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IDEA-91428 (Usability Problem)

directory prefix is useless in "Show directory in editor tabs for non-unique filenames"

IDEA-21987 (Performance Problem)

idea is very slow after getting focus back

IDEA-94394 (Task)

icons: Provide an icon for the new "Problems" view

IDEA-97552 (Bug)

Clouds support: connection test result dialog is sometimes shown under the settings dialog

IDEA-95895 (Bug)

IntelliJ 12 on OSX Tomcat Run / Deploy configuration / deployement tab / Application Context drop down is one letter wide.

IDEA-96885 (Bug)

Unable to create new Migration maps.

IDEA-97162 (Bug)

NullpointerException when trying to build JAVA webapp

IDEA-97697 (Bug)

Deadlock on applying Darcula

IDEA-96834 (Bug)

Intellij IDEA fails to start

IDEA-97100 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA 12 show errors, but it's correct, it can be compile.

IDEA-96942 (Bug)

Good code red: "annotations are not allowed here" aspectj

IDEA-94717 (Bug)

IntelliJ 12 public preview : deployment error with Tomcat



IDEA-97096 (Bug)

Build artifact of release android apk not work

IDEA-95839 (Bug)

Stopping make midway through an Android build makes it think the old APK is up-to-date

IDEA-96107 (Bug)

Running tests causes IDEA to skip APK rebuild



IDEA-79819 (Bug)

getting "IDEA was unable to find AspectJ compiler" in maven projects

IDEA-96744 (Bug)

Compilation with AJC fails with "ajc: Missing message: configure.duplicateTarget in: org.aspectj.ajdt.ajc.messages"

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-96959 (Bug)

Inspection 'return' inside 'finally' block false positive

IDEA-97013 (Bug)

Public constructor inspection shall ignore annotations, interfaces and enums

IDEA-94910 (Bug)

Inspector doesn't know about exception thrown in try-with-resources initializer

IDEA-96217 (Bug)

Good code is yellow: 'Contents of StringBuilder never queried'

IDEA-96753 (Bug)

'public' constructor Inspection reports Interfaces

IDEA-96755 (Bug)

"Module with too few classes": Not if only one module

IDEA-92151 (Bug)

Invalid "Caught exception is immediately rethrown" inspection using Java 7 Multicatch

IDEA-96447 (Bug)

"Add clarifying parentheses" incorrectly marks an area and does nothing on accepting the intention

Compiling Project


IDEA-96384 (Bug)

Cannot compile : Class not found: org/springframework/beans/factory/InitializingBean

IDEA-97426 (Bug)

Incorrect annotation processors executed

IDEA-97059 (Bug)

Problems view doesn't display errors in other modules

IDEA-97232 (Bug)

Make does not work (JDK isn't specified for module xxx)

Cucumber JVM


IDEA-97121 (Bug)

Cucumber-Groovy: Can't create step def from intention if the string contains single quotes

IDEA-96316 (Bug)

Cucumber-groovy: cucumber 1.1.X API changes



IDEA-97613 (Performance Problem)

IDEA hangs on a certain PostgreSQL database dump



IDEA-96614 (Bug)

IDEA Forgets Breakpoint dependencies after restart

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-97166 (Bug)

Replace in Path replaces all occurences on line instead of current occurrence

IDEA-96597 (Bug)

Find Usages not working



IDEA-96627 (Bug)

Flex: parallel compilation no longer working: compilation seems to be single-threaded

IDEA-96898 (Bug)

Flex - Intellisense - Defining states - Intellisense suggests to add "IntellijIdeaRulezzz" string to stateGroup name

IDEA-96489 (Bug)

Content is not allowed in prolog

IDEA-96646 (Bug)

HTML wrapper template (index.template.html) with non-latin symbols is handled incorrectly when compiling project

IDEA-96760 (Bug)

Create Method via Intention Actions in MXML does not create the method

IDEA-97283 (Bug)

Only one URL variable is passed to browser when launching/debugging Flash app

IDEA-94685 (Bug)

Darcula OS-X: MXML script block marked green

IDEA-96775 (Bug)

Quick fix to create ActionScript method shows senseless popup ''Choose Destination Scope"

IDEA-96843 (Bug)

Incorrect error report: Initializer type flash.external.ExternalInterface is not assignable to variable type String

IDEA-96445 (Bug)

Flash UI Designer doesn't work with Apache Flex SDK 4.8



IDEA-97446 (Bug)

Creating new project with grails module creates grails application, but doesn't show it in the project tree.



