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IDEA-92882 (Usability Problem)

Android run config should be more permissive and allow to select "incompatible" AVDs

IDEA-95236 (Cosmetics)

Android run configuration menu option too small

IDEA-94297 (Bug)

String Resource Extraction does not escape apostrophes

IDEA-96548 (Bug)

Sometimes "cannot parse XML drawable" error occurs in layout preview

IDEA-96015 (Bug)

Create layout file: fill_parent instead of match_parent in API 8+

IDEA-97979 (Bug)

Android Packager: PersistentEnumerator storage corrupted

IDEA-75767 (Bug)

Android layout preview: SoundPool

IDEA-96541 (Bug)

Android build target is not imported from if project sdk is preselected

IDEA-94451 (Bug)

Can't start inner static Activity

IDEA-97686 (Bug)

Android+Maven project: is not generated if "Run 'process-resources'..." option is chosen in facet

IDEA-94168 (Bug)

ADB doesn't connect to a real device

IDEA-96665 (Bug)

Android layout preview: it is impossible to look at stacktrace in the warning if several custom views cannot be initialized

IDEA-97053 (Bug)

Unable to choose custom APK path for Android facet

IDEA-88322 (Bug)

Cannot resolve symbol string (in R.string.* reference)

IDEA-93696 (Bug)

Android UI Preview Render error



WEB-4719 (Bug)

"Unused CSS Selector" inspection tool showing false positives

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-97330 (Usability Problem)

Change default pattern of "Enumerated constant naming"

IDEA-94592 (Performance Problem)

Spring inspections horribly slow in Leda

IDEA-97120 (Cosmetics)

Error in Marker Interface description

IDEA-97381 (Bug)

Cloneable class in secure context wrongly prompts for generic parameters

IDEA-98213 (Bug)

Bogus "Unnecessary fully qualified name" for names in current package

IDEA-96474 (Bug)

Constant conditions & exceptions - Suggest @Nullable inspection only when applicable

IDEA-98143 (Bug)

false positive "instance field used before initialized" when using do-while cycle

IDEA-97999 (Bug)

Interface which has only one direct inheritor inspection problem

IDEA-98305 (Bug)

'Use Darcula aware JBColor' inspection is triggered in non-plugin module

IDEA-97937 (Bug)

Command line inspection crashes

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-97997 (Bug)


IDEA-97826 (Bug)

Java arrangement: Don't insert unnecessary line feeds for anonymous classes

IDEA-97430 (Exception)

Out of memory during reformat code

Code Navigation


IDEA-92555 (Usability Problem)

Go to class doesn't find my class if I type it in lower case

IDEA-96852 (Bug)

Found a case where "Go to implementation" jumps to declaration instead of showing chooser

IDEA-97239 (Bug)

Go To Implementation on EJB2 method no longer works

Compiling Project


IDEA-96251 (Bug)

RMI stubs are not generated when using external build

IDEA-98807 (Bug)

Resource compiler: resources not copied to target directory if <dir_name>:<pattern> resource pattern is used

IDEA-98186 (Bug)

Output folder accumulation

IDEA-95807 (Bug)

Argument 0 for @NonNull parameter of org/jetbrains/jps/model/serialization/JpsProjectLoader.getModulePropertiesSerializer

IDEA-97969 (Bug)

Internal Java compiler error when using Eclipse compiler in external build with annotation processing

IDEA-95035 (Bug)

Cannot build artifact for big project - IU 12 Preview

Cucumber JVM


IDEA-95731 (Bug)

focusOwner cannot be null: focusOwner cannot be null



WEB-1641 (Feature)

Dart: Syntax highlighting for inline script in HTML files



IDEA-98530 (Feature)

Feature Request: Prompt for password when using Database Console for sensitive connections

IDEA-98077 (Usability Problem)

Database support first time user experience

IDEA-98320 (Bug)

Copy to clipboard from table copies wrong colums if columns are filtered

IDEA-97246 (Bug)

