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  • IntelliJ IDEA 11.1.2 Release Notes
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IDEA-84296 (Performance Problem)

Deadlock with DaemonCodeAnalyzerImpl.getLastIntentionHint

IDEA-85448 (Bug)

Hitting esc while editing a fragment ALWAYS closes the fragment

IDEA-84017 (Bug)

Command Z does not do Undo with last edits

IDEA-83956 (Bug)

ruby plugin is incompatible with IDEA 11.1.1

IDEA-85586 (Bug)

Intellij crashes during startup

IDEA-85689 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.util.IconLoader.getDisabledIcon



IDEA-83336 (Feature)

Android Tools r17 suggests Android IDEs should auto-build the BuildConfig class

IDEA-83680 (Usability Problem)

Existent AVDs isn't listed in Prefer AVD list on Run/Debug configuration window

IDEA-83572 (Usability Problem)

@TargetApi and @SuppressLint not supported

IDEA-83482 (Cosmetics)

Android: change \"dp\" to "dp" in Convert to "dp" intention

IDEA-83671 (Cosmetics)

Android: there is an inspection named 'Android'

IDEA-67422 (Bug)

Cannot run Android Tests from Project View

IDEA-81559 (Bug)

ClassNotFoundException when starting Android app, even though class is in the project

IDEA-84070 (Bug)

Android Resources Validation inspection - @null should be a valid attribute value

IDEA-80976 (Bug)

Android Logcat "Clear log before launch" checkbox in run configuration doesn't actually clear the log

IDEA-83716 (Bug)

Element <animated-rotate> in drawable xml does not validate

IDEA-82976 (Bug)

Including apklib still results in " duplicate entry: AndroidManifest.xml"

IDEA-83502 (Bug)

Android: Previous, Next and Finish buttons are missing in "Export Application Package Wizard" dialog on Mac OS

IDEA-81975 (Bug)

Cannot perform rendering in Android UI preview tool

IDEA-85888 (Bug)

editing layout files that reference styles becomes unusably slow

IDEA-83980 (Bug)

App name not escaped in Android resources

IDEA-84162 (Bug)

Android: if there is an error in a project, file is regenerated each two seconds; this makes Class Name Completion to fall into infinite loop

IDEA-83661 (Bug)

ProGuard doesn't work with Android tools r17

IDEA-84320 (Bug)

IllegalArgumentException building library project with common package name and common defined permission.

IDEA-80363 (Exception)

Run/Debug Configurations for template project: Android App: Throwable at JavaFileManagerImpl.findClass() on attempt to select an activity to launch



IDEA-83988 (Usability Problem)

Wrong help page opens for an AspectJ facet in the Project Structure dialog



IDEA-85134 (Bug)

CSS Inspection misses syntax error (trailing semicolon after closing braces)

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-83594 (Performance Problem)

Syntax Analysis is extremely slow when a static method with many overloads is imported

IDEA-84489 (Bug)

Spurious occurance of "Condition `...` always true" warning

IDEA-82361 (Bug)

JavaScript: variable "never used" false positive

Code Coverage


IDEA-83848 (Usability Problem)

Coverage View: Don't grab focus

IDEA-84232 (Bug)

Coverage auto scroll from source does not scroll to correct place

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-84558 (Usability Problem)

CoffeeScript code style: sample does not demonstrate all the options

IDEA-83824 (Bug)

javascript 'else if' formatting

Code Navigation


IDEA-74206 (Bug)

"xml-mapping-metadata-complete" JPA tag completely disables bean navigation (sample mini-project is attached)



IDEA-83145 (Feature)

New CFML Page

IDEA-83099 (Feature)

CFML Dictionaries

IDEA-84169 (Feature)

Returntype completion in cfscript function definition

IDEA-83146 (Bug)

No property attributes insight in scripted CFC

IDEA-84024 (Bug)

IDEA thinks the Railo cfadmin tag needs to be closed

IDEA-83129 (Bug)

CFC init and new keyword method chaining/resolution

IDEA-83122 (Bug)

CFML mixed with Javascript causes syntax problems

IDEA-83126 (Bug)

Autocompletion for generated accessors

IDEA-83124 (Bug)

Variables declared in 'this' scope not suggested

IDEA-83527 (Bug)

Syntax checking complains about function named "default" in cfscript

IDEA-83139 (Bug)

Annotations with : in them show up as an error

IDEA-83105 (Bug)

Cfscript lines after else if indented too far by code formatter

IDEA-83107 (Bug)

