritesManager.removeRoot() on attempt to send lists one to another

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-101989 (Cosmetics)

Darcula: red color in editor tab is too bright

IDEA-102123 (Bug)

Host text field bg is too bright under Darcula

Version Control. Git


IDEA-102084 (Bug)

GitCommittedChangeListProvider#getCommittedChanges after/before API seems to be broken

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-102118 (Performance Problem)

Perforce update blocks save & editing

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-102571 (Bug)

Subversion: SSH: authentication by key doesn't work

IDEA-102363 (Bug)

Subversion: with command-line clinet: status of locked file - exception



IDEA-89067 (Usability Problem)

"Unresolved or duplicate ID" should be split into two inspections

IDEA-101829 (Bug)

Spell Check does not check CDATA blocks

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