In database delete row from table editor deletes more then one row

IDEA-98526 (Bug)

NPE thrown when refreshing DB2 connection

IDEA-98823 (Bug)

Bad SQL Formatting when using UNIONs

IDEA-98770 (Bug)

Synchronize database scructure hangs

IDEA-98700 (Bug)

SQLException when trying to refresh TimesTen Datasource

IDEA-98363 (Bug)

Table editor: Filtering does not work for a hidden column

IDEA-97502 (Bug)

Database Console in 12 has lost functionality

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-97890 (Feature)

(Mac OSX) Highlight word or filename in rename dialogue, then press right arrow key, cursor jumps one character to right too much

IDEA-90293 (Performance Problem)

Block cursor slows down editor painting with Retina

IDEA-97804 (Performance Problem)

Very slow scrolling performance in IDEA 12 on OSX with retina display

IDEA-94224 (Bug)

Block caret doesn't display properly on Retina display

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-96730 (Bug)

Searching for usages on commonly used method names takes extremelly long



IDEA-98155 (Cosmetics)

ActionScript event handler generation: strip leading '_', add missing ';'

IDEA-97721 (Bug)

[Flex] IntelliJ allways tells me to make methods in skins static, that contain "hostComponent"

IDEA-97981 (Bug)

Wrong error reported for dynamic casting



IDEA-98233 (Bug)

Problem with debugger in Grails 2.2.0 + Intellij 12.0.2 (build 123.100)

IDEA-97889 (Bug)

Grails 2.1.3 and 2.2.RC4 has a reloading problem with Intellij 12

IDEA-94890 (Bug)

Cannot Import Grails Project



IDEA-96136 (Bug)

Groovy: line feed after annotation reference is allowed

IDEA-96810 (Bug)

"optimize imports" removes @Grab on unused imports

IDEA-97701 (Bug)

Methods added by groovy not recognized by IDEA

IDEA-81992 (Bug)

Changes in toString template are not applied immediately

IDEA-94812 (Bug)

Groovy files always rebuild in Grails project

IDEA-98111 (Bug)

auto completion can result in compilation problems by shadowing automatic imports

IDEA-98113 (Bug)

create field intention unnecessarily makes the field static

IDEA-95917 (Bug)

Groovy annotation attributes wrong alignment

IDEA-97740 (Bug)

'Organize imports' breaks static imports from Groovy class

IDEA-96330 (Bug)

Convert to Java: comparison to null



IDEA-98343 (Bug)

Tukish character encoding problem while creating Hibernate JPA entities from database schema.

IDEA-83513 (Exception)

Adding EntityLister to Spring factory causes changes in unrelated JPA mapping config: IOE at CheckUtil.checkWritable() is caused

IDE Configuration


IDEA-97476 (Bug)

Connection through a proxy is not working

IDEA-97352 (Bug)

Find action popup not closed after choosing Settings item



IDEA-98468 (Bug)

IntelliJ becomes unresponsive on startup..



IDEA-73925 (Feature)

Language injection in .properties files

IDEA-92972 (Feature)

declarative language injection via comment

IDEA-97251 (Bug)

Suppression comment inserted with quick fix mutes language injection comment (properties)

IDEA-96656 (Bug)

IntelliLang allows duplicate injection definitions in IntelliLang.xml

IDEA-97280 (Bug)

Ruby19RegExp Fragment:cannot undo changes in main editor

IDEA-97964 (Auto-reported Exception)

Broken Language injection for multilined property

IDEA-98099 (Bug)

Language injection by comment: line break in fragment editor is not properly escaped in the main editor (.properties)

IDEA-97243 (Exception)

Language injection by comment: AE at ProperTextRange.assertProperRange() in .properties file



IDEA-97464 (Bug)

CloudBees: test connection does not validate the domain

IDEA-92392 (Bug)

JPA inspections require incorrect class access

IDEA-97389 (Bug)

