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IDEA-83451 (Usability Problem)

Make it more clear what closure folding is

IDEA-74738 (Usability Problem)

Tree selection is reset to first element when focus is back from diff dialog

IDEA-83313 (Bug)

Custom file templates EAP PS-114.158

IDEA-83434 (Bug)

PyCharms coverage chooser deletes contents of entire folder

IDEA-83399 (Bug)

Event Log: link from a balloon is not shown

IDEA-82634 (Bug)

Inspection warning on entire file not displayed



IDEA-82976 (Bug)

Including apklib still results in " duplicate entry: AndroidManifest.xml"

IDEA-83431 (Bug)

No colors in the Android's Fonts'n'Colors preview



IDEA-69669 (Bug)

CSS: references to JSF resources are red when quotes or apostrophes are used

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-82642 (Performance Problem)

Inspection on java file takes 20+ seconds

IDEA-83233 (Bug)

Inspection "Replace argument with correctly sized array" may produce incorrect code

IDEA-82370 (Bug)

ExceptionFromCatchWhichDoesntWrap should skip exceptions that does not have "Throwable" in constructor

IDEA-83245 (Bug)

"Remove unnecessary boxing" quickfix breaks code

IDEA-83009 (Bug)

Exception without arguments false positive: shouldn't trigger on exception classes with no visible constructors



IDEA-83109 (Bug)

Extra closing bracket is inserted when auto-closing curly bracket

IDEA-83274 (Bug)

Syntax highlighting for transactions in cfscript

IDEA-83427 (Bug)

Indention bug for transactions

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-82390 (Bug)

Find in path mnemonics do not allow to enter special characters on Mac



IDEA-82889 (Usability Problem)

Check that 'Make before launch' is enabled and that 'Skip compilation' is disabled when launching FlexUnit run configuration

IDEA-83298 (Bug)

Flex: on copying build configuration don't change existing run configuration with this BC assigned

IDEA-83289 (Bug)

Flex project structure: red Flex SDK name at Dependency tab of build configurations should become green when SDK with corresponding name is added,

IDEA-83423 (Bug)

No flex compiler source-path element generated for src/main/resources (due to unsupported flexmojos-threadlocaltoolkit-wrapper)

IDEA-82882 (Bug)

Import from FlexMojos: some dependencies are not resolved, but IDEA says nothing about it

IDEA-83086 (Bug)

Flex: when compiler configs are merged and output folder in custom config differs from the one in BC resultant swf & html placed in different folders

IDEA-83490 (Bug)

Flex project configuration: configuration errors should go away after deleting the affected module



IDEA-81163 (Bug)

GWT facets get added to every new module



IDEA-83287 (Bug)

Gradle: Code Completion for Groovy entities in Gradle files doesn't work unless a Groovy library is explicitly configured

IDEA-83394 (Bug)

Gradle: project refresh does nothing after removing Gradle home from Template Project Settings

IDEA-83052 (Bug)

Gradle: resolve error on importing a gradle project is so big that it doesn't fit screen's height; hence Cancel button is out of the visible part of the screen



IDEA-83251 (Bug)

Spock integration duplicates property



IDEA-83270 (Bug)

Spring/hibernate: session factory/builder shows up four times

IDEA-83428 (Exception)

New Hibernate Mappings with read-only configuration file causes IOE at CheckUtil.checkWritable()

IDE Configuration


IDEA-64945 (Usability Problem)

Cannot disable Master Password of Password Manager



IDEA-64195 (Bug)

JPA 2.0 persistence.xml is not supported

IDEA-83430 (Exception)

JPA: New Element Collection causes AE at JpaDomObjectManipulator$MyDomAttributeAction.invokeAction()

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-83475 (Usability Problem)

Disable autopopup in unfinished String literals

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-83344 (Bug)

Aborting Introduce variable removes whole line



IDEA-83345 (Performance Problem)

Application pause after changing JS scope settings



IDEA-80044 (Bug)

Can't search for libraries in Nexus Repository

IDEA-82964 (Bug)

Frequent exception from maven plugin

IDEA-79540 (Bug)

Project Library from Maven show no results for existent library.

IDEA-76393 (Bug)

IntelliJ does not resolve maven project properties inside dependency element

IDEA-46646 (Bug)

Maven: maven-ear-plugin suport: the bundleFileName option is not supported

IDEA-80355 (Bug)

Maven resource processing occasionally ignores additional filter/



IDEA-83253 (Feature)

spring: add proper completion and resolving for <context:mbean-export server="..."/>

IDEA-81611 (Feature)

Sql language injection for Spring JdbcOperations

IDEA-83349 (Performance Problem)

UI Hangs on Mac OS X when navigate to Declaration

IDEA-66605 (Bug)

@Value("#{ ${myProperty} }") is not parsed correctly

IDEA-70202 (Bug)

Spring Integration fails to recognize existing constructor

IDEA-81377 (Bug)

Spring inspection - "assignable-to" from spring xsd not respected by inspection - only checks against exact class

Task Management


IDEA-81051 (Usability Problem)

The tasks toolbar has been hidden by default - thus rendered useless

IDEA-82415 (Bug)

Changelist for new task does not contain the issue id

IDEA-71596 (Bug)

EAP 315: Auto-completion list in "open task" dialog shows japanese charactes as squares

IDEA-77267 (Bug)

com.intellij.tasks.Task.getCustomIcon()Ljava/lang/String;: com.intellij.tasks.Task.getCustomIcon()Ljava/lang/String;

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-83311 (Bug)

Exception stack traces not shown for single method tests

User Interface


IDEA-80954 (Usability Problem)

Don't show empty combobox in 'Frames' view in the debug tool window

IDEA-68331 (Bug)

Mouse 4/Mouse 5 button not detected

IDEA-72948 (Bug)

When printing, set default font to whatever font the editor is using

IDEA-83206 (Bug)

Status bar: action description is not shown when mouse-hovering over main menu items if Log message tool window is open

Version Control


IDEA-82669 (Usability Problem)

commit: closing diff should not expand all nodes

IDEA-83406 (Performance Problem)

Committing several thousands of files makes IDEA freeze for a while before showing the commit dialog and after pressing "Commit" in the commit dialog before starting a background task

Version Control. Git


IDEA-83232 (Bug)

Github: Gist creation fails

IDEA-80799 (Bug)

Git performance problem during commit of thousands of files.

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-83276 (Bug)

Revert changes dialog has typos

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-83039 (Bug)

Subversion: 'Changed On Server' conflicts are not shown in the Changes view

IDEA-83024 (Bug)

Show all affected files failed at SVN History window

IDEA-83176 (Exception)

IOE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.committed.ChangesCacheFile.b



IDEA-83332 (Performance Problem)

FetchExtResourceAction performs network connection in EDT

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