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  • IntelliJ IDEA 11 117.622 Release Notes
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IDEA-86228 (Performance Problem)

IDEA hanging after execution of Maven goal (THashMap problem)

IDEA-87643 (Bug)

Idea UI is forzen

IDEA-87310 (Bug)

Delete button's shortcut in bookmarks "show bookmarks dialog" doesn't work

IDEA-82496 (Bug)

Typo "Coulnd't" in warning message for applied patch

IDEA-86315 (Bug)

Plugins help doesn't work in IDEA 11.1.1 and 11.1.2

IDEA-73303 (Bug)

UI deadlock

IDEA-79916 (Exception)

The IDE throws an exception when i drag&drop a tab from one splitted window to another



IDEA-86776 (Bug)

Process is not shown in the list if its name is started with colon

IDEA-86404 (Bug)

Random NoClassDefFoundError requires rebuild of project

IDEA-86928 (Bug)

Android R class is not generated if new project is open ADK

IDEA-86962 (Bug)

Device (alt+D) hotkey conflicts with Do Refactor

IDEA-86800 (Bug)

"Cannot parse file" when using CUSTOM_COMPILER_MANIFEST

IDEA-87600 (Bug)

Changes in attrs.xml for Android does not make sense until IDEA restart

IDEA-86892 (Bug)

rotate drawables in xml

IDEA-78338 (Bug)

Two windows fighting for ADB



IDEA-85179 (Bug)

Missing apply or save button in unshelve/patch dialog

IDEA-86767 (Bug)

Compare two text files shows no differences, while files are different



IDEA-87031 (Bug)

Flex: completion/smart completion shouldn't suggest classes not available for current build configuration

IDEA-86682 (Bug)

Autocomplete sort not working



IDEA-85486 (Feature)

Enable shortcut to jump between test and class

IDEA-85362 (Feature)

Haxe Context For Live Templates

IDEA-86744 (Bug)

Haxe Cast Type error on valid code



IDEA-84467 (Usability Problem)

Hibernate console: code completion suggests nothing for unfinished not the last SELECT expression

IDEA-87078 (Bug)

Hibernate query validation fails with new Hibernate DTD

IDEA-85283 (Bug)

QL: code completion suggests nothing for column on left side of SET in UPDATE

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-80181 (Bug)

Autocomplete stop work offhanded (PSI/document inconsistency before reparse)



IDEA-86814 (Usability Problem)

Maven 3 do not support '-cpu / -npu' options

IDEA-74254 (Bug)

jboss-har modules not correctly recognized as local modules

IDEA-86565 (Bug)

Maven -> Refactor -> Extract Property results in "You have entered malformed..."

IDEA-87280 (Bug)

'Create new maven module' does not create standard maven /resources folder



IDEA-87066 (Bug)

Support for Oracle COMMENT syntax

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-87209 (Bug)

Freemarker number_to_date unknown

User Interface


IDEA-86464 (Usability Problem)

Flex build configuration: no hint in UI that dependency linkage type is editable

IDEA-79442 (Bug)

Toolbar Menus do not work in fullscreen on linux mint 11 64 bit

Version Control


IDEA-86660 (Performance Problem)

Local change list performance problem on large projects

IDEA-86210 (Cosmetics)

VCS Confirmation "empty changelist is no longer active": wrong button order for Mac

IDEA-86973 (Cosmetics)

Add '...' to the end of 'Enable Version Control Integration' action

IDEA-85480 (Bug)

Major Commit Bug

IDEA-86997 (Bug)

Cannot open settings dialog

IDEA-86413 (Bug)

Commit button is enabled when no changes are selected for commit

IDEA-86492 (Bug)

F4 (Go to Source) is not working in diff pane of 'Commit changes' dialog

Version Control. Git


IDEA-85769 (Bug)

github credentials not accepted

IDEA-86645 (Bug)

Stucked on Pushing Branches to Github

IDEA-86854 (Exception)

GitLog should not be available with all projects closed or should work - IAE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.ui.VcsBalloonProblemNotifier.showOverVersionControlView

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-86349 (Usability Problem)

SVN ignore-externals

IDEA-85741 (Bug)

subversion integration autodetection broken for 1.7 working copies

IDEA-86908 (Bug)

Subversion: background processes (file changed on server conflicts, incoming chnages collection) don't work for project with not-default structure

IDEA-84062 (Bug)

Subversion: after project Sharing the CleanupWoringCopies progress dialog stays endlessly

IDEA-86914 (Bug)

Subversion: folder with subfolders rename works incorrectly (files status is incorrect after Commit invocation)

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