IDEA-96494 (Bug)

Groovy formatting: implements list

IDEA-96860 (Bug)

Improper error reporting with type parameter

IDEA-97130 (Bug)

IDEA cann't debug Griffon integration tests

IDEA-96521 (Bug)

Gradle build files shown full or errors if Darcula theme is used

IDEA-97548 (Exception)

Groovy: create parameter intention fails

IDEA-96336 (Exception)

Groovy: NPE while typing comparison of unassigned var



IDEA-92230 (Bug)

OOM when indexing jar with large text files



IDEA-97785 (Bug)

Unable to connect to JBoss 4.2.2 with custom http port

IDEA-97589 (Bug)

Servlet configuration is broken in web.xml GUI editor



IDEA-96153 (Bug)

IDEA 12 EAP: miss tomcat log while debugging



IDEA-96850 (Performance Problem)

Still stuck on version 10.5.4 until JSP editing performance in version 11 or 12 improves... (Version 12 CPU snapshot taken.)

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-96228 (Bug)

Illegally positioned annotation shows no compilation errors in editor (2)

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-96839 (Bug)

Inline static method refactoring throws UnsupportedOperationException



IDEA-96700 (Bug)

Empty JavaScript file is marked with red



IDEA-97249 (Bug)

NullPointerException in Maven plugin

IDEA-92922 (Bug)

MAVEN_OPTS for Maven server should be configurable from IDEA instead of using system environment

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-35587 (Usability Problem)

Silent install

IDEA-97480 (Bug)

Install location can no longer be specified with /D NSIS option

Project Configuration


IDEA-97147 (Bug)

With IDEA 12 it is no more possible to import an iml if iml files are ignored in the IDE configuration

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-94202 (Bug)

Debug Transport sharing between team members



IDEA-89113 (Bug)

Spring Autowiring does not work with GWT module and the gwt-user library as dependency in 11.0 - 12 EAP

Task Management


IDEA-96512 (Bug)

Create new task UI too small

User Interface


IDEA-96970 (Usability Problem)

Non-existent paths in library editor aren't highlighted anymore

IDEA-93516 (Usability Problem)

Bookmarks dialog: Usability Problems

IDEA-96428 (Cosmetics)

Picture in Windows installer could be updated

IDEA-95782 (Cosmetics)

Project view: File color background is 1pixel bigger than selection

IDEA-97416 (Bug)

Resume icon looks like run icon

IDEA-97387 (Bug)

Retina icons are always enabled

IDEA-97386 (Bug)

Retina disabled icons are bad quality

IDEA-96360 (Bug)

Icons: Icons in Setting > Keymap are out of date

IDEA-97671 (Bug)

File colors in Project View doesn't work on Windows under Darcula

IDEA-97674 (Bug)

NPE in IDEA logs

IDEA-97354 (Bug)

Show diff appears under main frame

IDEA-96590 (Meta Issue)

Welcome screen "Template Project" menu item should be renamed to "Project Defaults" to match new naming convention of the File menu

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-96038 (Usability Problem)

The red colour used for unversioned files is sometimes hard to read

IDEA-95471 (Usability Problem)

Darcula: invert colors of the scrollbar's thumb

IDEA-95646 (Cosmetics)

Darcula: description text in Settings is barely visible

IDEA-96836 (Task)

Darcula: provide .flex files scheme

IDEA-96530 (Bug)

Darcula: 'Collapse all' icon on tool windows is incorrect

IDEA-96535 (Bug)

Darcula: dop-out Commit button has misplaces arrow icon

IDEA-96114 (Bug)

Android xml settings are broken (not visible)

IDEA-94397 (Bug)

IDETalk don't use Darcula colors in messages

Version Control


IDEA-97413 (Bug)

IOOB when applying patch

Version Control. Git


IDEA-97252 (Bug)

Git Pull - list of remote branches no longer in order

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-97722 (Bug)

Subversion cannot connect to server over proxy

IDEA-96565 (Bug)

Annotate does not work : svn: E160013

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-97571 (Bug)

TFS: Missing Use system credentials checkbox in login dialog when running idea with java 7

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