View Quick Definition functionality very limited for tag-based CF methods and functions

IDEA-83144 (Bug)

Find Usages doesn't work for CFML

IDEA-81974 (Bug)

IDEA 11.x removes space after <cfset when reformatting code style and line is longer than Right Margin value

IDEA-85678 (Bug)

writeLog in cfscript shows a syntax error

IDEA-83116 (Bug)

Syntax error - For in loop with inline array

IDEA-83121 (Bug)

On Script components 'mappedSuperClass' is not available

IDEA-85991 (Bug)

param directive in cfscript shows a syntax error

IDEA-85990 (Bug)

Array/Struct litteral notation syntax checking is broken in many places in cfscript

Compiling Project


IDEA-83859 (Bug)

IDEA forgets about the moved resource in case of project closure

IDEA-85466 (Bug)

Can't make, build or run project which root is a drive letter



IDEA-85141 (Bug)

IDEA complains about errors when using DB2 dialect

IDEA-84866 (Bug)

Data Sources: Oracle function/procedure in package: Oracle error on refresh

IDEA-84926 (Bug)

Data Sources: SQLServer: refresh on selected schema does not show new table's columns

IDEA-70265 (Bug)

Data Sources: "Execute" Shortcut isn't working with Editor tabs placement = None



IDEA-84100 (Bug)

Code completion does not work for Spring injected beans in debugger



IDEA-81598 (Bug)

Compare Directories: context menu suggests not applicable actions

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-83402 (Bug)

Caret is placed at the end of line when user joins two lines by a backspace

IDEA-83805 (Bug)

When duplicating a line, Ctrl+D moves cursor to the start of line

File System


IDEA-84350 (Performance Problem)

Synchronize action causes UI Freeze

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-83478 (Bug)

Find in Path is not working correctly (missing occurences)

IDEA-83548 (Bug)

Find in Path not working when search string contains a dot with a string after it.

IDEA-83589 (Bug)

Splitter panel has tabs but no content



IDEA-65325 (Feature)

flex: collapse/expand javadoc is not working in actionscript files

IDEA-81585 (Feature)

AIR Native Extensions Support

IDEA-83987 (Feature)

Regression: IDEA 11.1 Flex run configuration does no longer allow to select HTML wrapper

IDEA-80209 (Usability Problem)

maven reimport causes pointless iml changes

IDEA-84142 (Usability Problem)

extract function: default scope must be class

IDEA-84265 (Usability Problem)

Flex, create HTML wrapper: don't allow creating wrapper template in folder that clashes with module content/src root

IDEA-84522 (Task)

Improve flex-config reference contribution

IDEA-84095 (Bug)

Flash/Flex: MovieClip "scaleMode" metadata marked as "Unknown metadata attribute"

IDEA-85922 (Bug)

FLEX conditional definition unresolved inside statements

IDEA-80944 (Bug)

Flexmojos build configuration: can't create HTML wrapper template

IDEA-84039 (Bug)

Recursive file copy in case HTML wrapper template directory is the same as the module directory.

IDEA-85696 (Bug)

Flex, Air native extensions: <extensionID> not generated on custom Air descriptor template creation for copied BC

IDEA-85638 (Bug)

Run/Debug Configurations > Flash App > Program parameters won't work correctly

IDEA-83887 (Bug)

Flex, Introduce variable: don't suggest to introduce variable for the left operand of the assignment expression

IDEA-83153 (Bug)

Socket.remoteAddress property not recognized

IDEA-86023 (Bug)

Project defaults parameter changed in build configuration table but does not applyed

IDEA-85322 (Bug)

Idea slows down to unusable after error [85315796] ERROR - l.treeView.AbstractTreeUpdater - com.intellij.ide.hierarchy.HierarchyTreeBuilder

IDEA-82656 (Bug)

Compile issues after opening a maven based actionscript project

IDEA-73222 (Bug)

flexmojos sdk is not created if pointed to the same flex version but with different home path

IDEA-84281 (Bug)

Flex, Introduce variable: ctrl+alt+v in else if condition breaks the code

IDEA-85338 (Bug)

Flex Compiler: 'Clear output directory on rebuild' doesn't work for non-default out directories if no resources are configured to copy

IDEA-84421 (Bug)

IntelliJ 10 vs IntelliJ 11: code-completion

IDEA-84076 (Bug)

Flex: if the main class is overriden in run configuration, navigation to project structure errors is broken

IDEA-58859 (Bug)

[Flex] Warning I cannot do anything against (Reserved word export used as name)

IDEA-85087 (Bug)

Splash screen is not shown when compiling with built-in compiler

IDEA-84922 (Bug)

AS3 Simplify feature proposes expression ' !! (boolean value) ' instead of just 'boolean value'.