Debugging Issues

IDEA-97262 (Bug)

CloudBees: don't allow to add artifacts other than wars to remote run configuration

IDEA-87298 (Bug)

"JPA Persistent Attribute Type Inspection" should not trigger for @MappedSuperclass

IDEA-97589 (Bug)

Servlet configuration is broken in web.xml GUI editor



IDEA-88226 (Bug)

EJB '' with component interface '' not found

IDEA-98279 (Bug)

Editor lags



IDEA-87064 (Feature)

@elvariable should have advantage over <jsp:directive.attribute>

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-98012 (Bug)

Code completion bug in HTML files

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-95534 (Bug)

Java: good code is red: reference to library not source-compatible with latest java language level is reported as error

IDEA-98421 (Bug)

Incorrect parsing of code with explicit constructors and inner classes

IDEA-97063 (Bug)

Editor displays error when referring to a non-static inner class in generic arguments

IDEA-98542 (Bug)

Not possible to send an actor a PoisonPill with Akka when using the Java programming language.

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-97460 (Bug)

Java intention 'Replace for-each with iterator 'for' loop' generates red code

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-97001 (Bug)

Couldn't finish Introduce Field refactoring

IDEA-97420 (Bug)

extract field can result in compilation problems

IDEA-97682 (Bug)

Extract constant fails for Strings which contain XPath expressions

IDEA-97598 (Bug)

"Extract Interface": @Override tags get confused in cases of multiple inheritance

IDEA-97536 (Bug)

Introduce parameter doesn't search for same expressions



WEB-4190 (Bug)

Support JavaScript 1.7 yield expression as an rvalue

WEB-4063 (Bug)

"Move var statement to the scope start" breaks identation of the first line in block

WEB-3963 (Bug)

Unexpected JavaScript Inspection Message



IDEA-97558 (Bug)

External build: Honor file-level encoding during maven resources processing

IDEA-97932 (Bug)

Maven project ignoring dependencies in profiles.

IDEA-96686 (Bug)

When maven-surefire-plugin configurate with classpath, that include webapp dir, finding files don't work properly

No Subsystem


IDEA-98443 (Bug)

Structure view is empty after invoking and closing Language Injection dialog

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-97153 (Bug)

Adding pluggins does 2 + n * number custom installed pluggins

IDEA-98118 (Bug)

LibraryKind should not keep its instances in the static variable but rather allow to add them via extension or query from existing LibraryType-s.

Project Configuration


IDEA-98382 (Bug)

Can't create module because of wrong SDK



IDEA-95608 (Feature)

SQL: Oracle: support sqlplus statements

IDEA-97444 (Usability Problem)

Cannot change SQL dialects while indexing

IDEA-98300 (Usability Problem)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: error message for unknown SET variable could be improved

IDEA-98348 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: unquoted format value is parsed with errors

IDEA-96732 (Bug)

PostgreSQL function in file causes code analysis to consume 100% CPU

IDEA-98159 (Bug)

Support list of arguments (CTRL+P) when I type "call <PROCEDURE_NAME>" in mysql

IDEA-97097 (Bug)

postgresql - unable to resolve table from nondefault schema

IDEA-97395 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: ALL and DIRECT_LOAD in table compression clause are red

IDEA-94187 (Bug)

TODO items from SQL files are double-counted

IDEA-96869 (Bug)

SQL Dialect PostgresPLSQL in Project Settings

IDEA-98750 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: Good code is red

IDEA-96800 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: CREATE TYPE with string literal as external name is red

IDEA-98294 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: function help file is not in the installation

IDEA-98345 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: dot as termination of PL/SQL subprogram is red

IDEA-98057 (Bug)

False positive inspection warning 'AT operator is not supported by PostgreSQL dialect'

IDEA-97764 (Bug)

Field alias can be used in "having" but marked as "unknown"

IDEA-47962 (Bug)

Various errors in pl/sql handling

IDEA-98355 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: numbered script parameters support could be improved

