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  • IntelliJ IDEA 11 117.912 Release Notes
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Some important Subversion fixes are included, especially for
IDEA-85279 - which improves remote operations performance, and
IDEA-75800 - "SVN "Merge from..." not working" - the name says for itself

No subsystem


IDEA-86893 (Performance Problem)

IntelliJ slow and constantly using 10% CPU

IDEA-89672 (Bug)

Too high memory usage on opening 11M large log file

IDEA-77407 (Bug)

Corrupted caches when running plugin tests

IDEA-89213 (Bug)

ProjectImpl - Error saving project Arg 1 for LineColumnLazyMarker.createDelegate must not be null

IDEA-89747 (Bug)

Issue saving projects when Python project is open

IDEA-87289 (Bug)

IntelliJ eats 4% CPU all the time (even when minimized for hours)



IDEA-88912 (Bug)

Ant completion message not always displayed



IDEA-90874 (Bug)

Cannot update database row from Database Console



IDEA-89851 (Bug)

Tooltip disappears



IDEA-87997 (Bug)

Package Air Application... Option Disabled

IDEA-89418 (Bug)

Crash, suspected memory corruption after opening SWFs with system default application

IDEA-89436 (Bug)

Flex compiler configuration file (.idea/flexmojos/.xml) contains invalid XML for metadata when processing Flexmojos configuration report (target/-configs.xml)

IDEA-89391 (Bug)

auto generated idea-*-flexunit.xml contains compiler.fonts.managers twice



IDEA-86261 (Bug)

Grails 2.1.0.RC1 "Settings synchronization failed"



IDEA-87425 (Bug)

New category classes in Groovy 2.0



IDEA-84205 (Feature)

haXe: "using"-completion

IDEA-83743 (Feature)

Run generated .swfs in something else than the Flash Player

IDEA-83871 (Feature)

Provide "Introduce Variable" feature

IDEA-85440 (Bug)

Haxe: NMML source path attribute minor analysis bug



IDEA-86628 (Bug)

IDEA does not connect to Tomcat 7 when running Java 7

IDEA-86129 (Bug)

Start browser option from Spring TC server is not working



IDEA-86245 (Bug)

WebLogic APPC verifier fails while using archives for artifacts



IDEA-81652 (Bug)

ExtJS & Structure popup confusion



IDEA-89834 (Bug)

IntelliJ automatically re-import projects when active profiles change

User Interface


IDEA-70087 (Bug)

IDEA constantly eats 30-50% of CPU under MacOSX 10.6.7

Version Control. Git


IDEA-89881 (Bug)

git push to an alternative branch pushed to the tracked branch instead

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-85279 (Bug)

Subversion: loading history (in background) blocks other actions on the historical revisions

IDEA-83024 (Bug)

Show all affected files failed at SVN History window

IDEA-64162 (Bug)

Subversion / Show history / Compare with local feature is broken

IDEA-78117 (Bug)

NULL characters appended to file when retrieving historical revisions in SVN

IDEA-81265 (Bug)

Lossy cyrillic encoding (svn + shelve changes)

IDEA-87218 (Bug)

Subversion: on file move to unversioned folder error is shown

IDEA-75800 (Bug)

SVN "Merge from..." not working

IDEA-83677 (Exception)

NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.history.SvnHistoryProvider$MyLogEntryHandler.createRevision

IDEA-91152 (Exception)

SVN: NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.dialogs.QuickMerge$MergeAllWithBranchCopyPoint.consume

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