IDEA-84789 (Bug)

No error hint when writing a comma after extends ... in class declaration

IDEA-85663 (Bug)

Cannot select halo.swc in Flash App compiler config

IDEA-83698 (Bug)

Maven reimport cause loosing all build configurations for flex module

IDEA-83612 (Bug)

MXML files in src/test/main can no longer be run

IDEA-83535 (Bug)

NullPointerException during compilation of FlexUnit tests if -link-report options is set

IDEA-84662 (Bug)

Flash/Flex inspection shows error when typecasting to a class in brackets (see example)

IDEA-77558 (Bug)

The value assigned is never used: incremented index

IDEA-84880 (Bug)

e4x: good code red

IDEA-85860 (Bug)

IU-117.359 introduces -profile parameter when running adl which is not supported in Flex 3

IDEA-83787 (Exception)

Flex, Introduce Variable: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on 'new Vector'



IDEA-55374 (Bug)

gwt: "Unused declaration" inspection in Java editor does not respect references from JSNI code

IDEA-84404 (Bug)

GWT Unit Test Support Completely Broken in Intellij 11.1.1

IDEA-83979 (Bug)

GWT module will not be compiled before GWT compiler run



IDEA-85512 (Feature)

Gradle: Provide more information about errors encountered during parsing build.gradle

IDEA-84692 (Usability Problem)

GradleSettings expandStates are maybe better kept in workspace file rather than project file



IDEA-85501 (Feature)

Code completion for 'grailsApplication' in resources.groovy



IDEA-84870 (Bug)

Griffon plugin support seems to be missing

IDEA-83306 (Bug)

Groovy: stub generator removes 'f' from float literals thus causing compilation errors

IDEA-83878 (Bug)

Assertion in the groovy shell window kills the shell

IDEA-84691 (Bug)

Groovy run configuration factory name was changed without legacy recognition

IDEA-83672 (Bug)

error: name clash: expandChildren(Object,Class<?>) and expandChildren(Object,Class) have the same erasure

IDEA-84141 (Bug)

Starting Groovy Shell throws a NoClassDefFoundError if pom.xml references groovy as dependency

IDEA-85031 (Bug)

Java Groovy stubs do not compile (regression)



IDEA-85171 (Performance Problem)

Do not update breadcrumbs for background editors when restoring editors state on IntelliJ IDEA opening

IDEA-84229 (Bug)

Split tag trims text on the inner tag



IDEA-85417 (Usability Problem)

QL: code completion could suggest common 'id' name as entity identifier, even if no such attribute exists

IDEA-84919 (Bug)

Hibernate/JPA support falsely thinks every get*/is* method on a persistent class is a persistent attribute

IDEA-84917 (Bug)

Hibernate/JPA support does not properly recognize valid bidirectional one-to-one mapping

IDEA-82837 (Bug)

Code analysis failure

IDEA-86127 (Bug)

HQL "versioned" keyword flagged as unresolved symbol

IDEA-85419 (Bug)

Hibernate console: QL INSERT statement fails with NPE

IDEA-84314 (Bug)

UI locks up for a long time while typing into Hibernate annotation

IDEA-85346 (Bug)

Opening Language Injection Settings dialog breaks resolve in the Hibernate console

IDEA-85415 (Exception)

QL: NPE at ElementPresentationManager.getIcon() on invocation of completion for composite identifier

IDEA-84392 (Exception)

Persistence tool window opened after deleting a Hibernate config: RE / VirtualFilePointerImpl$MyException at AbstractTreeUi$60$

IDE Configuration


IDEA-83784 (Usability Problem)

Settings -> Plugins -> Browse repositories -> Please improve contrast for installed plugins

IDEA-85795 (Bug)

Proxy password is stored in a plain text



IDEA-84316 (Performance Problem)

Is this why 11.1.1 feels so sluggish?