IDEA-98353 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: substitution variables are red

IDEA-98352 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: DEL, LIST with 2 arguments are red

IDEA-98437 (Bug)

calculated column is not recognized in a mysql query

IDEA-96067 (Bug)

SQL: "VALUES clause cardinality" does not report the single current_timestamp

IDEA-98362 (Bug)

Wrong indentation in SQL after pressing Enter

IDEA-97590 (Bug)

HSQLDB dialect flags error on good SQL

IDEA-98302 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: SET XQUERY is red for all options except BASEURI

IDEA-98307 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: SET SQLPLUSCOMPATIBILITY valid arguments are red

IDEA-98304 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: STORE SET and START arguments are red for various file paths

IDEA-98060 (Bug)

False positive inspection warning 'Unable to resolve column'

IDEA-98311 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: SET LOGSOURCE with argument is red

IDEA-98310 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: arbitrary order of SET MARKUP HTML options is red

IDEA-96822 (Bug)

SQL subquery wrongly marked as wrong

IDEA-98349 (Exception)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: Throwable at InitialInfoBuilder.assertInvalidRanges() on inserting line break after minus

IDEA-98358 (Exception)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: Throwable at SqlVariableDefinitionImpl.getNameElement()



IDEA-92348 (Feature)

Allow for configuration of run time property placeholders for Spring facets

IDEA-98029 (Performance Problem)

Spring Webflow: high CPU usage for a long time

IDEA-96053 (Cosmetics)

Spring Web Flow Diagram: Darcula compatibility

IDEA-96048 (Cosmetics)

Spring Diagram: Darcula compatibility

IDEA-80267 (Bug)

Good code red: Could not Autowire: There is more than one bean... (in test scope)

IDEA-98221 (Bug)

IDEA hangs in Spring

IDEA-96968 (Bug)

IDEA won't introspect properties files in project unless in classpath

IDEA-54159 (Bug)

Error parsing property placeholders that have default values (spring 3)

IDEA-97031 (Bug)

"Parse custom bean" leads to exception

User Interface


IDEA-96793 (Feature)

RecentFiles popup should show go to class popup if nothing found

IDEA-97332 (Cosmetics)

Icons for Import and Exports Settings on Welcome Screen

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-22469 (Feature)

A way to change the link color for the Ctrl-Click "goto declaration" navigation

IDEA-98261 (Feature)

AdditionalTextAttributes for scheme

IDEA-97741 (Usability Problem)

Links in Quick Documentation view hardly readable (Darcula)

IDEA-98574 (Bug)

white lines in commit button popup menu

IDEA-98203 (Bug)

Type of local variables is not visible

IDEA-98548 (Bug)

Some properties have too bright bg in UI Designer

IDEA-98549 (Bug)

Expand and collapse icons are inconsistent with default ones

Version Control


IDEA-64572 (Usability Problem)

Git Commit Changes "Show Diff" usability

Version Control. Git


IDEA-98236 (Bug)

Git: circumflex symbols are ignored on Windows for git reset and checkout if configured git executable points to git.cmd

IDEA-98433 (Bug)

Git push changes the branch.master.rebase value to an invalid value

IDEA-96237 (Bug)

Git push from inside IDEA reconfigures (messes up) branch configuration

IDEA-93510 (Bug)

Git push: don't set tracking when pushing an already tracking branch to alternative branch



IDEA-97811 (Bug)

IntelliJ Lockup when having 2 IntelliJ Instances editing handling the same source-code file.

IDEA-98129 (Bug)

Idea 12 is broken

IDEA-97505 (Bug)

Map External Resource from hidden directory not possible

IDEA-98263 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA very high CPU usage



IDEA-13269 (Usability Problem)

Sync Resource Bundle view with text view for a properties file

IDEA-91218 (Bug)

Resourcebundle editor is collapsed after lost focus

IDEA-98980 (Bug)

Resource bundle editor: Provide explicit ability to show a toolbar

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