IDEA-85312 (Bug)


IDEA-85266 (Exception)

com.intellij.psi.PsiInvalidElementAccessException: Element: class com.jetbrains.python.psi.impl.PyClassImpl



IDEA-85692 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.openapi.roots.impl.ProjectFileIndexImpl.getModuleForFile

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-85552 (Bug)

JBoss EAP 6.0.0.Beta1 does not start with Intellij 11.1.2



IDEA-82652 (Bug)

Glassfish is stopped when debugging for a longer period of time

IDEA-84894 (Bug)

glassfish - virtual server name lost after reopen project



IDEA-85280 (Feature)

Ensure that compatible OGNL library version is in the dependencies when configuring Struts facet



IDEA-84882 (Bug)

stopping weblogic broken in 11.1



IDEA-82122 (Bug)

JSP ambiguous import conflict / priority (multiple choices)

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-84428 (Usability Problem)

Basic completion not working for methods from static imports

IDEA-84021 (Bug)

Inconsistent behaviour expanding camel humps code completion

IDEA-85010 (Bug)

Inner enum is completed incorrectly in method return type

IDEA-85082 (Bug)

IDEA erroneously uses qualified class names for type parameters when using smart completion for inner class

IDEA-83774 (Bug)

Completion for anonymous class is incorrectly aligned when class is not accessible in the scope

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-85529 (Bug)

Rename action, applied to an inner class, actually renames another inner class (O_O)

IDEA-84255 (Bug)

Cannot use Tab key to go through refactoring template steps after using the suggestion to create method or constructor... and the template prematurely ends when I use the mouse

IDEA-83723 (Bug)

Intruduce constant refactoring fails on specific string



IDEA-84290 (Feature)

JQuery: smart completion should suggest to create anonymous each() consumer

IDEA-84408 (Feature)

add support for "@type {ChromeEvent}"

IDEA-81943 (Feature)

RequireJS support: show module structure by invoking File Structure (Ctrl + F12)

IDEA-84282 (Usability Problem)

Extract method dialog usabilitiy issues

IDEA-84278 (Usability Problem)

Extract method: highlight suggested scope in editor

IDEA-75704 (Cosmetics)

JavaScript: In the 'introduce variable' window should be a warning or the restricted application of const in front of the 'Introduce constant' option

IDEA-85425 (Cosmetics)


IDEA-83990 (Cosmetics)

JS, extract method refactoring: increase the height of 'name' field in 'Extract function' dialog

IDEA-80714 (Cosmetics)

Extract method refactoring window when the 'Declare functional expression' checkbox is checked becomes ugly

IDEA-84175 (Bug)

Node.js: core modules sources dialog issues

IDEA-84477 (Bug)

JSTestDriver complains on wrong port

IDEA-84364 (Bug)

Don't allow function calls as left hand side of assignments

IDEA-83942 (Bug)

Javascript libraries: download dialog allows to select several items, but only the first one will be actually used

IDEA-83365 (Bug)

Good JS code is yellow: False warning for "Possible iteration over unexpected (custom / inherited) members"

IDEA-84395 (Bug)

JSDoc generation: guess "class" type from JSDoc

IDEA-83807 (Bug)

Destructuring assignments not fixed yet

IDEA-84214 (Bug)

Inline variable / function: don't suggest "inline this usage" when invoked for definition

IDEA-84067 (Bug)

JS, Extract Method: extracting Object initialization breaks the code

IDEA-83701 (Bug)

let variables are not resolved in javascript

IDEA-84684 (Bug)

JS: Inline refactoring for function called using 'new' destroys the code

IDEA-83811 (Bug)

JQuery: syntax error for click listener for an "a[href=#page1]").live('click', function()) event

IDEA-84049 (Bug)

JS, Extract method: don't allow extracting empty line

IDEA-84194 (Bug)

setting up usage scope for JavaScript library does not bring completion and navigation

IDEA-84298 (Bug)

Nested function call formatted incorrectly

IDEA-83986 (Bug)

JS, Extract Method refactoring: don't suggest placing extracted method outside <script> HTML tag

IDEA-83982 (Bug)

JS: AssertionError on 'extract method' refactoring if 'xml tag ...' is chosen as refactoring scope

IDEA-83944 (Bug)

Javascript: Wrong warning on assignment to member of 'window'

IDEA-84371 (Bug)

Cannot rename top-level function with @constructor annotation

IDEA-67696 (Bug)

show javascript libraries in project view

IDEA-83999 (Bug)

JS, Extract method: when creating function expression, use 'var' keyword always

IDEA-81681 (Bug)

Wrong "Variable initializer is redundant" warning

IDEA-84418 (Bug)

Members missing in javascript code-completion

IDEA-84411 (Bug)

NodeJS plugin fails to download configure nodejs sources

IDEA-82503 (Bug)

Dangerous extraction of variable in JS

IDEA-83841 (Bug)

After upgrade to IntelliJ IDEA 11.1.1 I'm seeing half of the names in multi-file JavaScript code marked as undefined.

IDEA-84263 (Bug)

JS, Extract Method: allow refactoring if the cursor is on empty line, but selection contains a valid expression

IDEA-84177 (Bug)

Node js: build-in functions don't resolve, although show up in completion

IDEA-84068 (Bug)

JS, Extract Method: invalid code generated for 'object assigned to <var_name>' scope

IDEA-84273 (Bug)

JS, Introduce variable: don't insert the introduced variable after label that marks break target

IDEA-84276 (Bug)

Extract method: this should be passed as parameter or explicitly passed in some cases



IDEA-83529 (Usability Problem)

"No 'm2' defined" balloon could contain link to open settings

IDEA-20280 (Usability Problem)

Maven runner says "no valid maven installation found"

IDEA-85155 (Usability Problem)

When creating a new Maven module, validate that a Maven installation is found before letting me proceed with a wizard

IDEA-84020 (Performance Problem)

Maven performance problem when importing

IDEA-84484 (Bug)

Make with maven integration always re-copies resources even when they haven't changed

IDEA-84847 (Bug)

adding a new plugin in a profile and activating the profile inside Idea does not update known goals of that plugin

IDEA-84044 (Bug)

'null' URL allowed in maven service configurable

IDEA-77897 (Bug)

Maven dependency marked wrongly as duplicate although dependencies have different scopes

IDEA-85001 (Bug)

IntelliJ doesn't assign dependencies to artifacts correctly in Maven web project

IDEA-84800 (Bug)

strange and unhelpful "value must not be empty" in the pom.xml

IDEA-81548 (Bug)

IntelliJ does not recognize Maven profiles activated using a file/exists activation in a multi-module project

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-82564 (Feature)

Installation patch: support verification of patch file against checksum

IDEA-84112 (Bug)

com.intellij.execution.util.ExecUtil#sudoAndGetOutput incompatible with Kubuntu 12.04+ as xterm is no longer installed by default

IDEA-82294 (Bug)

NoClassDefFoundError: com/intellij/idea/Main$1

IDEA-79262 (Bug)

Patch Updater cannot create new binary executable (permissions are lost)

Product Documentation


IDEA-84361 (Bug)

Incorrect shortcut

Project Configuration


IDEA-82280 (Usability Problem)

Detected roots dialog: show type if the same path has been detected for several types

IDEA-79469 (Cosmetics)

Settings / Code Style: saving Project scheme to global list: typo in switch question dialog message

IDEA-83635 (Bug)

Root detection dialog issues

IDEA-84199 (Exception)

JS: AssertionError on 'Find Usages' navigation from JS Global library



IDEA-85195 (Bug)

HSQLDB Syntax highlighting issue (IF EXISTS)

IDEA-85215 (Bug)

Valid PostgreSQL code marked as red



IDEA-84560 (Performance Problem)

UI locked up

IDEA-84351 (Bug)

"Bean must implement one of '...' interfaces: '...'"

IDEA-84610 (Bug)

Exclude filter uses improper syntax for inner classes

IDEA-83717 (Bug)

Good code Red: Injected javax.inject.Provider<Type> triggers "Autowiring for Bean" red underline, but not red name.

IDEA-80146 (Bug)

Spring EL: good code shows red when injecting String using @Value annotation

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-85291 (Bug)

Maximum matches edit box is too small



IDEA-85170 (Bug)

Code Analysis Fails

Task Management


IDEA-69306 (Usability Problem)

Time out problems while connecting to a JIRA server

IDEA-84075 (Bug)

Task manager cant' connect to Jira Server

IDEA-84619 (Bug)

Changelist becomes dissociated with a task on commit

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-84035 (Bug)

Ides does not see internal declarations

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-77077 (Bug)

Cannot create test class for interface (useful for Spring Data JPA)

IDEA-84031 (Bug)

running a test method ends up running a test class

IDEA-83555 (Bug)

Exception stack traces not shown for single method tests (2)

IDEA-83443 (Bug)

junit4 test method template deletes method body after name substitution

IDEA-23271 (Bug)

Go to Test / Test Subject doesn't work properly for enums

User Interface


IDEA-78716 (Usability Problem)

Master password prompt is "hidden"

IDEA-84110 (Cosmetics)

New | JavaScript file dialog size is small and doesn't remember size

IDEA-83601 (Cosmetics)

A lot of inspections have too short Severity combobox on Mac OS

IDEA-84061 (Cosmetics)

Inspections/General description: "Analyse | Inspect Code" should be corrected to "Code | Inspect Code"

IDEA-84759 (Bug)

Menu Fonts Not in Contrasting Color on Ubuntu 12.04 beta 2

IDEA-76946 (Bug)

Using java2d xrender pipeline produced garbage in editor pane

IDEA-84781 (Bug)

MacOS X: intellij crashes when opening finder to select aspectj compiler location

IDEA-73261 (Bug)

Automatically fix Java rendering behavior with non-reparenting window managers

IDEA-70226 (Bug)

Fedora 15 - Gnome 3 resizing causes mouse to be off

Version Control


IDEA-77303 (Bug)

File copying : "Overwriting" removes the file without creating new one

IDEA-83957 (Bug)

No scrollbars in Settings->Version Control

IDEA-84324 (Bug)

Default toString() method in one of the column in file VCS history when CTRL+C

IDEA-52496 (Exception)

NPE in FileStatusManagerImpl

Version Control. Git


IDEA-85138 (Usability Problem)

GitHub Rebase my Github fork should fetch the upstream

IDEA-85139 (Usability Problem)

GitHub "Rebase my Github fork" dialog should have "Interactive" deselected by default

IDEA-85121 (Bug)

StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to show git branches

IDEA-85380 (Bug)

Show diff on a conflicted file under Git throws NPE

IDEA-84745 (Bug)

IntelliJ leaves a screwed up git state when renaming a very popular package

IDEA-83670 (Bug)

CME during push

IDEA-55671 (Bug)

Git: Error on uninteractive git rebase

IDEA-85310 (Bug)

InvalidRemoteException when fetching a remote with http url without .git at the end

IDEA-85405 (Bug)

Git branch widget in status bar doesn't synch

IDEA-84886 (Bug)

Git pull fails if master password is set and has not yet been filled

IDEA-84728 (Bug)

Git: don't drop stash after resolving conflicts

IDEA-79542 (Bug)

Applying stash fails with cygwin git client

IDEA-76340 (Bug)

Editors do not update after stashing changes

IDEA-83604 (Bug)

Git: delete local branch causes null error

IDEA-83764 (Bug)

git update stopped working in 11.1 (idea-IC-117.105) for git-svn

IDEA-85560 (Bug)

Files are not refreshed and Pull Info is not shown after Git pull

IDEA-83622 (Exception)


IDEA-84746 (Exception)

Exception when an error happens during dropping of a stash

IDEA-60725 (Exception)

Git: AE at git4idea.checkout.branches.GitSwitchBranchesDialog.prepareBranchesForRemote

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-83772 (Cosmetics)

'Password' label must be disabled when "Use P4CONFIG" selected

IDEA-16142 (Bug)

Cross module copying (with P4)

IDEA-82609 (Bug)

Files under Perforce control not longer show up as such

IDEA-84597 (Bug)

Perforce: on unversioned file rename or move the 'file is not on client' error is shown

IDEA-84600 (Bug)

Perforce: on unversioned file move between modules it is added to perforce w/o prompting

IDEA-84042 (Bug)

Refactor->Rename will delete package contents if case is changed

IDEA-72022 (Bug)

Perforce: Wrong client specification

IDEA-78873 (Bug)

IDEA loses VCS history of a file if it is moved from/to outside of project root

IDEA-85249 (Bug)

perforce commit is completely broken in 117.281

IDEA-84126 (Bug)

Perforce: unchecking PerforceIsOnline option doesn't make integration go to offline mode if 'switch to offline mode automatically' option is off

IDEA-84148 (Bug)

Perforce: commit fails with unclear error message for restricted changelist

IDEA-73046 (Bug)

Perforce: Windows: support for client workspace with multiple drives

IDEA-82676 (Bug)

Too many p4 requests during updating perforce changelists in a project with multiple roots under the same workspace

IDEA-82724 (Bug)

Perforce: for project with multiple roots with different VCS providers don't report errors for files that are not under p4 on going online

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-84856 (Bug)

Incoming changes doesn't work anymore in 117.222

IDEA-84396 (Bug)

SVN: Integrate Project: UI freeze when "..." button clicked to pick revision

IDEA-83503 (Exception)

NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.SvnDiffProvider.getCurrentRevision

IDEA-85085 (Exception)

Subversion: malformed input around byte

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-85688 (Bug)

Checkout failed in case of nested mappings

IDEA-83065 (Bug)

Refactored (moved) class cannot be annotated with TFS

IDEA-85422 (Bug)

Mappings configuration table is not editable

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